Sunday, April 29, 2007

Looks like it might be good that I'm aware I need to make a slight right. As my weekend started I hope I can make it end - but that tidbit will be a bit harder to forget. I guess the celebration of the paper being done and SP finally getting straightened out is over.

Caught the movie Wild Hogs at Westwood on Saturday. I forgot just how good their food is. Yum! Movie was better than I expected. Theatre was packed too. I also hit our local Starbucks for the first time. I still say too bad it isn't inside of a B&N.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Slips made fun of the budget size bag of prunes. No, I don't have an issue, I LIKE prunes damnnit. But, they did help me dump about 27 pages worth of sh*t into a document and get it out on time. My last term paper - EVER - was turned in today. Alleluia! Time to get my happy hour on.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Type O Negative Profit of Doom video! Woohoo.
Things are still broken *sigh* Gotta love when support lines say "we have to call you back within 48 hours", to hell w/ urgency eh. Love you Micro$oft.

The paper is coming together, but I still feel miles away from the ultimate goal. I guess it could click for me at any point, that's how it typically happens, I just get to a comfort level and say woohoo then submit that puppy. I think I'm closer than I expected to get, but I still have some hours to put in.

To soothe my very being what is better than knowing I'll have three more jerseys coming to live with me today? My two from Meigray shipped yesterday and appear to already be out for delivery and I am heading to pick up the third at the arena over lunch. Lovin from all three leagues none the less! Some say happiness is a warm puppy (thank you Peanuts comics) and that is true, but equally as warm is a new jersey on a chilly spring night.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The shitith has hitith the fan... ith. My wheaties are fully pissed in. SP has shit the bed. What a morning. How could things that functioned for a few days go so horribly awry if not for human intervention? I'm not as upset as I'm playing up to be, but it's quite the frustration. If I wanted to know if the week could get worse I could remind myself of the most loathed doctor appointment of the year that I have tomorrow.

I made good progress last night on the paper (despite the phone ringing numerous times... AHEM... you're suppose to be making me get my butt in gear). *laugh* At least it's going in the right direction. I see the light at the end of the tunnel... two weeks! I also have my celebration planned for Friday May 18th. Who's in?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I feel a little like a woman on death row who got a small stay of execution. Now the paper is due late next week, which was soothing on so many levels. You see, it allowed me to enjoy seeing Slips and Mithy today, both of whom I don't get to see often. It also gave me time to do a little cleaning, some necessary shopping, and sleep later, oh, and more time for the paper of course. The weather is finally turning warm once again so I am feeling motivated at least, that should definitely help, but I do want to spend some time tomorrow to finish putting together the roman chair I bought.

I scored another $10 fancy dress today that would be PERFECT for the Christmas party. While it fits, it would be more comfortable if I could shed a few, as is the plan for this summer. We'll see how that turns out. I'm sure my dear readers will hear me complain throughout the summer, but my goal is that you'll hear me reporting more things that I'm doing instead of complaints. It's your job faithful readers to bust my ass through the comment feature if I'm not moving enough.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's Thursday already, how did that happen? I'm a wee bit tired, but holding up well despite the mental abuse on a few fronts, but I do it to myself so I shouldn't complain. The SP upgrade went well last night and only had us at work until 8, so I got some tests graded. Hopefully I can finish them up this afternoon and get a nap in by 6 so I can get back on the term paper. Hells yes I'm leaving early, I've got the hours in.

I so can't wait to be bored out of my mind this summer. About one more month and I'll be heading on vacation. It's coming up quick. I did cancel my late summer cruise plans with the hope of instead going next year up the NE since they're returning to Quebec City in 2008. So I'll need a different vaca later this year. Anyone have any good ideas?

Monday, April 16, 2007

You know when Daffy Duck goes off on his "frizzin fraggin...." cursing fit of anger? Yeah that's me. How is it snowing, leaving inches of muck behind, and blowing worse now than it did all winter? Curse you Johnstown. If there isn't even hockey to pacify my rage at the cold wind what have you for me?!

