Thursday, February 28, 2013

I just noticed this post sitting in drafts... not sure why, but here's one from about a week ago:
I've gotten distracted with a few other more "urgent" to-reads since starting it, but I just finished up The Host, Stephanie Meyer's post-twilight book.  First I have to point out that the cover I have is not the one on the edition to which I've linked, but by golly that is pretty close to how I pictured Melanie... and I can see the brunette guy being Jared and the blonde Ian.  Kinda freakish, maybe she did a better job describing them than I realized.

Fairly thick book (600ish pages), a good read with a decent story that kept me interested and eager to read.  Like her other books it's not written at a hard-core level, which is probably perfect for me, it required very little thought and I could keep the story line in my mind even when I took time away from the book for other reads.  If you are a twilight hater don't read it.  But if you like Meyer's writing style and don't mind yet another
Good this week (yea, that's really only tomorrow) and may have something else small... need to get more details tomorrow.

As promised, Vixen and I headed to Petco (and the Meadows).  She almost didn't get to go after acting a fool while eating her dinner.  Seriously, who grumbles when mummy reaches near their bowl, I am not having that.  After I corrected the situation and my mood lightened I decided to pack her up.  I guess it was a good day to pick as I had to do a split cup at the Meadows... pb AND white house, yum!  Since it wasn't choc-pb I decided to give Vix an extra treat, no vanilla for that girl tonight.

She is starting to have issues jumping into the back of the Durango, but I'm not sure if it is her strength that is making her hesitate or if it is the slightly slick ground.  Either way, a little umph and we were in the car to go.  I was due to wash my coat anyhow, so I can get that rolling tonight.

While I wait for the laundry it's time for my first hockey game (tv) of the season... I know my boycott that I signed on with said I could watch again as of the 11th of Feb, but I decided to hold to the end of the month.  I think a first game being Pens vs Canes is a good way to start.
Happy 14th birthday to my Vixie Lynn.
I may be sitting here not knowing if I am covered for the day... but we're still going to Petco tonight.  How many times does 14 come around?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

F.  Jury duty cancelled, I am dismissed and do not need to report.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Um, the sudden and forceful wind we had earlier this evening blew both of the chairs on the front porch off to the side... yike.
Luvs Diapers:  Your commercial of the woman breast feeding in a restaurant without being covered on her second kid... disgusting.  If she did the snap snap 'up here' at me I'd be telling her off.

One more day worth left, the guy isn't ready for the world after all, and mom is potentially having a surgery (it's the 10 year old trifecta)!  At least this time mum's not going in for something quite so drastic.. but she will be wearing a boot for weeks after dealing with a bone spur.

Still trying to not panic or freak.

Monday, February 25, 2013

This weekend started off with dinner w/ eggs, after picking up my new purchase.  Go figure, someone at work is selling a full sized one for a lower price on our internal classifieds now.  *meh*  Regardless, it's here, I have it, I am learning all about it.

Saturday's plans were partially collapsed with the pending bad weather which never manifested.  I still had a massage appointment, which was quite needed, so I didn't get to head to mom's.  Not surprisingly, she called Saturday night to taunt me, noting she was making pot pie the next day, but I already had plans. Those plans were to head to see Kath, Mark, Kelly, Bob, Katie, and Amy, and to meet the guy they wanted to introduce me to.  As always Kathy made a ton of delish food and it was fantastic to see everyone and get to talk.  I miss my hockey peeps!  Yes, he seems nice enough (nosy aren't you?) It's hard to really get to chat and have the interrogation session in a room full of people.

Today I woke with a stiff neck.  I don't think I slept funny, but here we are.  I really hate feeling the 'getting old' so easily.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Dear VP Biden,
I'm pretty sure if someone is breaking into your house (meaning they've gotten past your hired protection *you're welcome for that*) that "stepping out onto the balcony" and firing two shots from your double-barreled shot gun probably won't be sufficient to scare the individual(s) off and ensure your protection.
For me this is definitely not an option.  Not only am I lacking an additional layer of security to aid in my protection I am sorely lacking said balcony from which to fire my shots.  I guess I could hang out my bedroom window a mere 5 feet from the front door they may be coming in from, but that doesn't seem very smart.  Regardless, after I fired those two shots SURELY I'd be able to reload (just in case they didn't run off) in time before they make it the whole 22-25 feet from my front door, down the hall, and into my bedroom.
I'm really glad I have you to tell me what I need to protect myself.  What a relief.  I'm just a stupid American who really relys on the government to help keep me informed on important topics like this.  While I have your ear maybe you could give me some tips on the medical decisions and care I should take for my whoo-ha (aka va-jay-jay) too? 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

After just two doses (and just as much now after the 5th dose was just swallowed with dinner) I am already seeing a major difference in Danika.  I'm not waiting an extra couple of minutes for her to get to the back door in the morning or after work.  She was playing yesterday, standing up quickly from a down position, and even dancing around the kitchen eying what she might be able to steal or convince me to give her while I cooked.  Are the thyroid meds helping D?  I say unequivocally and emphatically, yes.

On another positive note, for the first time in roughly forever, someone actually approached me about setting me up with someone they know!  This seems like something so simple, but the fact is I've always heard people saying "I know someone perfect for you" to other people but never to me.  It leaves me wondering why.  Regardless, I found it very sweet, who knows.  I guess we'll see what happens.

