Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh what is that delightful smell? Why it is my latest scent - eau de mauvais chein. Poor Vixen. Tonight she discovered that all creatures that hang out underneath the grill and its cover are not little chippies and runny babbits.

The strange thing is the smell isn't what I typically corrolate with a skunk, I smell it, but I don't. There doesn't seem to be much on her if any, so I'm thinking it could have been a youngin. It was fairly small, I know as I had to clutch it between two sticks and heave it over the fence to get it out of Vixen's reach. Maybe the skunk sprayed but caught the underside of the grill instead of the dog. Tell me THAT won't make for some yummy burgers someday. Mayhaps I should have a cookout and invite my worst enemies. Honestly, I think most of the stink on her (which isn't much) is from her insisting upon rolling in areas where the skunk was as I struggled to get it from her for the ultimate heave-ho.

I did get some of the other tasks crossed off of my to do list this evening, but now I face trying to figure out what to do with stinky. I can't make her sleep in the basement, but I can't get the natures miracle stuff I need until tomorrow. Oh boo.

My class for the fall term opened up and I'm thinking I'll be busy once again this semester. I was leary of this class before signing up and I'm even more leary now that I've gotten to look around the materials the professor has provided. You know you should be worried when you're able to see all of the assignments from week one, you know things are going to be a challenge. Here is to another semester of late night rambling blog postings that border on insanity.

Monday, August 28, 2006

I want to hear the horn blare, curl my toes around the pink sand, and inhale the salty air. Why does vacation always seem so very far away? It's a bit of a reprieve, but I know all too well what will be waiting for me when I return: fighting to find tasking, a backlog of emails, and feeble attempts to make up for sleep deprivation. At least that pain is a few weeks out.

I spent my weekend attempting to be a good hostess. Eric came to hang, but mostly headed to town for a fantasy football draft (and people call me a bit overly dedicated to my sport). We hauled out for dinner both nights and rented Final Destination 3. I have to report that I'm quite disappointed in their "choose their fate" feature. Lame, very lame. There was some quality deaths in the movie however, so all was good. Sunday whilest Eric went to his fantasy draft I hauled to Windber Rec for the season ticket holder cookout where I ate even more. It was nice to see many of the faces that are so familiar. Not much longer now until the season fires up.

Friday, August 25, 2006

After two weeks off of wallyball we had "game on" last night. I was rather impressed that I did fairly well, didn't ache too much today, and have no bruising. I really forgot how much I enjoyed going until I was there, to the extent that I almost wished I hadn't committed to going until I got there and started to run about.

My Friday went pretty quick as I'm starting to get another push of things at work. It makes the day go quickly at least. I'm expecting the same all next week, we'll see. Classes are underway and the book issue has been 100% resolved now, no re-work necessary.

For my evening I was back out and headed to Casey and Vanessa's new place for a housewarming cookout. I'm stuffed now, so things went well. They have a lovely new home. I can't believe they could make time to have friends in a mere couple of weeks before their wedding. For me, it's time for a shower and an early night to bed. I have some hours to make up nuzzled up to my pillows and soft sheets.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last night could have been a complete disaster. No books to be had and I come to find that one book is not coming and another has a different edition coming. Remember, this is 12 hours before the class is to start. I was rather ill thinking my course schedule was headed to the shred bin. Turns out that while God may not work on my timeline he's always right on time and knows where to find me.

While sitting in the hall trying to ration through what to do with a former colleague once again a peer, an individual from the bookstore caught up with me to share the good news (at least to me). While the one book is definitely not coming, it is the book I don't need until the last three weeks of class, plenty of time to rewrite those notes and find websites to compensate. The other book, the new edition is hugely backordered with the supplier, so they went ahead and ordered the old edition (the one I prepared towards) and it should be here by early next week. I won't say how lucky is that because it wasn't luck, it was definitely someone looking out for me. It's rather funny because the pieces I don't have at 100% are the materials that are from that book that is to be gone.

