Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mixed feelings, but my next cruise got a free upgrade. We were excited to see the unique interior staterooms on Quantum of the Seas because they featured video walls that allowed you project real time views of outside. I guess getting a real oceanview stateroom is suppose to be an upgrade, but I really wanted to check out the technology. Now, if they gave us a BALCONY... :) I can hope I suppose.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Official run time: 33:12.8. I was 111/228 people and 10th in my age group of women. Now, those numbers include the people who walked the whole thing, but I see at least one other woman in my age group just a few minutes behind me, so I am taking my "bonus" that I claimed. (Bonus: if I am not the slowest woman running in my age group.)

Boom bitches.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I did it.  I finished my 5k.  Note I didn't say first 5k, the implication is only.  I didn't quite run the whole thing like I had hoped.  After mile marker 2 there was a longer slightly uphill climb w/ a steady wind straight in our faces that prompted me to walk for what I counted off as 60 seconds.  Other than that - I ran it.  I still came in just under where I anticipated time wise, so I would suspect that having everyone around me did push me to go faster/harder than I would on my own, so I'm giving myself the grace of calling this goal accomplished despite the little bit of walking.

It really is a humbling and empowering activity.  As expected, no sooner did I pass mile marker 1, there were people headed back in the other direction.  You know there are people with amazing running times, but it really hits you when you see them pass you the other direction.  The empowering part was passing quite a few people and finishing ahead of QUITE a few that you'd expect (by sight alone) to be way better/faster/stronger than you are.  I thank the people who cheered for each and every single one of as we passed and offered words of encouragement.  It really did help me push.

I did find it entertaining that after the 2nd mile I caught up with a guy in a red hoody, he was probably a little younger than me, his calves quite shapely - he was in good shape.  I'd pass him when he took to walking, and then he'd run to pass me again.  In my head I laughed and assumed he had a distaste for being passed by a still somewhat jiggly girl.

Legs are a little sore today, I suspect they'll be worse tomorrow, but I did it.  As soon as I'm feeling better I need to get back to the regular workouts and take off a couple more pounds.  Then I can commit to putting away the jeans that are a little too loose and buy more smaller ones.

After my race I headed to the burgh to see my favorite Egg.  He remembered my affection for Outback and treated me to a steak dinner to celebrate.  We also got half way through season six of Parks and Rec.  It was a good weekend.  So good, in fact, I forgot there was a new episode of Walking Dead tonight until I got home and saw the ad for it!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dear neighbors,
How dare you. Unless you're going to open the door and allow me to come dictate how things should operate at YOUR house... mind your own business.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So it's going to snow soon, right? That was my first thought yesterday morning when the bank near my house read 68 degrees on my way to work. The temps were nice enough, but it was pretty windy last night - so it sounded like a winter storm was rushing through. I did get out before dark to take some photos at the Richland Cemetery as to give myself pictures to process as the weather turns. I really should get out there and take more again if I'm going to survive the winter.

I also baked up a pumpkin and toasted the seeds last night as well as doing some other trivial around the house tasks. I'm almost caught up on Parks and Rec too, but of course I've caught myself wanting to greet people like Chris (Rob Lowe's character) with their full names. Perhaps binge watching is more than my feeble mind can handle.

I haven't been back out to run again because my legs still ache. They're feeling better than they were, but this is a bit ridiculous. I guess we'll see what happens... 3 days!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy antiversary to me. I can't believe it was 13 years ago. I'm feeling a bit old today, more than I did on my birthday for whatever reason.

At long last the Walking Dead is back on the air. I'm going to blame my restless sleep and odd dreams on that, although we both know that those types of shows don't really bother me. I'm rather tired today and need to pop a Claritin. Autumn, I love you so, why do you torture me?

I got very little accomplished this weekend as I've been trying to catch up on Parks and Rec. So, other than some laundry and a few little things, not much got done at my house. I was going to try and fix the light switch in the bathroom (finally) but then I realized my line tester and things like that are at Mom's house. I thought messing with the one connection resolved the problem for now, but by the time I put everything back together the light once again wouldn't turn on. I suspect if I just take the switch cover off and loosen the plate it will work again. Go figure.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tonight I made it.  According to the mapping program I'm using 3.17 miles (I don't trust it, but surely it was over the 5k mark) in just a few seconds under 34 minutes flat.  Yes, yes, YES!  I think I've got this next weekend.  2-3 more runs to go.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I headed out early today to head to Altoona for another laser treatment.  Since the price has gone up, I certainly hope my legs spend a good long time nice and smooth.  Meh.

