Thursday, February 04, 2016

At the risk of making February sound like the month of complaints I'll make a note that earlier this week I was fighting with my computer, which decided to refuse to grab Windows updates.  I had long since turned off automatic updates what with the risk of MS shoving Windows 10 down my throat, so there were a few waiting for me since the last time I manually requested them.  I did actually follow instructions that were to permanently block their attempts, but call me paranoid, I'm sure they'll implement away around that.  I paid extra to get a laptop with Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 - I'd be extra ticked if I inadvertently got upgraded.  Either way, I was up way too late on Tuesday with my feeble attempts.  I found a few other items to try after work on Wednesday, which at least got the attempts to grab running again.  I left her running while I was at youth group and sure enough, I had updates when I got home.  *whew*

I went ahead and scheduled my appointment with H&R block to get on top of my taxes, but only after calling two places to see if I should be expecting/needing a 1099-R (I do not).  It will be good to cross that off of the list.  I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again, I am very glad I have shifted to having someone else deal with all of that.  It is so much faster and less stressful.

I also want to note that I have been sticking to the routine I promised myself this week:  work out Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri - Wed off for youth and weekends off if I'm with my Favorite Egg.  I was also still sore today from Tuesday's workout, so I am doing something right, right?
Another harassing automated call from AT&T today... even though earlier today the amount I forced through yesterday from my checking account was already showing as credited. I had to call them already twice this morning too - since the DirecTV payment was already showing as credited too - to try and get things combined (again). I was hung up on once, and when I called back the lady said she couldn't do anything because of the other person who was in my account, that I need to wait 24-48 hours and call back and we'll try again. Of course, the second lady only told me at after I was hung up on while hold (again) and she called me back.


Anyone want to put money down that AT&T still auto-charges my credit card for another $100 tomorrow, and then they call me AGAIN? What a cluster.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

If AT&T had nuts. Today I think I'd kick them. Again a harassing call after yet another hour wasted on the phone w/ them yesterday, repeated apologies and promises to escalate the issue because I should NOT be getting calls on this - their mistake.

To save my blood pressure I just went ahead and put in a manual payment on my checking account (since I cannot move the date they want to auto bill my credit card and that is 2 more days away w/ more calls I'm sure). Oh, and YES, DirecTV did issue another bill, so NO AT&T you're not right - you do not have things combined. I'm getting so completely irritated. Seriously if you're going to combine things, you might want to figure out how it needs to be done before raking your loyal customers through the coals. This only makes them wonder what other options are out there.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Today AT&T decided to call me to harass me for an overdue balance.  You mean the one that I've called you about several times in the past month?  The one that should have processed to my credit card last month because I've been enrolled in automatic payment, but YOU didn't charge the full amount to the card?  The one that your representatives assured me was NOT an issue that it would be fine and cleared up with the February charge?

Seriously, get your sh*t together.  Harass someone who hasn't bothered to pay their bill for a long ass time rather than someone with along track record with you and DOES pay their bills (without government assistance).

Monday, February 01, 2016

Last afternoon/evening I joined my local Aunt and Uncle for a nice chat and an even nicer home cooked meal with hand mixed margaritas!  There was leftover margarita that came home with me, but I cannot pull them out until I work out.  That's right, it's February 1.  I told myself I'd start working out again today. *sigh*  I guess I better go get on that right now while my dinner cooks.  At least I get to watch another episode of American Horror Story (if Netflix doesn't decide to fight with me).  Good news is I haven't gained any weight in January.  Now let's see if I can kick start and actually take some off.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Given that I've saved darn near every friggin thing else... are you telling me I didn't keep my previous set of bedroom curtains?  It just doesn't fit my typical behavior.  Of course, that still isn't helping me find them and believe me I've tried.  In the process I've identified even more crap to get rid of.  Ok, most of it is not crap, it's decent stuff.  Most of it just didn't match the selected colors in a room anymore (bathroom, bedroom, living room).  Either way, St Vincent De Paul is going to have a LOT of stuff coming their way when I finally load it all up.  At this point I might even need to make two trips.

Anyhow, the weather warmed back up today (dancing around the 50 mark) and things are melting off.  I was out running around as I often do on the weekend.  First stop(s) Home Depot and Lowes, where I left empty handed.  What I need to buy:

- a piece of wood to fix/replace the missing piece at the bottom of my banister.  Nothing looks close to what is there, and of course, nothing is finished, so that deters me, but worse still I'd have to buy a huge piece of something else and then manage to actually mitre cut it.  HA!

- a cabinet/mirror/or just cabinet doors to cover the old window space in the bathroom.  I hate just having a curtain over it.  I think it would look really nice w/ cabinet doors attached, but of course you can't just buy the doors - at least not around here, maybe ebay and places like that - but the sizes aren't quite right.

- a new light for over the dining room table.  I've found a few that I think look okay, but nothing wows me and nothing perfectly matches the sconce light at the bottom of the stairs (brushed nickel w/ marbled/white whispy frosted glass.  I really like the contemporary looks, but I know I should stick with something pretty neutral that will appeal to more people.

Side note: I've been reading up on how to determine the appropriate size of light you need to purchase.  I never realized how many guidelines there are for this.  At least it helped me determine approximately the size to get, however, I am still not convinced on the heights that everything is saying it should be hung at.  To me I think it would appear to be in the way.  Maybe I'm just too used to having a ceiling fan that is nice and snug to the ceiling over my table.

