Monday, December 29, 2014

The weather continued to cooperate beyond all expectations for my travels.  There was even a forsythia at my favorite Egg's place that had blooms on it.  Pre-New Year spring in Western PA?  Yes please.  I'm going to buy stock in whatever still has hydro fluorocarbons in it and get spraying.  Go go global warming!

After my previous post I did get another workout in and a shower before jumping back on the road to return West.  We headed to another Aunt and Uncle's place for dinner, where I met the last set/pile of family.  Again, very kind people and a lovely visit.  We headed back to his parents' place for the night and then off to another get together for brunch the next day.

On the way home we stopped off in the burgh for a moment before returning to his home.  Then for the relaxation portion of my extra long weekend, eating way too much (continued), doing a little shopping, and relaxing on the couch in front of several movies.

I got back today just in time to get the girls and head off to meet Rex, Mithy, and Miss Addie for a bite and a quick exchange.  I am quite tired again this evening, so as soon as I can dry my hair I'm going to crash.  No workout this evening, but I need to get back on board tomorrow.

Friday, December 26, 2014

I hate when you're exhausted but your brain just won't shut down.  Last night I got back from Mom's, worked out, showered, and had myself into bed by 9pm.  I still remember looking at the clock after 11 and waking up several times during the night.  As such, I'm up with coffee in hand, but I'm still not feeling it.

So far Christmas has been lovely.  The weather has been so perfect for traveling about.  After working out and getting myself in gear on Christmas eve I headed towards the burgh and caught up with my favorite Egg at his parents' place which was a starting point to go to an Aunt and Uncle's place for yet another huge meal and lots of family gathering.  I will eventually get tired of posting this same thing, but they're all so very nice.  After we returned to his parents and opened a few gifts and chatted, that was very pleasant.  In the morning there was a big, delightful breakfast on her fine china to get me started before heading off to Mom's.

Mom and I opened gifts, a few before dinner at my Aunt L and Uncle R's and a few after.  As always I made out well with gifts.  There is an awesome new skirt I had my eye on and new sweaters to keep me warm at work to name a few.

Christmas celebrations in my world aren't over yet.  I certainly hope I'll get to visit with a few other people while they're in for the holiday too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm still needing to get caught up on some sleep... and caught up on my work outs.  But I have at least managed to catch up on laundry and some cleaning.

I often dislike the last day of work before days off for a holiday.  Don't get me wrong, I welcome the days off.  It just always seems creepy to me - leaving the building for a few days.  I don't know why, I don't feel this way leaving for vacation.  It's a strange feeling of uncertainty.

Maybe if I just go get this workout done with and get myself to bed early tonight I'll feel more at ease in the morning.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How is it Sunday night already?  What a whirlwind couple of days.  Maybe it just feels so busy because I've been very tired all weekend and easily sleeping in until the alarm went off at 9am (keep in mind I've been popping eyes open at 7am for quite some time now).  Friday evening I did stop at the viewing and Saturday morning was the funeral service.  I was happy to see the long lines waiting to pay their respects, it seems only right that so many would turn out.  It was also a lovely service in which the eldest daughter sang.  I can't imagine having the strength to hold you voice in that scenario.

I did a little running about after the service and then headed to the house to get on top of bottling my limoncello (a few days early) and baking cookies for my favorite Egg.  He says his favorites are peanut butter and chocolate chip, and so it is.  Two batches of peanut butter cookies complete on Saturday and two batches of chocolate chip today.

Before I got on the chocolate chip today I met up with Beff and Slips for our holiday celebration in Ebensburg where we tried the Everyday Gourmet.  The sugar plum pancake I had to try was fantastic, but the monte cristo was so so.  My honey maked a way better monte cristo.  My stomach is in a bit of a knot tonight and I'm thinking it was from a few too many warm chocolate chip cookies and hopefully not my earlier lunch.

The cookies were finished just in time to spend some quality time with the Laws for our holiday get together.  The good news is I've tricked them into a second holiday get together with the promise of meeting my honey.  That's a major win-win for me.  I settle in for tonight richer for not just the time I got to spend with folks I adore this weekend, but also with a good new book, awesome new tunes, and a game I very much so look forward to playing.

With everything on the slate for this week (the top of which is time off of work) there is just more good stuff forthcoming.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today I received a call from a friend - and told that his wife, the mother of his three teenage children, had passed away last night in her sleep.  They're only a couple of years older than I am.  There just aren't words.  Give the ones you love an extra hug tonight, but please too, say a prayer for my friend and their kids.  They are good people and have had a rough couple of years through many circumstances, but this is just beyond.
It's time to post about my vacation before the memories fade too much to recount what I want to put down. 

Nov 30 - after a partial weekend w/ my favorite Egg I headed home in time to gather my things and head out the next day on our way to Bayonne, NJ.  The drive was longer than Google maps led us to believe and longer than I remember (although the last time we did a majority of the drive on 76 instead of 80), but the weather was good, and aside from a little backup in traffic at one point we got there without any worries. 

The hotel we stayed at was nice enough, but since it didn't offer a shuttle to and from the pier that added up.  The guestimates online were no where near right for taxi service.  I did hit the gym after we arrived and again in the morning despite the blasting horrible Christmas music and broken TVs.

Dec 1 (departure) - We're off to meet Quantum.  The upgraded pier and check in experience went pretty well, only a short wait in line and our luggage was to the room by the time we were allowed to the rooms.  THAT is fast.  We did the typical Windjammer welcome back lunch - even though they didn't have my honey stung chicken *sigh* - and wandered around on the ship a bit.

So - remember the Dumb Ways to Die song I fell in love with how long ago?  I think they created a video/song for the cruise line called Wash Your Hands.  It has to be them.  I have to find the video.

Since were anticipating having our buy one get one coupon for the first night we did specialty dining for the first time - ever.  Wonderland.  It had the appeal that made the leap worth it.  Oh boy was the whole experience and the food awesome.  The deviled eggs they show under the dome of smoke in some of their teasers *smile*.  Mental note, must buy some liquid smoke and add a dab the next time I make deviled eggs.  The beef didn't need chewed.  Oh, and we even tried the liver pate rolled in cocoa powder that was part of one plate.  We were of course dressed up for the occasion - Beff as the white rabbit and I as a variation of the red queen.

Dec 2 (at sea) - I'll note that I worked out on the ship every morning we were at sea and even two of our port days where we arrived later in the day.  Aren't you proud?  On this particular morning I also headed to the Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle and took part in the cabin crawl to get a peek at some of the other rooms.  We were suppose to have had a virtual balcony room but got an upgrade fairy visit and a real window of our own.

We went to American Icon Grill for lunch - meh, nothing remarkable there - other than meeting people who recruited us to be part of their progressive trivia team, folks who became friends as the trip progressed.  Dinner was at the Grande, which we enjoyed quite well.  We also saw Mama Mia on this particular day which was pretty good considering the minimal sets/scenes they used.

Dec 3 (at sea) - It was a little gray and rainy looking out.  I started my habit of getting cappuccino each morning in the concierge lounge on this particular day.  Oh to press a button and bam.  Anyhow - this morning also included my bridge tour.  You'd think I'd get sick of these by now, but how do you decline the invitation to see the bridge on the newest ship in the fleet?  I'm glad I went because they even allowed us to go out on the wings for that view!

We went to Two70's area for lunch which pleasantly surprised me.  I'm not a sammies type of girl, but the paninis were quite good.  As we ate we checked out some of their robo shows in the Two70 lounge too.  More adventure to find we headed to the bumper cars!  On this day we had our welcome back party for Crown and Anchor.  I would point out that this includes free drinks, but there was a lot of those this sailing.  We did bring our two bottles of wine to crack and got my bottle of champagne (although it wasn't the one they usually give you, which was disappointing because the austi is way better).

We headed to dinner at Silk which we found to be surprisingly good before the comedian show.  My expectations were low as the whole Asian fusion idea sounded spicy and a bit beyond my palette, but it was probably one of our favorite evenings.  Maybe it is because this was the one time we said we'd gladly sit at a bigger table that we were placed with others - including people we had met through progressive trivia - allowing us to meet a couple other nice folks that we saw repeatedly for the rest of the trip.  At a big table it was also easy to get to try everything, so we knew what we wanted when we returned later in the trip.

Day 4 (San Juan, Puerto Rico) - I tried an abs class onboard and the instructor was a little bitchy and not really doing much that held my interest, so I moved on w/ my own workout.  I did manage to rouse Beff early on this day and we tried breakfast in Devinly Decadence (it's pay for lunch and dinner, but free for breakfast).  Everything there is suppose to be low calorie and way healthier.  Yeah, I could tell.  The only thing there I really enjoyed was a parfait.

We also had our ride on the North Star which gives you tremendous views from above the decks, especially as it moves out to the side of the ship.  Later in the day we made it to iFly for the first time and learned that we need to go at separate times as to ensure that we could photograph and videotape one another.  It was so fun, but really hard to do what they're telling you to do the first time.  You also leave with hella knotted hair if you don't tether it back well.

Our arrival in San Juan was at 4pm, thus the busy day before we even got to port.  Our show was booked through RC excursions since it was just the two of us and I have no desire to wander around San Juan at night.  We went to the Latin Traditions show and saw Juan Carlos - an AMAZING guitarist and his two dancers.  He did numerous styles including flamenco (which I never did get to go see in Barcelona etc).  Thank goodness it was a ship tour as it was 15 minutes past all aboard getting back.

Since San Juan is US I was able to use my phone and get a little bit of talking in w/ my favorite Egg.  It really was sad that he wasn't with us.

