Friday, April 30, 2010

Later on Saturday, we headed to board Explorer of the Seas, our second sailing on her. If you recall, we had our geriatric Canada trip on her a couple years back in the fall. She remains in good condition and tidy. The atmosphere was quite different thanks to the more mixed-age crowd. This time we actually got the Promenade room we had booked (not complaining about that balcony upgrade last time). The Promenade room was nice, but not spectacular. Maybe if we had been a level or two lower we would have had better views of the Promenade, but then we would have also gotten more noise. It was pretty quiet, minus a little piano type music or when the parades were occurring and nothing late at night like the cruise I was above Boleros!

This was a rather lazy trip. I didn't ice skate or inline skate or run from class to class. We attended the requisite art auctions (which had the same condescending jackass that was on Explorer last time); spent a little time near the whirlpool (mostly soaking my foot, which I'll explain more on later); spent time in a deck chair (getting my legs red to match my red arms); and what felt like was every few hours going to eat! I did enjoy heading up to the 19th hole lounge for discounted diamond level drinks each night before dinner. The staff up there was excellent.

As to the foot, well, after our first day in Bermuda it was hurting enough to make me limp. I've had a stress fracture in my foot before and that is what it felt like… but the pain diminished over night and then was come and go, so I suspect I just strained it. Perhaps it was the climbing of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse just two days after climbing Lady Liberty, but I suspect it was moreso just carrying around all this extra weight. Amusingly, it hurt less with my heels than it did in flats. I really think my feet are just use to heels.

The lighthouse was our first stop and there was quite a nice view from there. It isn't too far of a walk up a short hill from the southern road bus stop. I did climb out on the ledge to immediately freeze up at the height and narrow walkway, but after a minute calming myself I did get in motion and went the whole way around the top despite the wind and my heart thudding in my chest. From there we went up a few more bus stops and followed the same path along beaches that my niece and I took last summer. The water was a bit too cool, but that's okay, I am not much for swimming in the salt water or sunning at the beach.

From there we headed the rest of the way into Hamilton, walked the shops, and then headed for our reservation at the Fairmont for afternoon tea. The tea was lovely, and despite the food not being what Slips expected, I thought it was good – well – most of it. We were then going to ride the ferry back, but the water was a bit too choppy so they were talking about canceling that ferry run. Instead we hopped back on a bus and road back around to King's Wharf. This first day is the one that lit up my arms bright red. Yes, I was again too stubborn to put on the lotion I carried with me, so I deserved it. Note: The Dockyard Nights celebration doesn't happen in April, so we didn't get to see Gombey dancers or any of that in the evening, I was a bit bummed, but such is life.

For day two we mostly stuck around the dockyard watching the glass blowers and hitting the stores in that general area. We were back onboard early for Slips' spa time, which is when I hit the deck to light up the legs to match the arms. I went a little overboard… keep in mind that was Tuesday, and the top of my legs are still a wee bit tender and red today. At least I have a tan, which is rare.

While it was too windy and cold in the Atlantic to be up on deck we still had pretty damn nice weather for our vacation. There remains lots I could go see in Bermuda, even after three visits there. My big purchase on this trip came from a caricature artist onboard. I didn't want a picture of myself, I never do, but when I saw his pet drawings I was ready to see what he could do. My first anniversary gift was a hand drawn picture of Satin and Vixen. I've mourned that image for quite some time, as I couldn't bear to keep it knowing who drew it, but now I have a hand drawn picture of Vixen, Danika, and Safyre instead.

Now that I'm back with a few extra pounds I decided I needed to do something. So, tonight on the way home I stopped at Snap Fitness and joined. Hopefully spending the money will be enough to get my rear in gear. So hopefully you'll be seeing more on that soon and often.
Vacation was so needed, and by the time Slippy and I headed off to NJ my brain was already shutting down. We spent the night before our cruise near the Newark airport at a great rate thanks to Priceline. Well rested we were up early to head to Liberty Park in Jersey City where we headed for beautiful weather, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. The skyline of NY just looks so non-descript to me without the towers. Of course, those who spent more time around there would probably say differently.