Second stops were all about groceries.  I'm restocked.  It's rare that I don't have much here, but suffice it to say I was desperate when I made three scrambled eggs and some frozen french toast bites for dinner last night.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Do they not realize that the commercials for Obamacare turn me even further on the spectrum towards hatred for it? B, you pay $22 a MONTH for healthcare?! How the F am I then paying out $180 a month and my employer another $250 a month for me (on our lowest plan option)? If you do the math that is LESS than what the "family of 4" says they pay in the commercial. It almost sparks more obscenities from me than the commercial for the free cell phones w/ more minutes and text messages than I have for $60 a month.

Why don't you also state how much the rest of us, who work for a living, are paying into it for you? "I get health insurance and my premium is only $22 a month. The taxpayer's premium is another $300 a month, so thanks everyone else!" I receive approximately 54.7% of my gross earnings each check into my checking account every pay. Yes, some of this is going into savings to plan for my future, but I know that there are many people who don't bother to do that either, so at some point I am also paying for THEM to live in retirement. Consider my gears in a constant state of wear.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The girls had their regular, yearly, trip to the vet this evening.  Everyone is happy, healthy, inoculated, and ready to return to the kennel as needed.  Fortunately the snow has been melting off, but not to the point that my back yard is a mud hole, so they can go run about and I could still follow them around to gather samples for the vet.

I've been fighting off a headache for the past couple of days that tells me the barometric pressure has been shifting around.  Hopefully that all regulates soon so I am not feeling like crap when Feb 1 rolls around, as I have set that as the date I get back on the workout train.  I guess I need to hurry up and get some other things done this weekend before I start loosing all of my weeknights again.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Don't ignore big things. I know big things happen to everyone, and sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in your own big things, but c'mon. It isn't all about me, but sometimes it should be, because I cannot live with things being 100% all about someone else. I hate the moments where I sit wanting to share something with someone and have no one to chat with (especially when you want to talk to someone face to face). It's worse if you do say something and it gets glossed over - or worse - completely ignored. I'm moody right now, this is true, but I think even on my best day I'd find this to be bullsh*t.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

I was a brave girl and headed to see my Favorite Egg this weekend, despite the unpredictable storm that was brewing.  I left a bit earlier than I normally would to get out there.  As I headed down 70 the snow started and I was starting to get unhappy by the time I reached his exit and followed the salt truck a long way down the backroad.  But I made it in advance of the ick, so that was good.  We had planned to head back out for dinner and a grocery run.  That boy is brave.  I had to take a few deep breaths along the way, but we made our run w/o issue.

Come morning there was a full foot of snow.  Keep in mind, that things were to be worse "back here" so I was monitoring what everyone else was posting (one person saying 20" another saying 30").  Gah.  I had taken extra food for the dogs, just in case, so I could have waited until Monday if it came down to it.  By some miracle the roads were cleared out there quickly, and I was hearing good things about back here.  I am very shocked that the trip home was mostly dry and clear.  I'm proud of you Western PA.  That is might impressive.

Of course, my driveway was a mess.  My plow guy did come through on Saturday, but so did the idiots who love to put everything from up the road into my driveway.  My tenant was shoveling for a while and I still had to go out there and do more digging after getting home.  I hate snow.  At least the girls love it.  They had a blast out back (while I shoveled some of the weight off of the deck).

Friday, January 22, 2016

While I know that the weather predictions are all over the place - you'd think that on if I am looking at the 5-Day forecase and it says "Today <1 in" and "Sat 3-5 in" that they are predicting maybe 4-6", right? Oh no. Click on "Today" and then it says "Today <1 in, Tonight 8-12in". Um, talk about burying the lead. WTH! That 8-12 isn't part of today or tomorrow? *boggle*

Thursday, January 21, 2016

It's pretty bad when the pending weather has me in a tissy.  I just hate not knowing what's coming.  Why do I even look at the predictions?  All they do is scare the crap out of me anymore.

On completely unrelated, but so relevant news, I've been making great progress planning what to see and do for my next cruise.  I can actually say that at the moment, I am excited to go to Mexico.  Whaaaa?  At least I have something to look forward to.  Right now it seems pretty far off, but I know it will be here before I know it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Oscars are "too white" huh? I'm not supposed to read that as a racist statement, but if I said a professional basketball team was "too black" and I refused to attend until they added more white players I'd probably get a good deal of hate mail (and possibly threats on my life).

When will we start to see things where we truly are looking for "the best candidate" instead of hinting that some quota needs to be met? This doesn't just apply to color, it applies to gender as well. I don't dislike you're statement because you're black - I wouldn't like it if you were white either - I dislike your statement because it makes you look like an ass. Quit making the divide larger.

I'll spin this back around to the huge push to get women into STEM careers too. You cannot force it. Offer the classes, create the opportunities, and then allow people to make their own decisions on what interests them and what doesn't. Frankly, I think the beautiful thing about working in the geekier sectors is the notable lack of caddy, back-stabbing, manipulative, get what I want by flirting with the right person WOMEN - because most gals who are genuinely interested in this world aren't like that. Please don't pollute it _just_ to meet your quotas.