Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yay! The old dresser is upstairs... thank you slave labor, I mean, dear friend. Now of course that opens up other to dos on the list, like getting more things put away, and tidying the rest of the dining room. It really doesn't ever end.

The last end of season banquet was last night and we have our last two games this week. I've tried to not think about the lack of next season, at least not in a way that would leave a gaping hole in my heart. Instead, it's time once again to fill the gaps with other activities. I guess if I have to I can at least say there is one good thing about it - I can take advantage of hella good cruise prices without worrying about the travel dates.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I was up by 9 today for a morning appointment in Westmont. As I pulled in it hit me - the sun is out, I don't have anything I HAVE to do here in Jingletown, and I'm already a third of the way there... so after I left my appointment I headed to Greensburg. First a stop at Pier One where I got some cute litle things (lots on clearance there) and a multi-picture frame for mom as she's been wanting one. It will be a good final item for her Easter basket. From there to Burlington! I usually score well in clothes there, particularly skirts. Intead today I left with a pair of jean shorts, a longer sleeved summer shirt, and a table for the kitchen.

As many know, I've had the kitchen partially ripped up for quite a while. When I finally get it finished I wanted to put a new small table and chairs in there, replacing the ones the Laws so graciously passed on to me a few years back. Maybe this purchase will help inspire me to get working in there again soon. We shall see. I had to laugh because I think the youngin that was helping me was smitten. He complimented my hair, had the guys up front get him when I checked out so he could take it to my car, and said it was a nice car. It was quite flattering, especially noting his youth.

My final stop before returning to the Jingle was Chick-Fil-A. When I first left I had designs on hitting the Olive Garden, but when I saw the sign I gave in to that desire and have been sipping my refill of sweet tea (carolina crack) all afternoon since.

I've been back for several hours at this point and have just done some chilling, which is feeling necesary, despite the other must dos on the list. It's just too bad. There will be plenty of warmer days to go rake the rest of the rocks from the front yard, lay mulch and seeds, and put out the summery decorations. Tonight I have a hankering for some sushi, but I'm feeling a bit lazy. While I often go there alone and it isn't a problem to do so, I'm feeling needy today, but just about everyone seems to be out of town. Boo on ya'll :)

I decided to skip the hockey game this evening. My intent was originally to chill and perhaps nap. I ended up getting a spur of energy which led me to grab some dinner and to the grocery store. Cutest thing at the Park and Puke - old couple sat behind me. They had a slice of pie each. The check comes and she says "let me pay!" he says "I owe you. When I asked you to marry me, you said yes." How sweet is that? Yea, it kinda makes me wanna vomit, but someday I'll find another that loves me like that.

Midway through my grocery store romp the Mithy called! So, I ended up at the 'bi for long islands. Mmm. Amusingly, I had some fleeting designs on just sitting around and getting tossed at home. Thank God I gave up dessert for lent, not booze (this year). So three later and I'm back home and mellow. Of course, when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning I'll be pissed, but at least after my appt I can come back and wipe back out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still a good mood, surely this is a record. I swung to the mall this evening quickly to check in on my ring and to my surprise it was done! So I have my pseudo-mother's ring with my fuzzy girls' stones in each toe of a paw on my happy little finger right now.

While I was there I went to Vicki's to use the coupon I got at the beginning of the month. Of course then they had nothing worth taking for free in my size. This trip wasn't that much more successful, but I did find a pair. Unfortunately, they didn't have any bras other than black, white, and beige in my size and style. Then the crazy talk began about sister sizes. Um, bullshit people. I wear a 38C, not a 36D... just admit you don't have my size instead of trying to sell me a different one.

Yes, I know there are things online saying this whole sister size thing is real, but the facts are the 36D will cut into me around and will have lots of extra space where the boobs should be. Telling me you measure people 40 hours a week does not convince me of anything other than you really need to get a better job.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OH! I forgot to post this... how cool is it that these stamps are coming out?! Adopt people, until every animal has a home. Ignore the fact that Ellen is associated with it. *rolls eyes*
Ahhh. I'm tired and busy, but in a heck of a good mood. Just on one of those upswings, ya know? I had another hostess book from Sunday's party this evening, so I'm extra excited for that hostess who now is rocking FIVE bookings. Sweet sweet sweet. It's icing on the cake that the upline is talking about a RC cruise next April... muahaha. Sign me up!

