Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I went back for a second blood draw on the way to work this morning. I think I neglected to mention it, but just hours after the first draw on Thursday I got a call saying that the last vial clotted up on them. Go figure. Of course, the last vial is when I was getting dizzy and nauseated, probably related. As a result I am learning a little bit about the different colored tubes they use and the addatives that are in them and what they do to your blood, so at least this has been educational.

Tonight was dinner with Rex and Mithy - a big event with upcoming moves and surgeries etc. The changes throw me back to a time when I was packing up to move away... it is so very long ago now. Time really does fly.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Worse still, the account was correct, but the website just couldn't process my information - I had to CALL them. Yeah. Anyhow, at least that's taken care of.

I neglected to mention that my envigorating experience with the Metho body wash inspired me to pick up some of the mentho shampoo and conditioner. I figure if I haven't been able to find the St. Ive's deep moisture conditioner that made my scalp all tingly and delightful I'd try elsewhere. Ahhh, good stuff. How sad am I that I sat at work thinking about, and eagerly anticipating washing my hair tonight? I know, I'm a retard, but at least my dogs love me.
Ok, so I tried to access my mortgage online again. I tried previously right after finding out my loan was sold and was not able to, but I wrote it off to the newness of the transfer. Now I am starting to think they just completely f-ed everything up, especially since they also gave me the wrong po box number for payments. DER! Let me guess, you'll not be able to process my on time payment as submitted and somehow it will be _my_ fault, right? Seriously, how hard is it to actually provide people with a correct address and their account number?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whew, my feetsez are pooped. Saturday was the official tri-birthday celebration, and what do us gals do well? Shop. We headed to Ligonier shortly after noon and had lunch at the Ivy Cafe. The menu sounded very promising and the place was very cute, but I think we were all mildly disappointed with our food and ditzy service. It was a bit warm for me, but strolling the streets, quaint shops, and crafty booths was worth feeling a little sweaty. I didn't buy much in Ligonier, but I did warm up a bit as we moved on to Pier One, the Westmoreland mall, and Burlington before dinner at Olive Garden.

I was a reasonably good girl, I did buy a slice of chocolate tie mousse cake, but I brought it home - and it made for quite the energizing lunch this morning. On a bit of a sugar buzz I headed out for my routine stops with more of a desire/focus for Christmas ideas. Yes, I know it's early, but I find this the best way to Christmas shop - keep the eyes peeled until something jumps at you.

Value City, Big Lots, Ollies, and up to the mall. I'm tired. Gratefully, window shopping online doesn't require feet, so I think I'll do a little of that as I have a few other ideas for the holidays that I'd like to get on order and out of the way. With the ceiling fan on and a couple of the newer bedroom windows open I am basking in the perfect breeze while I type. Couple this with my thoughts of pleasure in my current station in life while leaving work the other day and all I can say is things are good. How often do I announce THAT on my blog?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Got to see Dark Knight last evening. Ledger did an amazing job as the joker. And, to follow in Jack Nicholson's footsteps? That takes balls. Admittedly he looked a bit laughable in the nurse's dress towards the end. Yes it was a long movie, but I did stay interested for the long haul, despite leaving the theatre at 12:30 and being whooped again this morning as a result. Thank goodness the weekend is just about here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I did it... I did it... I did it...

Yes, I typed that three times on purpose as I have three things to announce as things I did that I am proud of myself for. We'll go in reverse chronological order here.

1). Thanks to Straight outta Johnstown I became aware of a planned speed dating event at the Inclined Plane... and signed up. This could be pretty fun - or awful - either way it will be something to talk and laugh about.

2). I sucked it up and finally went to get my blood draw done. I've been sitting on the lipid/cholesterol screening paperwork since January so it's about time. I am HORRID with needles. Go ahead, finish laughing (if you're not laughing think about how many tattoos I have). I was quite queasy and dizzy after the fact, but the phlebotomist was quite nice and handled me well.

3). I put money down on a pink diamond. It's not heart shaped... but it's cutie, over 3/4 of a carat, and the price was way better than what I've found elsewhere. I'll head back in after DC Goldmsiths gets a couple settings in to choose from but - woohoo!

Speaking of jewelry - last night I got my birthday gift from my sickly chum Beff and got the cutie heart necklace I was eyeing from Amazon!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As an old elementary school mate that I just recently found again on Facebook would say... "Figgers, darn, crud." Last night I ordered another comforter as a birthday gift for myself. After all, I only hunted HOW FRIGGIN LONG to find a comforter in gray and pink a while back. Grr. Once again I pick colors, I hunt roughly for forever and finally find something approximating my desires, and the next season they mass produce my color scheme. Bastages.

