Monday, May 31, 2010

There is nothing more wonderful than a third day to sleep in. I really wish I had the option of being part time at work or had the diligence to get 10 hours in a day and do 4-day work weeks to give myself three day weekends all the time.

Yesterday was my picnic day with mom. With the humidity it's no surprise she pulled out her oxygen shortly after I got there. As such, I was manning the grill and surprisingly it was pretty yummy despite a wee bit of char.

Today the neighbors are out mowing - AGAIN. Seriously, have you nothing better to do? I wish I had enough hours in the day to ride around on a mower so often. As for me, I have a wee bit of running I want to accomplish today but then to dealing with the clutter a little more. Wish me luck. I really need to get back to the gym tonight too.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The weekend! It's been a heck of a long and brain draining week, but I survived it. I did have a bit of a pre-migraine going last night but my marathon sleep helped axe it. I feel a good bit better in general as a result which has me cleaning up the kitchen and dirty dishes, folding the clothes that have been waiting for me to find a housewife, and getting other cleaning activities out of the way. At least then those things will be off my shoulders.

It is plenty warm out right now, but there is a little of a breeze. Feels great with the windows open and the ceiling fan whirling. Of course, everyone in the neighborhood felt the need to mow this morning... blah - STINK!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's been longer days at work and more focus while I am there - not to mention sitting in a shared area with the lights on, which does strain my eyes. Fortunately, I've only had to pop excedrin two of the nights after. Tonight I left the computer behind at work and gave myself a freebie to recoup. As part of this effort (despite getting home later than normal) I went to dinner with Beth and enjoyed a relaxing evening.

It's been a kick ass couple of days in Miche-land with not only a kick butt show but also settling in on dates with three folks that I had floating out there. It really got my spirits up. I had a small snag earlier today that had my feathers a bit a flutter, but things worked themselves out then I had the pleasant surprise of getting the discontinued list for the spring/summer lia sophia catalog! That is always an exciting time. I know, I'm a bit of a dork, but at least it brings me joy.

With this in hand I am hoping it will help boost sales for the Ziggy fundraiser show that I am putting in. If you know anyone that might want to place an order - especially knowing that 100% of the profit I bring in will be donated to the fundraiser - please point them to my online catalog and tell them to enter 'ziggy fundraiser' as the hostess to order online.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm whooped and my weekend is over. I didn't get a single workout in all weekend, but I did make a valiant attempt to do some sleep catchup on Saturday. Much against the grain with so many things on my list I took Saturday 'off'. Thus the sleeping and then heading out in the rain to meet the Laws.

We were going to hit the Meadows for some mini-putt, but since the weather didn't cooperate it was to the mall for glow golf. Had a pretty good time, didn't kill any of the other little kids running about uncontrolled, and tied the kid who was without his glasses. I guess that doesn't speak much for my mini-putt skills, does it? From there I introduced the Laws to Little Sprinkles and I had the strange moment of not being able to finish my delightful sundae. I guess that seems only right since I didn't work out at all this weekend! Alas, that, and a bowl of cereal were all I ate on Saturday until close to midnight when my stomach and I decided to walk to Domino's.

Sunday the sun finally peeked out. I had a party to tend to first off but then I did some good ol fashion procrastinating by following some of my weekend traditions that were much lower on the priority scale within the to do list.