Day 5 (St Maarten) - We kept this day low key on purpose.  A quick water ferry to the shops/man-made beach area and some shopping topped off with a guavaberry cocktail.  Yes!  I snagged some chocolate and guavaberry liquor and we headed back a little early.

Color me surprised to find a crystal block waiting in the room for me.  Yes, I rolled over to 200 nights on the last night of this cruise, but I shouldn't get another block until 210.  I was so excited I admit I teared up a little.  I am not telling anyone.  You can pry it from my cold fingers.

We had dinner at American Icon Grill and I'm sad to report that the dinner menu is 90% the same as the lunch menu.  Boo.  Our show on this evening was a Elton John cover guy.  Elton is not my favorite, but this guy did a good job.

Day 6 (Martinique) - This was my first visit here, but it sounded like a safe place, only worry was that everything said most shops only took euros.  Good thing I still had some here, but it turns out that US dollars are VASTLY more accepted than the internet will lead you to believe, at least around the port.  We wandered around the general area taking in the sights like the fort, library, and church, and of course shopped.  As we headed back we decided to stop in a little place for a crepe (when on a French island after all) and locally made fruit drink.  Then we caught a street side show of local dances with some rather interesting moves:  1, 2, 3, smash crotches together.  *makes face*

As we prepared to sail away I enjoyed the dancers once again, who marked out the pier to bid us farewell, but in a much more tame manner.  No show on this evening, but we had dinner at Chic, which was pretty good.

Day 7 (Barbados) - Another first time for me at this port!  We had booked with Glory Tours and had a great day.  We visited Huntes Garden which was just a lovely lush spot with a super sweet/kind man who owned it, Bathsheba, Morgan Lewis/Cherry Tree Hill, and a Wildlife Reserve (where a monkey bonked Beff with his discarded fruit seed *haha*).

A bit of shopping wrapped up our day here and we headed back to our dinner.  It was to be at American Icon Grill, but we changed it to the Grande.  The show was a comedian/magician that was on Saved By the Bell *laugh*  I then headed up to chat with my sweetheart and use up some of my free internet time.

Day 8 (St Kitts) - We decided to do another tour with Thenford Grey's Tours, this time to the Rainforest.  Turns out only the two of us signed up for that tour.  We we loaded with others on a city tour and dropped off.  Our guide moved pretty swiftly, so it was quite the workout even before we got to the steep hillside that had ropes strung from tree to tree to assist you.  Yes, he proclaimed we were going to climb this.  With my fear of heights this was a challenge for me, but I did it.  I won't lie, I did have some uncontrollable tears streaming at points and my heart was in my throat, but I did it.

Our tour wasn't suppose to get to go to the beach, but our driver was quite kind and was glad to take us to that stop as well, so we relaxed and put our toes in the water after our hard work.  Dinner was back at Chic and we went to the Starwater show in Two70.  If we had gotten there earlier perhaps I would have enjoyed the show more.  There seems to be a lot of seats in there that are blocked from really seeing everything.

Day 9 (at sea) - I gave American Icon Grill another chance - for breakfast, since I heard it was good.  It had the many of the traditional breakfast options from the main dining room on other ships, so I was pleased.  After a quick nap, the only one I really allowed myself in nearly two weeks, we headed to lunch and back for our second run at the iFly.  I did WAY better this time and even freaked out a little at one point when I was above the instructor's head flying away.

We missed the flying trapeze (circus school) by a few minutes due to filming/photographing a few new friends on their iFly run, and unfortunately didn't get to do it the next time due to rough seas.  Of course, the ladder alone there may have been too much for me, much less leaning out from the platform to grab the trapeze.

Day 10 (at sea) - Since it was a bit rough many of the things we would have liked to do this day were out (trapeze, rock wall, iFly, North Star), but a slow/mellow day was okay too.  We decided to do one more pay eatery - Jamie's Italian - for lunch.  The food was good, I'm glad we tried it, once.  I'm also happy we ate well because by the time we got out of our show Coastal Kitchen was closed and we had missed our time slot.  :(

The show, Sonic Odyssey was pretty neat.  The guy who invented the earth harp that was strung across the auditorium was still onboard and did a portion of the performance.  Great stuff - love being able to say that were the 4th audience ever to see this onboard.

Day 11 (at sea) - I really slacked off and didn't take much in the way of notes.  Again it was mostly trivia going on onboard and too rough for things to be open.  By this point in a cruise you need to just relax a wee bit anyhow.  I'll take it, but BOY was it cold running across deck.  Welcome home, right?

Quantum, or at least our room, was kind of creaky.  It didn't keep me awake, but she made her share of noise.  I also realize I'm spoiled and use to being on higher up decks anymore as seeing the high sea levels from our windows that would easily be above our windows had they been against the ship instead of pushed out from the forward thrust made me a bit antsy.

Many of our evenings were spent in Boleros grabbing our free drinks since the Diamond lounge was JAMMED.  Beff recognized one of the waiters in the diamond lounge from Vision, that girl has a crazy memory.

We did get our milkshakes one afternoon at Johnny Rocket's, but I didn't note what port we were in when we did it.  The burgers there were WAY better than the ones in American Icon Grill.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

Monday, December 15, 2014

I am alive and well... so much to post about, but it will need to wait for another evening, when I'm caught up on, well, everything else.  I will say this much since my last post:  the weather has been kind for ALL of my travels through Thanksgiving and to date.  Fingers crossed that Christmas will be the same.

For Thanksgiving I did get down to Mom's the night before to spend a little quality time and to allow us to get out to my aunts early Thanksgiving morning to start cooking.  This represents the first time I think I've ever working side by side in the kitchen with my mother that she didn't want to kill me and then threw me out of the kitchen.  It was kind of nice to say we made a meal together (along with help from a cousin).  After our early in the day meal I was on the road to the burgh where I caught up my favorite Egg at his Aunt and Uncle's for one meal.  The next day we were back on the road for a second family meal.  It was nice to spend a little more time with the family members I've previously met and great to meet a few others, like his sister.

This and my vacation leave me in a state that I am NOT ready to weigh in for month 2 of my bet in just 5 days. I am thinking I need to try a short cleanse diet to try and kick start things again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I really need to just not look at It's like a rollercoaster when you keep your eye on the 10 day forecast. At one point one of my would-be on the road days for Tgiving said 5-8" of snow. That disappeared and two other days popped up saying 1-3" of snow. Gah. How about we just keep this 50-60 degree stuff, please?

I guess if it does get extra crappy the bonus is I won't be blowing my diet, because I won't be going anywhere or eating anything major.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I am so grateful for holidays making this upcoming week so short.  Sunday evening facing the week feels a lot less daunting.  I've been trying to get ahead on a few things for the season so my hair is recolored, my cards are ready to go, and 95% of my gifts are bought and wrapped.  Just the main gift for my favorite egg and something else small for Beff remain on the shopping list.  I should have spent a little more time focused on cleaning this weekend than I did, but I can get a couple of things accomplished each evening this week.

I did at least get a good workout in both days this weekend, a major necessity as I start month two of my Diet Bet with the holidays and all of their delightful foods.  I did succeed on month one, which took me back where I was before two months of slacking off.

For now I have a puppy that requires some cuddling and an episode of Walking Dead calling my name.  These are good things to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I did head to the burgh on Saturday for an abbreviated visit and had no other issues with Autumn. She was happy to bring me to work this morning as well, despite the extreme cold and another dusting of blah. If you don't like the cold... just wait, now they're calling for even up into the 50s on Monday.

I made sure to have a moment of stupid with the car on Monday then too. The passenger window had stopped functioning. YES I tried clicking on and off the window locks... or so I thought. At least that was another cheap (free) trip to the dealership. I'm going to go make myself a note to remember to breathe because apparently I'm pretty slow and may need the reminder.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Three posts in one day - do you think this was stressing me out?

So, Schmou did come to help.  We pop the hood and - uh - the terminal on the negative side is popped up off of the post.  For realz.  *sigh* so, snug it back on and charge that puppy up.  Since the battery is 5 years old I'm not taking chances, so I went and replaced it.  Of course, the saga doesn't end there.  The metal post on the side of the battery that attaches to a piece across the top to strap the battery down in place is rusted through.  Their initial recommendation:  a bungee cord.  Um no.  After some brainstorming they figured out how to get posts they had to work appropriately.

Battery tightly in place w/ new goo and felt pads.  I think Autumn is healthy once again and I, of course, was completely batshit crazy today for no reason.  Also, if I had just repopped the hood I would have sen that the terminal loosened up.  How I didn't notice it moving when I was jumping it I'll never know.

