Thursday, February 22, 2018

I had the heat turned off for almost 36 hours, but I had to turn it back on last night as our temps quickly dropped again.  We're in the 30s today, normal I guess.  The rain rolled in over night, which is scary considering how water logged everything already is.

I booked a chiropractor appointment yesterday afternoon in the hopes that getting back into alignment (now that I have the replaced box springs) is what I needed to feel better again in the morning.  I do feel like I slept decently, but I'm still a little tender today from the adjustment.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.  Since I was already out and had some time before I had to pick up kiddo I crossed a few other things off of my to do list.  I have a fresh tank of gas for the grill, which is awesome because on our walk the other day I could smell the grills going and it was killing me.  I hit the post office to drop something there.  I ran into DG and got a couple of deals in there.  But most importantly, I hit the liquor store.  My sister and I finished the whipped vodka that was here, so I needed to get more.  I don't think I had any captain left in what got moved last year, so another bottle of that was acquired, along with some rum chata and "moonshine cherries".

The next furniture I'm eager to purchase/replace are end tables in the living room (prb won't get another coffee table until Avery is older) and a side table for use in the dining room.  I know this seems like a random follow up to the next paragraph, but I assure you it isn't.  I lost my storage space for bottles from the last house and I miss it.  I'm thinking if I get the right side table with doors/storage I can place bottles in there.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Not only did we go for a walk after we got home, but we also sat on the deck for a few minutes.  I love the nicer temperatures so much.  Dear Mother Nature, if for no other reason than to spite the Groundhog, please keep it like this forever so my little one and I can get out with short sleeves and absorb some vitamin D.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

70.  The thermometer hit 70 yesterday.  Of course, I looked and it appeared that Jtown was 20 degrees behind.  I'm loving it here.

I had to take advantage of that weather coinciding with a day off of work for the holiday, so Avery and I went shopping including the outlets (open air).  If it's still so pleasant this evening maybe we need to go for a walk too.

Today it was to 67 by 10am.  I opened a window and the fresh air is delightful.  EDIT:  at 3:45pm, it's 77 degrees out there.  Oh yes, bring on the global warming.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

I neglected to mention that I saw my first robin... actually a whole crew of about 12 of them on Friday (Feb 16).  I saw two more this morning.  I know I know, they don't actually leave, but in my heart it makes it feel like spring is near and I love seeing them and looking back to see when I spotted them first in years past.  I think it's safe to say this is the first mid-Feb spotting, most were in the middle of March.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Avery's Auntie Jackie headed for the hills just in time... the snow is a falling here this afternoon.  We took her back to the airport earlier today as the temps were dropping and the snow was starting to move into the area.  While she was here she was, as always, very good to us.  I have some left over ham pot pie and some honey lime chicken enchiladas both in the fridge and the freezer as case in point.  Her experience w/ kiddos also helped get girl-child a little more practice with the spoon.  It isn't that I don't spoon feed her, I do, but it just wasn't going as well.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Baptism day here at the house went very well, but it was quite tiring.  I am so grateful that the weather held out for us and for everyone that joined us.  This place was hopping!  Once again I didn't get to spend enough time with each person, but I know everyone understands that it is hard to linger.

The couches are comfy, but firmer than they were in the store, so I know they'll break in a bit softer.  We did have one issue at the get together w/ the new couches and that is one of the little ones didn't realize they shouldn't push the love seat back the whole way (I have it closer to the wall so it doesn't take over the whole room, but that means you can put your feet up but not recline back the whole way).  Well, guess what - the couch won.  My wall has a hole in it.  *sigh*

Yesterday my replacement box springs arrived.  That's where they determined the issue was.  I did hear a noise when the guy inspecting them gave a firm rap on the side of my box spring (they're split).  Already I feel a very distinct difference, but I know it will take a few nights for my back to readjust.  I would have said I slept well, but a little someone was up twice last night.

My back is definitely still not recovered from maternity, not that it was perfect to begin with.  I got out back to scoop the over abundance of dog poo and had to stop after two grocery bags as my back was barking.  This happened a little while back this winter after filling one grocery bag.  There is, unfortunately, plenty more out there.  It rained for a while and pretty hard later yesterday so the already moist deposits would be impossible to collect right now.

Monday, February 05, 2018

I'm not sure if I complained about it on here, but my four month old mattress has been leaving me sore.  I called the furniture store about the bed feeling like it's dropping under my rear, so they sent out someone to inspect it today.  He can't tell me what they'd do for me, since he is third party and only here to measure, but he did note a 1" drop where I was indicating an issue.  So, at least I'm not completely crazy, even if I am a bit of a princess and the pea type.  He also didn't have a good poker face for when I noted that the mattress is only 4 months old, so that gives me an indication that it's bad.

I have the furniture company coming again too... because after picking my sister up from the airport with the shopping bug having bit my ass we headed to look at couches.  I warmed up on the way to get her, buying a large picture of birds that I'm going to hang in my bedroom and a few small items (Easter cross for the front door included).  I sat down in this couch and was in love.  So comfortable.  Firm but not lacking cushion.  Nice high backs.  Reclines!  So, what other colors does it come in (I'm thinking I need to commit between dark brown and black).  None.  Just the "mushroom" color.  Does it come w/ non-power recline?  No.  Hmm.  Sat in every other couch, wasn't feeling it... but I was starting to feel like I could deal with the "mushroom".  I will now have 4 reclining seats across my new couch and loveseat.

At least the new furniture will be here in time for our little get together, which we decided to move to the house, after Avery's baptism.  Fact is, there are some folks talking about coming from quite a distance and they need to see the house too, plus the eateries that would be options are a little further away and not what I wanted.  Thank goodness for a sister who is going to help me to pull together a brunch.  Now if the weather will just go ahead and treat us well.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Nothing huge to note here as of late.  It is pretty sad when my life is too mundane to report on a blog about my mundane life.  The most exciting things are happening with the kid (no surprise there) and being reported on that blog instead.  But I did come up with a few tidbits...

