Sunday, July 31, 2005

Jeff O'Neill was traded off to Toronto for a future draft pick. ACK! What little remains of "my canes" from a few years back! There was another article from the News and Observer this weekend (Raleigh paper) that discussed Bates Battaglia's potential and interest back with the Canes. I'm really interested to see if they'll low-ball an offer to him. If not, I can only fathom where he'll end up playing.

Yesterday I flipped through the local newspaper and saw the story on Jim Brazill leaving the Chiefs too. I hate change, but this one definitely is sad. Couple this with all of other changes for this season and I get a little tense.

Not much else to report. I really need to get down to the arena at some point and do some planning for seats. Time is near, I MUST decide if I'm flexplanning this season as well or giving in to a season ticket.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The latest production of Shakespeare in the park was quite good entertainment. We lucked out and the weather was perfect this year, no torrential downpour, no frigid temperatures. Our little crew, Beff, Slipster, Rex, CJT, B-Rad, and I headed to the Haven post play to catch a few drinks. I wasn't out too late, for a change and rested well last night.

Today it is time to get a few things done around the house, change the fish water, general cleaning, and the like. I figured the best thing to get on top of first was putting together a few things that were sitting and waiting to be put to use. So I pulled out my fancy-shmancy new drill and hung my doorway scrolls, installed my birthday doorbell, and put together yet another bookshelf. Of course in the first two uses I managed to break a bit, go figure, but that's not the worst. A couple of the screws on the scrolls broke off before going in the whole way, now what! I guess I shouldn't complain, this still leaves me more home-repair oriented than my ex. I think the only thing he managed to screw in all the time I knew him was himself.

"Love's an elusive charm and it can be painful -Garbage"

Friday, July 29, 2005

So I get first word of the morning from Ms. Angela that Peter Steele of Type O Negative is going to be in a vampire flick called Tao of M. This should be interesting, something fun to look forward to since I'm quite the horror film fan. I love Angela dearly as she is another woman who tends to keep her finger on the pulse of anything of interest. It's good to be in the know.

This afternoon the announcement shot through my email that Steve Hildebrand (Ernie) is headed to the San Diego Gulls. Good to know he won't be at a close rival.

Tonight is the big play at Stackhouse... good times and fluffernutters to abound!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Last evening we hauled over and did some more painting at Beff's new place. It's really coming together and her house is so completely going to be a home. There are too many people who look at a house that is up for sale and can't see past the need for a fresh coat of paint or some cleaning to see the gem underneath. I am thrilled for Beff as her gem gets shinier and shinier. Next thing you know she'll be getting married and popping out babies in that place! Ew. I'm not repainting if a toddler "repaints" a wall!

At least I got some sweating in last night working there. It's definitely cooled off in Jtown in the past few days but working at that pace in a house that was closed up all day gives you a bit of a glow. After an evening of work, it's time for an evening of lazy. I'm presently comfortable on my couch listening to the birds outside and watching a movie. Maybe I'll crash early tonight, if the dogs conceed to an early bedtime that is. After the movie, maybe a nice book.

Speaking of the dogs, now I have two anorexic dogs. Well, ok, Vixen isn't starving, but she's not woofing down all of her food immediately and she's not begging from the second I walk in the door. Maybe it's just the heat. Either way, it would be nice to get Satin to eat just a little more each night.

Tomorrow evening is our planned outing to the Band of Brother's presentation of Love's Labours Lost. Our crew for this event gets larger each year. Fluffnutters all around! I can't help but think of Rex when I think Fluffnutters, but then I also think of Smores, which I know he associates with me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ernst hangs up the referree skates and takes a gig in charge of the refs? Wow. Ineptitude is truly rewarded.
Welcome back to Demo and a hello to our new rookie d-man Jeremy Downs. Now, back to the plethora of work awaiting my attention. *groan*

"You really broke my heart. -ColdPlay"

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Many thanks to Beff for wielding the camera with such skill. Here are a few that I was eager to share with the world. Yum. If Bates were a jerk I don't think I'd think as highly of him, but he's been nice both times I've gotten to talk to him and DAMN he has that wicked sense of humor that I so completely melt over. Here's to seeing him back in a Canes jersey (even if they are going to Reebok - blah) or in a Pens jersey this year ;)

Anyhow, I'm home, I'm unpacked, I'm already wishing I didn't have to get up in the morning and go to work. Getting approached multiple times down south has made me fight off a bit of a pissy feeling. I'm living in Johnstown, I know I HAVE to be here for a reason, but yet I've been here for the better of two years now and I've spent a majority of that single. I don't NEED to have someone, but it sure would be nice to think that there was some prospects in this area as I don't plan on being an old maid. I really need to not give into the temptation that is sending my resume to former coworkers in NC.
We easily slept through breakfast this morning and headed out just in time to catch lunch. From there a bit of marble slab and some other light shopping and running around before returning to the hotel for a nap. Yes, we're that old, we need naps. After refreshing ourselves as such we headed out for a nice little Italian dinner and back down to Glenwood south to Aura.