I'm pretty tired today, but my attempts to nap after work were futile. Despite things slowing down with work my mind is still going 100 miles a minute and in two different directions. Good news - semi bad news for my overworked mind - I did get things straightened out with my class and I am, at last, registered for additional graduate studies through Michigan State U. Ha! If I can't get (worthwhile) dates at least I'll be too busy for them anyhow.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More twists for a wacky-ass weekend. I'm glad I caught a little bit of sanity visiting with mom today.

Yes, it's been a year. No, I didn't expect anyone to remember... but I sure didn't expect such news/commentary for a gift. Not sweating things though. Some people do piss poor at playing "the game".

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My weekend so far has been a series of bummers and small redemptions. Alas, there was no tickets to be had last night for Batman, not surprising, but the lead up to finding out the tickets were gone dragged back feelings of issues past (the preference for some of my friends over me time and time again). At least our plans for Sprinkles still went off without a hitch and Mithy, Rex, and I enjoyed their evil delights while Beff watched. Sister really needs to eat more than she has been lately. Regardless...

Earlier this week I had semi-discussed getting together for a drink or lunch today with a potential dating option, but haven't heard from them since. Given my mood over the past 24 hours I just chalked it up to being dissed. Not the case I am sure, but WAH, I wanna be grumpy about it - deal with it. Not like I was out of bed in time for it anyhow.

Just about everyone that was on the invite list (which was fairly long) for Shakespeare in the Park ended up off the list. While many never replied, some were off the list within an hour of departing for the show. For a few minutes I figured I was in a debate between attending solo or staying in. I did end up with company however, someone else who understands the curse of coupledom and what it does to their friends. Another individual noted that "that's what it means to have a girlfriend" (translate you're with them all the time). No, that isn't, or at least it shouldn't be... sorry you think that's the case and is probably why you rail against it, much to my despair, but having a boyfriend or girlfriend means you care about them - yes - but it doesn't mean you don't care about anyone or anything else.

Regardless, I digress. The Merchant of Venice was a nice little play. The weather was the feature act as for the first time I did not even need a blanket or sweatshirt!

As to tomorrow... mom invited me for a home cooked meal, I suppose I should go (instead of sitting around and feeling shitty about growing older). I guess we'll see - depending on what time my eyes peel open tomorrow. Old people need more sleep you know.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now that I can think again it's time for a brain dump of 101 different subjects. Be prepared to hop around...

There seems to be a flurry of movies getting ready to come out that have draw to me. I've never been a Batman fan perse (well, okay I did love the old tv show *BAM* *POW*, but the movies didn't draw me), but I am eager to see Heath Ledger's role in this one. I am also looking forward to the next Mummy movie, even though it looks a bit more rediculous and unbelievable. But hey, they brought in Jet Li.

Yes, I am thinking about entertainment... why? Because the work demands from hell have officially subsided. Granted there is still plenty on my plate, but it feels like I am on a diet and loving it. I also did fill out the paperwork to sign up for the coursework I previously mentioned. Yes, I do enjoy torturing myself.

I had a heck of a time getting to sleep last night thanks to my friggin shoulder. I'd get into a position that seemed comfortable for a whole minute and then the dull ache would return. Gratefully, I got in this afternoon at a new (to me) joint in Windber, so I am hoping to be feeling better shortly.

Took some photos of the flowers I have blooming in the front and back yards. The cala lillies are just stunning. I need to get more bulbs. Who would have thought those things would be easier to grow than most anything else I've tried to plant? My one rose bush also had a lovely deep red bloom that I was clearly one day late to get a perfect photograph of. Alas, another rose bush is getting ready to flower as well, so hopefully I'll be more attentive. The althea I also planted back in May are blooming nicely as well.

Next is the activities planning. I'm trying to get a crew organized for Shakespeare in the park, but I am about ready to bang my head on something hard on that one. Then there is the excursion selection for the next cruise. Wow that is getting soon. Ok, time to work. Is it really Thursday already?

Monday, July 14, 2008

*whines* I'm tired... my patience is wearing thin. I know things will lighten up soon, but I am not made for long hours. I say this, but yet, this evening I was eyeballing courses through Michigan State. Ok, it's just a certificate program, but it sounds interesting, would be relevant to my current direction of work, and, well, we all know my thoughts on ongoing learning etc. It's not like I am busy with dates. *rolls eyes* Plus, it doesn't look like the community college needs me this fall, not sure I mentioned that on here yet.

