Friday, February 24, 2017

I was eager to try the local thai place and craving (both food and to get out into the amazing weather) so I tried to make a late lunch run, only to find them closed.  They're now only open for dinner, but it would be nice if they had updated that on their Facebook page.  I then tried to hit a local pizza place but they too were not open for lunch.  What's up with that Canonsburg?

Empty handed I returned home and ate some leftover meatloaf.  But since I had to run to Big Lots and Target last night I decided to stop again as I passed the pizza joint.  I can say that my white pizza from Arleo's was pretty good.

The target run was in part to get an exercise ball, but I'm not sure I'm going to like it as a chair for work.  My existing chair was dripping oil.  Thank goodness I brought a plastic mat for under it with me - or I would have oil on my carpet!  I've taped up some covering on there for now, but I think I'm going to need to buy a new "real" chair.

I got enough extra unboxed as to put two more big boxes full of broken down boxes out to the trash this morning along with garbage the previous owners left behind.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dogs.  That is the theme of today's post, and here it is only 7:30ish when I got up at 7.  Sounds kind of ominous, doesn't it?

First, I love that all of my new neighbors have dogs.  I do not like already knowing that some of those new neighbors don't realize it isn't acceptable to put their little yippie shits outside at 6am and allow them to make all kinds of noise.

Next, I discovered who the crazy dog person is here (thank God it isn't me).  The house two doors up w/ the fence but no deck had... I dunno, I counted 5, but there may have been more as they were running about frantic, out there this morning.  It immediately caught my attention because they all began to bark and run about when I took the girls out back (on leash remember because I don't have a fence yet).  They however do as I do and immediately opened the door calling them in to contain the noise.  I admit I'm glad they are not immediately next door, and I'm sure my girls agree - they didn't appreciate the crazed excitement our previous neighbor puppy had.

Final note, while I made my english muffin this morning (yay - I went to the grocery store) Saffy was helping to unpack, the treats that is.  She pulled out a rawhide.  Fortunately, I saw that right away so I could close up the box before a morning smorgasbord ensued.

Speaking of that fence I need to find someone, get quotes, and get drawings to expedite things once the weather breaks.  Going from a short first floor walk to two flights of stairs to take the dogs out on leash isn't my favorite thing about the new house - and the weather is even nice right now.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm so behind!  As you can imagine the few days after my previous post were quite hectic.  It took the movers a lot longer to load on Monday than I expected, which meant I was cleaning later than I expected, and didn't roll into the general Wash/Can area until around 9:30, where I caught up with my Favorite Egg for some dinner before delivering another load to the new place and heading to his place to crash late as can be.

I was up that Tuesday bright and shiny to get to the new place and wait for the movers, where I worked putting things away as I could and directing them where items went.  It too was a long day, but a little shorter than the one before.  Turned out they underestimated the size of truck needed, so the second one showed around 5pm on Monday, and didn't get here until Wednesday.

I did get some work in on Wed and Thurs, but not full days as I needed to take some time putting things away. The office is reasonably set up but not complete as is the kitchen.  During these days the DirecTV guy and HVAC guy came and did their thing too, and I had a new doctor appointment.

Then on Thursday night Lor-Lor arrived, because Friday morning we flew out to San Juan!  We spent two nights there before joining Jewel of the Seas for a 7 night get away.  In San Juan we hit some places I knew were sure bets (Cafe Cultura and Mojitos) and tried some other places out (La Madre), we walked along some of the touristy areas, and we made a trek to the El Yunique rain forest and then off to night kayaking to see the bioluminescent bay!  It was not luminescing leading up to our visit, but we sure saw it!  My legs were pretty sore from the rainforest hike for a few days.

This trip was pretty busy, with only one day at sea before the last port.  We went to...
St Thomas where we did a walking tour on our own, targeting the Synagogue.  There was a little rain, but still a good day and it was a nice little tour.
St Kitts where we had booked a trip to the Clay Villa Plantation and a bit of an island tour.  It too was a nice day and a pleasant tour.
St Johns Antigua, where we went on a catamaran tour through the ship.  The snorkeling wasn't great and there was simply too many ppl who didn't know what to do with a pair of flippers.  It was a nice enough day, but the tour was as I'd expect of the cattle call.
Barbados where our prebooked tour left without us an hour before our ship arrived.  Yeah.  Not getting good reviews there.  We ended up doing a taxi tour with a few other ppl, but it notably missed some key areas.
At sea Lor-Lor took the sushi class and we both had a bite, then I caved and bought an embellished giclee of Ilyayev (A Little Stroll).  It may be a little longer until my next sail, so I used that as my excuse.
St Maarten where we went on a kick butt private power boat tour/3-stop snorkel.  As a result I am crispy burned.

