Thursday, December 30, 2004

Since the Slipster must be bored at work (and checking my blog for updates *smile*) here goes. What's to say. I'm enjoying my days off. Yesterday a few of us hit the Chiefs practice - it was quite entertaining to hear a few of the guys thinking they were the sh*t for making a shot (BK)... or cursing wildly for missing it (tsk tsk Mather - I would have never guessed such terms would come out of your mouth).

From there, a quick lunch with the girls and wandering the mall as a group. I felt like the plastics walking down the halls taking up the whole width. Finally yesterday a few hours at the salon and a few drinks w/ the girls. It was a great day. :)

Today I figure it's movie day. I watched Bad Boys II and then headed back to the mall to meet the Slipster for lunch. From there I returned to Bath and Body and got the lavender goodies I wanted - on sale or not. So, now I need someone who can help me w/ the lavender massage oil - any takers? :)

I'm listening to a new album I picked up at the moment - at the suggestion of Brian - Low's Trust CD. It's pretty decent. A little more mellow and less hate-filled than most of my music, but still quite nice. Mayhaps after I'll watch a few more movies, unless of course Davey-Boy is up for a trip out for a drink or two. Ah. It's so nice to not have anything pressing for a while. Hockey tomorrow... and new years eve parties too!

"I fell hard. I fell fast. Mercy me. It'll never last. -Low"

Monday, December 27, 2004

Ok, problem solved. I won't feel like a retard for being at two practices because there didn't seem to be one today. My niece seemed a little bummed - as she even wore my smaller sized Chiefs jersey *aww, how cute*. Today is a good day to just stay in and tend to the fire anyhow. Poor kids. That means they'll have to eat Aunt Judy's cooking tonight. Muahaha.

I stopped off at Blockbuster and raided the sale previously viewed racks. I officially need more space for my movies. I also need to start a list so I know what all I have. That goes for my CDs as well. Maybe that will keep me busy some afternoon after the rugrats have departed.

I had a freaky dream last night about Jeff Zehr. He needed to talk to me but didn't get to say about what before the niece woke me. *laugh* Again, the human mind and dreams are just screwy.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Another holiday ka-put, leaving me with a full year before the answer to my famous question of "Christmas tomorrow?" gets me the answer I want. Granted, it would be nice to have the enthusiasm for the holidays that I use to have. I guess that's only something I'll really get back once I find a keeper again. Somehow having someone you care about (beyond your blood family) gives you inspiration to cook and do all of those happy home maker things for the holidays.

I did opt to drag the rugrats back from my mom's, so I've been kept in the entertainment of my niece and nephew since last evening. So there are movies, and playstation games gallore. Is it wrong that when my nephew picked up a hooker and then beat her to death to get his money back on Grand Theft Auto III that I was proud? *laugh*

All the beautiful people of Johnstown should be on their way back to town today (yes, you have to import beautiful people from Canada to make this place look good - and yes, I'm referring to many of the hockey players). I guess most of the beauty stems from Jean Desrochers this year, but I digress. *grin* I know there are many friends of mine that look forward to their return for very similar reasons.

I was talking with a couple friends about hitting practice later in the week, since I'm off of work and whatnot, but I may end up hitting tomorrow's too, as my niece wants to go since there isn't a game until after they leave. I've already threatened that if she embarasses me I'll have to get even the next time I visit Texas.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Chocolates, great books, horror flicks, and retro games for my playstation... all this and it's not even Christmas day yet. I've acquired these things over the past couple days exchanging goodies with several of my buds.

I spent a little time having fun with the niece today. A litle bit of ice time so I don't completely forget how to skate and a couple more games of bowling. With the nephew visiting other family it's a little quiet here. I just might make it through the evening w/o snapping *smile* course, mom can still pick in all the right ways. I did have to brave my fellow humans for a brief period earlier today at the Giant Eagle and what a nightmare. If you see someone with two 20lb bags of dog food in their arms - for the love of God, get your cart out of the way.