Sure Schmou gets to make fun of me for this from here until eternity but..
- since I jumped it and it ran for a couple of minutes I kind of have proof that it wasn't off the whole time
- it is still cheaper than replacing an alternator
When I saw through the windows that it looked like the roads had further cleared on their own around 10:30 I decided to get re-dressed and make a second attempt to at least get to work and get my time in.  I was there by 11 and didn't have trouble then.
Of course, there remains the apprehension of taking the Tib anywhere with conflicting stories and predictions with temps dancing close to the freezing point on  Just a little while ago I decided that I need to just stay home this weekend, that is what is meant to be.  I'm really not happy and it was hard as hell to push send on an email saying that.
In the mean time, Schmou has been kind enough to offer help and equipment.  We'll be using his battery charger to filler'up and make an attempt to drive it to the shop tomorrow morning.  Since the thought of it dying midway there and leaving me w/o power brakes scares the crap out of me, when I say we, I mean he is going to drive it.
I'm reminded of another time friends were needed to help in a slightly less complex, but similar situation.  Back when I first taught at the community college a sensor went out on the Avenger and it didn't ding to tell me that I left my lights on.  At the end of class I came out to a dead battery.  I called the ex and expected to be rescued.  I was, but not by him... he called someone else to come tend to me while he stayed at his computer's side.  That should have been a warning sign.  (Love you Laws - and I'll never forget this.)
I really do appreciate my friends.  There is nothing I can do to repay the kindness they show me.  I so do not like asking for help.  Heck, I can barely accept help when it is offered to me.  I'm gonna go home from work now and be sad... hopefully that doesn't result in me eating too many of the pumpkin bars I made last night with the plans on Pittsburgh delivery.
I'm at a moody point, so I'll admit this ridiculousness actually has me on the verge of tears.  This morning I swear the world is against me.  The snow started yesterday and continued very lightly through the night.  We don't even have an inch... but it has completely crippled my household.

I was to take the girls to the kennel this morning, so I jumped the Durango and loaded them up.  Needing to jump it was not a huge surprise since it turned so cold, but still a pain in my ass.  As I was putting Vixen in I saw the one light flickering a little, it caught my eye, but I didn't think much of it until it died again,  It was nice enough to wait until I finished cleaning it off completely though, so thanks for that.  Great, alternator, right?  The electrical bullshit w/ the car infuriates me to no end.  This started when the automatic starter went in and didn't go away even after I had them take that module out, but the module removal did at least stop it from needing jumped if not run every other day.  I knew that was a gift I shouldn't have accepted, but I felt obligated.  Isn't that the story of my life - doing things to try and make other people happy and still failing to do so.

Ok.  Must march forward, right?  So, with apprehension because it is not made for winter weather, I load the dogs into the Tib (note this means that now there is fur all through that car too).  I made it as far as the Long John Silvers and turned around.  Yeah, that thing simply cannot go anywhere in even the smallest amount of snow and slop.  I was sliding and spinning trying to get onto Scalp.

Now I'm back at the house.  Carmens can look at the Durango on Monday, so in the mean time I guess I need to get it towed there.  The Tib has an appointment on Monday as well for the window that stopped working, but at the evil dealership.

I guess I'm not going to work.  I'm definitely not taking the dogs to the kennel or going about my planned weekend w/ my favorite Egg (that's the part that makes me the saddest). I've been fretting about the winter coming and worrying about safe travels, turns out I can't even try to travel.  I hate Johnstown.  I hate the winter.  I hate snow.  I am not ready for 4 months of not being able to plan to do anything.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's been attack of the killer sinuses week. That's okay, I'll take it if it means we keep the warm weather, but I know that will be changing today (again). For those that see me, no I am not contagious, it is not a cold, I keep telling you I REFUSE to get sick. The sore throat from my head draining and waking me the night before last to tend to a runny nose is the worst of this. Last night I planned on getting a good night's sleep one way or the other and pulled out all of the stops.

I popped in for my allergy shot a day early, may as well get all of the help I can. As bed time neared I had two mugs of hot tea w/ honey, used the neti pot to get myself breathing a little clearer, took a hot and steamy shower, and popped two Tylenol PMs. Success. After my coma all that was left this morning was a bit of a sore throat which a ricola remedied quickly. Don't worry, I still feel snotty, but I'm hoping we're on the other side at this point.

I took advantage of my day off yesterday to enjoy the sun as it was in the mid 60s. I drove around and did some shopping, but nothing else remarkable. I should have done some reading and brainstorming for work but yeah, that totally didn't happen.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

So, maybe a week or so ago I had a dream about being in my stateroom on a cruise and a wave came crashing in, listing the ship, and flooding our room.  Well today I see that last week Explorer (a gal I've traveled with 3 times), on her repositioning cruise away from Bayonne, was in fact hit by a rogue wave that knocked down two life boats (note that these are kept around floor #5/6) and broke out some glass.

Now I'm not saying my dreams are prophetic or anything...  I always have crazy dreams leading up to cruise vacations, usually they involve arriving and forgetting to pack and other craziness, but I do think it's CRAZY.

In the mean time Quantum is on her way here (to Bayonne) from Europe.  I can't wait to meet her.  Hopefully they get the little quirks worked out that were reported.  I'd have to think there are always some tech issues with a new, innovative ship.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

I was a good girl and worked out after I finally got out of bed today.  I was exhausted last night and ready for bed by 9 and I made the attempt to stay in bed for a solid 11 hours, despite repeatedly being woken by the beasts.

When I came home from a Big Lots and Ollie's run the sun was shining and the weather decent, so I got to work out front.  6 HUGE 55 gallon bags of leaves are at the curb and it still looks like I barely touched it.  *sigh*  But I'm tired again.  I was suppose to get wrapping on Christmas gifts today, so maybe I need to haul those goodies down here and make space on the coffee table to get a little accomplished on that task.  At least I have leftovers so I don't need to cook dinner.

Friday, November 07, 2014

When I headed to work today the rain was trying to turn to snow.  By lunch the snow had left a light coating on my car windows.  *sigh*  I know it is inevitable, but so is my complaining about it.  Fortunately I haven't even needed to scrape my windshield yet this year.  By the end of the lunch hour the snow was already melting back off... and it never laid on the road.  THIS I can deal with.  If it could only be that way all winter.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I've been so productive today.  If only getting up at 5am and keeping moving until 9pm was a sustainable every day activity.  I was up to take my sister to the airport this morning, then to work by 6:30 while the dishwasher ran.  I got my time in which included actually cranking out a couple of difficult items that I've been working for a few days.  I was able to get home at an earlier hour, which afforded me the time to make a casserole and get 35 minutes of exercise in, all while moving around 3 loads of laundry.  Then to youth group before drying that last load of laundry.  That brings the day up to speed.  Like I said, if I could only do this every day without being exhausted I'd finally be on top of things.
So, the Filthadelphia area screws us again... PA went to Obama last election thanks to a huge push there and now this... Wolf over Corbett. Are you kidding me? You picked a gun controling, pro abortion, right hand of Obama. *shakes head* I'm disappointed in you Pennsylvania. I'll go pick out my hand basket for my ride to hell now.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Dear Daylight Savings Time,
I've been driven to write this strongly worded letter after years of silent compliance with your mayhem.  Thanks to you the dogs schedules all out of whack and they wake me long before my alarm.  Further it is dark and depressing when I leave work for the day, which leads me to ask where exactly you're saving Daylight.  How am I to maintain motivation to work out or get things done after the day is done?

Sunday, November 02, 2014

My favorite Egg came to visit this weekend.  I spend a good chunk of the evening before he arrived Friday making two batches of brownies and a double batch of pumpkin no bakes.  Unfortunately the no bakes didn't set up.  I blamed it on trying to make a double batch, but the single batch I made the next morning didn't solidify either, so I don't know what gives, it was the same recipe I made a few months back.

I still took some of both with us to the Halloween party on Saturday night.  My mouse outfit went over well, as did his choice to come dressed as 'the verminator' loaded down with bugs and a lot of mouse traps.  Had a great time as always and it was lovely to see Jackie, Allen, Donna, Bill, and Phil again.  I missed the party last year while I was away on vacation.

Prior to the party we spent a little time at Mom's, so Ben and my sister could meet.  We also went out to grab a quick bite to eat.  Mom made pies, two of which came back with us (and the one went back with him).  This weekend wasn't good for my diet by any means.  This week needs to include some serious effort to right things.

Today had us doing a little running and must dos before dinner.  Either way, the weekend went way too fast.  Re-commence the missing someone...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last night I was right back out the door to go to Faranda Farms with the youth group.  They had a hay ride and a corn maze and I have to tell you - there are reasons why they've made so many horror films featuring fields of corn as creepy settings.

Today I headed to toona to play hooky with my big sister.  We went shopping, finding a few things for Christmas, and then drug mom out to eat dinner.  Fortunately, mom was able to think of the right place to go.  I had mentioned Bill Sell's Bold to her when I was trying to find a place to go out to celebrate finishing off the mortgage and she remembered it.  Everything was AMAZING.  My sister ordered some of the most tender tenderloin I think I've ever had. My black and blue chicken was delighful.  Mom's steak flatbread was tasty.  Yes, yes, yes.  Hopefully this place does well.  I find it interesting to see places like this popping up in downtown Altoona, much like the coffee shop here in downtown Johnstown.  It's refreshing, but so easy to forget about because you don't drive by it on a regular basis.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It was beautiful today... enough so that I walked for a little while over lunch, which was a good thing because I certainly can't find the motivation to exercise tonight.  I really need to get back to obsession or the scale isn't going to move.  I know this.  What is my problem?

Monday, October 27, 2014

I kept moving on Saturday and got another bag of things gathered and to the trash from upstairs. Once I inventory the pile that is forming to go to St Vincent de Paul and get it out the door the room is going to look shockingly clear. Same deal with the pile of Christmas gifts that are forming in the other bedroom.

Sunday morning I was feeling a bit sluggish, but I still made it to church. I made an attempt to spend money I don't need to spend by going to Ross and TJ Maxx looking for another pair of jeans but didn't find my brand. (I am joyfully sick of needing to wear a belt or keep pulling my pants up.)

If you're delicate to the wonders that are being a woman you might want to skip ahead to the *s. I was just counting my blessings not three days ago that I haven't had a lot of cramps and misery in recent months, so go figure... the cramps set in yesterday. I understand cramping at the beginning of your period, but at the end? c'mon. All I can tell myself is that I survived a way worse pain a couple years ago for around two weeks and that somehow gets me through the waves. Dare I say at least the one morning of nausea that I was getting for one spell hasn't come back?