I took the evening off, at least as off as possible - but still got some running that was itching at me in. I also spent 20 minutes fighting with other tragus earrings and ended up failing so epicly that I returned to the dog bone I had just taken out. Oh well. It's cute :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

While my weekend 'work' was mostly the fun type it was still tiring and it created even more work for me - but that's a good thing! I really had a good one between the Women's Showcase and even moreso doing my friend from high school's party. I got to see her sister again and another old high school friend. An excellent time!

As a result of Sunday's event I also got to stop in at mom's and grub, which is always a plus. But I did try some low points (weight watchers) snacks at my friend's and was impressed with those, so maybe there is some hope if I target some of these concessions when I am having a craving for something sweet. Speaking of which, lent, when are you going to end?? I need a nice big dessert!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm awake and running through things in my head. I know I'll get to the Women's Showcase and realize I forgot something I intended to have, but I'll just have to roll with it. I admit I'm excited and nervous about this. It's time to do what I need to so what I spent on this worth it.

It's been a long week, and it will be a longer weekend with lots of hours spent 'working'. Hopefully I can catch some zzzs in between, and get the work machine booted. Ugh, too much to do, but I do it to myself - why?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I neglected to mention seeing my first robin yesterday as I pulled in at the house. Two of them were kind enough to greet me today as I pulled in. I think I finally got rid of the remnants of my headache through the course of the day.

I've been buzzing about this evening trying to get things together for the weekend. Tomorrow the fam heads back to Texas, how I'd love to be in one of those bags and climbing out into the warm weather.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, the headache keeps weaseling its way back as the medicines fade off and here I am - Monday night. Right now, feeling okay... waiting to see how long the excedrin tension I took when I got home will last. Despite it nagging at me, I enjoyed the company of my niece as previously mentioned. I also had the Laws in for a photoshoot of the girls, which produced these dazzling shots of my beautiful girls:

We also go to visit albeit briefly and I got to try an breakfasty dessert type sammie with pb, honey, and bananas cooked up like grilled cheese. I thought they were pretty yummy myself.

After the visit the girl-child and I goofed around briefly and packed her things up so I could take her to Toona for the remainder of their stay. I do think if I could have a rugrat like her I'd gladly have a few.

I'd love to have gotten to bed early tonight, but there is just too much on the to do list once again. Plus, all I have on my mind is the need to find white clothing for this 'white party' event at the upcoming lia sophia conference. I just don't own much white. Not only do I think I look horrid in white given how pale I am, but I manage to ruin it pretty fast. Either way I have no clue where to find something I'm actually willing to spend bucks on.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ok so Thursday ended up being a bit of a marathon. US Air, who is completely incapable of executing a successful flight (at least in my experience) ended up cancelling my sister and niece's flight out of DFW. They eventually got put onto a flight into Reagan - but instead of getting to State College at 1:30 they got to DCA at 5:30.

Amazingly, the drive down there was ubersmooth, made it in three hours, how sweet is that? The trip back didn't have us stuck in traffic either and was about three and a half hours. I think I'll definitely add Reagan to my list of places to potentially fly out of. They also have a cell phone lot, which I just thought was a brilliant idea, you can park there for up to an hour and wait for people arriving without paying a parking fee. The only catch is you have to stay with the vehicle (no big whoop).

Anyhow, we dropped my sister with mom, who is feeling MUCH better right now (thank goodness) and nieceypoo and I headed back to Jingletown. I had to work Friday, but after we got to do some hanging out. Nothing exciting so far this weekend, just a movie and some pizza on Friday night and chinese and the hockey game Saturday night.

I managed to develop a fairly robust headache last night, which is still plaguing me today, so I'm not a super happy camper, but I am getting the place straightened for tonight's fun activities - more on that later!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I think the majority of the back pain is from the rubbing off of the ink while the tattoo was going on, not the tattoo itself. My first day resulted in a lovely print on the back of my cream tank, so I attempted to use plastic wrap today, which turned out to be an epic fail. I'm only 48 hours post tat and it's itchy as can be already. I'll just have to enslave my niece, who's coming up tomorrow with her mum, for a short visit. Yay!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Dear God I had forgotten how painful backwork is. About three hours with ink actually being injected and a total of four hours later and here you have it. Three cheers to Michael of Matthew's Party for another stunner.

