Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Yes world... I hung out with some of the players at the shindig, during and after. It's public now. I know in doing so I upset someone special, and I'm sorry. I've always gotten along with guys better than girls, so it seems natural to me to hang with the fellows - even the ones that I think are cuties and can barely talk to.

Anyhow. As promised here are some pictures from the event. My picture of Richard w/ his palm tree date didn't turn out too well, so I have not that to share. Suffice it to say towards the end of the evening he was walking around clutching one of the 6 foot fake pieces of flora. Enough cranberry juice and vodka can make anything look like a good accessory I suppose.

I was very happy to actually get a photo with me in it that doesn't look awful, so below you'll find my pic w/ Zehr, and a nice shot of Zehr getting busy. The only decent pics I've seen of Paul from the event were taken by the fellow who runs the Chief's website.


If you'd like to see the rest of my pictures from the event (nothing too amazing photowise) check out:

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Okay, I'm not actually listening to Buffett, but it's stuck in my head. Needless to say, the played plenty of Buffett at the fan club party last evening. It was a very nice night. Excellent to see the guys relaxing and having a good time, instead of rushing off after the awards ceremony is over. I think I rolled in around midnight last night, and I left before a good number of them.

I only ask this... since it followed me home, can I keep it??

I'll eventually have the photos of Noterman trying to dance, Zehr in a coconut bra and grass skirt, and Paul walking around with his date (the palm tree) to share.

Huge congrats to the guys, even the ones that didn't win plaques deserve an award for putting Jtown back on the ECHL map this year.

If you're in the Johnstown area, and like hockey, join the fan club. C'mon, don't leave me alone with these people.

"Why don't we get drunk and screw? -Jimmy Buffett"

Monday, March 29, 2004

I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier this weekend, but I finally snapped and bought a PS2. Now I can play NHL 2003 and SSX again. Woohoo. Of course, this probably won't be good for my motivation to get other things done.

"Love is growing stronger, I can see it in my dreams. -Ian Van Dahl"

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Another cool hockey weekend is, for all practical purposes - over. Of course, as is the regular season. The Chiefs pulled off two wins this weekend, including an overtime win today against Cincinnati. It's always nice to enjoy a game with friends, but even better to do so two days in a row. I did do a little skating after today's game, luckily the ice was a little better than it was the last time. I DID also get my new Paul jersey signed *smile* he did at least give me a 'nice jersey' comment.

Tomorrow is luau night, hopefully I won't be as backward as the rest of the fan club would like me to be. While I don't know what I did to irritate them such that they'd be a bit rude to me - I don't really care too much at this point, they've got to deal with me - like it or not, and I really shouldn't be backward because of them. It's so high school.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Yeeeees. The Chiefs are now tied for 3rd in the division. It's what I'm praying we'll capture, as it would give us, in my opinion a better chance for a run at the cup (we wouldn't be playing Wheeling and wouldn't have to play a single match against the 5th place team).

It's definitely going to be an amazing hockey weekend here in Johnstown. On Saturday we have people who played in "Slapshot" coming to town (including the guy who played the goalie *grin*), and on Sunday it's Sully Bobblehead day. So, at least you'll know where to find me all weekend, right?

"So you say you want a revolution. -Beatles"

Monday, March 22, 2004

Well, it looks like I have a tenant for the apartment attached to my house. I spent a chunk of time this weekend running around and getting things for over there as I'm furnishing it.

My jersey arrived this weekend, so it looks like I'll be styling for the last two games and playoffs. We did lose yesterday, quite a pounding actually. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the game.

It's spring break for my class. I'm hoping to spend a little time working on my end of term paper this week - cheer me on, we'll see if I get anywhere.

"Watch me crawl, watch me break, watch me crawl, watch me throw it all away. -Earshot"

Thursday, March 18, 2004

*wave* hi folks. No, I'm not drunk, but I did have a couple drinks, which is enough to make me relax a smidge. Tonight was Chief's bartenders at Album Cuts. First, I'm a bit disappointed... as the individual (I won't be rude and name names) who was SLATED to bartend never stepped behind the bar. Several of the other guys who showed bailed within an hour.