I wanted nothing more than to take a nap Sunday afternoon but I just couldn't get comfortable, not even after allowing Saffy to come cuddle. (Meh, the sheets needed changed anyhow.) So I eventually rolled back out of bed and headed out for another walk with her. I'm not hitting the elliptical or seriously buckling down on the exercise, but this is at least a step back in the right direction. Must make weight.

Sunday evening was time to head to the Laws to observe the next step in limoncello making (filtering and adding the simple syrup). Could I have done this without observing and just reading the instructions? Sure, but it was a good excuse to get in some quality time and then watch Walking Dead together.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I did it.  All it took was to get myself out there walking with Saffy this afternoon (I was able to get time in by 3:30 so I was able to head out and get walking before it got dark).  Fact is exercise gives you energy.  It is simply that initial step that is the most challenging.

When I came back I grabbed a quick bite and immediately pulled everything out of the cabinet that was bothering me.  I even scrubbed up the griddle that I haven't used in years, which will be nice to have handy the next time my favorite Egg is in and I want to make pancakes.  Then I took to the cereal and k-cup cabinet.  It too is cleaned out and reorganized.  All is tidy and a near full garbage bag is in the can outside.  Oh, and I tossed the half container of country crock.  The unopened one I'll see if the church can/will use for a Wednesday meal.

Now I'm going to relax with a cup of sleepy time tea... the one k-cup that wouldn't fit into the pared down boxes.  Perfect.
I really need to start watching what I buy more closely. I used a drink mix the other night and immediately tasted the bitterness of aspartame. It wasn't something labeled as low calorie or anything so I didn't expect it. Blah. So, that stuff needs thrown out. I've also decided I need to start using strictly real butter - even though spreadable stuff is definitely preferable. I may need to turn into my mother and have a stick of butter sitting out on the counter.

I'm overdue to go through the cabinets and throw things away that have sat in there too long too. Maybe it's time for a major purge. If I find the motivation this weekend that could be on the schedule. It would be nice to be reminded of a few things I have in the cabinet that I haven't made in a while too.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mixed feelings, but my next cruise got a free upgrade. We were excited to see the unique interior staterooms on Quantum of the Seas because they featured video walls that allowed you project real time views of outside. I guess getting a real oceanview stateroom is suppose to be an upgrade, but I really wanted to check out the technology. Now, if they gave us a BALCONY... :) I can hope I suppose.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Official run time: 33:12.8. I was 111/228 people and 10th in my age group of women. Now, those numbers include the people who walked the whole thing, but I see at least one other woman in my age group just a few minutes behind me, so I am taking my "bonus" that I claimed. (Bonus: if I am not the slowest woman running in my age group.)

Boom bitches.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I did it.  I finished my 5k.  Note I didn't say first 5k, the implication is only.  I didn't quite run the whole thing like I had hoped.  After mile marker 2 there was a longer slightly uphill climb w/ a steady wind straight in our faces that prompted me to walk for what I counted off as 60 seconds.  Other than that - I ran it.  I still came in just under where I anticipated time wise, so I would suspect that having everyone around me did push me to go faster/harder than I would on my own, so I'm giving myself the grace of calling this goal accomplished despite the little bit of walking.

It really is a humbling and empowering activity.  As expected, no sooner did I pass mile marker 1, there were people headed back in the other direction.  You know there are people with amazing running times, but it really hits you when you see them pass you the other direction.  The empowering part was passing quite a few people and finishing ahead of QUITE a few that you'd expect (by sight alone) to be way better/faster/stronger than you are.  I thank the people who cheered for each and every single one of as we passed and offered words of encouragement.  It really did help me push.

I did find it entertaining that after the 2nd mile I caught up with a guy in a red hoody, he was probably a little younger than me, his calves quite shapely - he was in good shape.  I'd pass him when he took to walking, and then he'd run to pass me again.  In my head I laughed and assumed he had a distaste for being passed by a still somewhat jiggly girl.

Legs are a little sore today, I suspect they'll be worse tomorrow, but I did it.  As soon as I'm feeling better I need to get back to the regular workouts and take off a couple more pounds.  Then I can commit to putting away the jeans that are a little too loose and buy more smaller ones.

After my race I headed to the burgh to see my favorite Egg.  He remembered my affection for Outback and treated me to a steak dinner to celebrate.  We also got half way through season six of Parks and Rec.  It was a good weekend.  So good, in fact, I forgot there was a new episode of Walking Dead tonight until I got home and saw the ad for it!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dear neighbors,
How dare you. Unless you're going to open the door and allow me to come dictate how things should operate at YOUR house... mind your own business.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So it's going to snow soon, right? That was my first thought yesterday morning when the bank near my house read 68 degrees on my way to work. The temps were nice enough, but it was pretty windy last night - so it sounded like a winter storm was rushing through. I did get out before dark to take some photos at the Richland Cemetery as to give myself pictures to process as the weather turns. I really should get out there and take more again if I'm going to survive the winter.

I also baked up a pumpkin and toasted the seeds last night as well as doing some other trivial around the house tasks. I'm almost caught up on Parks and Rec too, but of course I've caught myself wanting to greet people like Chris (Rob Lowe's character) with their full names. Perhaps binge watching is more than my feeble mind can handle.

I haven't been back out to run again because my legs still ache. They're feeling better than they were, but this is a bit ridiculous. I guess we'll see what happens... 3 days!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy antiversary to me. I can't believe it was 13 years ago. I'm feeling a bit old today, more than I did on my birthday for whatever reason.

At long last the Walking Dead is back on the air. I'm going to blame my restless sleep and odd dreams on that, although we both know that those types of shows don't really bother me. I'm rather tired today and need to pop a Claritin. Autumn, I love you so, why do you torture me?

I got very little accomplished this weekend as I've been trying to catch up on Parks and Rec. So, other than some laundry and a few little things, not much got done at my house. I was going to try and fix the light switch in the bathroom (finally) but then I realized my line tester and things like that are at Mom's house. I thought messing with the one connection resolved the problem for now, but by the time I put everything back together the light once again wouldn't turn on. I suspect if I just take the switch cover off and loosen the plate it will work again. Go figure.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tonight I made it.  According to the mapping program I'm using 3.17 miles (I don't trust it, but surely it was over the 5k mark) in just a few seconds under 34 minutes flat.  Yes, yes, YES!  I think I've got this next weekend.  2-3 more runs to go.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I headed out early today to head to Altoona for another laser treatment.  Since the price has gone up, I certainly hope my legs spend a good long time nice and smooth.  Meh.

Since I was down there I went and picked up dinner for Mom and I.  I was there less than an hour to eat before heading home and she made up for lost time this past weekend.  She noted that my sweater was too big (you'd think that would be a good problem), but only after asking why I didn't have a cardigan instead.

Her commentary from this past weekend was less about him and way more about me... like how I should not boss him around, as that's probably what went wrong w/ my ex.  When I asked what she thought I bossed him around about it was because I made him do the dishes.  Seriously?  It was our deal from college.  I did all of the laundry, he did the dishes.  When we moved in w/ Drewfus they both agreed to keep on doing all of the dishes if I did the cooking.

Is it really that wrong to expect the guy to have some distinct task that is his responsibility when you're also working 40 hours a week and paying half of the bills?
Last night I put myself firmly back on the wagon, at least with my run if not my diet. I ran 31m and 15s straight, which looks to be approximately 2.82 miles. I'm still a bit off on distance, but at least this put my mindset back into one of finishing the whole race as a distinct possibility. As to the diet... the fresh fruits are starting to get gross, which makes it hard for me. I'd rather have a yummy nectarine than a fist full of peanut butter filled pretzels, but the mealy peaches that I recently bought, no thanks.

After finishing my run I dug in on Parks and Recreation for some binge watching as my favorite Egg refers to it. I am now ready to start season three. Not sure I can get caught up for us to watch season 6 together at my next visit, but I'm giving it a good try.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

It was a good bit cooler this weekend and it tried to rain out our plans a bit on Saturday, but shifting things around a bit, all was still accomplished.  It's been a very busy one, I'm a bit tired, I'm contented, and I'm sad to see the work week come back around.

Friday night was the goodbye mortgage celebration at the Back Door Cafe.  We ate well and enjoyed some relaxing time there along with a delightful drink.  Saturday after getting moving we hit the mall to use a dated gift card earned the last time Eggs was in and then headed to New Florence for an auction before making a critical stop in the same area to pick up a Christmas gift that I'm quite excited to give.

As cold as it was getting we still headed to the Windber Oktoberfest and immediately dug in on some awesome bbq pork before the huge fire was lit.  Fortunately the fire kept us warm enough to make a couple of hours standing outside chatting with the Schmous and the Mr and Mrs Doug E Fresh (whom I haven't seen in a very long time).  My sampling was of the Spooky Tooth Pumpkin Ale which was delightful, especially with the cinnamon sugar rimmed glass.

Sunday we had to transact a bit of business in the morning before heading to see/meet Mum.  She of course insisted upon having food ready to be plated when we arrived.  I feel a bit guilty as the only cooking I did was pancakes on Saturday morning.  We were headed this way anyhow as to visit the Horseshoe Curve, which I'm sure I was at when I was younger, but I sure don't remember it at all.  I did snag a Conrail tee shirt for when I'm feeling all nostalgic and soft hearted.