Since I was down there I went and picked up dinner for Mom and I.  I was there less than an hour to eat before heading home and she made up for lost time this past weekend.  She noted that my sweater was too big (you'd think that would be a good problem), but only after asking why I didn't have a cardigan instead.

Her commentary from this past weekend was less about him and way more about me... like how I should not boss him around, as that's probably what went wrong w/ my ex.  When I asked what she thought I bossed him around about it was because I made him do the dishes.  Seriously?  It was our deal from college.  I did all of the laundry, he did the dishes.  When we moved in w/ Drewfus they both agreed to keep on doing all of the dishes if I did the cooking.

Is it really that wrong to expect the guy to have some distinct task that is his responsibility when you're also working 40 hours a week and paying half of the bills?
Last night I put myself firmly back on the wagon, at least with my run if not my diet. I ran 31m and 15s straight, which looks to be approximately 2.82 miles. I'm still a bit off on distance, but at least this put my mindset back into one of finishing the whole race as a distinct possibility. As to the diet... the fresh fruits are starting to get gross, which makes it hard for me. I'd rather have a yummy nectarine than a fist full of peanut butter filled pretzels, but the mealy peaches that I recently bought, no thanks.

After finishing my run I dug in on Parks and Recreation for some binge watching as my favorite Egg refers to it. I am now ready to start season three. Not sure I can get caught up for us to watch season 6 together at my next visit, but I'm giving it a good try.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

It was a good bit cooler this weekend and it tried to rain out our plans a bit on Saturday, but shifting things around a bit, all was still accomplished.  It's been a very busy one, I'm a bit tired, I'm contented, and I'm sad to see the work week come back around.

Friday night was the goodbye mortgage celebration at the Back Door Cafe.  We ate well and enjoyed some relaxing time there along with a delightful drink.  Saturday after getting moving we hit the mall to use a dated gift card earned the last time Eggs was in and then headed to New Florence for an auction before making a critical stop in the same area to pick up a Christmas gift that I'm quite excited to give.

As cold as it was getting we still headed to the Windber Oktoberfest and immediately dug in on some awesome bbq pork before the huge fire was lit.  Fortunately the fire kept us warm enough to make a couple of hours standing outside chatting with the Schmous and the Mr and Mrs Doug E Fresh (whom I haven't seen in a very long time).  My sampling was of the Spooky Tooth Pumpkin Ale which was delightful, especially with the cinnamon sugar rimmed glass.

Sunday we had to transact a bit of business in the morning before heading to see/meet Mum.  She of course insisted upon having food ready to be plated when we arrived.  I feel a bit guilty as the only cooking I did was pancakes on Saturday morning.  We were headed this way anyhow as to visit the Horseshoe Curve, which I'm sure I was at when I was younger, but I sure don't remember it at all.  I did snag a Conrail tee shirt for when I'm feeling all nostalgic and soft hearted.

I'll definitely sleep well tonight as I didn't rest super well last night.  For now I'll cuddle with Saffy and await the safe arrival message.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Last night I attended my first ever painting session. I know I'm behind the curve as everyone else has already done one of these 'classes', but I just hadn't had the opportunity and this one was perfect. It was at B&L Wine Cellar here in Jtown, so there was libations to be had, the subject of the would be art was falling autumn leaves, and it was a nice girls night out w/ the Wild one.

I'm happy enough with how my piece turned out, but given that I never have free walls and own way better art I suspect this will be landing upstairs in storage. It was still a fun evening and I am proud of the art I created - it's way better than the stick figures I am prone to producing.

Monday, September 29, 2014

While out shopping yesterday (Big Lots and Ollies you know it) I heard a woman calling for her daughter, Danika.  My first thought was to say "hey that's my dog's name too." but quickly realized that this would insult some people.  Of course, it's much less of an insult than to insinuate she as named after the racecar driver.
I also had a moment while laying in bed last night, where I realized something about myself.  But I've forgotten what the epiphany was.  How incredibly sad is that?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unpaid principal balance:  $0.  Dang I like seeing that when I log in.  WOOT!