I was pleasantly surprised that we were actually approached a few times while out. I, of course, scared them away - despite telling myself to be nice and trying my damndest to talk. I'll never get use to talking to strange guys. Not guys who are strange but people we don't know strange.

There was a group of bachelorettes there, and this one guy decided to give them a show. Thanks buddy - we all got that show. To have so many women turned gawking had to have boosted his ego. The movie "the Full Monty" was playing on the club televisions when we got there. Ok children, what do we call this? Forecasting. It was a good night. *smile*

Do we really have to head home tomorrow? I miss this place. Do I get approached in bars in jtown? Well aside from some males trying to show up their teammates, no, no I do not.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Baaaates. Is it redundant if I repeat my whole rant from January?
Ok. There is a picture or two to share, but we'll just wait until I get back home to do so, since I don't have my camera cable with me.

Today (yesterday at this point) we did a good bit of shopping, starting with the Canes' store and heading over to Southpointe. After a long day of walking and shopping (I bought THE lampshade I've been searching for - and found THE perfume), we headed back to the hotel to quickly change and it was time to head back out.

"Lucky B's" was, of course as I expected it to be, as highlighted above. I know you wish you were me. I had a fist full of fabulous ass. Yum. The bar itself was pretty cute, something I can see myself owning. It's rather funny given that when I lived in the area I had bought and read a book about bar and tavern ownership and had a friend pull information from the state to learn all about NC liquor laws.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The beat on the internet (an article I found, and I hear it was on WJAC last night - in ADVANCE of the press announcement) is that we might have Frank Anzalone coming in as coach for the Chiefs. He has coached most recently at Lake Superior State... which is cool since that's where Bates went to college, however they were not there "together". Looking at Coach Anzalone's record in recent years I'm wondering however if he was just plagued by bad teams or if there is more reason for concern with him stepping into the coaching role at an even higher level. Of course I doubt highly that anyone with the power to make this selection would pick anyone that would put us at a disadvantage, so we'll just see how things play out.

Other hockey news:
Jeff O'Neill's brother was killed in a car crash. Many prayers and much sympathy to his family.

Ovechkin has decided to play with the Caps this year, a good thing if I am forced to cheer for them again, however I doubt that will happen. I'll just have to advise Batesy where to play when we talk to him this weekend *grin*

I am now in NC, I only skimmed my emails so if you didn't get a reply, don't be surprised - I'll get to ya later. :)

So here's the catch up. We drove all day, of course, and got in just in time for dinner. Off to Connolley's for some good grub and good bsing with the B&A-crew, Joe and even Andrew! A job offer or two later, ok, let's face it you were BEGGING to work with me again *laugh* and we headed back to get ourselves ready to head to Legends for the evening.

I never thought I'd see threesome conceding to a spanking but it happened. Why didn't I have my camera with me? Joe being the chivalrous knight that he is sent an odd gentleman packing and we came back to CRASH for the night. You know it's been a long day when Slippy sleeps beyond 5am.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New coach announcement this Friday the 22nd at 1pm for the Chiefs. *huge grin*
I thought it was cruel and unusual what my dear sweet sister did to me with her birthday card as it clearly proclaimed my new age to the world (and my postman). But to find today that a "friend" went and posted my age on her blog? Ugh. You people are killing me here.

I was having a pretty fabulous day, despite my expectations that I might be found weeping at some point. The morning went quickly and lunch spawned a bitchin pair of pants from Hot Topic. I also opened my gifts from the Slipster which I'm pretty excited about - more hockey books to read *woohoo*

This afternoon I get back to another scorning for being able to think for myself and to try and get work done on my project. I'm a bit pissy about it, but I'll get over it and will respond as any bitter individual would by hyper-following the rules set forth for me.

On to happier things, just a few hours longer and I'll be heading to Toona with a great big crew for sushi :) Phil, Kirkus, Beff, Slipster, Davey T, CJT and I will be slamming some fish, well at least those of us brave enough to do so anyhow.

