Monday, June 18, 2018

I've been quite sore since last week.  My neck and upper back first on Friday.  Then the next day both of my calves kicked in, also sore - almost like after some of the middle of the night charlie horses I got while prego.  My calves feel still a light pull, but it moved down into my right foot yesterday and then my arms were hurting - today it's my left wrist that barely wants to bend without pain.  What on EARTH did I do to my body?  This all started after my most recent chiro appointment, which would explain the neck/back, but my calves?  Arms?  Wrist?

I've spent the past two nights partially on the couch sleeping as my side of the bed disagrees with my left hip and lower back, and frankly that's the only part of me that hasn't been in notable pain for the past few days.

Another momentous occasion of great sadness... last night I finally (long overdue) threw away my Pampered Chef Generation 2 cookware pan that was my go to for meatloaf.  How I wish they still made that set (without the rivets on the inside of the pans).

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The little one and I played (pre-planned) hookie today and headed to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh where we caught up w/ my Favorite Egg's Mom.  It's a nice little place.  I'm sure it will feel like there is more to do once they're finished remodeling the one larger/original area.

I loved the penguin area.  You could pop your head up into the middle of the area and get up close to them and an area where the water is against the glass and you can watch them swim and play.  There was one in particular that kept frolicking against the glass near the kids, and then I noticed his name tag - Slippy!  My dear friend, imho, giving us a sweet little hello from beyond.  You see, she also loved hockey, but always claimed her favorite (Pittsburgh) Penguin was Iceburgh.

The bats were pretty cool to see as well as some of the other larger birds like the owls and eagles. I have to say seeing the eagles is great, but I know it won't compare to the day I finally get to see them out near the lake in the wild.  I also always enjoy watching flamingos.

From there we went for lunch - at the Cheesecake Factory.  It's been many years, since I was in NC as a matter of fact since I've been there.  It surprises me how good the non-dessert food is, but yea, you know I brought home a slice too.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

I'm sitting here holding Avery as she takes her late afternoon nap.  Boy I wish I could wipe out with her as I did for her earlier nap today.  My friend Tanya was in very briefly once again so we spent the night up talking before she headed back to the airport. It's been a long time since I went to bed at 5 a.m., but even worse with a storm rolls that in at  5:20 a.m., upsetting Safyre. I'm not doing too bad for only having 2 hours of sleep (yes we still made it to church - it isn't like Avery was going to sleep in too long).

We had to look closely at our schedule for the next few weeks. It seems like everything is planned for June or July. I hated to tell several friends we wouldn't make it to their events, it just wouldn't be very fair to be on the road for long hours every weekend (and in one case, on both weekend days) - for Avery or the dogs.

Here it is Sunday night once again. At least got through all of the laundry and scrubbed the shower. I made a feeble attempt to trim back the shrubs behind the fence but it was simply too hot earlier today and I didn't get as much done as I probably should have. The deck is back in functional order and the ceiling fan is working as well. I guess some progress was made, but I'm still not wanting to get up and work tomorrow - or to take the wee one (cranky or not) to daycare.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Here it is June already.  I had hoped to get Avery down to visit at my sister's this month, but that's not happening.  It seems like every weekend is booked, if not double- or triple-booked.  It's okay, I'll wait it out and try to get the best flight price/deal, even if it means we go to Texas when it's way to friggin hot to go to Texas.

The underside of the deck roof now has two layers of urethane on it, we're not sure if he will go for the third.  I'm ready to have my deck back.  It cooled off a bit today, it would have been nice to go sit out there for a little while.  The electrician I found finished up he work I had on his docket, meaning there is now a ceiling fan connected out back too.  I also have another plug in the computer room, spare bedroom, and basement - and the two lights in the basement are now on a switch instead of a pull string.

I left work a bit early today for a hair appointment.  From there I ran quickly to another local farm's market area where I picked up some fresh veggies before coming back to get Avery.  Since it was so nice, we went for a walk after getting home and as she seems to do often, she fell asleep while we walked.  I guess learning how to crawl is pretty tiring, as she still managed to wipe out for the night on time.

As to the baby robins, I think they're gone (as of today) already!  I know they only stay in the nest for like two weeks, but it seems so fast.  Good luck little birdies!  I'm thinking about hanging a vacancy sign.

Monday, May 28, 2018

I love long weekends. I really could spend 24-7 with the wee one and be quite happy.  Stay at home Mom's that complain are crazy.  Now to come up with a "win the lottery" strategy that works.

Yesterday we visited at Jay and Jenn's get together yesterday after heading to Bridgeville to try a place we had a groupon for.  The Railyard was decent, but I'll state that much of what I had was pretty bland.  Fried pickles were a very large serving, but the breading was basically panko and zilch for zest/seasoning.  The dipping sauce helped them out to be pleasant enough, but even that could have used a little bit of a kick of something.  The fish and chips followed suit - HUGE serving, but basic panko-style crust without much flavor.  The fries are fresh cut which is always nice, sliced thin, but not over cooked - pleasant surprise.  I'd love to report on the Guinness chocolate cake, but they were out.  We had the cookie instead which wasn't bad, I just had my heart set on that cake.

