Saturday, November 30, 2019

Happy thanksgiving!  I pray that you had a great holiday.  Ours are always busy and include at least two get togethers.  This year, sandwiched in between the typical family gatherings, I managed to squeeze another in - our towards State College with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, and the other newly found family member and her family.  We shared a meal together and had some time to chat and get to know each other more.  It was a very different experience from the meeting with the other new family member -- which was a one-on-one thing.  I do think there will be more get togethers and communication - and I'm excited for it.

I'm tired from the driving and running, but feeling extra blessed this year.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Well that is a first!  I saw my first nomadic round of robins in the winter!  I know that robins don't migrate, but still I always comment when I see the first ones in the spring because historically they've been pretty absent.

I was out back with the dogs and there was a good bit of chirping and birds all about in the trees behind the house.  I have to admit, I feel bad.  I can't help but think one of them led his friends here saying "I know this lady, she has food and water, let's go there." - and here I am without having filled the winter feeders and the bird bath is down as to avoid it freezing and damaging the concrete.  Ok, I looked - they're still unlikely to hit up feeders, even in the winter.  I feel less guilty but I am looking to see I have any apples, grapes, etc that need tossed that I can put out.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Yep, I'm going to change Avery's name.  I'm thinking Mary, as in typhoid Mary.  Damnit.  My head is stuffed and runny and making my throat hurt - AGAIN.  I've heard that another layer of precaution might be changing her clothes when she comes home (in addition to washing hands etc).  I'm thinking about it, because this is getting ridiculous.

The humidity hasn't dipped yet, so I haven't seen the need to start running the humidifiers - but the hot shower sure helped last night, as has the hot soup and tea today.  If I could just go ahead and submerge myself in boiling water that would make me feel better and kill the germs, right?

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Today I messed up the date for the 10th anniversary celebration of the daycare.  But the service at the Presby church was nice!  Avery kept pointing to the pastor and saying "Superman" (apparently he dressed up for the kiddos when they did superheros week).  She really enjoyed the hand bell choir too.

After I brought her home and headed to a second service, this one at the local Lutheran church - where my newly found family member was preaching today!  It was such a delight to meet her and enjoy a bit of lunch post-service.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I like to document when the first robins start appearing in the summer, and when the first snow happens in the fall/winter.  Well today it happened - just a dusting, but it sure got chilly over night.

Monday, November 11, 2019

When I do Avery's hair in the morning and I ask one piggy or two... more often than not she says two.  She holds up two fingers.  "Two, two mommy, two."  When I put Avery to bed at night she says "two blankies".  Ask her how old she is?  she's got that down two... er, too.

It's kind of interesting that what I'm posting about now is two.  Look at my previous post.  Yeah, I didn't find one half sibling.  I found two.  And this second one is on the other side.  This one hurts my heart more because I know this one hurt that parent's heart.

The good news is I am able to gather some information.  This person also wants to talk with me and get to know more.

I am so distracted and so overwhelmed right now.  Nothing changed with who I am or my life as I know it today but at the same time everything changed.  I wish I could talk to Mom and Dad directly about all of this.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Today was a bit mind blowing.  Someone reached out on Ancestry - showing as a second cousin or so in DNA match.  It caused me to log in and look at all of my matches.  Aside:  I can see several cousins marked appropriately as first or second cousins.  There were two people marked as way closer of relationships.

I reached out to both out of curiosity.  One has replied, the one I was very curious about, because they made mention of a name in their profile.  We've sent a couple of messages back and forth... I think I may have another half sibling.  (Older than me, and from before my parents married.)

If that wasn't enough to make the day memorable - Avery pooped on the potty for the first time!  It's been an interesting day.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

The tick testing is complete.  Negative for lyme, babesiosis, and powassan virus lineage II.  However, it was positive for anaplasmosis. A quick google makes that sound potentially scary too.  Given that the ticks were removed on Oct 31 - nearly a week ago - I'm not sure what the timeline would be to see effects.  As such, I made a call to the vet for recommendations and I'm awaiting a response.  More to come.

Monday, November 04, 2019

Yesterday we ran to the outlets both to get some Christmas gift ideas and to get my ring* in for it's every 6 month inspection at the jeweler.  *ring = the ring Avery and I picked out on my first Mother's day.

Several of the stones were pretty lose, so the ring was sent off for repairs and my finger is looking and feeling bare.  I didn't even smack it off of anything recently, so what's up with that?  I hadn't paid for the protection plan, so even though had I lost a stone it would have been covered the work to fix it wouldn't have been, so I had to spend a chunk of change for that protection plan, but at least that's good for a  lifetime.  In the mean time I miss having my local jeweler in Jtown.