At least I got some grades back today to cheer me up and cheer me on as I try to finish my last term paper for my masters degree. An A on the midterm and an A on the group paper! *jitters about with joy*

Oh, and we're hiring... any gEEks out there want to send me a resume?

"Once upon a slime I thought you royalty. I would never have questioned your loyalty. Act so surprised, saw through your disguise. -Type O Negative"

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Aside from the small wasabi burn, what a nice evening. Rex AND Mithy, how do you beat that? Ok, the booze and the sushi helps. heh. I feel so very young again, with the exception of the rather young evening.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm so incredibly sick of waking up and seeing white crap outside, moreso of needing to scrape said white crap off of my vehicle. Global warming my sunless pastey-white Johnstown-living ass.

Happy Friday the 13th.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just a little down... as I always am at the end of a season. I'll promise I will be waiting eagerly for the first announcements for 2007-2008 - and I _do_ make good on my promises, not just _usually_.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Vindication! Many congrats to the Chiefs for beating the Reading Royals in a phenominal game Saturday night in Reading. Despite not feeling my best I am glad I made the trip. Thanks for the hat trick (the smile, the wave, and the hug). On to Trenton tomorrow and back home on Tuesday.

Friday night was a killer to lose after getting that last minute spurt of energy on the ice. Being the dork I am I was crying when I got to the car. I thought for a while that is what had me upset and up so many times with stomachy-digestion issues throughout the night, but by Saturday morning my legs felt heavy my back and stomach ached and I was just not feeling ready to get out of bed. I still trudged out to get myself to the game and between screaming with excitement and nearly blowing a blood vessel at our resident "pepto-abysmal" I managed to leave with a headache to top it off. But this morning it was a full fledged migraine. I'll partially blame it on hormones too, but either way, not pleasant. At least now I know how well the other meds my doc gave me for the headaches work! 10 hours since I took one TINY pill and my head remains happy.

Easter dinner at mom's and the group paper is turned in. One more major assignment left for the term. Almost there folks, almost there.

Friday, April 06, 2007

What says Easter more than spending Holy Thursday watching Type O Negative? The weather held out for us (note that there is a solid dusting of freaking snow this morning however) and Beff and I headed to the Burgh yesterday afternoon. We caught up with the Slips before the show and I had sushi for the second time this week, this time at Nakama - quite good, even if I couldn't stuff in too much with the bitchin red Freddie's corset on.

Let me say this, it was hella cold waiting outside to get in... a girl has to find ways to stay warm. *smirk* The crowd just wasn't feeling Brand New Sin, but they weren't bad. Type O seemed to have some sound issues at first but eventually got themselves pulled together. Pete, wow, he lost a lot of weight. And the tow chain was MIA! As to the drunk guy who "just wanted to be my friend" - thanks but no thanks. I always manage to draw in the wackos like a magnet.

"My faith is an ember, burning ever, working towards a greater reward." -Type O Negative

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Four Corners of the World - in the old BiLo plaza - ROCKS. I'm loving the new eatery. The sushi was damn good for Jtown, and I just plain liked the place. The menu looks pretty entertaining, I have a few dishes I need to return to try.
File this one under "good to know":
A NJ judge ruled that it is not drunken driving if you're on a zamboni.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Humans are funny. To celebrate and reward ourselves with success what do we do - imbibe a large amount of a toxin and make ourselves ill the next day. No, not me... I only had two drinks last night, but I bet a few people will have a rough morning. I'm still quite tired, but at least it is out of the result of a nobel pursuit for safety.

A huge congrats to the Chiefs for sweeping the weekend, walking away with 5th place (for now) and 6 points. Huge huge wins and great games.

I guess my time is drawing rather short to focus on the work (school and teaching) that has been piling up on me. I'm just so tired! I need more sleep anymore. I have a funny feeling that when I'm done with school a good portion of that spare time will be spent curled up with my pillows, warm bed, and stuffed 'guin.

"I drank your poison - as you told me it's wine." -Pink