Now, who wants to eat all of the cookies that are sitting around... help save me from myself. I personally am just crossing my fingers that the sushi joint is open this evening. Nothing says Merry Christmas like Christmas eve dinner of sushi.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

First two games at bowling tonight pretty much stunk. I could have easily not showed and let them do 10 pins under my average and helped the team equally. At least my third game made up for it - as I bowled a 176 - beating my high once again.

I neglected to report my fun last evening, as I had returned back to my home town to watch a buddy ref a swimming meet. Most people don't realize I use to swim. I sucked at it, but I swam. Anyhow, the current coach back home was our top male swimmer when I was in school. It was kind of amusing to see him there coaching. It was even more fun to get a whiff of the chlorine - I've SO missed it. I might just listen to Davey T and get my PIAA certification and do some reffing next year.
I got an A! I can't believe it. I was really stressing this term. Ok, one more class and I'm to the half-way point. At least I have my answer on this and I now have one less thing to worry about. I can now enjoy all of the other parties and events associated with the holidays and relax before the next term starts.

"It has been five days, you haven't called me. -Destiny's Child"

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Let me get this straight. I have to wait how long for the next hockey game? Ok ok. Unfortunately our last game went to an OT loss against AC. But, we did get a goal out of both Tallari and Desrochers.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I know this already. It was 5 degrees at the bank when I came home. 5 degrees. Kill me now. At least there isn't a foot of snow. Course, now that I typed that I suspect I'll find a bit tomorrow morning to clean off the car.

BTW. Doubt you read this, but if you do. Yeah. I'm still afraid of boys. That would be why I run and hide - I know you noticed this as you seem to still know where I am hiding. I'm such a retard.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Chiefs win it again 3-0. Congrats to Joe, Jean, and Cavy for their points. The toy toss was nice... but it was even better to hear the Christmas music playing during the brawl. Yes, brawl. 119 PIM issued in the third period. How funny is that?

GQ you're too nice of a guy. Even if you did scare the crap out of me opening that door. How do I rate?

Tomorrow I make the run to get my sister and her family. Hopefully we'll be back in time for the game. Mayhaps I'll drag the rugrats with, we'll see. Ok, must sleep now.
You know you're at a party too late when... you're on your way home and you pass the hockey team's bus as it's heading down bedford towards belmont after leaving Dayton post game (10pmish). Doh. Anyhow... Thank you Scott for a bitchin party - same as always. I even won a door prize! Considering it was the 'politically incorrect christmas' celebration you can only imagine.

Related to events at the party... I think I've turned partially into a former relative-in-law. Maybe it is all about attitude, and that can draw people to you. Yes, I will ALWAYS find it strange when guys hit on me in any way, shape, or form. Further, I'm always shocked as hell when a guy that I think is pretty good looking even talks to me. When you evolve that into me being able to sit and talk back for an extended period of time without feeling like I said something incredibly stupid... go me!

To make me extra happy the Chiefs shut out Dayton 3-0. Since I was no longer listening midway through the second period I heard from another source that Desrochers had a pseudo scrap which gave him 5 in the box. *ha* Let me explain, you need not fight to impress me. *grin*

Friday, December 17, 2004

Yes, I'm still alive, but thanks for your concern. It's been a very busy week with work... and recovering from partying. Of course, there is another party tonight. I think I need to take a radio however so I can see how my boys are doing. Time to stomp Dayton!

Did you ever have an epiphany? Like you're just laying there, half asleep and something comes to you - something that you shouldn't know about? That happened last night. I'm rather interested to get some information from this person to see how accurate my little poof of information is. Sometimes the subconscious mind freaks me out. Needless to say, depending whether I get blown off this weekend or not may determine if I ever get the answer to that question.

"But now I am strong because of you -Beyonce"

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Photos photos. I got the ones from the Chiefs party cropped and uploaded. I'll tend to the ones from Saturday's party later this week.