Go ahead and try to find a tulip tattoo out on the net, they all look like ass. So I was nervous about how a tulip would translate. I went in with lots of shots and notes on the things I liked from each and wow... this is even more stunning than I thought it _could_ be. It's a bad picture, but at least I know no one can easily steal my one of a kind piece.

Now, it's time to go hurt like hell in the shower. F@#!.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Oh... I forgot to mention, I've been experimenting with the meds I take for my headaches. After doing some reading up and learning they could cause night sweats I decided to shift when I take them. Instead of taking them in the morning I've been taking them at night w/ my regular ol 'pill' for the past 6 nights or so. I haven't woken up sweaty yet. Could it be?? Of course, this might also explain why I am so incredibly tired in the afternoon. When I first started taking them I battled with incredible amounts of sleepiness.
I was up WAY too early this morning, just couldn't sleep well last night I kept waking up. I guess I was eager to get down to see mom. On my way into toona I stopped at the mall hoping to snag a sweater at Old Navy that I was eyeing from an email ad. Proof of how early I was up - I got there 10 minutes before the mall opened! Anyhow, fail - they only had it in XXL, which I tried on because you never know, but it was huge. Also tried a very cute dress while there, but it was way too snug up top and they didn't have XL. Looked online tonight and the dress isn't even on their website. The sweater is, but only XXL in the pink color I liked. I wouldn't mind getting it in black, but I can't see ordering just one thing and I don't really NEED clothes anyhow.

Had a good visit with mom, cooked up some shells that were delish. Was happy to see she is a bit perkier than she was last week, but still needing her oxygen 100% of the time.

Came back to Jingletown and tended to the dogs before running to our mall with designs on bugging the jeweler, peeking in hot topic, and grabbing free undies and free travel sized bath and body works. Of course, no bling ready yet and no cute undies in my size. I did snag my free lotion and found a pair of wild ass shoes at HT. I also scored an excellent deal on the 70% racks in Boscov's on a new winter coat, way heavier than anything else I have. This alone will guarantee our nasty cold weather will come to an end for this year. If you'd like to thank me, feel free to send money.

Friday, March 05, 2010

I finally pushed through the tired last night and hit up some stores last night. I even made some pasta sauce and banana bread to use up the tomatos and bananas that were ready to turn on me. Of course, then today I was so tired that I needed more sleep - and even then turned to try (for the first time) one of those little energy shots. I was surprised that it didn't taste nasty. It did help somewhat, so I may have to invest in some for backup purposes.

On my way home today I swung into Matthew's Party, since I hadn't heard back on the files and notes I dropped off. I got myself scheduled for early next week - yay! Mom will kick my butt.

I also stopped at VD for dinner. After seeing the fish fry last week, and it looked so good, I couldn't resist. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. Meh.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I wish more places were open later than 9 - then I could get a nap after work when I am wiped - and still be able to hit places on my list.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Friday and Saturday were all about hockey and shoveling snow, but I still woke up Sunday to a pile from the plow. Argh! I ignored it and snapped into 4WD so Vixen and I could get out of dodge. We celebrated her 11th birthday on Sunday by heading to visit Petco, as is the routine, and going to visit mom, who hasn't been feeling too well. The amusing part is that the roads were completely clear coming back up. 22, even 219... but the second I got off the exit in Richland the slop began. I do believe this township to be a vortex into one of the planes of hell. Regardless, we had a good visit.

I came home incredibly tired and ready to sleep, despite an attempt to join mom during nap time that was thwarted by my legs jumping several times. I think part of it is mental exhaustion. I really need a couple days to just sleep and then a couple more to catch up on things around the house that need tended to. Beff at least helped me get the smaller chest of drawers upstairs, so I can put away some more clothes, but the large dresser remains in the dining room for now - if I get the motivation up to do so. Today I crashed out for a little while after work, went to grab a slab of cow that I was craving, and came back to... guess what? That's right, do more shoveling.