Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last night was Beff's last hoorah before second foot surgery, so I was, of course, out a bit later than I should have been and am now quite tired as a result today. Dude, way too old for this crap anymore, but it was a good time.

Paper is progressing, albeit slowly. I'm really hoping I'll get a spurt of energy this weekend (especially if it's rainy and I can't do anything outside) and get this cranked out a bit early.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So the DBKs in our town are trying to f the chiefs. There's a shocker. Seriously? If you are trying to say you're doing what is best for the town, then why would you do something that has the potential to banish one of the very few things we have here?

Anywho... I'm caught back up on sleep. Hit the dreaded yearly appt yesterday and like a dumbass walked off without a prescription. Go figure. My mind really is crumbling lately. I need one of those brain games. I have also been quite distracted wafflign within my own mind lately based upon seemingly hypocritical opinions of people based on knowing very little about them. Hypocritical in the sense that the things that concern me were never an issue w/ the ex. I guess a red flag is a red flag, if you see it waving you should at least check it out.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm asskicked, but I gotta check in, so here ya go...

Friday night I actually put together a solid outline for my paper, which is good, since I didn't get to touch it again all weekend (boo). Saturday I was up reasonably early and moving to an appt then getting dressed in my vampiric finest to head to Draculacon in Windber. Good time! I enjoyed the speakers in the afternoon. Cadillac Creeps were also pretty good. It was incredibly cool to see an amazing gal, and good friend from elementary school and jr high, Phat Man Dee, and to hear her in person. One of my memories from our youth is of her singing, so it's so wonderful to see that she's channeled her passion into a career. Then there is meeting Blair and getting to check out the Grand Midway in all of it's splendor.

All that in one day you say... well, yes, that is why I am so tired - I got home, showered, and into bed by 5am last night and was back up fairly early as I had family coming to take the old entertainment center that simply doesn't fit here. So alas, my purply beauty is gone.

My afternoon running included getting additional plants and materials for out front. I wiped out needing a nap instead of getting planting, but it was pretty darn warm out, so I am not complaining about my lack of progress there. I did at least get the flowers into the planters that will sit at the top of the porch stairs.

Tonight there was a quick dinner with Beth... and then a phone catch up w/ Davey T (good glory it's been a while)...
and here we are, after 11pm, I'm beat, and I'm crashing. It'll be another long week of work work work. Blah!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It should not take a half an hour and leave me filthy, requiring a shower, to change the filters on two furnaces. Go figure, eh? At least I feel like I accomplished something. Long story short, the metal edges around the filter slot on the one for the apartment are pretty raggedy and would NOT let the old filter out. Of course that old filter was one of the ones w/ metal in them, so it was a real bitch to rip to shreds pulling out.
June? But I don't wanna wait til June for my bitchin Tapping the Vein CD. Curse you Amazon.
My little girl is acting a bit too grown up for my liking as of late. I mentioned getting Saffy her own bed - well last night she decided to sleep there instead of curled up next to me! Major bummer. The night before she fell asleep across the room but jumped up when I called her. She is also resisting coming in when she's the last one outside to instead stand and stare at the birds.

Last night we had a good sized crew get together for sushi - nom nom nom. I managed to do a little, and I do mean little, bit of work towards my paper. It seems so daunting to even get started, but I guess time is short. If I only had a game plan in mind!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ya know, I really do think the US just does whatever the hell it wants. While I agree something needs to be done, how is it okay for us to pluck a pirate out of international waters and try him. The other side is then let's say we prosecute. Does that mean we get to pay to keep them here in the US?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's stay Chiefs!

So this is my big week. Folks, don't forget - if you need a mother's day gift and you're in the Johnstown area, come stop by my lia sophia jewelry sale and help me raise money and a jewelry donation for Mom's House!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cruise credit applied successfully...
Today we shopped, shopped, shopped. I think we spent the entire savings we got! I was so in the zone.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday morning. Yes, I realize how early it is, don't be so shocked that I'm up. I'm eagerly awaiting word on Slips' well being as we and Beff were scheduled for a shopapalooza today, before the Beff gets all knifed up again.