Some of those pics. Wow. GQ from the PQ. Double wow. I'm going to go get a cold shower now. I'm glad I was there, or I would have been pissed. *laugh*
Ok, now that I am awake I can spout about the good times from last night. I am really glad to see that the boys appeared to have fun. The rookies sang and danced... heck a couple even went back for more karaoke *smile*

Cavy and Bowman breakdancing? Cavy, you really got your jiggy on last night didn't you? Tremblay, thanks for letting me borrow your cowboy hat, despite it leaving you with hat head. BK is cat in the hat (with a few drinks). And who would have thought Jean would eat the hershey kiss and leave the cookie behind. What's up with that? tsk tsk.

Hildy also got back into town and joined us, so welcome back Hildy. Christalin, it was good to meet you. Kristi - hope you had fun, I'm glad you got up and danced and had a smile on your face, you should have one.

"I look around but you're out of sight. -Ian Van Dahl"
Now that I know that Mudder's woman reads this, what do I say? *laugh* Hi "L"!! Anyhow. Yeah, got dissed while girl talking, but I guess it was for the best. Ah well. Goon to pretty boy. What a shift. All I have to say about tonight is "go rookies!" You guys rule. Too funny.

Monday, December 13, 2004

A happy birthday to Batesy, no, not the fish... the hockey player.

Tonight should be good for entertainment as it's the annual fan club Christmas party. Woohoo! I doubt highly I'll be dancing much until I get a few drinks in me as my legs are still sore from Saturday. Damn I'm old.

Today is also the two year anniversary of realizing that you can not trust anyone, not matter how long you've known them or been with them. I still maintain how fortunate some people were that they were outside of the continental US when I caught on.

As Eminem states earlier in this song... sixteen bars, this ain't enough to put some ink to... so today's quote will go beyond the normal boundaries.

"I hope you get to hell and Satan sticks a needle in your eye
I hate your fuckin' guts, you fuckin' slut--I hope you die

But please don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter or mad
It's not that I still love you, it's not 'cause I want you back
It's just that when I think of you, it makes me wanna yak.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sully's back on the injured list. Go figure. Now we wait and see what type of punishment is dished out for slashing at his recently healed wrist/hand. Needless to say this means we probably won't see him again until after surgery - if at all - this season.

I made a quick grocery store run today and some other little things. I find it funny how people get use to being overly busy - so much so that they can't cope with being able to sit around and do nothing. Yes, I'm bored already. I'm still a little anxious, and I will be until I get my grade. In my grocery run I pleased the dogs greatly by picking up some bones for them to stay entertained with tonight.

I don't know if it's the weather change (we got our first real dusting of snow last night), but something is up with the dogs. Satin has been a sleeping fiend lately. I typically let them both outside when I roll out of bed in the morning and then head for the shower. Lately it's been, let Vixen out, get a shower, go pry Satin off of her pillow. Hopefully she's just lazy, and not starting to demonstrate how old she is. Just in case the weather is bothering her joints I've started back up with her joint care tablets. We'll see.

Now, to appease my boredom and to make my mind wander through things I'd evaluated time and time again - it's time to toss in When Harry Met Sally again.
Well well well... look at this. The one away game that I can't go to or listen to and we win. We win againt the number one team in the division in overtime! Take that AC! Go Chiefs - good work boys. At least ya'll will be in a good mood for the party on Monday.

Speaking of parties. I had a good time this evening at my work party. I didn't drink as much as I did last year, which is good. I also still rode home in Kirk's vehicle listening to Depeche Mode, I think I'm going to call it a tradition now, that it's happened two years in a row. No I didn't ACCIDENTLY miss the bus, this year we did it on purpose to ride home with the Kirkus. Grub was good, company was even better - and I got my groove on just in time to call it a warm up for Monday. What??? OKKKK!

Last night was fun, despite our loss in Reading. The road trip wasn't too terribly long. Overtime overtime. It's good to see you finally become our friend.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thanks for the notice K, as my email notifications are slacking (what's up with that) but I see Tremblay is back off of IR and Paul Lynch is on his way to Charlotte. I kind of guessed he wouldn't be here all season.