Wee! Happy birthday to me :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I really use to adore the rain. My dad would sit out on the front porch watching the storm and I'd tend to join him. It's always been a fond memory. After repeatedly being pounded with rain to the point of flooding however I instead get nervous and jittery when the heavy rains start. Needless to say it's raining again and I am NOT focused on work.

Gratefully there is plenty of room for Satin and Vixen to get up out of any water that may come in, but I have to worry about the washer, dryer, freezer, dehumidifier and all of those other things sitting in water. Never mind that a sump pump could get stuck as it did many years ago when Grammy and Pappy discovered the water problems that were to come.

Sick, I'm literally sick thinking about it. I'm still sore enough from Saturday's ordeal that I just physically can't do this again right now. Anyone know a mason who can lay more concrete block for me to help direct water?

"I don't want it no more. -Candlebox"

Monday, July 18, 2005

I have officially now met more neighbors than I ever have in my life. In order to try and bring about change in the township a woman down the street from me and I were canvassing the neighborhood with a petition. I don't know what it will bring forth, but it's worth a shot. Amusingly, we stepped into the basement of one of the houses down the street to see a holder full of Chiefs pucks and photos from years past. Ahh, hockey, sweet, precious, smack you into the boards and bust your lip hockey.

We'll be walking the neighborhood tomorrow night too... which leaves little time to get my school work done before going away. Maybe I will be reading on the way south.

Work was boring today. Yes, I still have plenty to do, but my mind is on my upcoming vacation, not on work. BLAH. At least I feel knowledgeable and competent at my job at the moment.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

If I actually had had time to post yesterday I fear it would have been the whiniest thing ever written. I slept pretty late yesterday trying to catch up on my lack of sleep from earlier in the week, but I did get up and get moving. I finished a peer review for work, then dusted and vacuumed, and started the laundry - before the rain started.

I think this is the heaviest we've had, or at least it was the hardest I was hit. From 2pm to 3 or 3:30pm I was trying to fight the rain coming in under the garage door with sand bags and a push broom. It didn't help that the one sump pump just decided to not work. You know it's bad when you have to open the back door to allow the river out of the garage. Not pretty.

So after realizing I was doomed I took a break. I peeled off the soaked clothes and toweled off and waited for the ground water to recede some. Ok, that's not all I did, I was cursing my singleness and blaming my ex once again for not being here. I guess that stems from two nights in a row of having dreams with him in them. I hate being female sometimes, I feel helpless. If only I knew how to fix things on my own since it appears I'm doomed to be on my own. After a few tears and regaining my composure I headed back down stairs. I am very fortunate in that my tenant and his family came down to help me pull everything from the basement and to clear out the water, but it still took hours. By 7pm everything was within reason but damp and I headed to grab something to eat.

I can't imagine how things were when "the" flood hit in Johnstown. The complete feeling of powerlessness against nature is overwhelming. I did get some comfort in knowing that I'm not the only person in the neighborhood with issues, as I previously had thought. So it's time to get the whole neighborhood in gear and to go after the township together. How do they not have ANY drainage here? What appears to be drainage merely runs to the far side of my neighbor's house to release back out.

Today is my first day as a prayer minister at church, so I'm a little nervous. Hopefully it won't be too difficult. When I get back, time to catch up from the things I didn't get done yesterday (if the weather cooperates). Hopefully it won't take more than an hour or so to get caught back up on my classwork and to get into the other work I brought home on Friday.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

You have to love it when a friend says authorities were at their house to ask questions about you. *laugh* It's funnier still when it's not the first time you've been told this.

I held off all day wishing Beff a happy birthday as I wanted to wait to blog about our evening. As it was Ms. Beff's day she got to pick so we headed to Rizzo's. Dinner was yummy even if the people sitting next to us couldn't stop yapping to the guy w/ the kids and the old lady in the hair net. We sat and chatted for a while then waiting for our dinners to settle before heading back out to eat and park for some dessert. Being very perceptive the waitress picked up on the fact that it was Beth's birthday and, without prompting, came out with clappers, singers, and a candle on her dessert. Ok, not that it needs to be said but we did no exercising tonight.

I managed to get caught back up today at work and sent out my one action item approved on time. Quite the relief. I really wish it was the weekend already, but I can make it one more day I suppose. Now on to my classwork before I will allow myself a nice warm shower. I can't wait to slide into my comfy bed - I've been sleeping like a champ lately. It (sleeping) is, after all, one of my favorite hobbies.
Well heck. Who am I going to tease now about having their chicken legs out at the post game skates? Sorry to have terrified you so Brian Collins - but good luck up in Peoria! There goes the first off of our protected list. A little troubling and a little reassuring all at the same time - as I think I have a pretty good idea who then would be one step higher in our ranks to move up to the A next.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's official - the release is out on Cavy and Manzano. Welcome back to you two gentlemen as well!