When I was younger, I had taken a bus trip to NYC with my girl scout troop. I don't have a ton of memories from that trip, other than not having any burning desire to return to NYC proper, but my mother assures me due to one reason or another we didn't actually get to Lady Liberty as was intended. So this was my first visit, and long overdue. When I saw they had reopened the crown I proposed adding this to our trip, and I am glad I did. We booked ahead to get crown passes, and despite Slippy's recent bout with a chest cold, we made it up all of those stairs. I admit the statement "I thought you'd be bigger" (stolen from Road House) does apply to Ms. Liberty, but to stand at the windows in the crown you can look down to the left and see the tablet clearly, you can look up to the right and see the edges of the torch. Ellis Island was enlightening and interesting. I wish I had had a name or two to look up.

More on the rest of the trip later tonight! Right now I'm going for some sushi.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh my. It's almost midnight... what a long evening. I even left work on time! I've been putting off a full lawn mow to give my college-going mower plenty of time to study for finals. Alas, my grass didn't stop growing, so the front was needing some tending. Of course the mower wouldn't start, I was not surprised, but still pissed off at it. Plus, why can they not make a gas container that doesn't drip and leak when you're pouring gas? So then I said frell it, I'm weed wacking the front yard. Yeah, baby. About 30 seconds into it the weed eater was out of cord. Fortunately, I did have some here and after a short hunt it was easy to install and I was back to it. From there a shower while dinner cooked (I had some meat that needed cooked).

I didn't get to the pre-vacation cleaning I had hoped to do. Ah well, it'll get done at some point. I was running about most of the evening trying to close out a show which of course had a couple orders for chelles that went out of stock today *grr* I need to get back up choices ... but more importantly, I need to get shows closed out the day of the show or darn near. Lesson learned... again and again. There was also much hunting for things that are rarely used and thus put "away". This loosely translates to hidden from myself.

Time to curl up with the fuzzy ones. Ahhh, bed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Major yay! My new Battaglia Syracuse Crunch jersey arrived today. I'm slowly coaxing myself out of my mourning period... my heart and tattoos are healing together. I'm also nursing my head's attempt at a low-grade couple-day migraine. Here it is 8 already, and it's getting dark - food is just coming out of the oven, so I don't think I'll be making it outside to scoop poop this evening. oh, rats.

Since I finally killed off the one extra life insurance policy that I bought when I was with the ex I have some cash to try and get a few little things off of the house to-do list. At last perhaps I can replace the basement windows and call the whole house newly windowed. That would be a cause for celebration alone. So many things always on the list.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I did very little today and I'm proud of it. I needed the time to just veg. I did get my hair colored and trimmed, which was needed, and then I headed to Matthew's Party on a semi-whim. I've been wanting a 13 for quite some time, but never knew where to put it. With the passing of Peter Steele, it just hit me the time is right and it lends more meaning to this moment. That gave me the placement, on my foot, below my o negative. While I was there with a well of black ink it seemed stupid to waste a set of needles for 3 minutes worth of work, so I also added my long desired paw print, in the middle of my leaf heart. The paw has been rejuvinated to me since I got my 'mom' ring made. One toe for each of my beautiful girls. It seemed right to remember Satin at the same time - the eras were very much the same.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm having an "it's not fair" temper tantrum moment... and it's not. I'll never understand, I just won't. How can someone allow those that hurt them a 'view' or a hand of friendship, but pretend the ones they hurt don't exist? I really am nothing more than a bad memory to you. I said I was losing my best friend and not only was I right but it was complete and absolute... except in my dreams. There things linger and torment me all the further. I lose one thing that means a great deal to me after another throughout my life without getting a say while you gain meaning and joy at every turn.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peter Steele, of Type O Negative, passed away. I have nothing profound to say, just a heavy heart, some tears, and sadness. Their music has been a beacon and a relief to me for about 15 years. So many memories are tied to their music - both good and bad.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I can't believe it's only Tuesday. All day today I kept thinking I forgot to put out the trash (they come on Wednesday). Last night I could have come home and went straight to bed, but instead I headed to the laundrymat. I hate those places, but it's so much easier to do a couple comforters in their extra large machines. Blah. I don't know how ppl can stand it, they always feel grungy and damn they're expensive. I wonder how much laundry is now a days at UPJ.

