Sunday, August 29, 2004

Schfifty five days. Mmmm, schfifty five. ;)

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Welcome back Ernie... I mean Hildenbrand :) The Chiefs just announced this re-signing today.

As to the rest of the world, or one small part of some parallel existance. You claim to always give the person you care about what they want because it would 'make them happy'. Are you going to do that this time? Are you really that stupid? I guess an I told you so is appropriate, but instead I'll just offer this thought: be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it and then some.

Friday, August 27, 2004

This evening I went to see Hero. It isn't the type of movie I would pick but I enjoyed it very much. The colors and cinematography was amazing. Wouldn't my financial advisor be proud (he's quite the martial arts movie fan). So, now it's barely after 9pm and I'm home... and ready to crash out on a Friday night. I _am_ getting old.
Hmm. It appears we have some tentative dates for pre-season against the Wheeling Nailers. Not sure how accurate this feed is since it would slate a game here in Jtown on the 14th of October, which is a Thursday. But, be sure to make your calendar - after all that would move the count to 48 days instead of Schfifty-Seven.

I am patiently waiting here in hopes that there will be some announcement today. I've been anticipating something all week... we're due. :) Nailers also announced signing Jaffray and Reynolds again. Let the heckling begin.

"But most of the time, I just feel confused. -Rollins Band"

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Time for a house update. The sun-tube has been installed in the bathroom and is wonderful. I can't believe how much light comes through there. Because it's over the shower I get a lovely back lit glow to my celestial shower curtain - very wise.

The next big undertaking is the bathroom in the apartment. I've got some main pieces already purchased or ordered, but we'll wait until the tenant is out then my worker-bee can rip down the nasty walling and rip up the carpet. I should take a hint from my bud Joe and start taking snapshots of befores and afters and add them to some kind of photo album. There's been so much changed in the house in the past year, too bad I didn't start taking shots earlier. I guess after the bathroom I should save up and replace some carpet or something, but the list always evolves.

The flight and car rental for the January NC/SC trip has been finalized, so we're definitely going. We've been very fortunate in that everything ends up being even cheaper than we expected when the final bill is determined. More money to drink on my dear. No other important hockey news - just waiting for more signings. :)

"Darlin' I don't have a hope for you right now. -Jessica Folker"

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well my grades are in.. it was tight but I scored an A in the difficult class as well as in the other one. My record is untarnished! I NEVER had a 4.0 GPA as an undergrad, that's for sure. I can't believe I've been pulling this off through 4 classes. Back down to one class this semester so hopefully I can keep my focus through hockey season and crank out a couple more A's. I'm guessing my spring semester will have started by the time we make our NC/SC game run, so I'll probably need to travel with my class stuff and laptop in tow. We'll see.

It was a rough morning for myself and Satin. I thought I was the one that didn't want to move, rolling out of bed an hour late (but only showing up to work 15 minutes late - how slick is that?), until I saw Satin who could barely coordinate her body to the back door. They've been treating me with the smells of dog that has found something to roll in outside. Goofballs.

"Stay away, don't you invade my home. -Men at Work"

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Wow. The coach's word is that there is talk going on with Richard and his agent, not quite what I had anticipated or heard on the down low, but it sounds like a recent development so... regardless, this is quite good news. :) Now, let's get the remainder of the issues resolved to get Zehr back on the line up for 2004-2005.

"It's a question of lust, it's a question of trust. -Depeche Mode"

I spent the day... yesterday to be truthful if I glance at the clock... pimpin the pampered chef and mixing margaritas. I did break the drinking before noon rule, but it was only reasonable to try the cinnamon orange and chocolate margarita recipes before sharing them with guests. Food was delish, drinks were even better... and the party was a resounding success. You know it's good when your aunt and mother are accused of being drunk. :)

Satin and Vixen enjoyed the company and extra lovin' they got from their beloved Kirkus, and some new faces. They're not too particular about where the hand comes from as long as it's petting.