We arrived home after a day of travel late last night and today I headed out early to fetch the girls from camp back by Jtown.  We arrived and they checked everything out before crashing out.  I'd say they're feeling pretty comfortable.  I've done a little more unpacking and organizing today, but not a ton - I'm tired.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

I'm hoping to sleep like a champ tonight.  I left my favorite Egg's earlier in the day than I normally do on Sundays too, so I had more time to finish packing tonight.  There is still a little more to do before I can call it a night however.  The movers will be here tomorrow morning and I have to keep up the motivation to clean behind them as they clear things out.

Friday morning I was up earlier than normal so I could drop the girls off the second the place opened.  Then I was back to the house to load some stuff up and on the road.  Fortunately the weather I have been blessed with has been fantastic, so it was smooth sailing for me to arrive at the new house for the final walk through right on time.  Then we were off to closing.  When I was on my own I headed back to empty the vehicle and then to cross some to do items off of the list.  I already have a change of address license card and stopped to get internet set up.  Back to the house I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen cabinets so I am ready to start unpacking the most important room.  I also started the list of stupid little things that need fixed.  New house, wth.  Saturday I was a bit of a slacker.  We did take a load from his place to the new one but other than that I didn't get much done there.

It wasn't a perfect weekend as in we forgot to get the check from the previous owners for some other repairs that need made *sigh* and they said their electrician didn't see the front light tripping, but I managed to trip it several times, that is, once I figured out how to reset it.  I wasn't too worried about it until I realized I couldn't get out because the tripped circuit also killed the garage door.  I eventually, with the help of the flashlight on my phone found the plug that needed reset.  I will say this - even in newer houses the way they choose to run wiring makes NO SENSE.  Oh, and they left two squares of tp in the whole house.  Thanks.  This bumped the stop at Big Lots for a few items up on the to do list that made me run back out so fast.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Tonight was my last night at youth.  They even had cake for me.  I bawled a good bit.  It coincided with Pastor Todd returning to speak.  I admit to enjoying his visits as I know when he prays over me I am getting a word.

In the past the message was the end of a season of waiting coming.  Well, here I am in transition.  Today's message was a season of joy coming - and it is already, there have been so many great things I know God has poured into my first month of 2017 alone.

Since I was at youth I didn't get a ton of packing done, but I did get another load of laundry through and the dishwasher run so those things can be packed up tomorrow.  I also finished off a couple of boxes that were in the works and started to prep the plants to go on Friday.  There remains what still feels like a lot, but I'm starting to think I can buckle down and get it done between tomorrow and Sunday night.

The other news here is that we may be shifting the closing on this house forward to next week as well.

Finally, I'm starting to break through from the cold that hit me.  It's the first one I've had in years and I felt kind of miserable.  I've still got some sinus pressure and a bit of a snotty head, but it's definitely better than it was.  In the midst of all of this I managed to pull a muscle in my chest with the sneezing that came with it.  That too feels better today than it did. I'm falling apart over here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My new location realtor doesn't know me very well.  She contacted me today w/ the information on all of the utilities and reminded me to get them changed for Friday.  Uh.  It's 3 1/2 days til we close, all of that was done over 2 weeks ago.

More proof you have to stay on your toes reviewing other people's work:  I noted the mortgage company didn't waive the fees they said they would (to the tune of $1050).  I did get them to acknowledge that needed to be corrected.  I'm still waiting for the updated paperwork with that change.

New computer for work is being a royal bitch.  Can't get stuff working on it. 
Not sure if it's me or issues with the build - as other ppl are having other problems.  With limited time to get things functioning properly I'm stressing out a little - I admit.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The post office wants your credit card information to complete a change of address online.  Uh. WTF.  Yeah, sure, they only bill you a dollar, but still.  Do I trust you to even put my credit card information in online?  No, no I do not.  Well, I have to stop at the post office anyhow to drop off change of address postcards, so I guess I'll do it in person.

My favorite egg is here this weekend for his last visit to me in the Jingle.  Fortunately, we didn't get the 4-10 inches they were calling for on Fri/Sat.  I did get some more packed up yesterday and I'm working to figure out what all I can send back with him to avoid high packing fees from the moving company (e.g. lamps or glass shelves from curios etc).

I unplugged the freezer in the basement this morning, I'm that cleared out and down to those types of steps.  It still doesn't feel 100% real.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I may have only gotten one big box (at least so far this evening) packed but I was still productive.  In packing that box in the kitchen I realized I had the milk here to make a cherry chocolate bread mix, so that's happening.  I also woofed down a big ranch bean frito salad and made a couple of half-assed potato skins (I say half assed because I do NOT have sour cream and only a smidgen of cheese).  Ok, maybe eating 3 times shouldn't count as productive, but I did clear some stuff out of the pantry.