Not wanting to shift to the negative as I am working really hard at putting my worries down, but for my own records I have to state that I feel like things are not very promising (again) at work.  It's been rough for an extended period, but it's definitely ramped up as of late.  Whatever is to be, right?  I'm trying.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I neglected to comment earlier today that the girls had their annual trip to the vet this morning a well.  It's always a hefty bill, but they're mostly good for the year, with the exception of a blood draw here and there to test levels and any illnesses.  Vix remains on thyroid meds, not to be blood drawn until August, but today Danika also went onto thyroid meds.

The Pet Power has been helping her significantly with her soreness, at least to the point she's not crying out, but she's still very deliberate about her movement, slow to get up, and not quite feisty.  I would normally just say "eh, she's getting old", but when Vixen (twice her age) is still moving easier and even running about out back this morning I can't just let it go as being older.  So, this along with a less than luxurious coat has us giving the meds a try.  Prayers for Miss D, please!
Once again it's three cheers for a long weekend.  I did a little more cleaning today, mostly inspired by a potential overnight guest, a friend from my times in NC who will be passing through town.  I'm excited to get to see her, even briefly, and to support her in one of her drives to support her son who is playing hockey away from home.

This also means I need to do a little baking this evening as to make sure I have something delightful to send with her as she heads further on her way.   That's my excuse anyhow!  Maybe I'll make up a batch of pickled eggs and beets for my own delight as well.  I know I have way too many containers of beets thanks to a little time spent reorganizing the pantry and a few cabinets.  I really have a tendency to packrat food if I don't keep myself in check.  I don't know why I manage to think I'm out of something, purchasing the same item several times over a short period then having crazy supply of odd items like beets, cranberry sauce, or cream of soups.

As mentioned I had been hunting for a very specific brand/make in a tight market... well guess what I found on one site?  It's a little higher priced than many sites have denoted along with an out of stock and no backorders notice, but I figured I should leap, it was meant to be.  So, order placed and one of the other big surprise changes in my world will be complete (shipping tomorrow).

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last weekend I got to see Mithy, this weekend I got to see Rex. February has treated me very well! Last night I also got to quench a bit of a craving (for coconut shrimp at Red Fishy). I'm not much of a shrimp person, but these are so delish.

I gravely angered my right knee yesterday running about and doing some shopping. It's been achy for a couple of weeks now, but it was very unhappy last night. Fortunately, sleeping with the heating pad on it has it feeling okay this morning. It doesn't look swollen and I didn't do anything distinct before the pain started, so I don't know what's up. Hopefully it won't become a reoccurring issue or continue causing me problems into the summer (walking and potentially running time). I haven't been exceedingly productive as a result of my lent give up (yet) but I guess it's still early. I did get some cleaning done yesterday too - enough that I don't feel like I need to jump up and get on top of things today, so maybe I will make some progress in the next 36 days.

I've also been hunting online for something I want to purchase. With current shortages of all of these products I suspect being as picky as I am and wanting a specific brand/type is going to make me wait a very very long time, which could be a bad thing.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's day to me (a day late)... pay day and my tax refund is hitting.  Now this!  I guess I'll be learning what the Amazing Race is all about.... Baaates  *drool*

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

With that post... I have officially given up something (sadly) major in my life for lent.  I'll still be posting here... can't go completely tech-free, and I need somewhere to vent.  Now, despite the snow that is falling in huge clumps I am heading to the Ash Wednesday service at my church.  God bless my 4 wheels to get me there and back safely.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good news:  TurboTax treated me beyond awesome.  With one phone call I am receiving a refund for my purchase!  Yet another reason why I will continue to recommend them to friends (with easier forms to deal with than I).

The weather was way nicer this weekend than was expected due to the weather reports.  The sun was even out yesterday and today so much so that I decided to head to mom's to visit and give her her Valentine's day gift.  She seemed to be feeling pretty good and cooked us a delightful ham of which I have leftovers (and also foretells of ham pot pie being in my future/next visit).  She cracked me up... asking about a few television shows, then she asked if I've ever watched hardcore porn.  Yeah, you read that right.  She meant pawn, hardcore pawn.  Uh huh.

Don't worry, I'm back in Jtown... can't miss the new episode of Walking Dead tonight!   Picked up a Shamrock Shake on the way home too (that was my dinner).  Nom!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

At the moment I am in a blissful state of relief.  My taxes are done.  For the first time ever I went to HR Block after years of putting in way too many hours with Turbotax (and researching the questions I didn't quite understand).  I'm not bashing Turbotax, I'm a big fan, but with things getting more complicated on top of my already interesting tax needs I just hit a threshold with a couple of insane PA questions and other changes.

Will I go back?  You better believe it.  Would I recommend the woman I worked with?  Absolutely.  Contact me if you want referred to her.  Now... let's see if Turbotax will issue me a refund.  They usually only give for 60 days, but they ship in November... how the heck would I know within 60 days?!  Well, I'll call, I'll try.  What's the worst they can say?

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Groceries secured and away... despite lounging around in my nice warm bed til darn near noon.  For that reason alone I shouldn't want to cuddle up on the couch and close my eyes.  What gives.

Friday, February 01, 2013

And... just like that I'm back to worrying about work in the near term.  So tired of it.