Tuesday, June 25, 2019

More on the glass sink...

the short version:
I ordered the "fawn" glass sink via Home Depot (best price I found w/ return options), despite not seeing it in person.  It should be here tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

the long version:
I tried calling the closest supplier listed on the supplier's website and they only carried one sink, not in the colors I was considering.  I tried several other places that had no clue what I was talking about, that they didn't carry their products and even one place that was a gift store.  Keep in mind that all of them are listed on the website linked above as showroom.  I digress.  I then called the actual place in Jeannette, an hour from me.  They could 'schedule me an appointment' to see their products.  At that point, after several calls, two hours on the road was not appealing to me.

I decided to say screw it and order it from Home Depot.  Conveniently the ship to my house had free shipping and would arrive before the ship to store would!  According to their website I also have 90 days to return it to the store.  If I don't like it or don't think it matches my counter and/or wall tile it will go back and I'll order a black undermount sink from Amazon.  Done.

The next big stress:  How to properly mount the floating cabinet securely that it can handle the weight of the countertop and the sink.  Also odd is that the sink manufacturer's installation guidance indicates you're to screw these brackets into the counter top.  Into ... granite.  Uh?  The good news here is that the countertop provider will do the install of my sink and the counter, so I'd put that 'on them'.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

I've had a few days "off" trying to use my vacation time up that is use it or lose it.  I can't say I feel like I've had time off.  This isn't good use of 'vacation' time.  Yes, I've gotten some things done, but others still seem to languish and all the while there remains looming dread of the things waiting for me.

I can say that I stopped at a granite place and picked the granite I want for the half bath.  I've been on the hunt to figure out what to do about the sink given the loss of what I thought was a done deal and with worry over the care and maintenance of copper started looking for something else with pizzazz, or, at a minimum not the 'white or biscuit' options that seem prolific.  Well get this:  glass - shatter proof glass.  Gorgeous.  Made right in Jeannette PA.  I am hoping and praying that one place they list as a retailer in Washington has their products in stock so I can check them out (making good use of tomorrow as a day off) without needing to drive to Jeannette.  I need to load up some of the wall tile I plan to use, and the sample of granite to take with me.  Admittedly they're a bit pricey compared to 'white or biscuit', especially the one of the two colors, but I'm psyched about it and really hopeful that when I see it in person I'll be confident and happy.

I have another expense coming, more yard work/plants (to replace the ones that didn't survive the winter *sigh*).  I weeded again last night and today, filling two dog food bags without being meticulous.  There are some weeds that are just trying to take over - and that doesn't even include the frelling creeper vine that needs attacked out back before it takes over and destroys the bushes and another tree.

I've also been indulging in season 15 of Grey's Anatomy which popped onto Netflix.  It really is true what they say, binge-watching a show isn't great for your mental health.  I feel drained.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

I feel like such a slacker.  These attempts to use up the vacation time I would otherwise lose hasn't been easy.  I did a bunch of running today, did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen floor, and vacuumed downstairs.  What will I do tomorrow?  What about Monday?  What about Friday of next week? What about the other day I probably need to take?  I am sincerely hoping I can allow myself to unwind enough to take a nap at some point, that would be delightful.

Tonight we headed to the south hills to catch up with my favorite egg's parents and sister who were nearby.  It's been a while since that whole circle was in a single space.

I hit the chiropractor earlier in the week and left with homework.  Part of it is recording my food intake (partially because I mentioned a few things that has her helping me to diagnose a few things), which is good for me right now - it's making me mindful of what I'm eating at a time when I am shifting my brain to weight loss mode and very mindful of how little water I am consuming - which is bad.  The other part is to start taking magnesium and - to get a massage.  It's hard to get scheduled here for a massage.  The one person everyone recommends is usually booked two months out.  The chiro recommended someone else and I am booked for Monday.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

I used the treadmill on Saturday and Sunday.  I even did a few minutes on the eliptical on Saturday before the screen wigged out.  I'm pretty sure it needed a new battery (how weird is it that something like that wouldn't plug in? - how much crazier is it that in all of the years I've owned it the battery has lasted?!).  When I took it apart to replace the batteries the one was a bit corroded.  I swapped them, but didn't hop back on the thing to see if it resolved the issue.