Tonight I got a long overdue massage and then came home to get things ready for tomorrow night (a Miche party) and started getting some names checked against the registered attendees for the recent showcase I attended, now to figure out how to best attack those opportunities. Some days I wish I could just let myself not overload my nights and weekends, but it gets me through the lonely points - and ensures I don't feel as guilty for the pleasures I've allowed myself (cruises and more bling).

While work again dropped me back to 100% tasking from roughly 160%, there remains no rest for the wicked. I'm trying to tie up some lose ends on one effort and learn how to do something new. At least the new stuff is a bit geeky.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The end of my week was just as busy as the start, but I did get to Walmart for the slides and had the last, older slide of my mother at another place. I can't even put into words how amazing it is to have these photos. They never existed to my knowledge and now here they are - my dad smiling at me. I've truly been blessed. Ya know, my dad was pretty damn handsome... and mom was smokin. Even more joyous is hearing the things that cousins and other family members have had to say after seeing these photos on facebook. Thank you for bringing me your memories too.

This morning I didn't have a ton of time before I needed to get ready to head to Kathy and Mark's wedding! Many blessings to the newlyweds. I don't know too many people who deserve to find the happiness you had on your face today Kathy, and thank you for giving me another splash of hope that I'd find someone I love that much again someday.

I can still call today productive too, which was probably inspired by the short amount of time I had. The mulch is laid out near where it needs spread, the house if vacuumed (ugh, how overdue was I on that), the basement is cleaned up again, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, and I even got my hair freshly washed, dried, and curled. Tonight I think perhaps I'll relax and maybe do some reading. I finished the latest Merry Gentry book from Laurel and ... meh. Now, as the inverse to 90 Minutes in Heaven I will be taking in 23 Minutes in Hell.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tuesday was a busy evening, hauling to eburg for the monthly lia meeting. When I got home time flew and I found myself still awake as it neared 2am. I should be beat today, but defying all odds I was up on time, busted tail all day (including a (lunchtime lia party and then working until 9ish), and still feel pretty decent. I did not however get to Walmart's photocenter or Home Depot before they closed. More todos for another night I suppose.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I neglected to note something very awesome - snagging more photos and some old slides from mom's house - including ones from my mom and dad's wedding. I don't have many photos of my dad, so they really made me smile. There is also one shot of my mom where she looks SMOKIN! I come from good stock ;)
Here I am pouting again that my weekend is already over. I was moving by a reasonable hour on Saturday morning to make up for some items on my to do list. As intended I did get a lot done outside, thank goodness. Of course, I need another full weekend day to get the mulching and other outside details attended to. I'd like to get my little sitting area together out back. I have, after all, had the fire pit for a year and a half now. Maybe I'll find the motivation. I can dispose of the sand bags and use them as a base for that area as well.

The Chiefs season has come to a close. They had me near tears at the start and the end, but all said I held it together pretty good. At least I was able to indulge in sweets again today as lent has ended... actually I gave in last evening after the game around 11pm and dove into some fried dough at Pappy's. One of my other fixes periodically through the past year and a half has been GemsTV. They too are leaving me now. Eesh. At least I won't be spending as much money on non-lia bling.

Today was Easter with mum. She was a bit disappointed that I came without dogs, and they were also a bit peeved that I left them behind. Watched two movies with mom., first Seven Pounds, which I bought figuring I'd take with me there so we didn't watch Lifetime all afternoon. Eh. It wasn't that enticing. Then we watched the Blind Side, which I've heard great things about. It was indeed a good story and kept me from getting an afternoon nap in. Saffy is extra wound up this evening. I have a funny feeling I won't be sleeping well tonight. Crazy butt.

Friday, April 02, 2010

It's been a very long week. By mid-day today I was feeling rather rancid... warm, uberwarm, and a bit shaky, so I headed home. Instead of enjoying the amazingly nice weather, I curled up and took a 5 hour afternoon sleep. It left me feeling better, but I am still warmer than I probably should be given the temps and clear skys (which usually make things rather crisp). I did force myself to do a little work putting things away upstairs, but didn't get it anywhere near done.

Tomorrow the list is long as well, hopefully I can get the front yard tidied and the potholes filled back in that Saffy has built out back. Then there is of course, the last Chiefs game tomorrow night. *sigh* They announced that the Nailers will in fact play some of their games here next season. While I appreciate the thought, they're not my team... I don't want to go cheer for the Nailers.