I'll definitely sleep well tonight as I didn't rest super well last night.  For now I'll cuddle with Saffy and await the safe arrival message.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Last night I attended my first ever painting session. I know I'm behind the curve as everyone else has already done one of these 'classes', but I just hadn't had the opportunity and this one was perfect. It was at B&L Wine Cellar here in Jtown, so there was libations to be had, the subject of the would be art was falling autumn leaves, and it was a nice girls night out w/ the Wild one.

I'm happy enough with how my piece turned out, but given that I never have free walls and own way better art I suspect this will be landing upstairs in storage. It was still a fun evening and I am proud of the art I created - it's way better than the stick figures I am prone to producing.

Monday, September 29, 2014

While out shopping yesterday (Big Lots and Ollies you know it) I heard a woman calling for her daughter, Danika.  My first thought was to say "hey that's my dog's name too." but quickly realized that this would insult some people.  Of course, it's much less of an insult than to insinuate she as named after the racecar driver.
I also had a moment while laying in bed last night, where I realized something about myself.  But I've forgotten what the epiphany was.  How incredibly sad is that?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unpaid principal balance:  $0.  Dang I like seeing that when I log in.  WOOT!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I left work early yesterday to head down the mountain to attend my friend TJ's wedding.  I've known him since 8th grade, also known as forever.  It was a lovely autumn scene - he's quite the decorator.  I had the pet sitter come to tend to the girls a few times to allow myself to stay over night at Mom's.

I did finally get my run in, in Altoona.  I headed towards the track at the practice field in front of the high school so for the first time I can say I finished a mile on that track (which I never did in high school).  After that first mile I took to the sidewalks for a bit, but I struggled needing to take a couple of breaks to get the 30 minutes in.  My lungs were really giving me some trouble, but what made me stop was my calves, which were aching before I even headed out.  It's kind of sad, because I have been slacking for the past week, so they had no reason to be sore.  I guess this means I need to step it back up.  I wonder how many days of running and at what distance I should go with until the race gets here in order to be prepared.

Mom made a delightful breakfast and then we both napped close to lunch time.  I eventually headed back up the mountain today to get a photobook complete before my coupon for a free one expired.  The weather was gorgeous, so the dogs were able to enjoy some time out in the sun.  I also realized that the lemons used for limoncello are the perfect amount from which one can extract enough fresh squeezed lemon juice to make a gallon of lemonade.  So, bonus, all of the ones that were zested have been used.

I feel like I've had a full weekend at this point.  Thank goodness I get one more day.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Instead of working out last night (it should have been my last run that wasn't labeled "hey go run a 5k" in the couch to 5k plan) I took that time to get my limoncello going. Yes my neck is a little stiff after hunching while zesting for around 45 minutes. But that is off of the to do list. Only 50 more things to go...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Found a container... still need to find time.

You know I'm busy (mentally or physically) when my dreams go wacky. That happened last night. Two distinct ones even, and far off from the typical topics of my wacky dreams. Who could use a nap? This girl.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lemons were purchased last night... planer arrived today.  Need to figure out what container I plan on using and find some time in a near term evening to make my limoncello happen.  *feeling overwhelmed with the things on my calendar and things I need to complete in the next week*

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Had a lovely weekend, despite the rain on the drive home today... Saturday was absolutely beautiful and perfect for a road trip.  My favorite Egg and I enjoyed a bit of time walking to and sitting by the dam/water at Laurel Hill State Park.  The leaves are really starting to go, but I think it needs another two weeks to really light up.

From there to Glades Pike Winery for a few samples and purchases, then to Sarnelli's Market where we tried and bought a few more wines from Christian Klay winery, and finally Greendance Winery where we sampled and bought even more and then sat for a fresh slice of pie with ice cream.  Awesome.

My diet bet closed out today, which I knew I wasn't going to win for a while since the scale hadn't been moving.  I was off by 2.6 lbs.  Ah well.  Admittedly it's going to be tough to push myself out the door for my run that is due this evening, but it has to happen... I have one month left, and after that, I don't need to run again.  That's good motivation.  I mapped my 25 minute run from last week and it is supposedly 2.25 miles, so I still have a bit to build up to make the 3.1 miles.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bottle of 151 Everclear purchased. Micro plane grater ordered. Waiting to buy my lemons and get my own batch of limoncello in the works ... torture.

I headed with the youth group last night to Flood City Church for the second and last on the road stop for united services. Next week we're in our house and anticipating quite the crowd of youth. Great stuff, and so grateful teens from so many churches are making the effort to attend.

I got the nod to work on an old project a bit again today for the next several months at a lower percentage. It's decent work and (mostly) good people that I enjoy being around. It is that mostly portion that gives me some unease. Here's hoping they'll just leave me be. To quote Wayne again: "shaaaa. Are you mental?"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The scale moved! I'm down another range... 1(x-1)9! That still puts me 3.5 lbs out from this diet bet. Not gonna happen, but at least it's moving again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This girl just submitted the request for a mortgage pay off quote.  I'm so excited!
Why so cranky! I don't know what's up, but the mood I avoided last week caught up with me. Maybe it's the colder rainy weather. Maybe it's that the scale doesn't want to budge and I'm conceding that I won't make this bet. I took a day off of working out thanks to my mood. I tried to shake it all evening, indulging in a beer, a hot bath with a book, and cooking up some yummy beets... all to no avail.

I realized this morning what I should have done was curled up w/ a hockey jersey (it's like a great big hockey hug) to stay warm last night. Right now I just want a real hug, that would be good. Soon enough I guess.

For now, I just keep checking in on the mortgage site waiting for them to process my payment properly... then I can request my final payment amount. It's almost over!

Monday, September 15, 2014

My trip past Greensburg on Saturday night went very well, it was to meet some of my dear Eggs' family. We had dinner at Rodney's in Irwin and I'm glad I took his Dad's advice and ordered the chicken parm.

It isn't a stretch to say I've experienced some interesting parents (usually mothers) with guys I've dated. To name a few, there was the one who sent me nasty messages on facebook and pretended to be someone else on there... and the one who, well, frankly loved her son just a little too much in a not quite right way. I was starting to get paranoid that every guy has mommy issues of some sort.

This was the most pleasant meeting ever, and they were so very sweet and kind to me as was the extended family that was there in celebration of a mix of birthdays that occur in September. Beware Eggs, my Mum has been asking about bringing you down, I hope you're prepared for this. You know, a couple of months ago if you had asked me if I was ready for this I wouldn't have been very sure. I'm rather pleased with where my mind is on all of this... I was definitely ready for something worth having, something good, and I'm not ashamed to say that at this point I think I deserve it.

We didn't get to talk too much, but that's okay, I was just glad to see him instead of getting that creeping "missing" feeling building up inside this past weekend. We did discuss some potential things to do for this coming weekend, so I have plenty to look forward to. Thanks to their overwhelming kindness I also have beets, yellow squash, tomatoes, zucchini, and butternut squash to fill my plate this week (note that I have already resolved that there is no way I'll be winning my current diet bet despite this last week of healthiness).

Sunday is when I made an attempt to catch up on a few things like laundry and yard work, but I didn't have a lot of time because of a youth event. I wasn't going to go, but after a couple of the kids ask if you're coming with a big smile on their faces and say "you should come" and "we've missed you" what else are you going to do but hustle to get back there. I got my 25 min run in (yay me), showered, and arrived with still soaking wet hair, but on time, to head to CaddyShak where we rode go karts and played mini putt. I'm glad I went, but I was pretty tired by the time I crawled into bed last night. Let the week begin.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tonight was my first lesson in limoncello, making it that is... I've had my share of lessons in drinking it.  Time to get my own batch started. Too bad we can't buy grain inPA anymore, I guess my first batch isn't going to be top notch, but I suspect there will be more rounds to follow.

I had a bit of a surprise call on my way to my professor's (the delightful Mrs. Law) that will lead me on a bit of adventure tomorrow.  Hopefully my nerves won't give me odd dreams meddling with my sleep.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I was due for a trim and a color refresh so I got to see Miss Theresa last night. I love the color as it is not too far off from my beloved black, which she has long since banned from my head.

Also, the scale finally budged again. This morning I was teetering on dropping into the next 10 lb lower range. Of course, this sends my mind to yummy food like Mexican. What is my self-sabotaging issue!

Tonight youth starts back up, so I'll be hard pressed to get a full workout in if I go. I'm torn. On one hand, I should go and maybe even take the night off from working out - sometimes that actually helps, on the other hand it's off site, so they don't really need my help and burned calories are always a good thing, right?

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Another good weekend... even though I had to be a patient girl and wait til noon on Saturday for the really good part to begin.  Friday night was okay too, don't get me wrong.  I headed back to the Flood City cafe, where I caught up with Beff and met a few ppl who were important to her.

Saturday morning found me making sauce to use up things that have been collecting in the freezer.  I really need to get better about marking bags... as the bag of peppers I added to the sauce clearly contained hot peppers.  Oooy.  So I have two containers of rather saucy sauce w/ meatballs in the freezer, the other two went home with Eggs.  I did use a little bit of it across the top of a batch of stuffed shells which turned out very yummy.  So yea, bad bad bad food again this weekend.  Scale still seems hung up, but no surprise... I have two weeks left, it's time to buckle down hard.

That said, yes, I did still get my run in tonight.  I think I need to get fruit heavy again starting tomorrow... but those leftovers won't eat themselves.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Last night I survived my first run of 20 minutes straight. I can hardly believe it. The first few minutes were the most daunting, mentally. When the trainer dinged telling me I was half way I was elated and starting to get hopeful. Around the 17 minute mark I really had to dig deep... fortunately, shuffle on my music queued up just what I needed at that moment, and I made it. I can't tell you how hard it was to not scream "frelling-a" when that timer went off. I'm sure the folks living around where I finished appreciate my restraint.