After that I did finally buckle down and start work on all three 'work' type tasks that were on the list. Hopefully I'll get some information that will push one of these tasks along more smoothly, making it less taxing on my own inspirations. This is going to be a very long week - but at least next weekend is a long one. I'll need it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tell me this beautiful girl doesn't look a TON like Saffy... and she's at the same shelter where I got Saffy. Anyone else think someone in that area is breeding breeding breeding their sibes time and again? Please, stop! There are too many of them needing homes... and for those of you considering siberians that don't know what a pain in the ass the breed can be, please educate yourself before getting one because it is cute.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I really do need more hours in the day, please? How am I suppose to get everything done when I get home, get food, work out, shower, and need to get to bed? When do I clean? How do I get caught back up with work stuff when I'm overwhelmed? How do I have a life? One more day - can you tell I really need a weekend?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I hate Walmart lately? Let's start there and Tarantino it back through my weeekend. Once again I went there this evening after dinner with several items on my list, one primary that I specifically did not buy at Iggle earlier in the day, and of course they were out. So, I had to swing into Iggle for a second time today. I can feel my blood pressure rise while I'm in Walmart within minutes, but at least it woke me up a bit since I was ready for a nap by 5 today. I may have tried to close my eyes for 20 minutes had I not needed to re-attempt to clean the virus off of my machine.

I've been quite the slacker this weekend, only hitting the gym Friday night. I did an excellent job despite going out to eat at Chili's tonight. Damn, check out their nutrition information - it's horrifying. Instead I ordered off of the kids menu to keep the portion reasonable... and yes, I managed to order water instead of indulging with my beloved blackberry tea.

Prior to that I broke myself away from bed on a bit of a whim - to head out and enjoy the bright and sunny weather we had today. I finally crossed a visit to the temporary Flight 93 memorial off of my to see list. I can't believe the number of people coming and going there, especially the number of motorcycles. If you're going to go, take something to leave behind - trust me, you'll feel compelled to leave a piece of you there. I also didn't know/expect that they would have a quick overview talk every half hour or so. Since I was so close, I also stopped by a covered bridge for a few more pictures before heading back to Jingletown.

I was in bed until around noon today after being woken in the middle of the night for of all reasons - a wet bed. No, for those of you like Beth that would ask, it wasn't ME. I think Saffy wet the bed - after some looking and asking a few people I'm not as worried that it is exceedingly abnormal, but I am hoping it isn't a reoccurring issue.
ok, 2 times is 2 times too many... Windows Vista. You suck butt... thanks for leaving me open to viruses that appear out of nowhere when I've clicked on nothing and done nothing that typically heralds such issues. Frell you. Double-frell you for ruining a perfectly good three long island iced tea buzz too.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ok, the workouts feel good... they really do. I am surprised how much muscle memory I have, even if my heart isn't keeping up. Pretty bad when I'm not feeling like I'm struggling but my heart rate is up to 170. *cringe*

So the past couple days it was as cold as can be here - but overnight last night it suddenly warmed up and became muggy.... just in time for the RAIN! Eesh.

After work tonight I headed to the mall to drop off the last components for my opal bling and I indulged picking up another piece off of my wish list - a star sapphire in a ring. It's a very unique setting and while you see the legs nicely the center is a shaft of clear sapphire. I wanted to get a brown sweater of some sort too while at the mall but failed. Yes, I know it's suppose to be summer, but I was hoping for the clearance racks to cooperate.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I didn't get a lot of cleaning done tonight, but I did get the newest bookshelf together, clearing the way for the extra books that are muddling up the living room. I also did a number in the basement breaking down the cardboard boxes, bringing the empty bling boxes up to ready them for ebay, and wet/dry vaccing all the dog fur and cobwebs I could find. I know I've mentioned the seemingly thick dust (dirt) that I get in my basement, it doesn't even want to suck up... blah! So, there is a pile of boxes and other garbage ready to head out with next weeks trash.

I was still a good egg and headed to the gym for a short period to keep my momentum going. According to the scale this morning I was down 4lbs. I know that weight can change by 5 + or - in a matter of hours, so I am not all excited ... yet.

Lots still to do tomorrow and Friday night. Thank goodness these workouts are giving me a little more energy, but I remain tired as can be right now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10th - and the heat is on in PA, literally. Shitty weather.

I need more hours in each day, somehow. I work, I come home, grub, work out, shower... and it's close to 10. When exactly am I suppose to clean or get things ready that need prepared? Time to win the lottery or marry rich, c'mon karma!