Last night we pressure washed the ceiling of the deck roof (and I cleaned a few other things that didn't get done last weekend w/ the deck itself) and sprayed the carpenter bee holes with appropriate bee spray.  This morning my Favorite Egg covered the holes and taped things off in preparation to put the urethane up.  I pray this works/keeps them away.

Since all of the furniture from the deck is below the deck, I sat down there long enough to notice that we have at least two baby robins in the nest down there!  I then noticed the robin siting on the fence, probably waiting for me to leave so he/she could feed the babies, so Avery and I packed up and came back inside.  This nest is from a previous year or two, which I left behind, and I'm glad I did.  Welcome birdies!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Effn bees.  Once again this year I'm fighting the bees who keep trying to set up shop out back (wasps and yellow jackets).  Today however I also spotted the first one - a carpenter bee on my deck roof *yes, the one I just put in last year*  Upon closer inspection there are several holes out there. *sigh*  The guy who did the roofing said it was rare that carpenter bees would go after this, it's why I went ahead and picked the wood ceiling.  So now I have to try and figure out how to deal with them.  I had issues with them at the eves on the Jtown house and couldn't get rid of them until I totally covered over the wood w/ soffit and fascia.  I'm so not happy.  I guess I'll be trying to get the wood sealed... or paying someone too and hoping that deters/stops it? :(

Friday night I ventured to another greenhouse in the area and we have a winner - a very nice place.  I picked up two of my sweet, actually SUPER sweet 100s tomato plants and a basil plant.  I wanted to get them into my pots on Saturday, but do you think I could find my large ceramic pots ANYWHERE?  I know they were moved, so where on earth did they go?  So yesterday I was out running a bit more.  I'm not spending on new ceramic ones because that's crazy expensive, so instead I cheaped out and bought two big black buckets from Home Depot.  I bought spray paint to make them look nicer too.

Last night I got one bucket partially painted and the spray paint stopped working. GAH!  So today I was out again to take that can back and get more.  Regardless, earlier today I put the plants into the partially painted pots.  Today my Favorite Egg is here helping out, pressure washing the deck and some of the dirty spots on the siding.

At church this morning I was surprised when the pastor asked me about joining the board of trustees.  So that may be happening too.  I've been wondering how to get involved at this church since we don't have the youth group or other activities that my old/larger church had going on.

Monday, May 14, 2018

It's nice to be recognized for something - to be told you're doing a good job.  Sometimes we hear these things, but not from the people we really wanted and expected to hear it from.  Sometimes the people you want to hear these things from are completely silent and it breaks your heart and ruins what otherwise a lovely day.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Life is very different now... my biggest thrill was finding a whole pile of baby food marked down in Iggle last night.  I guess I always loved a 'good deal' so it isn't that big of a leap, and then needing to organize and plot/plan the order of eating schedule to ensure that one new item is introduced at a time is in my wheelhouse of neurotic activities.

I'm very glad I put of making my grocery run as I suspect they had JUST done the inventory that resulted in these markdowns and had I rushed there after returning from vaca I would have not scored.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

We once again visited with the Grandeur of the Seas.  Our drive to Baltimore on the 25th was long, but uneventful other than a few spots of rain.  The hotel I typically go with was showing as permanently closed, so I booked another hotel in that same area that offered transportation to and from the cruise ship.  The room was not as nice, but it functioned.  Being there I see that the hotel I use to use is now under a different name, but I don't recall seeing the park and cruise deal there.

Our room onboard was an interior (read:  incredibly small with a shower curtain that likes to get up close and personal).  The room was even smaller once we set up Avery's pack and play (provided by the line), but since we had to get a 3-4 person room we were able to drop one of the bunks down to use for storage (and bonking my head).  The staff onboard is still great, the food is still quite good.  Grandeur herself is showing lots of signs of disrepair on the outside (lots of rust that I'm surprised they're not more active tending to).  Rumors swirl that she may be leaving the fleet and being replaced in Baltimore by her sister, Enchantment.

After one full day at sea we stopped in Charleston, where we walked in the main area near the pier.  We wandered and found a good cup of coffee and then a bar for a couple of beers.  We walked through the market area and then down to Rainbow Row and over by the water to the ferry pier where we took Avery to sit on the swings we were on a few years ago right before we started dating.

The next two days were Port Canaveral and Miami, as I mentioned, we stayed onboard.  Next stop was to be Cococay, but that was scratched due to rough conditions that prevented safe tendering.  Instead we pressed on to Nassau, where we got a day and a half instead of the one day.