Even back in school I couldn't run the 1 mile they required of us as part of the physical fitness tests. This is the first time I can say with confidence I ran a mile straight (and then some I'm sure). I don't know the distance, just the time, but just across the halfway point of the couch to 5k program I ran 20 minutes!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Mental note for next job: Real walls. The little tiny walls in NC were abysmal. The half ones here are not all that much better. I should be able to speak w/o it annoying neighbors... especially if you're on projects that require you to work/deal with other people.
Mortgage company slow head shake for September: I sent a chunk of money last Friday, less than a full monthly payment's worth. As expected the money goes into 'suspense' meaning we'll hold your money but we won't count it to your account (f you). Knowing this I also send an email through their contact system saying "Payment submitted on xx/xx/2014 in the amount of $yyy.yy, please apply 100% to principle."

This time I got the person who doesn't comprehend percentages. So instead they took $100 and applied to principle and left the rest sitting in suspense. It's now been a day shy of a week since I made the payment and I have to call instructing them again what they're suppose to do. "ok, no problem, I'll put that request in for you." "when will this go through?" "It should be complete by close of business tomorrow." Yay for technology - it takes a WEEK for an electronic payment to be properly applied to an account. Ridiculous.

Note that I've done this many times before without an issue. I think this is just their way of punishing me for getting close to paying it off. One more of these type of payments and then final payment. Home stretch baby.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Why do girls focus so much on their weight?  Well, let me tell you this - after taking off 18 lbs in the past few months I feel a lot better.  My BMI is no longer considered obese, but it is still overweight.  I'm not thin, but I'm making progress.  My clothes are looser and don't hurt me by mid-day.

Now, when I go shopping looking for a flannel shirt (which is back in style, welcome back Nirvana/early 90s bliss) I shouldn't want to cry in the store.  Of course the women's cut stuff doesn't fit, I expect that.  But the men's too?  Seriously, an XL men's shirt should NOT be too tight for my arms to bend.  This "skinny" trend has gone way overboard.  Men should not be that skinny.  Pick up a weight, heck pick up anything and you'll have larger arms than what this shirt would permit.

I don't know if the designers are obsessed with the 12 year old boys in china (where the clothes are probably all made) or if the crab-people are real (reference Southpark) and planning to wuss-i-fy our country to the point of being easily overtaken.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I managed to force myself out of bed for the early church service this morning as to ensure I could get on the road to mom's at a reasonable time.  We had a short visit before another aunt stopped in (it's hard to really talk once company arrives) and then had dinner.  As always mom made a ton of good food, including a yummy way to do eggplant (that I need to steal the recipe for), baked potato (which I had to take a small one of), steak (which I had to take a small piece of), sliced tomatoes, and broccoli.  Then she tried to bring out ice cream and raisin filled cookies, which I managed to turn away.

I headed home to get my run in - number 1 in week 5 which meant nearly 1.5 miles (I'm not quite on the 5 min 1/2 mile pace, so shy of that), but I still made it through the 5 min run, 3 min walk (repeat 3 times) cycle without too much strain - despite being too stupid to remember to double up my top before I headed out to the high school track.  I wanted to go up there to get a vibe for the distance covered in the 5 minutes, which ended up being shy of two laps (1/2 mile) thus my assessment.

I also need to report that two people in the past 24 hours noted how happy I am as of late - one being Kath and the other my Mithy.  They, of course, have their finger on the reason, and it makes me blush - but it speaks nothing but good things about the guy when one person who has only known me since returning to PA said they've NEVER seen me this happy and the other who knew me in my 'other life' said it's been a looong time since they've seen me this happy.    Don't have the nerve to give the Egg all of this info ... but maybe someday.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Three awesome ppl (ok technically 4) in one day.  After getting the oil changed this morning at the recommended replacement location, I headed home to workout and get cleaned up to head out for a long day of visiting.  First stop over the mountain (after a couple of shopping stops) was Kath (and Mark).  I haven't seen her in so long, but since I was headed out 'that way' it just made sense to try and connect.  I'm so glad I got to see them and chat.  I miss her.  Hopefully I'll see more of her this winter when she's working in the area.  Just remember Kath I have a spare bed if the winter weather makes travel home treacherous.

Then for the main driving event, to see the sweet Egg at camp with some friends.  I had a nice longer than expected but shorter than desired (as always) visit as he showed me around a place he's been to throughout his lifetime.

Since I didn't leave until it was getting dark I'm surprised I was able to get to see my Mithy, but I did!  It was a short sit down over a quick drink, but quality time is good.  This has been one of those Saturdays that feels like a full weekend's worth of activity.  Thank goodness I still have two more days to get even more stuff in.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The new phone is officially active.  I texted the Wild one, so she was my first there... who will my first call be?!  I think I'll wait and see how long it takes before that cherry is popped.  Couch to 5k app downloaded too, will give that a try tonight.
Oh NO!  I called to get the Tib in for an oil change (since I've been putting a lot of miles on as of late) and found out Wagner's is closing.  My heart is breaking a little.  It's way too hard to find a place you can trust to service your vehicle.
I received my new phone last night, but unlike in the past it did not come with the right telephone number to call to get the change over completed.  Since I didn't have a lot of time after my workout last night I just charged it up and figured I'd go the lazy route and stop at the AT&T store today after work and have them do the change over in their system.  One of my cases arrived too, so at least I don't feel awkward/worried carrying it.  She is slightly larger length-wise than my current phone.  I'm really glad I didn't get the full size, it's just too much phone.
I was already sore last night but got a full hour workout in, in addition to 20 minutes before work. Boy am I feeling it in my legs today, they really need rubbed (where's that cute, sweet guy when I need him?).  I skipped out on working out before work today since I have plans to hit the body sculpting class over lunch and need to run again this evening.  At least the scale budged again this morning, it's been a long plateau.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm to wait until the doctor reviews my test results and sends them back to my PCP but it's pretty clear there is asthma and a high likelihood of an inhaler to have on hand should I have another incident.  The thought of it makes me feel old, out of shape, and damaged even though I know that there are world class athletes with asthma.
I was feeling rather lazy yesterday after getting home, perhaps from the test, perhaps not, as I was too lazy to do a morning walk too.  I did take a nap w/ Saffy on the couch, but then forced myself to the elliptical, weight won't loose itself after all.  It really does make me feel better, it's just hard to get on there in the first place.  I didn't get up to walk this morning either, but tonight is another run night.  It will be necessary after having Mexican for lunch w/ magic hands and Beff. Of course, with a massage at the end of the day I may have even less motivation to get moving... but maybe it will loosen up my sore leg and shoulder.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another great, relaxing weekend on the road - this time with my favorite Egg.  I need more weekends.  Fortunately, I was in between diet bets, as the pasta all weekend was a bit of a carb bomb, but Saturday night's meal was a way awesome baked penne with meat and sauce and perfectly broiled cheese. I have leftovers in the fridge that I fought off eating tonight.  Tomorrow's lunch is going to be pretty friggin sweet.  I can also tell you the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel was rather entertaining with a ton of cameos.  Odd that it hadn't even crossed my radar prior.

Speaking of my diet bet, I didn't quite double my money last round, but I still earned more than I put in.  I joined another 4 week bet, then maybe I need to try out the long term one, which would take me to my target weight over 6 months.

Since my local AT&T store didn't have the phone I wanted to upgrade to I also checked out near the burgh and they too didn't have it, so I went to order it online.  Once you get to the cart it no longer had the option to just pay for the phone outright only to go with their 'next' plan or a two year contract.  Fortunately, I was able to get it ordered outright by calling their customer service, so I have a new phone on the way (this is so overdue).

I'm really looking forward to being able to grab other apps, like a stop watch or the actual couch to 5k app as tracking the time on the small media player clock while bouncing up and down is a bit of a challenge.  Now to buy the cases and screen protectors and all of that other junk.  Thank goodness the chargers have mostly normalized across phones.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

As I type an email, Outlook didn't recognize the word connotate. It recommends connote. So I go look both up on thinking "really?  I know that's a word".  Turns out connotate is marked "obsolete; replaced by connote". Words in my vocabulary have become obsolete.  I'm definitely not feeling old right now.
In yet another demonstration that I've lost my mind I got up this morning and went running before work.  I forgot to stop for an allergy shot on the way home last night, so I had to stop at 8am this morning.  I also needed to stop and pay the chiropractor.  Between those two things and the fact that the evenings have been a bit warm and humid I decided to stay at the house a bit longer, which facilitated this morning run.  Either way, I never would have dreamt I'd be one of those people.  Core crusher over lunch today?  Maybe.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

By some miracle I made my weigh in yesterday and won my second diet bet!  Of course, the fact that I dehydrated a little yesterday to make sure I crossed the finish line probably helped.  The only reason I think I did cross that line is because I thought I needed to drop one lb more than I did.  My big debate now is do I do another 4 week / 4% bet or do I go for the long term 6 month / 10% bet?  I'm giving myself a couple of days "off" to think about it and waiting to see how much I $ I get back from this current bet.  I feel like a slacker, but I think I'm skipping the lunch workout I should do and going for something yummy (Chinese or Mexican).
I did do my second run for week three last night with slight apprehension.  I did NOT have an issue this time, but perhaps it was because of how I was focusing to not huff/puff towards the end or maybe because of the treatment earlier in the day?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So my bank recently "upgraded" their bill pay system.  As I have for quite some time, I made a payment on payday towards my mortgage.  Normally this payment shows up in 24-48 hours on my mortgage account.  Since it's been 4 days I decided to call the bank and ask if there are known issues since the "upgrade".
Long story short - the address and zip code I entered in for that biller?  Pfft. No, we have a better one, we're just gonna go ahead and send it there.  Can you call your mortgage company and get us a fax number.  I already know they're painful to deal with, but I call anyhow.  Instead of a fax number I get a lecture about how I shouldn't have to enter a zip code for bill payment if it's coming electronically, blah blah.  Long story even shorter a case has been opened to contact the mortgage company to make sure the payment goes.  Unfortunately, that doesn't help me w/ correcting the info in the bill pay section if it's not going to route properly in the future.
Golly I'm glad I didn't just pay it off and instead decided to wait and let them make the insurance and tax payments that are due in the next month out of escrow.
On another note:  breathing test 1 done.  I did show marked improvement on the tests after a breathing treatment which is a likely indicator of lung problems (in the grand scheme of lung issues - hopefully asthma), but we'll know more after my second set of tests.
Well that was fast. The hospital called last night and after returning their call today I am scheduled for two tests, a complete pulmonary function test this afternoon, and a methacholine challenge on Monday.  At least I'm going to get answers pretty fast.

