Thursday, September 23, 2010

The stress definitely built over the past so many weeks. As things started to clear the pain began... at this point it's too bad to sleep properly. Me, trouble sleeping! So, I'm up at 5am, showered, and freshly marinated in icy hot trying to loosen my neck and shoulder. Gladly I was smart enough yesterday to make an appointment for a massage. I'm going to be hurting tomorrow too, but at least it will be like a well tenderized steak instead of a twitching mass of muscles.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I indulged and went to see Devil on Friday night. I actually enjoyed the movie, which redeemed M. Night a little from my disappointment in The Village.

Saturday I had to get up at my weekday time and get on the road to Hollidaysburg for a lia sophia rally. I got some much needed motivation and came home that evening, after stopping to visit with mom briefly, to make some follow up telephone calls from last weekend at the mall. I'm hopeful to get some shows booked as a result. Something to help cover my rear if bad things happen. Of course, as I type that the thought just occurred to me that some of the potential projects at work would require a good chunk of travel - and I don't know how those things would overlap.

Today I have some actions I need to take as a result of the calls I made and I'm sure return calls will have my phone ringing, which makes me twitch, but it's worth it. Time to get my butt in gear.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How is it only Wednesday? The fireplace is completely in order (as of 10pm last night). We will be warm this winter - even in the living room. Now if I could just find a telecommuting job to enjoy said warmth while maintaining employment. Anyone know any telecommuter-friendly places?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday was a dud too. In addition to the TV being out, Sunday there were issues with DSL in my area, so I came home to no TV and no Internet. Uh. How does one function? I instead chucked in a movie and tried to remain calm. Watched Saw V and then watched Coraline the whole way through (I've seen it, but not in one session).

Gladly, while I was at work today they fixed my DSL. The DirecTV guy comes tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will be resolved again too. Of course, I was worried I wouldn't have the DSL and be stuck here to "work" from home in the morning without a connection.

I busted a little butt this evening vacuuming, doing some dishes and laundry - you know the things that didn't get touched this weekend. As I wrapped some of that up the work started to get the gas insert in on my fireplace (yay). So, at least I can stay warm while I'm sitting here eating milkbones all winter. Yes, things still look pretty bleak. I did discover that furlough allows you to remain on the healthcare for your normal premiums. However, furlough is maxed out at 12 weeks at which point in time you are terminated. Given the gap running til February, that's not good. I've tried hunting for some telecommuting jobs too with little success. Still gotta get the apt rented - at a minimum. Fingers cramping from being crossed for too long.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

There has to be some type of mental disorder where people are drawn and compelled to pile too much on themselves and run themselves ragged. Whatever it is, I have it. I'm whooped. Two days down at the mall, one more to go. I got some solid leads today for Miche shows and a couple orders, but Friday with lia was dead - but I'm not surprised. It would be nice to make enough on the sales at the event to cover the cost of the event... and call shows booked icing on the cake, but that's a bit overly optimistic. Of course, I'm such a cluttered mess in my own head I hid the two order forms from myself at some point this evening and either have them tucked away too well in what I brought home or I hid them in the stuff still at the mall. Blah.

Regardless, I think I had more sales than some of the places in that mall. Go figure it's about bare.

Last night I came home to no TV. Go figure, they started working on the front roof area that needed replaced - to hell w/ calling me first like I asked so I could contact DirecTV. Turns out it doesn't matter anyhow. I called DirecTV today and they want to charge me to come out and put it back up. Ok when they were here last time I was told about that area being a bit weak/rotten, and to call them if I replace it or want the dish moved. You'd think too since I signed up for the service calls this would be covered... but ooooh no. So that pissed in my wheaties for a little while today.

On the way to the mall today the bank did a pre-pissing in my wheaties by refusing to notarize something for me because it wasn't bank business. Seriously? I'm a customer of your bank. I just want to get the money owed to me from State Farm... which I'll deposit into your bank - does that count?

I guess I'll just go to bed, since I don't have TV. Hiss.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Feeling quite healthy the rest of my long weekend was pretty darn busy. Sunday was mostly about cleaning. The living room got the same treatment the dining room got a few weekends ago (curtains down and washed, windows washed, full dusting and cleaning). I scooped poop and brushed dogs... I did some maintenance cleaning in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Then I even folded clothes! A shower and I was ready to catch up with Beff and Rex for some dinner.

For whatever stupid reason the dt Szechuan closed at 6, so I still didn't tend to my chinese cravings. Eventually we ended up at the Bouley where I learned of a new menu, sans butternut squash ravioli. Really? You're killing me people. Went with my second choice there which was also changed... and no longer worth the price tag. Major bummer. Gladly, the house was clean enough that I would allow Rex in and he got to play with the girls for a little while - that made their weekend.

Vixen's weekend was further made today as it was her turn to go visit Grammy. Mom, of course, overfed me and her, we napped, and then she convinced me to go shopping - I swear I wasn't actually planning to! I snagged a couple Christmas gifts, so yay, but I also caved on a couple things for myself that I fell for. Shame on me.

The next couple of weeks should be pretty busy for me. So expect erratic blasts of incoherent updates. Know that I'll be making more pasta sauce sometime this week. Thank you ma and pa Johnson! There is nothing like the smell of a freshly picked home grown tomato... or a whole BAG full!

Ok, back to I'm hooked.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Having a small temper tantrum today as everyone is busy and I was feeling needy. Instead I ended up having some grub at Valley Dairy by myself. I can't say that I was super hungry however, which is surprising considering I had only had an apple otherwise in the 24-hours past. Much like Thursday, I came home Friday night and crawled into bed - lulling in and out of sleep. I spent most of the day at work feeling like ass. We're talking headache (possibly induced by some tears), some body aches in my back and hips/upper legs, and a general feeling of being off. The heading straight to bed was my way of telling my body "NO" to getting sick. Can't do it - gotta visit w/ mom this weekend. When I finally got up around 3 today I was feeling significantly better, thank goodness.

Ok, those that care prb had their ears perk a little when I said about tears. You see, things still don't look fantastic at work and the few possibilities seem to be less and less likely in my eyes. I've brought 6 boxes of my junk home at this point and my cube is fairly naked. Those moments when you feel down are of course when others feel the need to be shitty with you: queue the blast from the past of "severe tire damage" on the emotional scale and the woman I don't know who chewed me out via email.

On a bright note, I got in touch with the unemployment office and discovered that rental income would not count against me for my unemployment if it comes to that... so, let's get me a tenant folks! No, that isn't pessimistic to look into it - it's realistic. I want to know what I'd have coming in and figure out what I've got to do to make ends meet in such a case. I'm getting tired of ppl telling me I'm being too negative. I guess I should sit around smiling like an idiot and assuming everything will fix itself. Sure, God will take care of me, this I know and believe, but I've also been taught that he helps those that help themselves!