A few drinks at Jerry's to close out the day and I think I'll sleep well. It's also a comfort to know we have two more signings under the Chiefs wing. Chris Leinweber and Brent Kelly will be returning - bring our signed total to 16. "Last" evening was to be the southmont jubilee, but there wasn't too much happening there so the group of us decided to call it an early evening. Got the hint that there is some other circumstances which could be playing into Zehr's re-signing. *sigh* I won't even try to comment on Paulie, as we all pretty much know that won't happen - although it would be nice to see Toby give him another run.

"Fear I've wasted all my sun, fear I've wasted all my time. -Fuel"

Friday, August 20, 2004

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a hectic two evenings... and rather odd as well, since both evenings brought me to the same place where I had never known existed prior. No you perverts - a place, not a state of mind. ;)

On Wednesday I ran with Missy to check out where she had her prom, why you ask? Because she's now hunting for a place for a wedding reception. Thursday Greg and Heather announced a new one on the way too... so all of my friends are again dropping like flies, but I digress. Yesterday I was asked to join some friends at "Breaking Legs" a play down off of Somerset Pike at the same place. The show was great but trudging home in the nasty fog, wind, and rain well into my yawning phase wasn't the highlight. Regardless I now know where the playhouse is.

Wednesday before going out I had to tend to a boo-boo (ah, a mother's work is never done). Vixen once again snagged ahold of Satin. Luckily she cut above her eye and didn't hurt her eye. A little bit of peroxide and a compress and Satin was happy again. I just keep reminding myself real children break each other's bones by pushing them out of bunk beds and can throw knives at one another. Yes, fuzzy children are preferred.

Keep your fingers crossed that we won't get rained out this evening.

"You may not recall the moment that you asked me, but your invitiation was clear. -Marillion"

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Woohoo! Welcome back to Shawn Mather, who's re-signing with the Chiefs was just announced. We're lucky to have him... even if we don't see him much due to call ups to the AHL (which I hope for his sake will happen).
My work... obsolete once again. Sometimes web and database development can be a mite bit frustrating. Granted, I'll be reworking everything, but it is painful to know for all practical purposes the last 6 months or so worth of work is getting zipped and stored to never be touched again. On a bright note it probably means I'll be working with other ppl on the project more *huge grin*. Candy candy candy.

As a side note, I've turned on comments on my blog. So, if you have anything to say in response to my posts go ahead and add a comment. But, if the idiots I'm expecting to pay a visit do so... I can easily turn them back off.

"Your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea. -Looking Glass"

Monday, August 16, 2004

F. I misjudged on the NC/SC sweep. Silly SC, you're not suppose to have 4 ECHL teams. Shows I need to pay attention more. Luckily the only things reserved were hotels in Charlotte and Pee Dee, no flight or third hotel. Someone is watching out for me. Time to re-work my plans.

UPDATE: Well, looks like this change may very well extend our stay, change a lot, but end up being a couple bucks CHEAPER. Damn I'm a lucky gal.
Ah the sound of the tree frogs. I loved laying in bed at UPJ with the window open in Hemlock hall listening to them chirp. Well they're here! Too bad it's a little too cool to leave the windows open wide to hear them going.

I did sleep well enough last night however, despite another obnoxious dream involving former relationships. Hiss. At least my rapier wit is still sharp in my dream land. I have to wonder what is up with my mind. Do I wonder about all of those people involved... of course, but not in the ways most people would expect. Instead I wonder: Will the truth about reasons for quitting jobs will ever come out, and relatedly - if this person, who guides every decision, will be seen in a realistic light as the manipulative liar with a propensity towards inappropriate familial emotions and the omission of important truths to family. But somehow I was the evil one who's life was referenced with a 'locked and loaded'. It boggles my mind how much I managed to avoid letting myself see until I was removed from the situation.