So, three cheers to Currie, Ernie, and Zehr for sticking around (I know I missed ppl, sorry guys). And... extra cudos to Zehr for earning that dollar I slipped him at the end of the night. *wink wink* He made one hell of a good Toasted Almond. Now, let's see if he remembers a Toasted Almond by the Luau.
Well it looks like my boys were hell on ice last night... taking things to the wire to win it in Atlantic City. The Chiefs were down by 2 late in the third, but rallied to score twice bringing us to a shootout. Demo pulled things off giving us a 1-0 shoot out victory. But of course, that's not all... Richard and Sully were piling up some major penalty minutes in the third. I wonder if Richard is just trying to re-blacken that eye, it's been a while.

While the guys were fighting hard in AC I was enjoying some tunes at the Haven, where a coworker's band - The Rain - was playing. Quite the pleasant way to celebrate St. Patty's. Tonight is a run to check out a new bar in Westwood called Album Cuts. They're bringing in some Chiefs players to play bartender, can't miss that. I'm going to be way tired by the weekend, I can see it coming.

"But soon again, starts another big riot! -Bjork"

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

ARGH! Why does everyone keep asking me what's wrong today? Do I really look that crappy?

"I will never tell you I'd rather sew up my mouth I'd choke sooner than ever say it out loud. Figure it out... -Tapping the Vein"

Monday, March 15, 2004

It was, needless to say, an amazing (but tiring) weekend.

Friday night we took down Reading in their arena 4-3. They had us down by 2 at the end of the first, but no worries, not only did we pound in two during the second period, but we did so in the third as well. Good thing too, because Reading did make an attempt to come back with one goal on the power play in the third. Nice bus trip, good crowd from the fan club. I think the guys appreciated us being there, which makes the drive well worth it.

Saturday was the key game in my mind, of course, beating Reading I'm sure pumped the Chiefs up for Saturday night against Wheeling, and it worked. We stomped them 6-2. Take THAT first place team ;) We paced ourselves with a goal a period and keeping them at zilch until the third period, in which they did get two goals, but only intermittently as we stomped a few more in.

Finally, Sunday - Trenton went down. But that's not all, Richard Paul was on the starting line up *grin* and I had seats directly behind the Chief's box. Yeah, close enough to smell'm and boy do they get ripe by the third. Unfortunate for Trenton, but they didn't stand a chance - the Chiefs were on a roll this weekend, and we were up by 3 at the end of the second. Their two goals in the third didn't touch us, especially with the additional 3 we got. Also, Mather pulled in the first hat trick of the season for the team - so three cheers to Shawn.

But that's not all! Sunday games you get to skate with the Chiefs afterwards. I did hit the ice, but I had a heck of a time as the ice was pretty choppy (to be expected after a period of hockey, no?) I didn't go nagging for autographs, but I did take a few random pictures.

Check out the photo album

"I'm going under, drowning in you. -Evanescence"

Friday, March 12, 2004

And another hockey loaded weekend is about to begin! There is one thing better than a Friday, and that's a Friday which you get to leave work early. I head out today to travel with the fan club to the Chief's game in Reading. Hopefully I'll find the motivation and focus to make strides on my mid-term papers while on the bus. Tomorrow and Sunday we're back home. Hopefully my new jersey will get here today or tomorrow so I can wear it tomorrow night. This evening I will be sporting my newly customized black chiefs jersey.

I guess my blogs title does miss one main thing in my life, that being music. I've worked that in somewhat w/ my little "currently playing" quote with each post. I just picked up a few more cds, two are ones I never dreamt I'd enjoy, but got hooked on from my ex. Yes, I now own some Prodigy and Crystal Method. I also find great pleasure in finding a cd through Amazon recommendations that I enjoy. This time I selected one by IanVanDahl. We'll see if it lives up to the never heard picks in the past (like Tapping the Vein).

