Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Last night was all about the cleaning after it was confirmed that the would be in-laws are coming today.  I'm hips and lower back were not happy with me after I put away two loads of laundry, scooped poop, weed eated, wiped down appliances (fortunately the dishes were all done from the day before and the counters wiped down), vacuumed, and dusted.  My favorite egg scrubbed the kitchen floor for me, thank goodness, because I was ready to wipe out.

Now that the vacuum upstairs has a new belt on it is working better than ever.  Go figure though my favorite vacuum downstairs seems to be a bit noiser and not picking up great at this point.  *sigh(*  I wish they still made it so I could buy a second of that vacuum.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Happy birthday Danika!  Today she turns 12 - and just a few days ago she celebrated 10 years here with me.  She's a good kid.  I have the can of moist food ready to go for her birthday celebration since I'm simply not up for the longer drive to Petsmart with her in tow.  I'm not sure if the closer pet stores allow pets inside.

The weekend once again went quickly.  I gathered more goodies from the farm including another (huge) eggplant, a (tiny) watermelon, more peppers (so glad I had waited til Saturday to stuff the peppers I had waiting), a couple of beets (yay), kale which I left behind (I've reached my threshold), some tomatoes, and wax beans.

As noted we stuffed the heck out of some peppers later on Saturday.  The damn jalapenos had my fingers on FIRE for over an hour.  Sunday I turned my focus to all of the cabbage that was still here.  With the green and curly that remained I made my first attempt at haluski (no I didn't make my own noodles).  It turned out decent!  I have plenty of leftovers to eat off of there all week.  For the purple cabbage I roasted slices with a garlic-parm butter coating and it too turned out pretty good!  My final cooking action with all of the veggies building up was to make an enchilada sauce out of the tomatillos, which went into the freezer for the next time I make enchiladas.

I did not get much cleaning (other than dishes) done, which is unfortunate as I should have company here at some point this week.  My Favorite Egg's Dad is coming to my rescue as he is willing to bring his landscaping business on the road to deal with the mud pit of a back yard.  I'm excited!

Friday, August 11, 2017

I'm struggling to deal w/ other humans right now.  I just feel like so many people dog it and leave messes for others to clean up.  If I leave something to someone else to resolve it ALWAYS circles back to me - I do my stuff, I do their stuff every freaking time.  How does THAT work?  It sure doesn't make it easier to stay focused and barrel through my current task when I know the next task really should already be handled by someone else.

Thank goodness the weekend is near.  I could really use a nap here this afternoon.  I was feeling pretty sleepy yesterday too, but I had attributed that to not sleeping well the night prior and having a later evening out at the concert.  I hope this isn't another bout of tiredness leaning in on me - there is still plenty needing done.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Why didn't I have my phone within arms reach to capture the moment?!  This morning I got up a few minutes before the alarm and neglected to turn it off.  While I was using the facilities it started to sound.  Safyre had the most appropriate moan followed by a whine that it was going off.  She channelled me laying there groaning and pouting about needing to get out of bed.  I have taught her well.  Of course, she slept like a champ.  I know this because she joined me and proceeded to kick and twitch while I laid there for over three hours trying to find a position that would allow me to drift off.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Tonight's veggie adventures...
First up the patty pan squash:  I fried the smaller one with a light breading and ate the whole thing.  It needed more flavor in the breading, but I didn't want to put too much in as I wanted to taste the squash since it was my first exposure to it.  The other two I put in the oven with some savory seasonings.  It was ok.  Most of this I am going to attempt to freeze to have an easy to get to side dish.

Next up was the kohlrabi:  I've made this before, nice and basic - roasted with olive oil, garlic and seasoning.  I ate a little but that majority of this too will be frozen for later easy access.

I wanted to get to some of the cabbage that is here too, but it just wasn't happening.  I don't have the stamina to make it happen.  I also have a ton of peppers that need stuffed, but I need to get some meat to do so and that means making a run that I haven't had time or desire to achieve.  It's kind of sad how quickly the next weekend and new supply of fresh veggies come.  I knew that it was hard to get through a half share by myself, but here I am once again. At least I'm eating more veggies.
Official proof I'm crazy... I just snagged a ticket to go see Die Antwoord tomorrow night at Stage AE.  If kid is going to show up early, we'll know it - because she'll decide later today or tomorrow is perfect timing.

Monday, August 07, 2017

It's 61 degrees outside.  Damn you global warming.  *puzzled look*  It's okay, June was crazy hot, so I guess it balances out a little.  With my feet still swelling on me I am grateful for the break.  Of course, two days in a row of running around and being on my feet for 5+ hours will do that to you regardless of the temps.

The weekend went all too fast.  Saturday evening (after running about on my own most of the day) we went to a game night.  They played Magic most of the evening so I ended up the designated spinner for the kids there to play twister.  Sunday I had help running around - but only after we tried out the Original Pancake House.  Gotta do this type of stuff while I still can.