"When it comes to loving me he's worse. -Sheryl Crow"

Saturday, August 14, 2004

With my classwork done... I was at a loss for what to do today, especially when I woke up way earlier than I expected to on a Saturday. The hedges are trimmed and I did some more cleaning, even cleaned out the closet and the pantry. How does one rewards one's self for getting stuff done? Shopping! I replaced the plain black skirt I finally tossed out earlier in the week and picked up some other little things that I needed to grab. When I got back my halloween costume was here *grin* I can't wait for this one, it should be rather amusing. All that before 2pm. Now what?

Later that same afternoon...
Grocery shopping complete now too. I've stocked up on everything I need for next weekend's pampered chef party and even bought chow as would suggest I might cook a meal or two in the next couple days.

Freshly showered and warmed by a jersey (it so feels like jersey weather) it's time to toss in a movie. Let's start with High Fidelity and revel in some biterness with happy endings.

Friday, August 13, 2004

I sat last night in a sweatshirt, long pants, and a blanket - again. Sure the rainy weather doesn't help the temps, but the leaves are starting to change on the mountain, and I have fallen yellowish leaves on my deck already. Thank goodness I have a nice stack of wood, I have a bad feeling I'll be running the fireplace often this year to keep the gas bills down - it's gonna be a harsh one people.

At least Satin and Vixen will be happy, and I'm sure I'll get lots of photos of them jumping and leaping through the snow. There is nothing cuter then a fuzzy dog with snow on it's nose smiling up at you after leaping around for 20 minutes.

"It's just the symptoms of young love growing old. -Christina Milian"

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Paper turned in. Now, time to watch my DVD of last season's opening game against Long Beach. Woohoo.
Ok, it's officially announced now, so I can do more than hint :) Jtown Chiefs are now affiliated with Tampa Bay as well as San Jose. Sweet deal, but it could end up biting us in the butt a little if there is a stall in the NHL this season.

Must head home early today. Need to rest brain to try and shake a headache. Must also finish my paper, it's due tomorrow at 6. Ick. I'm ready for a 3-week break between semesters, that's for sure.

Oh - and the Boulevard Grill is truly back up and kicking as they have a beer-dinner planned for the 10th of September. I've only attended a wine-dinner before, but it was amazing, so I'll be making reservations.

"You must wonder why I'm relentless and all strung out. -Alanis Morissette"

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

New NHL affiliations, unannounced signings, and plans for the welcome party, oh my!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

What is it with me finding 6'2"-ish 220lb-ish left wingers with dark hair to be so attractive? Is it just me, or is it that they get sorted out as a young age... "you, yes you there boy - you're going to grow up to be a cutie. Take this left handed stick and run offense along the boards... go!"

"I gotta have you, oh yes I do. -Poison"

Monday, August 09, 2004

Happy Birthday to Satin! :) My oldest dog is 8. 8!! Sheesh. Well my happy little true to celestial Leo definitions puppy has been enjoying her day as the center of attention with a special meal and the like. She wasn't too fond of being woken up extra early this morning however, which I needed to do in order to meet others from work at 6:15am to head to DC. Woohoo. *yawn*

Luckily we went, attended the meeting and left... getting back here before 5. That makes me happy. At least it allowed me some time to do all of the weekly work I need to accomplish for my two classes. I'm still a bit stumped on the last question for my paper. Countdown is on... Friday is coming up WAY too quick.

"Her ex-boyfriend use to come and drop asleep that's why when me pager start beep -Beenie Man"

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Yesteday was another blow off the paper day with good reason. I haven't hit too many of the local 'sites', despite saying over and over again that I need to do so, so we went on a trek to Penn's Cave down near State College. It was nice, different. Then last night was Shakespeare in the park - Romeo and Juliet. It didn't get rained out like we did last year for a Mid-summer Night's Dream, but it was cold as could be. Despite the cold, it was another great performance by the Band of Brothers - good work folks! Have I mentioned I hate Johnstown? I had to turn on my heat this morning, in AUGUST!