I did swing into Burlington on the way down there last night and picked up two new skirts (*cheer* I actually needed skirts) and another Christmas gift. Slow progress on these fronts, but at least life is in order for the time being.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Toby O'Brien resigns... leaves the Jtown Chiefs. I can't say I didn't see this one coming. I have little emotion over it - heaven knows I always had the impression he didn't like me, but I also hesitate at change. I guess the two negate each other and the resounding opinion from me is the changes I've already been seeing this season appear to be heading in the right path. Let's see where they take us.
My class is pretty well organized for a majority of the semester. I was good enough to go last evening that I went ahead and spent some quality time with the gal pals. Picked up another Christmas gift for mother and a card for her 75th birthday in January.

I have my questions on this semester ready to fire off too at the school meeting later today. At least I get to leave work a bit early. Maybe after I return I'll concentrate on getting to bed early tonight, I'm completely bushed from a few nights of burning the midnight oil. It's good I'm graduating next spring, I'm way too old for this crap.

Season tickets are now fully paid for as well, at least that is one more thing off of the to do list. Not much further now little smurfs. Also was given a glance of the proposed third jerseys for this upcoming season and much to my surprise, yes, I want one. They've done a nice job making the changes I was a bit leary of: using Tampa Bay colors and using a different logo. There is a wee bit Tampa and a wee bit retro nice stuff.

Monday, August 21, 2006

We have defense! Ok, well right now it looks like Doug Andress might be the only offense too. At least a signing is at last announced. Welcome back Doug. Now where is the rookie?
Saturday was my day to chill. There isn't too many more opportunities as such before schoolwork will be trailing out my wazoo once again. At least I made good progress on Sunday even if it did have me up until 2:30am and once again semi-lucid while I slept continuing to process notes in my head. I have three more weeks of notes (the Javascript goodies) to complete, then lots to enter into the system and set for automatic turn on. I also have to finalize my weekly discussion topics. The first test is entered and ready to go as well. So I'm not too far off of where I wanted to be.

I am probably way more detailed and organized than most professors, but I can't imagine not trying to follow the book. The only place I'm straying is in the way they prescribe to validate forms with javascript. But since that is late in the course I'd imagine people would be getting comfortable with things and "trying stuff out" so it wouldn't cause a panic.

Midway through last evening a headache tried to creep in. It seems like a regular Sunday night occurence. I was pretty lucky that the tylenol made me a wee bit loopy but at least not sleepy. I guess the half a pot of coffee earlier in the day helped counteract.

Friday, August 18, 2006

As foul as I was yesterday, if the things that happened today had instead reared their ugly heads a day earlier I think I would have gone nutso. I don't know what it is about my efforts that attracts 4:45 emails and telephone calls on Fridays that result in more time-sensitive tasks for me. I am not one of those people who can just walk out leaving the stack behind, well I could, but I wouldn't sleep well all weekend.

Little things little things. They truly are the straws on the camel's back, no?

So I get home with darn simple dreams of what I wanted for dinner. A pb sammie. EASY, right? No. How do I manage to forget I used the last of my pb the night of shakespeare in the park. It's okay, I'll roll with the punches and do the back up junk meal of kraft mac and cheese (another quick dinner I mentioned to someone and then started craving). But guess what, the milk - it expired on Monday. Luckily since it was not even opened it sniffed out well enough and I made my mac and cheese anyhow. I am officially eating like a bachelor with no cooking skills. Fear me.

In my defense - Kraft mac and cheese is just so horrible but loveable in its own way. Do you have any clue how many double-boxes were made when living at 714? Ah, the good ol' days... when mac and cheese, or grilled cheese, or a crappy batch of honey-mustard chicken was sufficient to keep all the boys you had charge of happy.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A few theories...
1). The "doesn't take" concept presented to me (when you dump someone and somehow they keep hanging around, calling, and pretty much just force their way back in) - I'm starting to see this happening often. What is the deal? Grow some backbone people. If you dump someone the hard part is over, don't let them slime their way back in. I've had many a man who looked poised to become single snatched back up before my very eyes.

