Thursday, September 30, 2004

So the boxes are all sold out for the opening game, that's okay - we'll see what our crew of 25 can find in the stands. Hopefully we'll be able to work something out. I'm officially psyched for the first game and it's still over three weeks away. At least my boyz should be heading back to town next week in preparation for camp.

I actually went out to drink last evening, that was nice - even if it did push me WAY over my allowed calories for the day. Oh delightful but devilish black russians, you must loosen the grip you have upon my soul.

"In the corner he pops it free, he passes to the referee. What's wrong - is he okay? What's wrong - it's not his day. -?"

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Another rainy day in Johnstown. How many times have I opened up a post with that phrase now? At least I got my butt in gear and did most of my halloween decorating yesterday, before the rain arrived. I can't find a few of my things, but it's probably because I haven't had them out since NC. I guess it's time to decorate again - even if people never see the decorations, the whole autumn thing makes me smile.

I tossed together quite the witchy outfit today too. I feel like my feet should be doing that little scoot thing that Fairuza Balk's character does in the Craft. I love this season.

"Shoot myself to love you. If I loved myself I would shoot you. -Marilyn Manson"

Sunday, September 26, 2004

With all of the shopping I did this weekend I think we've once again confirmed how very female I am. We've also realized that I am quite the stark opposite from the Slipster in my preferences - almost to a humorous fault. There is nothing like a weekend of turning up noses at just about EVERYTHING the other person picks up. As long as I can periodically convince her to put some spice on her plain vanilla and she can convince me that I don't need to buy everything bad ass that I find in Fredericks and Hot Topic we can be friends for years to come. *laugh* But I DID need that bad ass red and black feather boa.

We did get to see a ton of dresses - the hunt is on to find just the right gear for the work Christmas party. Nothing perfect yet, but I know it's out there. So does one find the dress, and then a date to match the dress or vice versa? With my propensity towards shiney things and bad eggs, maybe it's just a natural match.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

*sigh* Why am I back in PA? Batesy is playing hockey RIGHT NOW... and I'm missing it. Snap some pictures and snag some sweat soaked towels (or clothes - then take a picture) for me P!
October 14th news: The pre-season game against Wheeling will be at Bladerunners Rink in Harmarville PA at 7pm. Hopefully the alotment of tickets that the War Memorial has won't disappear prior to my ability to snag a couple. Coffee time. I need something to wipe the warped dream I had this morning out of my mind.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Just because I'm feeling bitter again today (with all of the blissfully happy - or so they claim) couples about... it's time for Judy's list of things to look for to determine if your significant other is playing you for a chump.

  • Grooming habits will change, like new colognes and new styles of name brand shirts being purchased. Even the ones that take a half hour to get ready will take longer.
  • The good old stand by - work hours will get longer. They'll come up with a reason to go in earlier, and to stay later, or even go in on the weekend. I assure you, they're not trying for employee of the month.
  • They'll want to spend all hours of work nights out and about with their new group of friends, which include their new love, in bars and other places that you two haven't really been going to for years. Somehow they're young and spry again.
  • Your other half will start making hurtful comments, for example - if you've recently lost weight and look good they'll tell you you have 'no ass' anymore, even if they're the one that wanted you to work out. Then again, maybe only the ones that like fat chics say that type of stuff.
  • They'll start saying or IMing phrases that are cliche from the other person, or stereotypically not them.
  • Your gut will tell you when someone is a threat - listen to it. If you don't like a female friend and think she's a skank - guess what, she probably is.
  • And... if you miss all of this, just wait another couple of weeks and check out the overrun cell phone bill with calls back and forth to the replacement. Why? Because the person you love will be too stupid to even cover their own tracks.

Once a pig always a pig. And I hear it's inherited.

"When he lied it meant he loved me. And when he lied it meant he cared. Cause when he lied it meant... he was there. -Jack off Jill"

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

At last the Chiefs pocket schedules are in my grubby hands, so I can get them distributed at work. This is most definitely a herald of the approaching season. At least I managed to work through part of lunch so I could leave work early to tend to the dogs prior to grabbing the schedules. I'm sure the dogs hate me by now, I've just been so obsecenely busy.

After all that, bowling time. I did pretty well the first two games, but the third kinda stunk... and I of course noted I'm next to last in 'high series' scores. Go me :)

That said, I think it's time for bed. I've been tired as can be around mid-day. And no, I don't think I caught your disease, illness boy, although, I am sure my allergies aren't helping as I've woken up both days this week with a sore throat from all that crap trying to drain. Human heads are of ill design.