There are a few little things worthy of noting here that I've missed in the past few days, so it's time for catch up:
- I actually had a friday night date. Yay me!
- I bought Saffy her own dog bed earlier this week, even though she sleeps on the bed. I figured it was only right because she's been napping obn Vixie's bed periodically when we're just hanging out in the evening before bed.
- Still waiting for my new tapping the vein CD. Amazon is really slacking in their ship times lately.
- Got a bitchin price drop on the european cruise, I'm waiting for them to open at 9 so I can make a call and get the credit. We're talking like 700$ a room. Sweet, eh?!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ok seriously... we "invented" this one like 8 years ago for the ex's little brother! Then there's this one, which makes me think that the elder Pao could have made some bucks off of his mad skillz.

I am in a better mood. I really and truly hate hormones and how they mess with your mind. Today my hair was cut... shorter than I have ever had it in my entire life as a matter of face. While I didn't get exactly what I had wanted in an effort to cut out more of the processed stuff I do like it. It's so light and will probably be easy to dry and deal with - but it will require some adjustment. I don't know why I think my face looks too round when my hair is shorter. I'll eventually have a picture and you can tell me what you think.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I tried to bury the bad mood that dogged me yesterday... I swear I tried. Didn't work. Now I am a bundle of nerves that assume I'll be canned in no time because I can't be flexible about things that all those happily married couples can be.

F me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you're reading this - know that I don't know anything more about the Chiefs' potential for a next season than you do. Please don't ask... all it does is make me even more sad to think the only thing I have here that gets me through the shitty cold winters could be gone.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm tired of....

paying bills
going to movies
watching dvds
watching tv
going out for ice cream
and being

... alone.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Frick it's been a blah day. I started off so not wanting to get out of bed and ended up getting the pair of new shades I bought yesterday busted right on my face by a dog's head. Yea, I have a nice wound on my nose as a momento of those short lived shades. So I head to Toona and discover that mom already bought herself a cart for shopping bags, my uncle already gave her some flowers, and the microwave I picked up (from Jackie) is wobbly. Can I do ANYTHING right today?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

*starts doing happy dance*
At long friggin last!

Monday, April 06, 2009

At this time yesterday I was probably out back smiling into the warm rays. Today I was shivering my patooty off walking to my car in the rainy mix. Yes, they're calling for 1-3 inches of snow tonight. Curse you jingletown. Tease.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Found a way to perfect the evening... me and my Vixie sitting outside of the Meadows sharing some ice cream. I guess I should get to some school work now, eh?
The Canes beat the Pens, but the Chiefs seem to have had their ass handed to them last night. 6-0. Major pOwn. It's a little more heartbreaking because Wheeling lost, which opened the door to our win changing things. It always comes down to one game for us, doesn't it?

So here I am nearing the end of my weekend. I have to admit it was rather productive all things considered. I did relax, shop, and nap a good bit, which I think is well deserved, but I also got my butt in gear and did some typical cleaning chores as well as a few spring time to dos. I got half of the front porch furniture put together. I admit, it was a bit too tedious, so I gave up before finishing the second set of chairs. I cleaned up way more dog poo than I thought was possible from the back yard, cleaned out the front flower beds, and even made the first batch of sun tea from a box of canadian ice wine tea bags I picked up. If they hadn't been saying we'd have snow this weekend I would have gone full force and actually snagged the mulch and flowers for out front.

I just have so many things and ideas on my list and not enough time or know how to do them all. Anyone need a temporary sugar mama? I probably only need you for like two months on this contract. It would be nice to have someone to come home and cook for again... maybe that's just the smell of the pork chops cooking away making me talk crazy.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Big night for the Chiefs since they lost last night. So far Wheeling is losing in Trenton, which is needed to get into the playoffs, and the Chiefs are keeping Cincy at 0 but haven't scored yet themselves either. The Canes are also presently up 2-1 against the Pens. It could be a very very good night. But I'll hold my breath.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Danika is clearly displeased with my lessened presence, as evidenced by the shredding of the one dog bed and freeing of three gallons of emergency bottled water in the basement. Crazy ass. Every now and again she does things that make me think that Satin somehow taught her things.

So I held up my fourth shindig this evening and closed one of them out last night. I've successfully polished my first 5 weeks easily. This is a good thing - and surprisingly rewarding. Now if I could just manufacture those extra hours I keep saying I need. My poor house, I realized I have no need for a fridge anymore aside from to keep drinks chilled. How bad is that? At least I still have more in my fridge than Slips ;)