Monday, August 18, 2014

This weekend I took to the road once again, this time heading South to visit my Mithy and Addie.  The weather held for most all of my driving save a little shower, despite predictions otherwise on and my only complaint about the traffic was the turnpike, which I promptly avoided on the way back home.
We had a great visit.  It's hard to get quality time in when she comes home due to the demands on her schedule, so we were overdue to sit and chat.  We also ate a lot of delightful food, which puts me in a spot at the moment.  There was brisket, an amazing chicken parm, banana bread, ice cream, and home made 50/50.  Since I managed two days of that it's time for two days of high water, low calories, and major workouts to try to still hit my number for final weigh in on Tuesday.
I did head out on my first week three run last night.  It was 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, 3 minutes walking - times two, but I stepped it up and repeated three times.  I made it without too much difficulty at the time and my legs don't feel like rubber today, but an hour or so after I was home and showered I felt it - in my lungs.  Slight difficulty breathing, cough, and coppery taste in my mouth.  Yay.  This is something I often experienced in my major out of shape moments when I had to vigorously chase after a dog, but it has me concerned.  There are much larger workouts on the horizon.  So the question is, do I contact the doctor to get assessed for exercise induced asthma.  I have to wonder if this is another great gift received from being the child raised in a home w/ two smoking parents.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A very happy birthday to my Danika, who is turning 9 today, after spending just over 7 years with me.  She's a good kid, with an often wagging tail, who is ever willing to give (stinky) kisses.  It makes me think about Satin a bit, not only has it been THAT LONG since she has been gone, but I lost her before her 10th birthday, so I want to officially call Danika an old lady now too.
We ventured out last night to Petco for her requisite trip where she selected some bagged treats to share and darn near scarfed down a bone in the one aisle.  She was not thrilled when I took it from her and made her wait until we paid.  One change, as a result of my current diet, is that we did not go for ice cream - my poor neglected child.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Quantum is floating out!  Hello pretty lady.  They'll be continuing work on her to add the structures that wouldn't fit in the building like the North Star and stacks.  I see she doesn't have her life vessels attached yet, but I they were talking about them coming into the shipyard a week or so ago.
I can't wait, I can't wait!!!
Headed out early yesterday to go to the Chevelle concert in Pittsburgh at Stage AE with my favorite Egg.  Neither of us had high expectations for the opening act, Dayshell, after listening a bit on Amazon.  The vocals were just drowned out and they were rather unentertaining.  Chevelle on the other hand, at least in my opinion, sounded pretty good.  They interacted a bit but nothing will ever be like a Type O show again.  I miss the corny humor, dodging wine bottles, the requisite toilet paper fight, and the fake snow falling.
I remain incredibly puzzled as to how anyone lives/works in the burgh.  It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to the venue thanks to being stopped for quite a while just trying to get on the last 5 mile stretch.  Fortunately, the one thing that makes the burgh better than New Jersey, it was easy to get out.  I made it home in 1 1/2 hours, that's an epic speed run thanks to the weather, traffic, and lights cooperating.  I did hit one patch of heavy rain on the way in, just before 376.  Since it was suppose to rain all afternoon and evening, I'm content.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm not much for camping without a building and running water, but I think I need to add Cherry Springs State park to my to do list.  Go ahead and check out the photos people are getting of the night sky:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday morning I was eager to hit the pavement, how messed up is that?  Yes, I should have waited until Sunday, but I need to shift this week's workouts by a day due to other commitments that would hinder a Sun/Tues/Thurs routine.  I think I was only eager because I was curious if I could hang with the week 2 workout.  It was definitely more of a challenge, but I did it - shorting the last run only by a few seconds due to a major stitch in my side.

I have a week left on this diet bet, so I indulged a bit in my eating this weekend.  After all, I do tend to get stuck and eating some bad things often can get me kick started again - or so I'm telling myself.  Ok, I admit, I'm also using the want and need to feed Eggs to make some of the more yummy grub selections.  I made some of smores brownies and Alton's mac and cheese yesterday, and mashed potatoes today (w/ pork and kraut).  I have to note that I did meet one of my own milestones, weighing in less than Eggs today.  As it should be IMHO.

Last night we also hit the Silver Drive In too and got to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which was pretty decent, and Into the Storm which was at least laughable.  I found it entertaining that Merle (from Walking Dead) was in in Guardians of the Galaxy basically playing the same character and Lori (also from Walking Dead) was in Into the Storm.  Needless to say, one of them seems to be garnering better roles.  I'm glad it's him, because while I know it's just a character and acting is involved I can't help but see a terrible mother when I see the gal who plays Lori.

Yes, I should workout tonight... but maybe Little Sprinkles with Rex instead - pay for it tomorrow.  I gotta go dish.  After an extended period of time, didn't I get another text from the DBK tonight.  Seriously.  Are you mental?

Friday, August 08, 2014

They are breeding.  There is now FOUR of those stupid little yellow slow signs on my way to work.

Tonight left work a bit early since I had my time in and a serious need for a nap, which I did get after getting a little more cleaning done around here.  The one thing I didn't do was work out, but that's just too bad, I'll try to find the motivation to make up for it tomorrow morning.

I also took a trip into Jtown and checked out the Flood City Cafe.  Their menu looked interesting and I had heard they had an open mic night on Fridays where quite a few people went to sing.  Well the sammie that caught my eye was quite tasty and the music entertaining enough.  The coffee was a bit weak to my tastes, nothing to write home about.  ...and I finished a book I've been in the middle of for an extended period of time.  We'll call that a Friday night win, but it seemed like a good place to play a game and I don't mean solitaire.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Tell me I'm not the only person who hates these effing things:
On my drive to work in recent weeks three of these awful little things appeared.  No, I don't take the back roads to work.  If you live along a road with a 35 MPH speed limit, don't tell me to slow down.  Your options:  Purchase a home on a less busy street or, preferably, and a more immediate solution, tell your sped children to not play on or near the street.  I'm not someone who is prone to mischief but I admit these inspire a desire (one I will not execute mind you) to take a baseball bat to them from the side of a moving vehicle.  Oh Darwin!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

When it started to look like rain was going to roll in I headed out for my run/walk.  It never did rain, but it did cool off a bit and I made it through w/o an issue.  I got a burr up my butt too to move the living room furniture around, but not until after I had already done a few other cleaning tasks around the house.  Since it turned into more work than anticipated it was a bit of a busy evening.  I guess I was overdue to run the rug scrubber in the main seating area, at least that is done now... and the tub drain is flowing better again.  Of course both of these tasks meant that things in the bathroom needed cleaned from grungy water or chunks of clog.  I'll sleep well tonight.
It is very very wrong that I am all eager to get outside for my second run/workout in the couch to 5k regime tonight.  Maybe I just want to get it over with?  Regardless, it doesn't look like we'll be down to 70 degrees until around 9pm, so it might be time to pull out the reflective gear.

Monday, August 04, 2014

It's always pretty quiet around here anymore, but it's extra lonely when just one person is away on vaca.  Friday I was missing two of the people I normally can take the 30 second mental break with.  At least we're just down to one out for this week, but rest assured not having someone to take 5 with to grab a drink or to talk though my current work stuff is going to slow me down and drain me a bit.  It probably doesn't help that my connection to the network I need to be on has been down since mid-afternoon on Friday.  Fix assigned as a "low priority" - go figure.  *shakes head*

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Saturday I was able to catch a quick lunch w/ Magic Hands before heading to visit mom and have dinner with her.  I also stopped by Kohl's trying to find a top that says rock concert since I previously purged the ones I would have used to go to a show.  I keep saying I need to get to shows, but I either miss noting when performers are coming around that I want to see or I punk out on the drive to/from the venue.  Motivation is good.

Today was church, dodging some rain showers to take the last photos at St Anthony's cemetery I needed (600+ of them), and going to see The Purge:  Anarchy.  Not as good as the first one, but still just what I needed to add a bit of relaxation to my weekend.  The big news for this weekend is that this morning I finally got myself in gear and completed my first workout following the Couch to 5k regime.  26 more to go.

Friday, August 01, 2014

From one of my favorite movies - High Fidelity.  Amen.
"Well, I've been listening to my gut since I was 14 years old, and frankly speaking, I've come to the conclusion that my guts have sh*t for brains."