"One sure shot way to get'm outta their pants, take note to the brand new dance. -Ludacris"

Monday, September 20, 2004

It's just a sneeze. You know how from time to time a certain subject gets brought up to you repeatedly and you wonder why exactly yet another person has decided this was a good topic? Well this has been occuring as of late over my sneeze. Innocent enough topic, right - yes and no. Several individuals have pointed out how delicate and feminine my sneeze is. Feminine... me. HA!

On another note, I was impressed with my stamina yesterday. I was out skating for over two hours without collapsing. Must have been all that extra energy I got from the donut, huh? Next time we go you better have improved... so you don't have a girl skating circles around your wanna-be hockey playing butt. :P

"All of the flowers I gave her. She burned them. -Type O Negative"

Saturday, September 18, 2004

It's official, the Type O Negative US tour has been indefinitely postponed. Announcement below :( Get well Peter.

TYPE O NEGATIVE's management has issued a statement regarding the postponement of the band's fall 2004 U.S. tour. It reads as follows:

"During a recent medical exam, undisclosed anomalies were discovered and it was suggested that Peter Steele, lead singer, bassist and songwriter, undergo further tests.

"As a firm timetable for the tests and the subsequent results is indeterminable, it has been decided to postpone the fall tour to a later date when there will be no foreseeable conflicts with scheduling.

"In the meantime, TYPE O NEGATIVE continues to work on the forthcoming release, the first for new label SPV, due in 2005."
You've got to be kidding. Ok, now John Edwards is coming to Johnstown. Is Johnstown somehow THE town to win this election year? What gives? I bet Kerry was too busy going to some presentation in an even smaller sh*thole so he sent his second hand man here.

Anyhow. I spent the morning cutting the branches off of the tree that has taken over most of my parking area. I can now see around it and easily walk out my sidewalk... but there is no way I can, with the tools I have, remove the main trunk of the tree and/or the stump. I called Richland and left a message to try and find the property owners who SHOULD tend to the tree, we'll see how long that effort takes.

It's still windy and cool here today, but the sun is shining brightly. It's a fairly nice autumny day. Of course this has inspired me to a second Saturday of cleaning. Enjoy the nice weather people - we don't have much of it left.

Friday, September 17, 2004

There are times when God reminds you that he's watching out for you. When are those times you may ask? It's times when you go out for a few drinks on a crappy night, not too many people show and you think... why do we bother. Then, when you arrive home you find a huge pine tree laying where your vehicle would have been parked had you not gone out. As windy as it was here, I am considering myself VERY blessed... my fence is still in tact and nothing hit my house. Thank you Lord. I guess I'll carve a path tomorrow - and try to reach the owners of the neighboring property - that's a plus, it's not my freaking tree.

I don't know what it is with trees falling towards vehicles I (we at the time) own. Maybe when your car gets hit that just means he's trying to get your attention instead. It's funny what we chose to listen to and what we chose to ignore.
Week's assignments are in, as is the pampered chef. So while I get to relax a bit this weekend I figure I'll haul some goods to the 'toona area for delivery. This evening I think I will partake in some weekend found celebratory events such as fruity beverage. So all ye within the range of my words, come to the Haven tonight (7:30 / 8 ish). I'll have a vodka and cranberry juice for ya toots.

"I don't believe it. -Static-X"

Thursday, September 16, 2004

PL Courchesne and Richard Paul re-sign with the Chiefs!

But it also sounds like because of the lockout in the NHL (as expected) the rest of our would-be players are going to get the shaft... never mind the high likelihood of cuts but who knows how that will pan out.

Toss in the fact that the one pre-season game "here" is going to be towards the Burgh instead and poof, you see why I was a wee bit pissy (prior to getting the announcement on Paulie). That's a Thursday night, making it painful for people from here to get there, but that's okay - we want to make the people in the areas losing their NHL hockey happy. Yeah yeah, I know, it's a good chance to get some new fans on board and to get people realizing the Chiefs exist, it's just frustrating.

Also in recent announcements, I guess the rumors were true about Dumbassowitz not wanting to come here... or, other people deciding he wasn't to come back here. James hates us too, but he's signed. *shrug*

BTW... No, the dog mentioned here was not Satin or Vixen.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I'm glad I went skating today - even if I do have too much to do and was already sore. It was good stress relief. I really need to crank out a good bit of this week's assignment this evening. I've got the research gathered and notes made, so all I need is inspiration - someone send me a muse. If not, I'll see you online at midnight.