And, the NHL has released another statement saying an agreement has been reached but it has not been ratified. Hopefully this won't end the huge sale at the Eye stores in Raleigh. I want sale goodies while I'm there.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Got the official release on Paul Caponigri and Doug Andress today and it also included Steve Cygan as well. Welcome to Johnstown guys! :)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Whee! That summarizes my weekend pretty clearly. Davey's party was cool. I didn't plan on drinking but let's be realistic, I was around Davey - how could I not drink?

Sunday it was time to head out to Hershey with my sister and her rugrats. We got to the park a little later than we wanted but we still have plenty of time to parade around. All was fab, I can't believe how much the park has changed since I was last there. Granted, it's been quite a few years, but still! The coasters were amazing and I have the bruises on the backs of both arms and on my legs to prove it. I didn't realize the Giant Arena was right butt up against the park, but now that I know that I will definitely head out for a Bears game if any of our guys are up a league and playing there. My Hershey park souvineir? A Hershey Bears shot class. :) Hey, I DID buy it in the park and confused the hell out of the sales girl in the process. She assured me they had other shot glasses that are just for the park and didn't seem to understand that this was, in fact, THE one I wanted.

We closed down the park and headed back to the hotel to find SlapShot on ESPN Classics with the extra commentary on the bottom. Quite a nice way to fall asleep, even if it was accompanied by the snoring of my niece. Monday morning, any day I don't have to get up and go to work when everyone else does rules. We instead got up and headed to Hershey's botanical gardens and butterfly house. As evidenced from my ton of photos from the Niagra Falls butterfly house, I love flutter-bys. Unfortunately, this time - I forgot my camera and they didn't have disposables. :(

A quick drive back to Jtown and I headed to the Chiefs town hall. Here's the hockey news folks... Andress and Caponigri signed! I've also got rumor that we've also signed Munech and Cavy. Hopefully we'll have word on a coach as well as the names of the guys we're getting on futures from Columbia by the end of the month. Sounds like Tampa Bay may also be helping us get some goalie action rolling. Nothing set... hang tight!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The phrase Thank God it's Friday didn't completely summarize my emotions yesterday. It's been a busy week at work, and I had a pretty healthy list of things I wanted to cross off my list before the end of the day yesterday. I was successful in crossing everything off - and the best reward for doing so? Getting to go to the Law's for dinner and chat. Any occasion in which I am presented with food prepared by the Law family I overeat and last night was no exception. Ok so there is Law food, sushi, and chinese (from what I hear *laugh*) that I overindulge with. Jacob was kind enough to show me his play house before the rain came. While we didn't get to sit outside and enjoy our dwindling summer due to the rain we did get to sit and talk.

I think I tired out a little early. Gratefully I was able to fall asleep pretty fast and to sleep well as my mother decided it was a good idea to sic my sister on me at 9am. She KNOWS I would still be in bed. I was half awake however and decided this a good thing as it got me up and moving. So far today I've vacuumed, done laundry, done dishes, and started to pull things together to head out on an overnight trip w/ my sister and her kids tomorrow.

Time to chill for a little while before more running starts up. The girls are headed to the groomer today for a long overdue bath and I am then heading to the mall to get my phone looked at, which has suddenly decided to not bother ringing or to tell me that I have messages. From there on to Vicki's, again, since the idiots the other day would not let me use my birthday gift card on sale materials. It's July people, EVERYTHING in Vicki's is on sale in July. Hopefully the manager that Beff spoke to yesterday will be there and able to deal with the situation. Finally, on to Davey T's grad party. Woohoo!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Same link as below... now they deny a new deal. Quit toying with my delicate emotions here people. More proof the media is inherently evil and out to get us.
If I was allowed to upload something other than an image to my storage location... I'd have a goal horn linked for today.

The NHL and Players have reached a deal! Game on!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Richard Paul is headed back to the UHL this season with the River Otters. I'm happy to see his named signed somewhere, but I am a little bummed. It would be good to see you in our neck of the woods again toots. Good luck Paulie.

Last night after the fan club meeting, which is always a pleasure. (I do miss you people during the summer.) We headed to the Blvd for dinner. Another wine dinner is coming up that I need to wrangle people into attending with me! We also ran into Gino and Mike and sat there til a bit too late bsing. It was a nice relaxing evening out. When I got home I still finished up the primary assignment for this week's class however. Must get in gear on all of that work!

