Friday, March 30, 2012

This week just barreled by.  Life is moving way too fast.  I now they say it happens as you get older, but it's just getting crazy.  March - gone.  The neighbors across the way are back from their yearly winter retreat south, I marvel that it still isn't totally dark outside as 8pm draws near, and I've got that unsettled feeling in my mind once again.  Now what?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's cold again!  I knew it would come and I know this is the last little freeze... but I still don't like it.  At least I got a chance to wear a new sweater I snagged off of a end of season/clearance rack!
This past weekend wasn't as productive as I would have liked, but I did make some progress.  The rainy weather kept me inside and focused on research of all kinds that needs completed.  There was a long skype w/ niecey-poo for planning purposes, there was a frantic Saturday morning clean with the fear that my mother would arrive on Sunday before we headed to my childhood neighbor's funeral (she did show btw), and the funeral itself.
Today I had a pleasantly easy time fighting back on the health insurance company - they refused one of the blood tests so I had a bill from Conemaugh.  Within minutes they said they'd send it back through, so fingers crossed on that one. It's not a huge bill, but my deductible is already spent, I shouldn't be paying for things now, that's why I have the highest health insurance I can pick here and pay what I do every month.  Plus I need every penny for the trip w/ niecey-poo!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

After two nights of less than fantastic sleep I emailed in to buy myself a few extra hours of sleep on Wednesday.  I think I got myself mostly back on track (and should get those hours made up w/o an issue), but I'm not liking this sporatic not sleeping well business.  That is so not me.
I did get envigorated after I did get moving on Wednesday though, when I noticed a significant price drop on the cruise I'm planning with my niecey-poo!  Significant enough that we went from an interior guarantee to a balcony guarantee, and with my diamond discount on balconies I'll be paying $700 less.  YAY for a little more freedom to spend (and stay within budget) while there AND getting a balcony!  I've been praying for this price drop, as I really wanted to treat her to her first balcony (and I gotta admit they're pretty nice to have) and it had to come before final payment - mine is due on the 27th, so there you have it.
I finally got a call back yesterday from the icky doctor's office with blood test results.  The blood was drawn Thursday, I called Monday morning and despite their VM saying they'd return the call w/in 2 days it was 2 1/2.  At least when I missed the call and had to call and leave yet another message they were prompt in returning that rather than making me wait another 2 days.  Everything looks good... one new piece of information however that will require me to do some additional research.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Had a late afternoon appointment in Altoona, so I got to have dinner with mom and let her kick my butt at Scrabble.  Learned, and I'm very sorry to say, the neighbor is not well.  It's sad to see this unfolding and just a reminder of mom's age as well.  Prayers for KG.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ok, I knew I was going to comment.  First, the broad has the nerve to be surprised the kid isn't upstairs.  She never knows where her son is, why why why is she surprised.  Then, she's pissed at Rick for killing Shane?  You WANTED him to kill Shane.  Are you just pissed because you can't have a husband and a boyfriend anymore?  You're not only a bad mother, you're a whore, and we all know how I feel about those types.
It rained today, which is probably for the best, as it was the final push to get me to grade the assignments that were due last night at midnight.  I did however get outside before the rain came and got another garbage barrel and garbage bag filled with leaves and debris that needed dealt with.  My plan  is to fill the barrel up every week for the next so many until I can get the mess cleaned up around the yard.

At least now that I've finished that I can start doing the computer work I WANT to be doing.  Yay cruise planning!

In three hours I am sure I will be posting again... what with the season finale of Walking Dead coming on at 9.  I wonder what the stupid kid will do this time.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I guess I should mention the bad part of this great weather... the allergies that have given me drainage and thus a sore throat every morning this week.  The good news is that part seems to be coming to a close.  The bad news is that, as it does every year, now it's trying to sneak into my chest and I'm coughing.  Fingers crossed it won't take hold.
I'm completely in love with this weather.  My windows are open as to freshen things up and the bright sun and warm temps got me moving pretty quick this morning.  The second load of laundry is already spinning, and the bed is remade with my spring/summer comforter!  Vacuuming is done, additional photos of the daffodils preparing to bloom are taken, and the dogs are out enjoying the sunshine.