"Pain. Heaven. Pain. Heaven. -Marillion"
*gleam* I just incurred a major flirt from one of the cutie youngins here. Okay, my general pissy mood for the week has lifted for the moment.

"Touching you makes me die inside. -Jay Gordon"

Monday, September 13, 2004

Beloved f-stick (as you request being called) I want you to do me a favor. When the term UHL comes to mind... tell yourself no.

On a side note: I want this. The house (kitchen) used for Good Eats. I'm sure that would be a reasonable monthly payment, don't you?
Well after waiting a month and a half for my new digital camera that was on a 1-week back order, I've cancelled the order and placed an order with another place for the same camera. Gratefully, I found a site that offered free shipping, so it worked out to be another $5 cheaper :) It will be nice to have one that takes half the batteries, even if it eats through them just as fast. Plus I'll have optical zoom now.

I can't help but keep my eye on the storms heading towards Florida. The poor Keys. :( Even if my partner in crime (at the time) hated the water and the beach was one of the lowest places on his list of places to go - we still had fun snorkeling, riding on sunset cruises, and enjoying the island in general. Anyone want to leave early some day (after Ivan passes) and catch a brew at Finnegan's Wake? *smile*

"There's nothing like your smile made of sun. -Shakira"

Sunday, September 12, 2004

The apartment bathroom is progressing nicely and should really bring the remainder of the apartment out of trailor trash style and into the new era. Running related to this upgrade kept me pretty busy yesterday, too much so to even hit the pool like I had hoped. Not the first day I have missed exercise, won't be the last. But at least I picked up all the supplies to paint my bathroom and hall. I really liked how the NC spare bathroom turned out with the light yellow and celestial stencils, so that's the route I'm going here.

Today I got to hang w/ a bud and watch the original version of Clerks. Also saw Malibu's Most Wanted. Granted, I don't see it winning any awards, but it provided some entertainment.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Ah, an evening at the Boulevard. I think I drank more beer this evening than I have in one sitting in quite some time - I've never been much of a beer person, but we did have some really tasty things to try this evening at the Boulevard Grill's beer tasting dinner. The food, as always was also wonderful. I'm glad I ate a lighter lunch today so I had room for the misc appetizer, lobster bisque, black angus salad in a balsamic vinaigrette, cracked pepper chicken schnitzel and lemon meringue. The featured beers were from Penn brewery... some were good scores with me while others I could pass on. But none of them had that heavy beer aftertaste.

Ahh Friday. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't need to go to work in the morning, and what a wonderful feeling that is. I think I've finally reached the threshold for the amount of things I can pile upon myself for the upcoming winter. I might have time to sleep scheduled in there somewhere. I guess keeping busy will keep me young. Of course, with my luck, this is when I'll find a long-term worthy man... when I absolutely don't have time for him.
C'mon... make the announcement. You know you want to.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The president is coming to Johnstown. You heard me right... "W" will be here tomorrow. I have to wonder how our lovely little town was selected for this event. It's not like the War Memorial offers vast amounts of space, but regardless it's kind of nice to know we've been quite a blip on the radar this year between W and the Stanley Cup.

If you take a step back and think about things, Johnstown gets a good bit of mention nationwide. Granted, the first thing to everyone's mind is the flood, but while living in NC, Johnstown was the town named for everything that happened near by. That includes the reports of Flight #93 coming down (reportedly "near Johnstown PA") and the Miners being trapped (reportedly "outside of Johnstown PA"). There are definitely worse ways to have your city publicized on the national news. I mean look at poor Florida as a whole, how are they publicized? With tragedies that involve mass destruction and death (hurricanes) or presented as a pile of idiots due to the whole "chad" and confusing ballot issues.

Do I miss living in the south? Absolutely. But I guess there are worse places than Johnstown. Ask me about that again in a few months when I'm diging out from the snow. Oh wait - maybe that won't be as much of an issue... did I mention I put a bad-ass snow blower on reserve? *grin*

Ok, it would be quite confusing for my regular readers should I talk politics (lightly) but not mention something related to hockey. So here goes. Fan club meeting last night, nothing too exciting but things are moving along for the start of the season. We have another raffle going on for cold hard cash friends oh mine! So contact me if you want some of these $1 tickets.

Bret Hull presented himself as an ass, reportedly saying:
"I couldn't care less. It's no fun playing." and "I don't give a ---- about the fans anymore."
This is exactly the type of attitude that I think is going to crush the NHL. Again, I step upon my soap box saying if you don't play because you love the sport - piss off, retire. There are players who love the sport that are younger, faster, and better than you waiting for your seat on that NHL bench. I'm sure your pleasant attitude will make the Coyotes proud.

