Thursday, August 21, 2014

As I type an email, Outlook didn't recognize the word connotate. It recommends connote. So I go look both up on thinking "really?  I know that's a word".  Turns out connotate is marked "obsolete; replaced by connote". Words in my vocabulary have become obsolete.  I'm definitely not feeling old right now.
In yet another demonstration that I've lost my mind I got up this morning and went running before work.  I forgot to stop for an allergy shot on the way home last night, so I had to stop at 8am this morning.  I also needed to stop and pay the chiropractor.  Between those two things and the fact that the evenings have been a bit warm and humid I decided to stay at the house a bit longer, which facilitated this morning run.  Either way, I never would have dreamt I'd be one of those people.  Core crusher over lunch today?  Maybe.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

By some miracle I made my weigh in yesterday and won my second diet bet!  Of course, the fact that I dehydrated a little yesterday to make sure I crossed the finish line probably helped.  The only reason I think I did cross that line is because I thought I needed to drop one lb more than I did.  My big debate now is do I do another 4 week / 4% bet or do I go for the long term 6 month / 10% bet?  I'm giving myself a couple of days "off" to think about it and waiting to see how much I $ I get back from this current bet.  I feel like a slacker, but I think I'm skipping the lunch workout I should do and going for something yummy (Chinese or Mexican).
I did do my second run for week three last night with slight apprehension.  I did NOT have an issue this time, but perhaps it was because of how I was focusing to not huff/puff towards the end or maybe because of the treatment earlier in the day?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So my bank recently "upgraded" their bill pay system.  As I have for quite some time, I made a payment on payday towards my mortgage.  Normally this payment shows up in 24-48 hours on my mortgage account.  Since it's been 4 days I decided to call the bank and ask if there are known issues since the "upgrade".
Long story short - the address and zip code I entered in for that biller?  Pfft. No, we have a better one, we're just gonna go ahead and send it there.  Can you call your mortgage company and get us a fax number.  I already know they're painful to deal with, but I call anyhow.  Instead of a fax number I get a lecture about how I shouldn't have to enter a zip code for bill payment if it's coming electronically, blah blah.  Long story even shorter a case has been opened to contact the mortgage company to make sure the payment goes.  Unfortunately, that doesn't help me w/ correcting the info in the bill pay section if it's not going to route properly in the future.
Golly I'm glad I didn't just pay it off and instead decided to wait and let them make the insurance and tax payments that are due in the next month out of escrow.
On another note:  breathing test 1 done.  I did show marked improvement on the tests after a breathing treatment which is a likely indicator of lung problems (in the grand scheme of lung issues - hopefully asthma), but we'll know more after my second set of tests.
Well that was fast. The hospital called last night and after returning their call today I am scheduled for two tests, a complete pulmonary function test this afternoon, and a methacholine challenge on Monday.  At least I'm going to get answers pretty fast.