I need to get on top of this soon and make it more of a regular occurrence.  I also took the remainder of nap time on Sunday to get some art hung on the walls in that room.  I'm hoping it will 'warm it up' a bit and make me want to stick around longer.

I'm still struggling to get the vacation time achieved that I must before July.  I'm bound to have a few days in the next few weeks where I'm looking for something to do rather than sit at my desk.  Perhaps this is the time to try and focus on logging some time.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

The latest health challenge at work started off by encouraging us to get more sleep. I couldn't agree more. I'm always desperately tired. I don't know why it takes them telling me I need sleep to feel like I'm in a competition where I want to get to bed early so I can track reasonable hours of sleep. Of course none of this matters if I simply can't fall asleep or awake in the middle of the night all of my "effort" will be lost.

I'm feeling very overwhelmed again. I guess that's what happens whenever you are understaffed - and nowhere near short of tasks. It's depressing to see one of my co-workers that I was working closely with leave the company. It is also a little disheartening to hear that somebody that's critical to establishing systems in a manner that would keep me employed is also preparing to leave.

It's been a long time, but I'm finally updating my resume. Even if I have no intention of sending it anywhere at this point in time it's therapeutic updated and reassess my current situation.

This past weekend I also prepared the fourth bedroom, clearing the collection of junk away.  I can once again get to the treadmill and elliptical trainer. Now what are my excuses?  For now I see this is progress forward. I'm hoping that this means that my mind is starting to get ready to make a substantial change as well. I really need to get weight off again.  And I know working out will make me feel better and give you more energy while making me rest better too.

Update on the neighbor from my previous post:  I did my best to take the higher road and to reply kindly. However it's clear from this person's subsequent post that they are eager and looking for an argument. I did my best - I kept my mouth shut and I blocked them. It isn't as therapeutic as other options would have been but I know it was the best route.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I am as peeved by another person as I was pleased in my last post.  Seriously.  I have repeatedly had kids running across the street way too close to my vehicle for comfort through the summers here.  Today I again posted to the facebook group for our community highlighting a little girl in a black outfit running across from one house to another without looking and cited "near" a certain address.  Well be damned if the person at that address didn't flip out because I used their house number.

If you buy at house with a nice rounded off number, expect it to be more likely to get selected for a round-about reference.  Also, maybe work to understand the difference between "at" and "near".  Finally, if you lose your crap at someone who is trying to make sure you're keeping your kid safe you're a moron.

In the course of the replies not only did I have this person lose their crap at me while telling me I should have knocked on the person's door I had another person reply "if you don't like kids, move".  I can only imagine the "welcoming response" I would have gotten knocking on a strangers door given the warm replies.  Sheesh.  I truly loathe people.  I pray for your children that they stay safe and alive long enough to learn to do better, despite your lack of parenting.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My persistence paid off tonight.  The new neighbors across the street moved in and I dropped a card in their mailbox, as I have done with all of the neighbors that moved in since I did (which is quite a few).  As I headed out to a church meeting the gentleman there caught me and we talked for a few minutes.  Yay!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

A good measure of the weekend is the correlation between how tired and productive I feel.  We're going to call this weekend an extreme success.  Friday night I headed out a little early to get Avery and we headed to the church spaghetti dinner.  We didn't get to meet the new pastor since she bounced early, but we at least got to eat.  From there we headed south to Target (which I already provided commentary on) and Hobby Lobby.