Well, time to get to work...

"Get busy child. -Crystal Method"

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Okay, time for my discussion on the whole Bertuzzi/Moore thing. (For those unfamiliar, Todd Bertuzzi is a hockey player from the Canucks. He went after the Av's Steve Moore and ended up breaking his neck.)

Should the hockey league issue a suspension? Absolutely. Should there be a lawsuit or legal charges? Absolutely not. Here's the deal, it's what these guys do for a living. Yes, it's horrible that this happened to Moore, it could very well have ended his career, but fighting is part of the gig.

Let's look at the folks who are now suing because they worked with asbestos years ago. It's stupid to me. You CHOSE to take that job, the employers didn't know any more than you did that asbestos could cause cancer. If they determine 20 years from now that being close to monitors for extended periods of time causes some funky brain cancer will I sue? No. Why? Because that's just stupid. This is my career, I chose it, noone put a gun to my head and made me expose myself to monitor radiation.

Moore, and every other hockey player knows that when they step onto the ice they can get hurt. If this is allowed to go to these lengths the next thing you'll see is lawsuits for small injuries. Quit crying about scraped knees. We can't afford to have the NHL become legal-happy. The tickets already cost enough, the players already make enough, and the revenue is already too low to support any additional insurances etc that would be necessary if this type of junk begins to happen.

Playing a bit of devil's advocate here, since we're willing to allow stupid lawsuits, I think Bertuzzi should sue Moore's parents for breeding him with such a weak neck. *rolls eyes* And somewhere in the distance, the cry of a fat stupid woman spilling hot coffee in her crotch after being shocked to hear that McDonald's food is fattening rings out.

"Hey Bacchus, she hates me. -Type O Negative"

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

MINE! MINE!!! It's all mine! Mmm, game worn old goodies. This has been a good week for my collection, *in best canadian tone* eh?

On another note... wha wha what?! Ronnie Francis was traded today to the Maple Leafs.

"Babble babble, bitch bitch. Rebel rebel, party party. Sex sex sex, don't forget the violence. Blah blah blah. - Marilyn Manson"

Monday, March 08, 2004

Update! Can you believe my jersey will be done by Wednesday?! I called to see about how long it normally takes and the guy had already cut the lettering. *dang* I just assumed they had to mail that stuff out, guess not. At least I'll have my Paulie jersey for the away game.

"I've got to get away. -Fear Factory"
Another very busy, hella hockey weekend - woot! Friday night's game was a disappoinging loss, but it was clear the Chiefs didn't give up in the last few minutes, which is always comforting. Hopefully we'll take Wheeling next weekend! Saturday was a shut out - 4-0, go Chiefs! :) They also put Richard and Zehr out at the autograph booth with Sully and Leinweber, so I have a few more pictures on my wall at work (one of Richard thanks to my dearie - as I instead got my jersey signed). Yes, I finally decided to mark my jersey. Richard signed it, and I dropped it off at the pro shop for lettering. So, now let's hope that Richard will be back next season.

I finally got to catch Lord of the Rings this weekend. So all those that chastized me as a slacker - there!

Yesterday was so nice I had the windows open for a little while. The dogs were out running and playing in the yard... it was a really nice day. But then it cooled off fast, in order to welcome one more overnight snow storm. BLAH. So here we sit with another 2 inches on the ground. Let's hope this is the last storm of the season.

I also had another stride accomplished this weekend. There is now new carpet in the apartment as well! Woohoo! It's looking REALLY nice over there. Too bad I don't have money to toss at the bathroom there right now. I guess that will have to wait until in between tenants later in the year.

"Let the bodies hit the floor! -Drowning Pool"
(I still wish they'd play this song during Chief's games)

Friday, March 05, 2004

Mmmm. Tax refund.

"Where we were once divided now we stand united. -Bon Jovi"

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Chiefs are now in a tie for third place in the ECHL after giving Reading a smackdown (their first loss at home since October). Woot!