Further, how about Tkachuk last night... who said to hell with a hat trick, I want four which bounded the US past Russia in the World Cup games. Beauty.

There seems to be a good number of ECHL signings in the past day and a half - but silence in our office. *grumble*

"Never gonna get what you want. -Vision of Disorder"

Monday, September 06, 2004

Well the temps are back down into the low 60's here. At least I got to leave jtown yesterday to get some R&R. I'm really glad I pre-bowled the other night when I was on. I seem to have gotten my ass handed to me while bowling for fun yesterday. Since I crossed off everything on my weekend to do list on Saturday I guess I'll have to watch some movies and chill this evening. Mayhaps I'll break the mold and cook a meal for the second time in under a week. Yes, I think it is a sign of the apocalypse.

"Don't understand why joy must be feigned. -Type O Negative"

Saturday, September 04, 2004

For a freak who didn't get up til 11, I sure got a good deal done this lovely Saturday afternoon. I purchased some more Christmas gifts, ordered new bowling shoes (must start off this season well), picked up my apartment bathroom sink from Lowes, snagged my free panties *woohoo*, and a supply of their decadant desire (since it's getting discontinued, go figure) from Vickis.

The front lawn is mowed, the rose bush is planted, the laundry is done, the carpet is vaccuumed, and the dogs are happily gnawing on rawhide in the dining room. All this, and I even cooked today! Another 40 minutes and I'll be enjoying my delightful stuffed shells. It's been a while since I've made them. Quite strange to not have three faces hovering around the kitchen while I prepared them The gnashing teeth of those that wait searching each shell for a sign of 'weakness' which calls out for it's swift demise (the dogs were more interested in their rawhide).

No announcements today, which is contrary to the expectations given to us by the past two Saturdays. I guess we'll just have to wait out the long holiday weekend and see what comes out by Tuesday. Maybe I'll try and prototype our 'special gift' for the welcome party tonight. This is going be too funny.

Friday, September 03, 2004

I've gained some amazing wisdom on several male figures that have come and gone from my life in the past so many years from the one book I'm currently reading, '101 Lies Men Tell Women, and Why Women Believe Them' by Dory Hollander. Ladies, buy this book. Here's a snippet that I felt was quite elegantly stated and begged to be shared, enjoy.

"The lies of our exclusivity and tacit acceptance of other's lies reach back into our own personal histories. An unfaithful mother or father can be a powerful teacher - someone to emulate or to shun. An alcoholic, abusive, or emotionally distant parent can sow the seeds of our adult behavior, whether it's lying and denial or hyper-responsibility and acquiescence to the lie. Our lies and acquiescence to lies may reflect the shame and fear many of us learned long ago. Men and women alike talked to me about the legacy they still carried from their fathers' or mothers' adulterous affairs and accompanying lies. They brought up the complicity and shame they felt so many years ago, which had stayed with them. These men and women feared they were doomed to repeat their parents' mistakes."

Ah denial... I know a few women that cloak themselves with it to the point that they present themselves as being dillusional with their mindless chatter and idealic impression of their little world. I know I'm someone who doesn't take the lies and toss them off to the side, I instead confront them, as I've been forced to do repeatedly in recent years. Now, ask yourself... what about you?

"I'm not like you anymore. -Godsmack"

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Another small highlight... we must have had Dombkiewicz signed on the sly as we sent him off to Florida for future considerations. I don't know why I just kind of looked at him and considered him in the same clump w/ James and a few others. Not exactly my favorites. *shrug*

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Now I have something to say... why isn't Type O coming to the burgh this fall? What's up with that? Outrage!
I got my hockey fix last night watching Canada and the USA duke it out in World Cup Hockey. I understand why Lemieux going after the 'wrong guy' after they explained the history between the two, but it just looked like Mario was out on the ice confused again. *rolls eyes* Retire my dear, just retire.

Placed my order for all of my freebie Pampered Chef goods. Woohoo. It's definitely going to help me get well on my way on that whole Christmas shopping thing. I can't believe it's September already. My next class starts in a week, but the basics appear today, I'm scooting to a new project at work in the interm while the old one waits for additional funding, bowling starts soon, lots of little things coming up - but not much to say at the moment.

One thing I did neglect to highlight from this past weekend was a delightful meal at Rizzo's. I had never been there before for whatever reason. The steak and onions I had were delish!

I'm looking forward to the long weekend. Yesterday afternoon felt like it should have been Friday. That should be an indicator about the week, no?

"If there is a hell, I'll see you there. -Nine Inch Nails"