Saturday we were up and off to Starbucks and Little Gym as is our Saturday routine.  With the earlier Little Gym class we are able to get a little more done before nap time, so we headed south again, back to Washington to hit Home Depot and Big Lots, and we squeezed in a visit to Chic-fil-A.  I came home with a new toy for my pressure washer, which was the motivation I needed to get outside and tending to the deck, which I started while Avery napped Saturday and finished today (Sunday) after church.  The toy is an attachment to the pressure washer that spins, so it works nicely on the deck surface, siding, and things of that sort.  I still can't get the soap dispensers to work on the pressure washer, but the water alone is productive for what really irritates me on the deck - the green mold.  I also headed out front to clean off the garage door and a few of the freebies I've scored from the neighborhood (like the wagon*).

I will need to take some of the cleaner I bought to the deck surface in a few weeks w/ a broom to get a bit more grime up, but it looks 100x better already.  I hate that this is going to be a yearly battle.  The houses around here all have green mold growing on the siding. I only had a few spots that struggled in Johnstown and that was on the dark side of the house under the pine trees and that was limited to around the bedroom windows and that was something I only needed to tend to a few times over the years.  Here even the sun beating on the deck and banisters doesn't keep the growth at bay.

After Avery's nap we all went to the water safety day family swim at Goldfish Swim School.  A free hour of family swimming, a woman making balloon animals, and a free kona ice - it was a good time and shockingly -- poorly attended.  There were less people there than at the pay family swims we have attended.

I also picked up my two tomato plants this morning after church and made quick order of getting them 'planted' in my 5 gallon containers.  I repotted the two african violets gifted to me when I was pregnant with Avery too.

I'm proud to report that after I finished the deck today I headed upstairs, and despite Avery not wanting to nap she eventually gave in -- and allowed me to do the same.  I napped!  I needed it big time.  I'm a bit sore and worn out from everything this weekend.

*The wagon was listed on the facebook group for the community a few weeks back as a "come and get this, it's at the curb" thing.  It is a $100 item on Amazon.  Score.  We used said wagon today to walk up to pick up a Little Tykes basketball stand that someone else listed in a similar manner.  Avery has quite the collection of gently used free items set up out back.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Damnit Target.  If you just put a ton of stuff on clearance you should have to hang a warning sign at the front door.   My cart was a happening place tonight.  It doesn't help that Avery now takes what I show/hand her and throws it behind her into the buggy.  I'm glad she likes shopping, but this is going to be expensive.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Work.  Some things are changing there.  I think one of the changes will reduce the stressful situations that have been in place.  I think one of the changes will create a bit more stress.  Both changes have left me feeling a bit sad but optimistic.  It's also given me a bit of a headache.  As I pulled out the excedrin I realized it's been a while since I've gone through a thumper.  It has prb been two months?  That doesn't seem like long for most people, but I was pleasantly surprised by my realization.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I have a hummingbird!  I put up a sugar-water feeder (homemade syrup so no dye in it) about two weeks ago with high hopes and low expectations.  Tonight while we were outside playing on the slide and swing it swooped in, spotted us, and took off.  I'm glad I at least caught a glimpse.  The feeder is under the deck, so it isn't like I'll be able to sit and watch them come in.  I'll have to research if deck level would be 'too high' to hang it.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

So.  much.  poop.

Saffy remains solid, thank goodness... especially since while I was gone tonight she went in the hall upstairs.  I can deal w/ that, but the fact that she peed there too kills me.  This is the first pee on the carpet here and it bums me out, we were doing so well.

Danika continues to poop in here way more often than I want to admit.  Half the time she goes outside walks downstairs, pees, comes back up... and poops in the house within minutes or she poops on the deck as she heads back towards the stairs again.  I don't know if the movement (since she is zonked out a great deal of the time anymore) shakes thing loose or if she simply doesn't feel it coming until it's too late.

They're getting older.  I forgive them.  But I could do without all of this.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

I am happy to report that Saffy is feeling better.  I've been a bit jealous of these two the past two days.  The weather has been quite lovely and while I'm stuck at my desk they're out lounging in the sun on the deck for part of the day.