I guess that said you can expect little in the way of breaking news from me.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I feel good despite the people outside of Sprinkles making what I'm sure was a 'straight from the gym for ice cream' comment. Hey fatty, up yours... at least one of us was just at the gym... and I busted tail and blasted 500 calories in cardio and then did some weights. I am going to be back to the no-assed monkey that the ex was so repulsed by.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's been an odd week in terms of emails I've gotten... not bad, just odd. Yes eek, photo requests are strange. Then there are the emails I have expected to get someday, but didn't necessarily look forward to getting. Prb all just because my hormones are making my wacko, odd things seem to align with those very same stars.

Today I also woofed down and was out of calories and way over on carbs by the afternoon. Thanks subway. Evil bastages. I still had dinner, grubbed some sushi w/ da Pres and indulged with their chips. I didn't get to the gym thanks to another back yard distraction when I got home. Intead I started my workout by catching Saffy and then holding her 40+lb butt up off the ground until she lost her grip on the rabbit she had. Then you have to snag the rabbit from the ground while putting the dog down in another direction before the other dogs get it. It's quite the fun workout *rolls eyes* Finally there is the chucking of the rabbit over the fence. I also took Vixen for a 25 minute walk around the neighborhood. It's not quite a gym workout, but at least I did something this evening. And... according to Mar's linkage one cheat day PRIMES your body for major fat loss the next day. Yea, that's my excuse.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I feel like a prison warden, except I'm not having sex with the guards in return for preferred hours. I thwarted Saffy's attempts to dig out by the gate, which is where there are slate-type rocks. She had a couple of them lifted up out before she was busted. Little rat.

I've been a good egg hitting the gym yesterday and today. Granted I am far from my desired workout length and stamina, but I am feeling good. I really wish I could put my finger on what it is that flips that switch and puts me in gear, so when I need it I could manually do so. I'm periodically feeling the pain that hit me hard while on vacation, but it's not severe. Definitely not a stress fracture, feels more like a tendon or ligament. The only thing I can find online is plantar fasciitis, but the heel is not where I'm feeling it, it's in the arch and I almost feel a rubbing type feeling to the outside of the foot.

Monday, May 03, 2010

It's been a busy weekend... I got up early (for me anyhow) and got some cleaning and party prep done on Saturday morning and early afternoon before heading to the gym for my initial (read - free) consultation with a trainer. I kept my first workout light but can feel it in my legs. Saturday night was a run to the mall as I quickly discovered just how old my sneakers were in that they were falling apart at the gym. I also snagged a cute bookshelf for in the dining room since the living room shelves are overflowing. Finally I bought a concrete bird bath since I've been attracting a decent variety of birds to the back yard. Speaking of which, anyone know what type of bird would come to a suet feeder that has a long bright yellow beak with a mostly dark brown/black body? I tried looking on with no success.

Sunday brought another reasonably early morning so I could head to Gallitzin for a Miche/lia party. Instead of heading home and hitting the gym again I went the rest of the way to toona to visit with mum for a few. While the weather was phenomenally nice on Saturday it was rainy and muggy today - but even that didn't slow me down... on the way back up the mountain I got a bug in my bum to hit the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

First, I tried to like the "new guy" (Jackie Earle Haley) as Freddy, but he just wasn't Robert Englund. I could get past that as you have to expect things to be a little different in a remake, but the make up was kind of bad. Sure, the old Freddy's make up was bad, but it was 80's bad not just freaky bad. And the main teenage boy role - did he really need to look like Robert Pattinson and the Hobbit had a love child? SPOILER ALERT... and why change part of the story line so fundamentally? He wasn't molesting their children he was killing them! Thus his daughter was taken and he came back to take their children. This change ruins their shots of following the same path in any way shape or form for sequels.

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, I finished Eclipse while on vaca, so I'm ready for that flick to come out. I've quickly realized that Bella is as much of a melodramatic cheating whore as Anita Blake. Ok, I realized the melodramatic part a long time ago - she's just whiney and needs smacked. Oh two men adore me whatever shall I do!! Wah.