Yesterday felt like it should be Friday, today feels even more so as such. Tonight there will be no work brought home with me and no class work. I think I'll manage to cope w/ the boredom. Maybe a DVD, or falling asleep way earlier - which sounds like a good idea. All I know for certain is that there is a bottle of Kahlua and one of Vodka calling my name.
The paper is done and turned in. I delayed turning it in immediately, and I'm glad I did... I instead went out and celebrated being done. Premature, yes, but a good thing, as I came up with a great idea while out. So, when I got home I spent the couple of hours to make this change and turned in the paper. That's why I'm on so freaking late.

So what did Judy do to go celebrate, well let me tell you. First I did a little shopping. I can't believe I don't have ALL of the gifts I need just yet. Only one or two more to go. I also picked up some bling to go with my dress for Saturday.

Anyhow, then I went to see Blade Trinity. I know, some people hated the sequel, but I liked it. If you dug the second flick, you'll appreciate the third one as well. If for no other reason than the fact that the age old question as to the erotic nature of bloodlust is answered. *ha*

I really liked the character Danica Talos' look, it's an uber-gothy style that I need to put into my arsenal to pull out when needed - minus the hair. If you see the movie, tell me that from the side this girl doesn't look like a betta fish all flared up. Also, I was right in my shock that the one girl in the flick was also in American Pie. Sure enough, it was her! With that, now I sleep.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cursed headache. I can only attribute it to not getting enough sleep, but that will change very very soon! Last night I was busier than I think I ever have been and more successful at everything too. I bowled wonderfully by my standards. My second game didn't completely stink, my third game was a 160 and I stepped my high series from 393 to 414!

I came home and worked on my paper and have it to the point where I could turn it in now if I HAD to. Just a little more work and I can send it off. Maybe I will be able to attend my class tomorrow night and go to Reading on Friday with a clear mind! Hmm, I wonder if I could go catch Blade III tonight.

I don't recall if I reported that Stevenson was recalled back to Cleveland, but I found this article which tweaks me off a little. I understand the theory here, but I'm a little irritated at the way this article reads. So being in Johnstown, playing for the Chiefs is a punishment? Not in my eyes. Grant Stevenson was BLESSED to come to our town and to be a Chief. Can I hear a "thank you coach may I have another"? Incidently, Mr. Downey is also gone, once again, to my understanding.

"Now I'm losing who I am. -Drain STH"

Monday, December 06, 2004

After being at my desk for a mere hour out of eight and getting fifty emails in one day I can say I am most definitely in project management. I spent the entire morning in meetings. Tell me, how does one get things done when they are perpetually in a meeting about what needs to be done?

I digress. I am glad I left myself a note, as in my rushed day I didn't get a chance to relay a humorous dog story to my blog, the title IS Hockey, _Dogs_, and Cake after all. So here goes. Last evening I had a fire going which was heating up the living room, kitchen and hall quite nicely. Of course that meant the heat wasn't kicking on, and with the bedroom door closed it was destined to be pretty cold in there by the time I went to bed. So, I propped open the door and strategically placed a basket of dirty clothes in the entryway to prevent the dogs from wandering in (mostly to keep Vixen off of my bed).

Satin loves to test boundaries, so I didn't have high expectations of this ghetto solution, but to my surprise - she remained out of the bedroom all evening. WOW! Alas, it's about that time, a little after midnight and I'm bushed from cranking out more of my paper. I brush my teeth and come out to gather my girls into the room for a good night's sleep, but I can't find Satin. After looking around a little I decided to enter the room and move the basket of clothes.

TADA! Satin is curled up - fast asleep on her pillow in the corner of the bedroom. Yes, my dog is smarter than me. It was nice of her however to humor me and stay out of the room until bedtime.

Anyhow, time to jet to the fan club meeting.