Our first day in Nassau we walked to Senor Frog's for a few drinks and then into a few shops before returning to the ship.  On day two, since we missed Cococay we booked an excursion by ferry to Blue Lagoon.  That morning was cool and rainy, and we almost cancelled - but we had come too far to not get to put Avery's toes into the sand and water.  Blue Lagoon was not overly impressive to me - I wouldn't recommend it.  As to the water and sand:  Avery cried.  I'm hoping she'll do better if we ca put those toes into WARM water.

Then we had two days at sea as we returned to Baltimore and then the looong drive home.  It feels so much further to Baltimore now that I've moved - it is an extra hour away, but it feels like even more.

I'm glad to be home, but tired, and not eager to get back to the grind.  In the mean time, the rest of my weekend was trying to get some basics (laundry) done.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I haven't mentioned it often enough, but I am loving where I live.  The fact that there are people out walking in this neighborhood and many kids about is just awesome to me (even when you have to wait for them to get off of the road so you can pass).  I love the facebook group for the community too - people putting things up for sale from their kids pretty inexpensive and even putting things out there for free.  This morning I picked up a metal framed fisher price tricycle that someone said "free, it'll be at the end of my driveway if you want it".  Um, yes please.  Even if Avery hates it - it can always go to consignment or get donated.

We had a few pleasant days that allowed us to go for walks, but here we are again with rain.  I'm not a fan, but it still beats snow, and I'm still in my shorts trying to will the summer weather into being.

This past weekend I had my evening out to go see Matt and Kim live at Mr. Smalls Theatre in Millvale!  I had a blast.  Once I found parking (parking on street there) I walked down to Strange Roots, grabbed a sweet beer, and grabbed a bulgogi bowl from a food truck parked in their lot.  Good stuff - both the beer and the bowl!  Then I walked back to the venue (three cheers for that pleasant weather).  Matt and Kim are high energy and fun.  I've been watching their blogs and that is just who they are - and that's who they are on stage.  I love it.  More fun stuff on the horizon, I'll report back as soon as I can!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Snow is still flying.  April 19.  Sure we don't get as much here as I did back in the Jingle, but this is getting a little ridiculous.  I keep saying it has to be almost over and now I am starting to think every time I say that I am cursing us to another week of cold and depressing weather.  I need my spring boost of energy, let's make this happen mother nature.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

It's amazing what a little sunshine and warm weather can do...of course, as I type this the temperatures are dropping again and I've already received the ice precip alert email.  This weekend was beautiful - 70s and 80s!  Avery and I only got one walk around the neighborhood in, but we also walked around the outlets quickly on Friday night.  She got to try on her first pair of shorts and sported her sunglasses, sunhat, and bare feet too this weekend!  The flowering trees around here are bursting forth and I've seen a ton of daffodils glowing gold.

In addition to some cleaning/routine tasks this weekend...  Saturday morning Avery cooperated enough that I got some work done in her room, moving the extra dresser out of her closet to the spare bedroom and reorganizing her closet a bit.  I even scooped up everything I could find in the back yard.  While I did take a pass a while back that lightened the load, there was still plenty to gather.

I pulled the mower out briefly earlier today to catch the patch out back that is getting too tall/thick already.  I do think some of the yard will likely need additional seeding this year, but part of it is quite lush and thick already.  I also got some new shelves organized in the basement with some of my extra canned goods and baby foods.  Finally, the safety latches are on the main cabinets, ready for when the wee one is fully mobile.  That was after church and a bit of grocery shopping.

I feel like I achieve so much this weekend.  I swear the warm weather was to "blame". One thing I always forget about though is how the nicer weather comes with sinus issues.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I've lived what - half of my anticipated life span?  I still haven't figured a ton of stuff out.  The one thing I know for sure is that no matter how much I have changed and grown through the years, I'm still me at the core and there are a lot of people out there who don't like _me_.  Wherever I go - there I am, right?  As the Lost Dog Street Band says - My body's a prison, my mind is a cell - and you can't get away from yourself.

I'm a better person/human being than I was how many years ago.  I know that.  But I still have to put on a mask and not relax or let down my guard completely.  The biggest thing I've gotten zinged on through the years by those closest to me is being negative.  Aren't we supposed to have someone close to us that we can let that stuff out too?  Are we supposed to let it all fester inside?

I carry emotional scars that I try to not allow to reopen, but sometimes they do.  Whether it's the memory of the first person who carved me up when I was younger or the emails that I should probably delete (even though I can remember the words clearly) from my biggest crushing blow.  It's even the people who barely knew me when I was in the depths of that crushing blow but kept their distance because I simply wasn't "well enough" for them.

I guess it's a good time to say thank you again to the people who are always there for me, and to remind myself that I do have people I can truly call friends - that care and don't mind when I'm down, need to complain, or feel like a failure.  I'm reminded too of one of those great friends, Christine, who will be gone for a year already next month, the person who was there - physically - within minutes at all hours when I struggled to heal from the crushing blow.  I miss you friend.

I look at my sweet little girl and she's so happy.  Please Lord, don't allow anyone to reach in and change who she is at the very core with hateful words or actions.  May she always be so sweet and happy.  Don't be like me.