Monday, August 18, 2014

This weekend I took to the road once again, this time heading South to visit my Mithy and Addie.  The weather held for most all of my driving save a little shower, despite predictions otherwise on and my only complaint about the traffic was the turnpike, which I promptly avoided on the way back home.
We had a great visit.  It's hard to get quality time in when she comes home due to the demands on her schedule, so we were overdue to sit and chat.  We also ate a lot of delightful food, which puts me in a spot at the moment.  There was brisket, an amazing chicken parm, banana bread, ice cream, and home made 50/50.  Since I managed two days of that it's time for two days of high water, low calories, and major workouts to try to still hit my number for final weigh in on Tuesday.
I did head out on my first week three run last night.  It was 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, 3 minutes walking - times two, but I stepped it up and repeated three times.  I made it without too much difficulty at the time and my legs don't feel like rubber today, but an hour or so after I was home and showered I felt it - in my lungs.  Slight difficulty breathing, cough, and coppery taste in my mouth.  Yay.  This is something I often experienced in my major out of shape moments when I had to vigorously chase after a dog, but it has me concerned.  There are much larger workouts on the horizon.  So the question is, do I contact the doctor to get assessed for exercise induced asthma.  I have to wonder if this is another great gift received from being the child raised in a home w/ two smoking parents.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A very happy birthday to my Danika, who is turning 9 today, after spending just over 7 years with me.  She's a good kid, with an often wagging tail, who is ever willing to give (stinky) kisses.  It makes me think about Satin a bit, not only has it been THAT LONG since she has been gone, but I lost her before her 10th birthday, so I want to officially call Danika an old lady now too.
We ventured out last night to Petco for her requisite trip where she selected some bagged treats to share and darn near scarfed down a bone in the one aisle.  She was not thrilled when I took it from her and made her wait until we paid.  One change, as a result of my current diet, is that we did not go for ice cream - my poor neglected child.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Quantum is floating out!  Hello pretty lady.  They'll be continuing work on her to add the structures that wouldn't fit in the building like the North Star and stacks.  I see she doesn't have her life vessels attached yet, but I they were talking about them coming into the shipyard a week or so ago.
I can't wait, I can't wait!!!
Headed out early yesterday to go to the Chevelle concert in Pittsburgh at Stage AE with my favorite Egg.  Neither of us had high expectations for the opening act, Dayshell, after listening a bit on Amazon.  The vocals were just drowned out and they were rather unentertaining.  Chevelle on the other hand, at least in my opinion, sounded pretty good.  They interacted a bit but nothing will ever be like a Type O show again.  I miss the corny humor, dodging wine bottles, the requisite toilet paper fight, and the fake snow falling.
I remain incredibly puzzled as to how anyone lives/works in the burgh.  It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to the venue thanks to being stopped for quite a while just trying to get on the last 5 mile stretch.  Fortunately, the one thing that makes the burgh better than New Jersey, it was easy to get out.  I made it home in 1 1/2 hours, that's an epic speed run thanks to the weather, traffic, and lights cooperating.  I did hit one patch of heavy rain on the way in, just before 376.  Since it was suppose to rain all afternoon and evening, I'm content.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm not much for camping without a building and running water, but I think I need to add Cherry Springs State park to my to do list.  Go ahead and check out the photos people are getting of the night sky:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday morning I was eager to hit the pavement, how messed up is that?  Yes, I should have waited until Sunday, but I need to shift this week's workouts by a day due to other commitments that would hinder a Sun/Tues/Thurs routine.  I think I was only eager because I was curious if I could hang with the week 2 workout.  It was definitely more of a challenge, but I did it - shorting the last run only by a few seconds due to a major stitch in my side.

I have a week left on this diet bet, so I indulged a bit in my eating this weekend.  After all, I do tend to get stuck and eating some bad things often can get me kick started again - or so I'm telling myself.  Ok, I admit, I'm also using the want and need to feed Eggs to make some of the more yummy grub selections.  I made some of smores brownies and Alton's mac and cheese yesterday, and mashed potatoes today (w/ pork and kraut).  I have to note that I did meet one of my own milestones, weighing in less than Eggs today.  As it should be IMHO.

Last night we also hit the Silver Drive In too and got to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which was pretty decent, and Into the Storm which was at least laughable.  I found it entertaining that Merle (from Walking Dead) was in in Guardians of the Galaxy basically playing the same character and Lori (also from Walking Dead) was in Into the Storm.  Needless to say, one of them seems to be garnering better roles.  I'm glad it's him, because while I know it's just a character and acting is involved I can't help but see a terrible mother when I see the gal who plays Lori.

Yes, I should workout tonight... but maybe Little Sprinkles with Rex instead - pay for it tomorrow.  I gotta go dish.  After an extended period of time, didn't I get another text from the DBK tonight.  Seriously.  Are you mental?

Friday, August 08, 2014

They are breeding.  There is now FOUR of those stupid little yellow slow signs on my way to work.

Tonight left work a bit early since I had my time in and a serious need for a nap, which I did get after getting a little more cleaning done around here.  The one thing I didn't do was work out, but that's just too bad, I'll try to find the motivation to make up for it tomorrow morning.

I also took a trip into Jtown and checked out the Flood City Cafe.  Their menu looked interesting and I had heard they had an open mic night on Fridays where quite a few people went to sing.  Well the sammie that caught my eye was quite tasty and the music entertaining enough.  The coffee was a bit weak to my tastes, nothing to write home about.  ...and I finished a book I've been in the middle of for an extended period of time.  We'll call that a Friday night win, but it seemed like a good place to play a game and I don't mean solitaire.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Tell me I'm not the only person who hates these effing things:
On my drive to work in recent weeks three of these awful little things appeared.  No, I don't take the back roads to work.  If you live along a road with a 35 MPH speed limit, don't tell me to slow down.  Your options:  Purchase a home on a less busy street or, preferably, and a more immediate solution, tell your sped children to not play on or near the street.  I'm not someone who is prone to mischief but I admit these inspire a desire (one I will not execute mind you) to take a baseball bat to them from the side of a moving vehicle.  Oh Darwin!