And, by the way, RP... I heard what you did. *smacks forehead* honey... c'mon.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

:( With the latest update of the UHL website I see Paulie was put on waivers on Friday and cleared them yesterday. Not good not good. Fingers crossed.
Two nights... two butt kickings. Not pretty at all. Granted there are a lot of little shifts happening w/ the team right now between Mather needing to step out for a little while, Sully coming back, Grant Stevenson joining us from Cleveland, Bill Downey resigning with us, Tremblay, James and Demo all dancing on and off of IR... it's to be expected to have a little bit of a shake up. But two nights w/ only one goal?

Friday's game Mather gave us our lone score against Dayton finishing the game down . Saturday our lone goal came from BK and we ended up down 6 to 1 here at home! Well, Notermann being w/ AC didn't help us much as he quickly snapped up two goals. Sorry Notes, we have to yell and scream at you now that you left us *shrug*

Well, let's see how the boys do today in Trenton. Maybe the loss last night signals a change for things to come on the road (keep in mind the road has NOT been good to us so far this season).

Saturday, December 04, 2004

The past three hours of my life just blurred by, and my brain says ouch. Can you say final exam from hell? When you're almost at the 3 hour point on a 50 question multiple choice test and you still have 10 blanks that's not good. Never mind the number of times my first instinct was "who"? or "did we cover that"?

Yes, it's clear there will be no working on the paper this afternoon. There will only be drinking and preparation for relaxation at the game. Call it my last supper.

Friday, December 03, 2004

It's Friday and tomorrow is my first final. I may very well lose my mind by then... so bare with me on this post. When I get stressed out little silly things start to pick at me like I'm a great big scab ready to bleed. I think we managed to off the freaking blackberry in the next (EMPTY) cube which has been making an annoying buzzing and bleeping noise every three minutes or so. Maybe I just seek out things that will bug me, as my next step was to peek in on the news. Here are the head shakers I found so far today.

Insanity number 1: [article] Bonds says he UNKNOWINGLY took steriods. Are you hearing me here people? Unknowingly. Even if the "medications" had names I was unfamiliar with I might inquire as to what exactly I was receiving. If you're not smart enough to tend to your person you should be wearing a helmet like Miss Clara's cousin Bleh. (If you don't catch my reference you need to watch more comedy central).

Insanity number 2: [article] The term master/slave, as used for computers was banned as being RACIALLY offensive in LA. WHAT?! RACIALLY? Um. I didn't realize bondage had anything to do with race... oh wait, it's not bondage, it's the oppression of geeks and their humor everywhere. Just ask Cartman: "Seriously. I HATE YOU GUYS."

Insanity number 3: [article] Men wearing the wrong size condoms. Is this really a discussion? What shocks me is that this article claims nearly half of the men out there try to squeeze into condoms that are ... TOO SMALL. Where ARE these men?

On other, decent news, the NHL and NHLPA are looking to have negotations. I don't expect much to come of this aside from a formal announcement that the rest of the season is axed, but it's good to see something new on this front.

With local hockey here's the latest words: Bill Downey is resigned with us, at least to help us cover whilest we're down a few. My understand is that we will be missing our latest captain, Mather due to personal reasons. Sully has been blessed to hit the ice again... and Tremblay is now on 7-day IR. Oh, and Desrochers is still pretty.

"Burn the witch. Just bring me back her head. -Hole"

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It's December. When did that happen?

Not much going on in hockey world, which is good, because I can focus on other things I need to accomplish. Hildy was called up to the AHL - well, they phrased it as 'loaned'. So three cheers to him. Ok. Time to make a pot of coffee and get serious about the things I need to wrap up for my class. I'm SO going to need the work party and the fan club party to get over the end of the semester. Watch out bottom of the bottle... here I come.

Have I mentioned I absolfreakinglutely adore Eminem's latest album. Heh. This man should be writing for Halmark just so I could buy cards for my ex.

"If you want me let me know, baby let it show. -Madonna"