Hockey news: Cory Campbell's rights are back here in Jtown. Not sure what that means with regard to him staying here however. We do have three goaltenders already signed, but I'm sure that we'll be trading some of them away as the season draws near and through camp.

Ok, must do some cleaning and then get going on the paper. Wish me luck.

"He's drunk, he tastes like candy he's so beautiful - Hole"

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Last night was good, even if I didn't get my case study read to get my final paper started (still). Baby-Davey and I had some drinks and I chilled a bit. Went skating over lunch, will do the same again today... I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I got my ice legs back. Bummed that my prediction didn't hold true... why didn't you sign damnit?

On another note, my copy of Adobe Photoshop showed up today *woohoo* legal software. What a novel concept to geekdom eh? You know you're old when you've become a goody-twoshoes.

I realize I haven't said too much about the latest household developments after talking to a friend, so here's the update. Bees, bees, bees. I now have the corpses of at least 200 evil little yellow jackets swept out the front door. I think they are all dead. So, now my repair guy can tend to the other work that is going to keep the carpenter bees away. Woot.

My latest tenant is also likely to be out early September, so now I need to decide on my next undertaking. Do I just go for it and do the work in the apartment or do I do the work I want done in my bathroom? My bathroom just needs a sky light, some paint, and a new seal on the bathtub. Maybe some new trim too. The apartment bathroom pretty much needs the whole kit and kaboodle.

Regardless I need to pull out some paint. The hallway, kitchen, and bathroom are going to get it. I think I'll wait til mom is back from visiting w/ my sis and make her come up from Toona town to help.

"Yeah I miss her... since she's gone. -Type O Negative"

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Welcome to the two most recent signings for the Chiefs: Goalie, David Cann and Defenseman, David Bowman.
Thanks to Greg for passing the link along...

Band called Jag Panzer out of Colorado. They did this cover of Judas Priest's "You've Got Another Thing Coming" and switched it up for the Avs to "You've Got Another Cup Coming". *grin* Go Avs! :)

"Let me take you home, where we can be alone. Next we were moving on. He was with me, YEAH me. -Joan Jett"

Monday, August 02, 2004

Fan club meeting night. Sounds like we may be making some changes here and there on the welcome party. Everyone fears change, but why not - maybe we'll get the guys not wanting to leave from the first party of the year. Since I missed the meeting last month I missed committees. :( Mayhaps I can still step in on one or two.

Speaking of hockey... Plans for a mid-winter trip are starting to come together. I figure when is a better time to make a run on the south than after a month or so of awful Johnstown weather. Combo that with the opportunity to see the Chiefs play three times in four days down south and I'm all over it.

Right now it's shaping up that we could easily hit the January 20 Charlotte NC game, go to Florence SC for the 22nd game, and on to Greenville SC for the 23rd game. If the NHL is playing by then we might even add a short jaunt up to Raleigh on the 21st to catch the Canes against Tampa Bay. Obviously that depends alot on the NHL getting their act together by January, something I'm not too certain of. Regardless the remainder of the trip is just a matter of deciding when to make reservations (hopefully my travel team won't back out on me).

After living in the Raleigh area for 3 years, I never did get to go see too many of the other cities around us. Time to do some catching up!

"I hold onto my pillow tight, and think of how you promised me forever. -JoJo"

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Did the church thing again (two weeks in a row - fear me). Came back to the house for a brief period then headed back out to catch "The Village". It was a little disappointing, but not horrid. Again, a few minutes to spare and to the softball game. I sat out and kept the books since just about everyone showed up. It was too hot to be running around anyhow. We lost our last two games of the season, big surprise, huh :)

I would have loved to have someone to go grub with after but couldn't knock someone lose on my drive home so now I have to find some grubbage here. This should prove to be interesting. It's times like this I almost wish I had a steady again - at least then I'd have someone to go do stuff with more often than not, or, at a minimum, I'd have food in the house, and a reason to cook. Maybe I'll just go to bed early again tonight. At least I get to grub at the Phoenix tomorrow!