I'm working hard to find recipes for some of the items that came from my CSA farm basket.  While there are aspects of the one back in Jtown I miss greatly, this one has some other 'different' things.  I still have to cook up the patty pan squash (first for me), and figure out what to do with the tomatillos (I admit cooking with anything from the nightshade family puts a sinister smile on my face and makes me want to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas).  There is also a big purple cabbage in there (which came after we got through half of a curly cabbage) and another small green cabbage.  I did cook up the eggplant the other day - hey old wives, it didn't induce anything for the record.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

It seems like most of my non-work time outside of the leisure of sitting in front of Netflix is spent on preparation activities that are captured on the OTHER blog about the kiddo and I have little to say here.  I guess some things are bound to bleed over, so I should simply allow it.

Signs of life have sprung up at the house that was up for sale across the street and up one - so I'm assuming they closed and it's a matter of time until I see a moving truck.  I'm officially no longer the newbie in the visible houses around me.  That sure didn't take long.

I also noticed that tickets still remain for a Die Antwoord concern next Wednesday at Stage AE.  If I'm still feeling well I am soooo incredibly tempted.  I think it would be a heck of a good time, but I hate the thought of going alone.  While my Favorite Egg also enjoys their music he seems to have no interest in live shows.  I'm just wanting one last hurrah before I am trapped at the house, is that wrong?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

One thing I like less than going to the dentist is going to a NEW dentist. But at least that is out of the way and I had a wonderful excuse to avoid xrays and other things.  She seems nice enough and is watching my one tooth for next time (I'm pretty sure it's one that has always had the shadow on it because of a filling that is in there) and commented about replacing the other fillings at some point (not talk I want to hear until they start to leak).

If I could have brought Dr M here w/ me I gladly would have, I really liked him and his approach.  During my time there he had watches on a few teeth that heeled themselves by my next visit... that's what I want, no drilling and filling.

The other turn of events is just that short amount of time leaned back in their chair angered my mid-back around my rib cage.  Very surprising since I've felt even better the past four mornings, rolling out of bed easily and getting moving without aches.  I have a chiro appointment later today, so that works out well.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I woke this morning with a desire to get out and about, and ended up out the door at 8:30 - arriving in Upper St Clair just as the stores I wanted to hit during my limited time were opening (in reverse order... Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Burlington, and Toys R Us).  I'm still on the hunt for curtains for the kitchen and living room to no avail.  I did get a few things for the kid that I totally didn't need - other than a soft, pretty dress, that was on clearance that will work for baptism and a few items that remained on the Target wish list w/ that completion discount.

From there I headed south of home to pick up my farm goodies... more kale, yay; more cukes, one tomato, more zucchini and squash, more peppers (green and hot ones), more corn.  I need to get eating!  I stopped and picked up supplies to make some freezer meals this weekend, so maybe I'll get in gear after I sit for a little while and get on top of that.

I then headed to get a pedi.  My feet and calves so loved that massage.  Finally, I stopped at Sarris to get some chocolate for my Favorite Egg's Mom and Sister as a light thank you - and some to take with when the time comes for the nurses!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I am so ready for a nap, but a mid-afternoon resurgence of heartburn tells me if I lay down after work I'll be even more miserable.  My Favorite Egg messaged we're going out for dinner, so I guess a nap isn't very feasible anyhow.  Where to go where to go.
All I wanted for my birthday was a good night's sleep, which I did NOT get last night.  At least the night started out well, but then my eyes popped open at 4 (with a little bit of heartburn to boot). When I still hadn't fallen back asleep by 6 I decided to come downstairs.  I watched one episode of a show on Netflix and was ready to close my eyes again, so I dozed on the couch from 6:50 or so to 8:25.

I'm up and at my desk, but I feel like I was up all night.  I know, I know, get used to it, right?  I just want to sleep while I still can, that's not too much to ask.

Monday, July 17, 2017

We were up and out of the house for a photoshoot at Mingo Creek Park on Saturday morning.  I'm hopeful to have some nice shots.  After a bite to eat we headed back to my house to continue preparations.

My small bursts earlier in the week still left plenty to do in the afternoon before everyone arrived - those last minute things that would need re-done if completed too soon (sweeping up dog fur for example).  Friday I prepped some of the food items too - brownies, and a couple of salady things (broccoli salad and cuke salad), so at least that was out of the way and I could clean up the dishes.

Smartest move was pulling out the paper plates and plastic silverware as well as making meatballs in the crockpot - very little clean up as a result.

Either way I enjoyed my evening and I think everyone else did as well.  It was a long day and I was exhausted, but it was worth it.  I could have lounged about like a sloth all day Saturday but we both felt like sitting around was a bad move - so we at least tried to leave the house, making a couple of stops including trying out a new brewery here in Canonsburg (Rusty Gold).  As we were finishing up there another couple of my Favorite Egg's friends reached out looking for something to do.  Since the house was already clean we invited them over and had a second, smaller game night.  It was also very nice to get together.

This morning I did NOT wake before the alarm, which is rare anymore, that should tell you something.  When do I get to take a nap?