Tonight I am happy I took a little while to chill with Rex, have a drink and a good meal, and to just be normal - before getting a little more work done. Maybe I should start putting "sleep" and "relax" on my to do list. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oops, I slept until after 2 today. Perhaps it is because of the middle of the night request to stalk a stalker (long story) or from not getting enough sleep on Friday night because I couldn't get comfortable without my shoulder throbbing. It's been an odd one. At least I am rested back up.

Satuday I did get a couple more hours in, as I need to do once again today, and then we celebrated Beffday with dinner and a small bit of shopping.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I was a good girl, putting in several hours each of the past two nights and my plans for Saturday have been deferred, so I think I am going to chill tonight - or at least for a little while tonight, until my second wind hits. Deferred. Can you tell I've been thinking in terms of testing all week?

So, as guessed, my mortgage got sold before the first payment is even due. Go figure, right after I altered my direct deposit. Eh. Maybe I'll just keep that account open as a backup and pay the mortgage only from there. I haven't had time to even fret about not having the diagram drawn up for Richland Township lately, but it's still on the backburner of my mind.

I think I best go cuddle with a dog now, before she walks across the keyboard again. Besides my side and leg are roasting with her perched there.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Time for another funny internal classified listing comment. This individual posted two entries. Excerpts from the first:
"Portable regulation size soccer goal." ... "This is a well made American product, not an cheap Asian product."

Now just the title of the second: "1998 Honda"

Um. So, is the car a "cheap Asian product"? Patriotism is one thing... hipocracy another.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Did the unthinkable in my quest to find cutie women's cut shirts... Walmart. I didn't kill anyone. Three cheers for me! Hopefully they fit, because I simply could not withstand staying there long enough to try them on.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Yes, I have the sense of humor to match any seven year old, but the double-over laughter that ensued was so theraputic, so it's worth admitting. You see, I went outside to clean up doggie land mines. I grabbed a bag to line the bucket that I scoop into and when I got outside I realized I snagged a Hershey's bag. Let that sink in for a minute - c'mon, be immature about it.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Saturday I didn't get work hours in as I had planned, but I did get a few in earlier today before getting on with things. I also didn't get the dishes out of the washer or the clothes folded and put away. Shame on me. But I did get to have lunch with Beff on Saturday and used a freebie coupon at Bath and Body Works ... I just got out of the shower after trying out my new lime-metha body wash. I feel like a tingly mojito right now. It's very odd to me how succeptible to things my arm pits are. I know during my one lemon body scrub the stuff burned my pits like hell - this mentha stuff tingled 10x more in there. What's up with that? We won't even talk about what that stuff does to a who-ha. Eep.

Saturday night I headed up to Kath's place for some chat, laughs, and amazing food with quite a few folks I have been missing for a while. I also picked up my new Lia bling (woohoo). I was about wiped fairly early and headed back home shortly after 10 - and I slept like a champ until noonish today. As for odd things, I managed to squeeze one of those in this weekend too. I am not complaining mind you, but it was a bit odd to get a message out of the blue from a friend of a friend. It's just one of those things that "never happens to me".

After a few hours of work (as previously mentioned) I was off and running once again - this time w/ Rex to his rents' for grub - more good folks that I've missed seeing for quite a while and excellent food - what a weekend!

On the way back we decided to torment Mithy for a little while - yet ANOTHER person I have not seen in roughly forever. I guess I can forgive myself for my lack of work accomplished this weekend when I weigh it against all of the people I got to catch up with. Those people are more important after all. All that said - it's time for sleep - after all I am sure I'll need to spend some quality time in the evenings getting more work done. Whee.

Friday, July 04, 2008

After deciding to chill last night I embraced it - hitting a couple stores and then stopping at 4 Corners where I had a few drinks and a few laughs. I got home a little later than I wanted to, but I am glad I took last night to relax, I think it definitely made today a lot less painful. I was up fairly early today and split the hours I needed to get in across two stretches which also helped. Once again I am at my documentation threshold for the day but I'll probably need to spend a little more quality time later this weekend.

To make myself feel a little more productive I vacuumed and made a to do list for tomorrow and then tossed a load of laundry that is scrubbing away as I type and listen to the incessant popping and booming noises coming in through the window. I love fireworks, they're beautiful and all, but the ones that most people set off are more noise than appearance... blah.

Oh, the stores are starting to put out their halloween goodies. Autumn IS coming fast.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I should be working again this evening... but ugh. I just need a breather. I am working all day tomorrow anyhow, so, I think that's fair. I just can't stare at documents any more tonight. Maybe I'll feel like doing some testing after I get a little breather in. It's raining again here in Johnstown, but I think I am going to venture out and stretch my legs wandering through Ross and TJ Maxx. Maybe I just need a drink.