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I've been fighting off tired and lazy the past few days.  I blame the cooler weather as it seems to trigger a hibernate sensor deep in my brain.  The sudden shift is even bothering Saffy who is having bouts of reverse sneezing.  On other dog updates I've been forcing Vix to spend even more time than normal outside as it seems like she's peeing way too much, maybe I'm only noticing it because I have to clean it up in the basement much more often.  Yeah, not fun.  To round it out I'll say that Dani is well.  All three are still shedding quite heavily, more than normal in amount for this time of year and the length of time this has been going on.
I'm trying to shift up my workouts a bit. Yesterday and today I went in a little later than I've been (7:30 vice 7) and got a short period of time in on the treadmill instead. At least then I don't feel as bad if I don't get an hour in the evening. I did get through the core crusher workout on Tuesday here at work with only sore upper legs and slightly twinging abs so I think body sculpting is on the go list for today.
I've managed to talk to a few former coworkers that I hadn't seen or talked to in an extended period in the past few days and they both seem to be doing quite well.  Alas, there is life after "this place".  I've always said that the likelihood of looking back wondering why one didn't bail sooner is high, but there are a good number of people that are worth missing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I think there is a purge spree brewing.  If I had allowed myself to continue last night I probably could have made some good progress, but I was in need of a workout and washed hair.  I also had some cleaning to tend to for my new toy (boy is she contrary).  Either way, I did at least toss some things from the bedroom that needed to go.
It's funny how your mind just suddenly snaps into place and things you needlessly held onto can easily make their way into a garbage bag.  Now, of course, I don't see that happening as easily with the huge pile of shoes that I really should whittle down.  Either way, I still really could use an attic just to clear the boxes of must keeps (like my books, I don't see purging those ever).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Niecey-poo and my sister were safely returned to the airport in the afternoon on Saturday.  I was quite pleased that the weather held, because they were calling for storms starting at 1pm.  Not only did I drive to Altoona and on to State College, I then headed to the burgh for a visit with my favorite Egg, and not a single drop of rain until after I arrived.  There was a little bit of rain on the way back today, but in the grand scheme I was very blessed for my travels.

There was a gun show nearby, so we spent a little time today checking things out there.  There was also some yummy coffee that he roasted which was about the perfect strength and flavor.  I took with me the makings for a sammie that he had spotted, it's evil incarnate, but pretty darn good.  Think grilled cheese including peanut butter, bacon, and jelly.  :)  Surprisingly despite all of that salty, rich, goodness I am still down a little at this evening's weigh in.  Yay for progress.  Double yay for good weekends.

Friday, July 25, 2014

I managed to find the time to sit down last night (for a little while) and enjoy a bonfire (smores are mandatory in such a situation) with the girl child.  I realized that I needed to run back to the mall thanks to a sales clerk leaving one of the alarm sensors on a purchase from the night before, so that ate a bit of the earlier part of the evening.
As such I only worked out for about half of the time I wanted to.  You know, I will miss Niecey-poo when she's gone, but it will definitely be easier to workout more and eat better after she goes.  Fortunately, I have 3 more weeks in this bet to make my progress.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

We accomplished a good bit of running that was on the to do list last night and cleaned up the yard so it is ready for a long overdue mowing.  I also replaced the knob to turn the water from bath to shower in the tub since it miraculously broke and pieces evaporated.  Girl says she didn't break it, but the previous time I had to replace all of the handles was during one of her visits.  I think she doesn't know her own strength.
Today has that feel of "how can it only be Thursday" and "it's Thursday already" all at once.  I need to just put my head down and press forward and be as productive as possible (at work and at home), so I can truly enjoy my upcoming weekend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My win on the diet bet doubled my money!  So 50% of the people didn't make it.  I just can't imagine not busting butt after coughing up cash.  That said, I did start another one w/ a $30 bet.  I think this time will be harder to make the weight goal, but I'll be giving it a hell of a run.
Girl and I tried the kool aid dip dye method last night w/ little success.  I suspect you need to use even less water than I did.  At least we don't look freakish.
Time to plan a few other little activities with girl this week.  Maybe trying out coal tubing, doing a bonfire in the little pit I own, and planning dinner w/ Uncle Leo and Aunt Donna.  That, my workouts, and trying to get some cleaning in will keep us busy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I made my weigh in last night (thank goodness and only by a half a lb) despite ham, potato salad, and other bloating compounds that we ate at the family reunion.  The rain did give us a break other than a small sprinkle later in the day, so it was more pleasant than anticipated.  I'll account that to the fact that after we returned to my Mum's place my nephew (brother's son) arrived to town.  I haven't seen N since he was maybe a pre-teen, and he's only a couple of years younger than me.  Most excellent to see him and to know that he got to see his Gram.

Now I wait to see how many people did not make their weigh ins and see how much above my original bet I get back. I did give myself a 2 day reprieve between this and my next diet bet, which I'll do the same 4% in 4 weeks deal.  Which is really good since I now have kiddo back and we had some foodie activities today.  After church I had to head to Denny's to get my free birthday slam.  Then to Davey Ts for his cookout/croquet tourney, which included a couple of drinks and other delightful food.  I mentioned a while back on the whole "someone they wanted me to meet", and I was a bit worried they would be there... they were, but I skirted that situation thanks to the fact that they're in the same boat *laugh*

Then... we had to go for a real dinner for my birthday, and I picked Red Fishy.  Of course, half of my meal and salad is in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch, so bonus, right?  I would have made it even worse as it's not all that often you can score a funnel cake at a church festival, so off to St Benny's we went, but the funnel cake was done already. *sigh*  That's okay because Dani won me $25 on a $1 bet on the bingo pull tabs and a cute little round stuffed siberian.  Now if the birthday luck would last and I'd win the 50/50 that would be super!

Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Overly emotional point in the month + family reunion.  Oh, and it's raining too, so everyone will be cramming in tight under the pavilion.  This could be the longest day ever.  Don't get me wrong, they don't all drive me crazy - but there are a few.

Today is final weigh in on my first diet bet competition.  Shy of having a major eating failure today I will be making weigh in with a little bit of cushion space (yay me).  I will be joining another bet that starts on the 21st or 22nd.  For now, since I'm awake at this insane hour, it's time for a workout.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yesterday was so jam packed it makes me want to win the lottery and not need to work all the more.  Because my body hates me and now wakes up way too early regardless of an alarm clock I was up and got a 45 minute walk in on the treadmill before truly starting my day off.  I even had time to make scrambled eggs before heading down the mountain for a laser hair removal appointment.
It's been two years since I went, but I was due.  I've had good results.  I'm not hairless by any means, but my leg and armpit hair is much thinner and lighter, this is well worth the slight pain and smell of burnt popcorn.  I made this appointment after my sister scheduled her flight into SCE for the same day.
So, from there I headed to mom's for a short visit and running errands for her before Niecey-poo and I left for State College.  Sister obtained we went back to mom's and I got fed (smile) and visited a little while longer before it was time to head back up the mountain to catch up with The Law.
He and I went to break in my new little birthday gift to me and I got to try out a couple of other neat little toys.  As always it is lovely to get to chat and spend some time with him, the only disappointment was not also getting to share this evening with The Missus and The Boy-Child.
I'm psyched for today's lunch as it is a rare trip out for some lunch time grub, including Mexican, and a quick visit with Beff and Magic Hands before he heads out on a mission trip.  Yay for more time with good people.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Work has left me nothing shy of exasperated yesterday and today.  It's not like there is anything abnormal going on, and I recognize my patience is thin this week, which makes it seem worse.  I'm just back in that cycle of "remind me why I get everyone's grunt work again? - oh, right it's because I don't half-ass stuff, so I get to suffer more of it."
I did skip my evening workout last night because I left in a grumpy enough state that I just wanted to go home and go to bed, which I didn't do, but being a bum on the couch playing 2048 sufficed (dang you girl-child for showing me that game).  I tried to compensate today by doing the lunch time yoga class. (Have I  mentioned how much I loathe yoga?  I'm pretty sure there is a plane/circle of hell that is yoga 24-7.)  Yes, I will force myself back to my routine this evening, but I'm officially complaining about it right now.  Don't judge.  At least the scale was friendly again this morning.
I'm gonna go finish this work for someone else now...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

As promised I put in 1h 45m on Saturday morning, which is good, because after going to see the Johnny Cash Review girl wanted dessert.  I couldn't resist a couple of bites.  Then today after taking kiddo to mum's today I headed back up to Indiana for the shared birthday dinner with Beff and Slips, including more dessert (bites lip).  I'm in serious risk of not making weigh in on Thursday, and that's after being BEYOND the loss I needed to be at before this weekend.  It's wayyy to easy to put weight back on.  I did get a shorter (40m) workout in this morning but I need to get back on there. I'm dressed but delaying.  Girl is staying at mum's for the week, so hopefully I can get back on track to make the deadline.

To not end on negatives:  The Johnny Cash review was a fun time, as was walking around since we were a little early and chilling on the benches outside of Bottleworks.  Today I scored new music, new books, new awesomeness on the ancestry research front, stuff for yummy cooking assistance, and lots of love from my gal pals.

Yesterday girl also ran into the sporting goods place with me where I purchased a little birthday gift to myself.  There are so many expensive things I should have bought first (new computer, new phone).  Shame on me.

But best of all... I've had a few messages coming and going, that's good for quite a few smiles.  Now if I could just put my hands on again. :)  Perhaps a valid procrastination method is to search for exercises to help give your booty oomph.