Maybe they show up unexpected where they know someone will be and act all sweet as pie to their friends before saying hello. Maybe they just call to hang out, because "we said we'd still be friends" (proof that crap rarely flies). Needless to say I've ONLY noticed this phenomenon with men being suckered back in. Most of the women I know who decide to end something are done.

If this is an accepted mechanism to keep men, maybe it would work on getting men. I mean, I've noticed a few people who were persistent despite the already married status of a man achieve their whore-like goals. That's not what I'm talking about here, moreso just to obtain a single man. The theory is, if you just start being there you'll not only scare other women away who think you are their other half but you might get to weasel your way in. If this isn't proof that men just _think_ they're in charge, I don't know what is.

2). When one missed opportunity from the past rears its head, several do. Now of course this ties in partly with the issues raised in #1. I watch the nicest guys that I wish had been single when we met get snatched back up into things with complete crazy asses.

Do both of these items revolve around the one simple truth that men will do anything for an easily accessible um... you know. Or do they actually prefer to be with people who hit them, treat them like crap, and lead them around as though on leash?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater - than central air. -Azrael, Dogma" Ok, so the weather is a good bit cooler now, so the exquisite part isn't as noticable, but the AC is in. We had a heck of a boomer last night. The water is staying out of my basement but has now decided to screw with me on the entry way again. Just when I thought to myself "gee, I haven't had problems there in a while, maybe the changes made fixed everything and it's safe to put in ceiling tiles again". The shingles were pulled, flashing was added, all kinds of attempts were made to stop the water there. I've lived with the little bit of water that wicked up from the bottom, but coming in from where the roof should be stopping things is unacceptable.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The feets ache. I got moving shortly before noon today zipping out to get an envelope in the mail and making a few quick stops at some of my favorite el-cheapo shopping stores. Dumped off some equipment for Beff to get her butt in gear and then decided I should heed my own advice. So I took to the basement with organization on the mind. My shelves are now nice and neat, I can find a screwdriver, or whatchamacallit whenever I need one. A quick vaccuum run in the basement to collect the dog fur and it is at least presentable for the folks coming to install my AC on Monday.

The fish have new water, the dishes are done, the laundry is in its last cycle, the groceries necessary to appease my mother while she monitors the AC installation are procured, the dog has been chased around the yard and brushed, fresh vanilla ice tea is sun brewed, dinner was yummy, the plants are watered, the carpet is vaccuumed, and I am TIRED. Right now I'm not sure what possessed me to get up early tomorrow morning.

The weather has been pretty nice for a few days, and a little cool in the evenings. I've seen a ton of butterflies, seems like a daily occurrence - which is odd - but I guess it is because I'm looking for them. As soon as I shower off the days worth of grime I think I'll spend a little time sipping the fresh tea and watching the sky turn to the pinks and oranges that shine through the trees out back. Beyond that do I try to create some more notes or do I be overly eager for my vacation and start plotting out my packing? *evil grin*

I would have posted this earlier but I was hoping for a good photo of the sunset to share with the post. The colors in the sky just weren't cooperating this evening - as is always the way. Close your eyes and just imagine a good one looking off of my deck, across the yard, and through the trees.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ok, the first four weeks of my notes are at 99%, only 11 more to go and a few tests to be written. At least I should have all of the legwork out of the way before the semester starts up and I won't lose time on my class to get these things pulled together.

A few hockey announcements as I see several of our former players heading in new directions. Steve Cygan is headed back to the UHL and Ian Manzano is headed to Europe. Its a bit unnerving to be one of only two teams that remain without a single signing announced. I'm pretty sure on a few that we'll see in our lineup this year both from direct signings and guestimates from the TB pre-camp rosters. I guess we'll see how close I come on my guesses.

