Monday, August 09, 2004

Happy Birthday to Satin! :) My oldest dog is 8. 8!! Sheesh. Well my happy little true to celestial Leo definitions puppy has been enjoying her day as the center of attention with a special meal and the like. She wasn't too fond of being woken up extra early this morning however, which I needed to do in order to meet others from work at 6:15am to head to DC. Woohoo. *yawn*

Luckily we went, attended the meeting and left... getting back here before 5. That makes me happy. At least it allowed me some time to do all of the weekly work I need to accomplish for my two classes. I'm still a bit stumped on the last question for my paper. Countdown is on... Friday is coming up WAY too quick.

"Her ex-boyfriend use to come and drop asleep that's why when me pager start beep -Beenie Man"

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