I'm still so glad I bought that ring.  I look forward to the day that Avery is old enough that I can give it to her as her first really nice piece of jewelry.  I hope she'll understand how much it means to me.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

As a follow up to my thyroid tests - the bloodwork is good and the other test resulted in being told I have a "beautiful thyroid", so I have that going for me.  I am quite happy to hear that there is nothing to worry about there.

It was a bit of a medical long weekend as the morning of my thyroid test (Friday) I got a call from daycare that Avery had gotten hurt and I was off to pick her up and take her to MedExpress. She too got lucky, but not as lucky as me.  The door stop won this one.  Fortunately the most feared injuries when someone bangs up their face are not a concern (teeth are ok, nose isn't broken) we just need to get the swelling down and black and blue marks have to heal.

Friday, November 01, 2019

As we came back in the house last night from trick or treat I noticed two dark spots on Saffy's forehead.  It looked like a vampire swooped down and bit her between her eyebrows.  Ticks.  *cringe*  Fortunately my Favorite Egg was here to help with the situation and we got them removed.  Needless to say I applied their doses of biospot immediately thereafter.

I've been avoiding using the biospot as I'm not a fan of unnecessary chemicals, especially with a little one who likes to pet and touch her puppies.  But we crossed the line to necessary.  I haven't had to deal with a tick on a dog since I lived in NC.  Ugh, it skeeves me out pretty good.

Side note:  if you're not aware - if you are in PA, you can send your ticks for testing for free!  Check it out:  I'll report back on what comes back once our report is back.

Now on to other news.  I head back to the lab today for a scan of my thyroid.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday to get checked as I've had a reoccurring sore throat.  This is the third time in 6-8 months I've had a crazy sore throat.  One of the times it was best described as feeling like I had hot sauce sitting on the back of my throat.  Cough drops don't stop the feeling and it lasts all day, peaking overnight.  When I've had a sore throat in the past it kept itself to night and early morning and lasted a short period of time.

With a little one here I went to the doctor on the side of caution.  I feared some weird strep thing or something even though I didn't have all of the symptoms.  She did not test me for strep, but felt it was allergy/sinus related.  The thyroid finding was incidental as she was checking my lymph nodes.  We drew blood on Wednesday and scheduled this scan.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

I definitely did not leave a door open... and the times I've watched it to see the lights turn off after I exit the vehicle they do.  This morning the lights started to flash, but then the car started.  I left it running while I took Avery into school and called the dealership.  I have an appointment for next Thursday, but frankly, that's too far away.  Fortunately they called me back and told me to bring it up.  Now I wait to hear back.

On one hand I'm hoping that Advanced was wrong, that I just need a new battery.  Sure it's an expense, but it would explain and solve it all.  If there is some easily fixable issue, especially if it is covered under warranty that would technically be even better.  The last option is an electrical issue.  I had one with a Dodge Intrepid that had me sell the vehicle not too long after getting it and the Dodge Durango had electrical problems after the car starter went in it.  Point being, sometimes it just can't be resolved.

Monday, October 14, 2019

No va.  Yesterday I got up to make our pre-church Starbuck's visit and the car wouldn't start.  At first it said that the key wasn't in the car.  Well, I've had that happen before and a mere touch of the key to the starter button and the problem was solved.  Not this time.  Instead it started flashing all of the lights inside and outside of the car.  There was no sound or attempt to start.  In my head I could hear the 'fail' sound from the Price is Right.

As a result I got to take the Stinger out for a spin.  Avery and I got a reminder how nice it is to have a garage.  She noted her seat was cold and I had to run the defrost for a bit before I could get moving.  Fortunately there wasn't ice on it like so many others had yesterday morning for the first time this year.

My Favorite Egg jumped my car after we came back from Starbucks (yeah, I skipped church) and we took it to Advanced.  I was ready to get a new battery under the assumption that this one is at least 4 1/2 years old (factory), that seems like the typical lifespan I've known, and winter is coming, so it's likely to go then.  The guy offers to test it and ends up telling me that the battery is good.  That's a relief since the new ones (they're special, so they can handle the heavier electrical load) are $200.  WHAT!?  So instead we drove around and charged it up a bit.

Now I'm left with two main thoughts:  1 - how the heck did it die?  Did I leave a door slightly open or is something else up?  It started this morning, so probably the first, but dang it that I didn't notice it.  2 - how incredibly stupid it is that if you have an automatic trunk door that there is no way to open it if your battery is 'dead'.  It beeped like it wanted to open, but wouldn't let me pull it open even.  That is rather less than convenient when your jumper cables are in the compartment at the back of the vehicle.  I wiggled by way over the back seat to get into the compartment to get what I needed.