The construction for what I believe to be curbs appears to have spun up in my neighborhood. Needless to say this contradicts what I was expecting as I was told of plans to survey the people around me for their preferences on curbing. Time for a call to the township so I know what to expect - sounds like we have mountable curbs on the way. *holds breath*

"Just one look from your eye was like a certain kind of torture. - Madonna"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why is my weekend over already? So very unfair it is. The final is done, I had issue with just a few questions in there, so I'm not fretting. Here's hoping for an A. Two more semesters officially remain. Saturday while the gal pals headed off to a party I returned from the final, showered and readied myself for dinner, and then lounged on the couch (something I haven't done in a few weeks), which quickly became a nap.

You see, it's hard to call it this, but... fear - everyone, I had a date. Ok, it wasn't a date in a classic sense, as I was meeting someone that I've kind of known for a while in an abstract. But if it does classify as a date it was the longest date on recorded history. No. Get your head out of the gutter, he slept in the spare room. It was moreso out of the distance to visit that the better of a weekend was planned out. A bit of late grubbing upon his arrival into Jtown at City View and watching a few DVDs since it was a bit too late to hit a theatre and what the heck, I had napped, so I was able to stay awake (unlike today where I was yawning at 10:30).

A bit of Vixen tormenting for attention and shortly into Sunday afternoon we were headed to Altoona for sushi and a Curve game with Beff in tow. Sushi was a little less spectacular than it usually is, but it sufficed. The Curve actually WON the game (despite my presence), and I managed to pay attention periodically, in between playing with the mooonkey who left work to join us for the weekend. Mooonkey is ready for the hockey season to start, even if he is a bit hesitant about those cursed polar bears. Good to see Walt out and about down there. I'd much rather see a friendly hockey face than someone I graduated with (always a fear of mine when spending an evening in Altoona).

It is most definitely time for sleep. It only took 45 minutes to get through my email from the weekend. Whee!

PS. The tree frogs are going like mad. I think _they_ think it's almost September. It's such a nice noise. One that makes me think of UPJ. I spent my autumn nights in the dorm with the window open listening to them go.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The fuzzy one is now brushed, as is absolutely required a couple days after a bath. While outside chasing her down I saw a black swallowtail butterfly with its beautiful black wings with accents of blue and white on the bottom! A bit more cleaning is accomplished leaving my normal weekend cleaning routine ahead of schedule.

Tomorrow I'll crank out the final and one more semester will be done! Don't worry, I'll still be plenty busy for the next few weeks getting ready for the fall semester. Plus there is my new sound forge software I'll be playing with :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

One good thing about this heat, if you're a Mooonkey. No polar bears. Sigh. Probably no polar bears all winter either.
I started my day with a brand new "mint chocolate chip" poptart. I was SO off of these things until I saw the new yummy flavor at the grocery store last night. To hell with donuts... poptarts, is there anything they can't do?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another reason to be glad I'm very close to finishing my degree. The price per semester has lept another $100. This now means that three courses in one year exceeds the max my company will reimburse... never mind the books, which they just recently started reimbursing for. I wonder if I turn in my paperwork for reimbursement in January if it will count towards next year. So close. So close. I really need to figure out if my aspirations still include those four additional classes to crank out an MBA as well. It seems like forever from now that I'd complete things, but I know how time flies.

It's been quite sweltering here lately. I finally decided to say screw it and take the leap. I am in the process of scheduling to have air conditioning installed for the main portion of the house. I think it will help with the humidity issues, future resell, and, most importantly, please the fuzzy one. Since there is the option to do 12-months same as cash I can crank out that bill over the next year and then look into dealing with the carpet which so desperately needs replaced. I'm also thinking, providing this tenant doesn't move out in the middle of February, that I will try to deal with the nasty fake wood walls in the apartment. Time to research the appropriate materials to do the job. Time to slave labor Ms. Beth in return for the hours logged at her house! *grin*