On a related note I'm going to babble a bit about taste, as inspired by a late night chat. Ok, I have three "types", the first being the long haired hippie freak, the second being the guy that people say "isn't he a little too clean cut for you" and the third being what can only be termed as the hockey hottie. It's one of those things where an AVERAGE looking guy when given long hair or a black eye and hockey gear can become even more attractive. I can't explain it, I guess that's part of the mystery of attraction.

Now, the whole conversation stemmed from commentary that Zehr isn't that bad looking. Granted, he isn't a Bates or a Richard, but he's not bad. I mean, he has the long hair to help give him a little boost. Plus there is that whole attitude on the ice thing that cheeses me greatly. Notice the proportion of necessary attitude to looks which is required to make my list...
Bates - no attitude - can just stand there and still be hot.
Richard - good bit of attitude, smart ass - can stand there with a black eye and be hot.
Zehr - more attitude and goon than one man should contain - when geared up and being a royal jerk with his long hair all sweated up he can toss the gloves and be hot.

Follow me on this?

I also have the theory that much like the facial symmetry theory holds on politicians etc there is a similar tie to attraction. Mayhaps your tastes all have similar thresholds of symmetry etc!

For example, according to the website linked above:
Zehr: Radial - 95.35%
Paul: Radial - 96.23%
Bates: Radial - 97.32%

SEE!!! :) All I can say in summation is - sweet memories of Bates when his hair was longer. *woo - woo*

"Right now I feel invisible to you. -Avril Lavigne"

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

*jiggy jiggy jiggy* The Boulevard Grill will be re-opening in May!

"Nothing but the knife to live for. One life all I need. -The Sisters of Mercy"

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

As promised, a little bit about the movies I checked out this past weekend. First, Big Fish. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It had a few good laughs, and a pretty cool story... the odd thing for me is liking a movie that I could take my mother to without her not understanding why they have to use that 'F' word.

The later movie was The Passion of the Christ. I simply don't understand what the big stink in the media has been. Was it accurate... uh, yeah. Did the Jews crucify Christ... well, yeah, but do they jew-bash? Absolutely not. Besides, the only way that could have been done to look like they weren't bashing Jews was to re-write the story. I do admit that it was a little gruesome - this coming from a horror film fanatic. It wasn't so much the blood and gashes that were gruesome, but it was the awareness that here's this guy, who died for me. This is what he went through - right there, in my face. Yes, I cried. But I'm a crier. :P

Ok, so I've not been to the movies much lately - I'm falling behind. Maybe I'll get to see the latest Lord of the Rings movie, and Miracle someday soon. Heck, Jersey Girl (the next View Askew installment) comes out later this month too!

Monday, March 01, 2004

Finally. I feel much much better knowing I've made reservations for a majority of the excursions for my Hawaii trip. We're scheduled for the Waipi'o Mule Drawn Wagon in Hilo, the Drums of the Pacific Deluxe Luau in Lahaina Maui, the Kauai Helicopter Flightseeing in Nawiliwili Kauai, and the Historical nature cruise with glass bottom boat in Kailua Kona. I'll be splitting from mom to hit the Lanai Wild Dolphin and Snorkeling Adventure and the Rainforest & Waterfall Hiking Adventure both in Lahaina Maui. I haven't decided what to schedule for Hololulu just yet. If anyone's been there and has suggestions send them my way. I'd love to convince mom to parasail with me. We'll see if I can convince her of that one!

Vixen's birthday was a good one. Mom got her new car, we had cake and we hit a hockey game. Hockey game had me a little irritated however, despite our win in a shoot out. How do you give someone tickets to sit in the middle of a freaking high school band. I don't think so. Been there, did that... don't plan on doing it anymore 10 years later! But at least the place has been packed since the incident with the bricks at the War Memorial. I guess any press is good press indeed.

As to work, a hell project should be dying off now, so my sanity, or what I refer to as MY sanity can return anytime now.

The man is in St. Louis again... does that mean the two state rule is in effect?? *grin*