I neglected to comment on my good early morning dream when I first posted, so I'll add it now. There is nothing better than waking up to a good dream. I'm sitting there going through pictures of Mr. Battaglia looking for the ones I want as offered by the people I'm with. Then another quite attractive individual who will go unnamed walks up and starts rubbing my shoulders... while I'm leafing through the Bates pics. C'mon, that's a good dream.

Monday, July 04, 2005

I've added a link to my sidebar leading to a slideshow of photos from my jersey collection. Well, most of it. The one new jersey is not photoed in there as I'm holding as a surprise for the new season.
The qualifying offers (aka protected lists) came out Friday after I headed down the mountain. I went 7 for 8 on my guesses, I guess I should have listened to Beff's advice on the one. The Chiefs finally announced signing Manzano. I don't know what the delay was with making the announcement. I also keep forgetting about the two other guys we should be getting the rights to from Columbia for Van Hoof.

Friday evening after having dinner we headed to see Land of the Dead. I thought it was decent, but one cannot go into this movie expecting something overly impressive. On the way home, for the first time ever, I saw and partook in a sobriety checkpoint. I'm always so nervous around police even if I know I've done nothing wrong. I guess that's from years of hearing my ex called "boy" and talked down to just for the way he looked/dressed. Pretty sad that shaving and putting on a polo shirt could probably have avoided a ton of fines. But I digress.

I had a sudden realization Saturday when leaving the grocery story related to this movie. The really old people sliding their feet as they shuffle to the grocery store? They could have easily been extras in Land of the Dead. I doubt however that most Americans are as intelligent as the "thinking" zombies were. I also had another thought of this movie pop to mind while walking through the neighborhood on Sunday evening and seeing some folks shuffling around on the street while playing with their pathetic little fireworks.

Saturday was taken up baking some cookies and heading to Davis' soiree. Instead of playing in the flip cup tournament I sat and watched some stars, satellites, and falling stars by the fire. It was so clear out that night, but a little chilly. It was an interesting night getting a bit of strange advice and learning more about the bizzare interworkings of the male mind from a male co-worker.

On a related note, I also learned that someone had thought I was dating someone a while back. What's up with that? Ok, this seems innocuous, but this is someone that I was interested in and I even thought was semi-interested as he had asked a few questions and made a few statements which seemed to match this theory (see my 02 Apr 05 post). Then I found out he was seeing someone. He is still, in fact, seeing this girl. So why make anohter comment about who I may or may not have been dating unless you were in some way disappointed that you thought I was doing so. They would have been at about the three-month point by then. It happens often. The second I think someone is interested in return I come to find out they recently became taken.

Either way I got up Sunday and got to work. I quickly discovered my old ass could not move two and a half tons of gravel on my own. So I called Davey T. God I love this boy. If you don't have a friend that you know will drop all to come help save your ass you need one. I don't know how I rank to have so many however, as Davey isn't the only one... but the only one I dared to call to move tons of gravel. :) The driveway is now re-lined and looks much much better. I, on the other hand, probably just look humorous today as I'm a bit stiff. I bet tomorrow will be nothing but pain. But at least this task is done.

Now today to relax and actually enjoy the long weekend. Maybe I'll get my reading done for this week's class and get a jump start on any assignments. Probably a good idea.

"You had the best but you gave her up. -No Doubt"

Friday, July 01, 2005

Tell me today wasn't one heck of a good day! My new purchase arrived within 24-hours of ordering it. How bitchin is that? It is after all pretty patriotic with that lovely Crapitals (and no I didn't mistype that) eagle and stars on it. And, yesterday my new personalized license plate arrived in the mail so I put it on the Durango this morning. *grin* Since Davey T put my front plate holder on the car I need to get something wise to put up there. I'm torn between waiting to get an airbrushed design or ordering a boring plate from traditional Canes logos etc. Maybe the front of my car needs an element of the Chiefs instead.

It's a slow day at work. I'm finally caught up on both projects. At least I can breathe. Unfortunately, this makes me eager to leave. Tonight I haul down to Altoona for grub and a movie with Chris, my bud who shares a name w/ a pro hockey player. I think I need to go meet the fellow who started working here that shares the name Anthony Battaglia at some point too. I'm sure he'd appreciate my jersey collection.

Long weekend, here I come.

"Tears streaming down your face when you lose something you cannot replace. -Coldplay"