I also got on using up some white vinegar that was here - running a load in the washer and dishwasher, pouring some down the bathroom and kitchen drains as a chaser to the baking soda from the fridge.  A load of laundry was also put away.  So that's something.

Last night I ran a load that load of laundry and the dishwasher.  I also got a huge box pulled together - which involved stripping down the bed upstairs and pulling pillows.  I took the curtains down and pulled a good bit of the decorations down off of the walls (although many of those I'll move myself).

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The weather this weekend was amazing.  It sure made for easy travels to my Favorite Egg's. We had a wedding to attend a bit of a distance from his place too.  I'm so glad the couple had a gorgeous day to call their own.  The weekend went super fast since it felt like I lost a good chunk to the wedding (he was doing a reading for them, so he was gone Friday evening for rehearsal).  It gave me time to get a last hour in for work and to hide parts of his early birthday surprise all over his house.  Mission accomplished.  My next trip out there will to be to close on my new house.  How crazy is that?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Appraisal was completed earlier this afternoon, so that is out of the way, now we wait for that response so we can call all in the universe well and good.  I have no doubt that it is all well in the universe because things have crazy tipped in a new direction so far this year.  Again, still can't put it all out there yet, sorry.

I did have a scare today.  As I brought the girls back up the stairs, I'm not sure how it happened but Danika was knocked off balance and a foot kicked out to the point she about toppled over the side of the basement stairs about five feet up.  Fortunately I was behind her and within reach that I got her butt and back legs into my arm and back on the stairs as to avoid that hell of a tumble.  Ugh.  Can you imagine?  I sat here shaking and nauseated for a few minutes after thanks to that close call.  They have their regular yearly visit to the vet this evening, the last thing I would want is to accelerate that a few hours with an emergency trip.

The folks I have been worried about, well 2 out of 3 so far are reporting back positive words of successful surgeries.  There will be recuperation time for them no doubt, but I'm glad to know they are awake and on that recovery road.

Monday, January 16, 2017

I am still wiped out, so I sat on the couch tonight, but to still be productive I got information from receipts etc processed into my spreadsheets to prep for tax season.  With all of the turns of events with the apartment and then getting it ready and not having that income on it - I really took a spanking on that this year.  Given that the house was on the market since it emptied out and I was not actively looking for a tenant I suspect that will limit me severely on what I can write off.  Worse still is disposing of everything that was in there that was on a depreciation schedule.  Thank goodness I pay someone to guide me on all of that stuff.

I do wish it would be done with these taxes, but since we're into 2017 before the house closes I guess I'll be dealing with another two months of it and then trying to figure out how I get screwed for "making money" on the house (I'm sure that's how they'll see it even though I spent WAY more than what I'm selling it for on upgrades/repairs etc.)  I guess I can't worry about it too much right now.  One day at a time.

I did have the moving company stop today to give me a more accurate estimate and the price is defn higher than originally guestimated on the phone.  It'll still be worth it, but I will be trying to take a car load on closing day and then another load of my own when we do the rest of the move.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I did get a couple grocery bags scooped on Friday between a pass at lunch time and a quick pass before the sun set.  I did not get a lot of packing done on Saturday, but I did get to spend a little quality time with Beff, her Mama, and sister, and then eventually her hubs too.  It was good to get a legit visit in - and to have another big plate of sushi!  I ran out before we got together for lunch and snagged a small smash cake to celebrate Mom's birthday too.  Happy 85th in heaven!

I did get some packing done today in addition to making a big batch of yummy stir fry and corn casserole.  I know it's an odd mix, but I wanted to get a couple of things made to eat off of for a few days early in the week.  It's to the point I need to start planning meals around what remains so I can use up the cans/heavier items with minimal purchases to complete the meal.  Give me a week or two and the meals are going to be rather odd.

This week seems to be a bad one for many people I care about.  There are surgeries happening in the next two days for multiple people and another is headed to meet with new doctors after a worse diagnosis, so I am praying for these folks and their doctors, please say one for all for them.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

It was in the 60s today and raining, but set to plunge back down tomorrow.  *shakes head*  If the yard hadn't been a complete muddy mess I would have tried to scoop.  I really do need to get that tended to.

I've made a little more progress here and there on packing.  Last night was 4 big boxes in the basement along with getting a load of laundry done.  Tonight was only one box in the bedroom and starting to pull items aside that I'll need more urgently.  I spent another hour doing some research for work too, so the evening went fast.  It's only 9, but I'm wiped.  A friend posted about the trilogy I am currently a book and a half deep into, so now that's on my mind.  Maybe I'll soak for a little while with my book and wipe out a bit early.

When I got home tonight I checked something out that I was curious about with surprising results.  Not sure how to interpret.  Yay purposely cryptic posts!  I do use this as a place to track certain things, so this will help me remember should I need to do any further investigation.