With the wee one forming more patterns and me learning how to interpret them, it has been easier to get out a bit here during this warm weather swing.  We headed out this past Friday to catch up with the Makins for a bite of sushi!  It wasn't quite Nyko's, as there are certain rolls they had that I adored, but it was pretty good.  I am confident however that when we make our next trip to Jtown a stop at Nyko's is definitely on the schedule.

I started spotting some of the plants trying to come up out front.  Hopefully everything will survive any future blasts of cold that come through.  I'm very eager to see spring with the beautified front yard.

This week we will be readying ourselves for a visit from my sister.  I know she doesn't care if I clean before she arrives, and it won't all get done - but some of it desperately needs done.  Because she is always looking for something to do and I spotted a good deal on a ceiling fan I liked I now have a fan ready to install in my bedroom (replacing the one that was improperly wired - both the light and fan are on the same switch).  I'll then move the existing fan to the workout room so it too will have a light/fan on switches.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

We didn't get the amount of snow they called for, which pleased me greatly.  It was raining yesterday afternoon and pretty hard later in the evening.  I saw the temps in the 60s around noon and watched it drop 7 degrees to 34 from the time I left to pick up the baby until I returned home (and daycare is only 5 minutes away).  At that point the water was lying on the main road pretty heavy and I worried we'd have an ice rink.  Once again things were plowed out front before I even got out of bed at 8am. (She let me sleep in!  -and I had fallen asleep on the couch last night around 8 too - I feel pretty well rested today.)

Tonight I tried a local wing joint, The Hofbrau just down the road a wee bit.  They've been on my radar for a while, but I finally decided to brave the cold with the baby to hunt and gather, since they don't seem to appeal to my Favorite Egg.  I have to say, it was a good recommendation!  The wings themselves were perfectly cooked, my only complaint is that honey-garlic really should have chunks (and lots of them) garlic.  The cheese sticks were meh - but they might be better reheated.  Now the fried cauliflower?  They were amazing!

The wee one and I returned home with our goodies and fired up Netflix to watch The Polka King, a Jack Black flick that I was made aware of because the Alex Meixner band put the word out there, as they - or at least he, not sure which - helped out with the album and some of the shows they've been hitting to market it.  I guess I should have finished watching the end of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie since I fell asleep midway through it last night.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

As much as early last year saw all too much death and passing - this year I am already aware of two friends who lost a family member due to suicide.  There just aren't words.  It doesn't make sense.  I can't imagine being in such a state and yes, I have struggled in years past with my own flavors of depression.  I look back many years to people I know who had someone close to them choose the same path and I see how much it, pardon my bluntness, but how much it messed those people up.  We're talking relationship problems and stability/common sense lost in very smart and vibrant people.

I just pray to see much less of this around me and the people I know.  I pray that I would see or hear any cries for help made in my presence.  I pray that anyone that is in that struggle finds the strength to fight and to get the help they need.

I turn to my upbringing as a Catholic and I struggle.  Is it a mortal sin?  Do these people go to hell?  I can't imagine anyone who chooses this path being well mentally and they are absolutely being tortured by something inside.  How does He see all of this?  That is my struggle today as this confusion gives me pause when I want to say with confidence "you'll be reunited one day".  Forgive my questioning - I seek to understand.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I neglected to mention the girls had their yearly trip to the vet last weekend.  This meant we met a new/local vet.  I'm still very sad to part ways with RVH and Dr. S, but this vet seemed pleasant and concerned enough.  While the bill was larger than it was back in Jtown (and so many ppl said RVH was $$$$) it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  Either way we're all stocked up on heartworm preventative and vaccinated for another year, well, except Saffy's rabies which is due in May.

We made it through the first freeze and snow/slush with the back stairs and the girls didn't have any issues.  I can, of course, shift to bringing them in and out through the basement door if need be, but as creatures of habit I'm sure they'd sneak up the stairs when they were finished using the facilities before coming to the basement door.

Speaking of the freeze, I'm eager for a few days here with warmer daytime temps.  I won't feel as trapped in the house.   Now is the time to make the grocery run and all else, right?  Of course two of the three days of warmer weather also are calling for rain.  From the stand point of the dogs and the back yard I'd rather those days be snow, so I don't have a muddy mess to contend with.

Monday, January 08, 2018

There is actually a dusting of snow on the road.  I always get a little tense and worried about sliding and probably drive more like a southerner, but I think many folks here have me beat.  I dropped Avery off this morning without an issue, thank God, but I already saw someone spinning trying to get up the grade in front of my house just a few minutes ago.  So where I wasn't nervous before I am now - thanks bro.  The plow was headed in the other direction at the same time as this person was spinning tires, which is pretty impressive considering the road goes to a no outlet - they're on top of it here pretty fast.  I guess the test will be if we get more to see if/when they come back and plow again.

The cancelled school too... it's back up to 32 degrees, and it's not even an inch yet, so... wth?  With it cancelled I'm even more surprised they were out plowing already.  Dorothy, you're not in Richland anymore.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

My days are all screwed up... so I sang to Saffy today for her 9th birthday with me (and since I'm guessing she was a year when I got her - her 10th birthday overall).  On one hand I should feel bad for not celebrating her yesterday, but on the other hand I think it's nice to celebrate her on Pete Steele's birthday too!

The temps are still pretty darn cold but it's better today than it was a few days ago.  Hopefully it won't dip back down as the wee one has to head to the doctor for her 4 month check (albeit late) at the end of the day.