Unfortunately, within minutes of getting out of the shower I went to change the garbage bag and boom it shreds and spills across the kitchen floor.  Whee.  Thank goodness I haven't been cooking much at home so it was most all paperdirt and not food.  This means that the kitchen floor is also freshly cleaned.

This weather makes me want to get out and do things.  Beware world, a walk might be in order.  I was pretty naughty with food (and drink) yesterday.  I don't know how much of the third and final week of the fast I'll be loyal to things.  I had deep fried chicken and fries, and pancake puppies for dinner last night - talk about three strikes.  From there I met Mithy for a quick sip.  I wasn't going to have a Long Island, but when I learned they make flavored ones I changed my mind pretty fast.  Hey, during lent everyone else behaves on Fridays and does as they choose all week.  I behaved most of the week with the exception of the Shamrock Shake, so I misbehaved on Friday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I did it.  I cheated.  I'm most of the way through week 2 out of 3 on the Daniel Fast and I broke something fierce, stopping to get the largest Shamrock shake known to man on the way home.  Sweets and dairy - two strikes.  I held my brain together and plugged away all day after finding mistakes that gave me a bit of an anxiety attack, so I think I deserved something decadent.

I did compensate a little though as I got a short walk in w/ Saffy this evening too.  I also got the last exam graded and the dishes cleaned up.  All before 7pm and before dark.  I love the time change, even if it does leave me a little out of sorts in the morning.  I'm sure the 70's-ish weather helps too.  Today, I admit I also fell back asleep, but I blame Saf, she zonked back out across me and it was pretty darn cute and cuddly.

Monday, March 12, 2012

"That kid... is BACK on the escalator again!"  I know, Mallrats and The Walking Dead are quite at opposite ends of the spectrum, but that was my thought process when we saw Carl, once again this week, wandering up AT NIGHT out in the fields.  At least the talking dead show actually had people bringing up that very topic.  And... Shane getting back up?!  WTF where did that come from.  I thought that was the teenager again earlier in the episode, but I thought I was crazy, or perhaps he was then attacked and turned, but Shane?  Next week should be good but with the little leaps we're having these past two weeks, I can only imagine the direction change that is in store.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

oh... and thanks to all the time outside frolicking... I now have one zonked out Saffy beside me.
As busy as yesterday was, so was today... allowing my weekend to slide through my fingers like sand, and just as quickly.  I was up in time for church, but barely, thanks to the time change.  From there a quick bite and home to enjoy the nice weather.  It had to have been in the upper 60's here today and the sun was bright.  I opened the windows in the bedroom just to get some fresh air in the house while I headed outside.

You know it's nice when I am motivated to do a little raking of the leaves that blew in after the fall cleaning, tidy up the front flower beds, and put a couple of things in the ground.  I have plenty of seeds to put down again this year, but I'll save that for later this month when I'm ready to get more mulch.  Alas, the rubber mulch I did last year just isn't sufficient.  I love the concept, but if you add more stuff then you need more mulch.  If I have to redo it every year anyhow, I may as well get regular mulch.

From there I tried to get more photos taken for the photo challenge, I'm really struggling w/ the 'planning' assignment for this week.  This led me to the back yard where I filled in more of Saffy's holes, chased the beasts around for a little while, and filled the bird feeders.  Then there were exams to be graded.... which I partially sat outside to complete.  A little time to call mom and make some dinner and here we are - ready to talk vaca with niecey-poo.  Yay!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's been a busy/long day... and now I'm losing an hour of sleep?  Shenanigans!

The girls had me up fairly early, and despite rolling back over for a little while I was up and moving by 9.  There was a little housework done, like taking laundry downstairs and finding a bigger screw to get the heat vent reattached to the wall in the kitchen properly so it doesn't rattle or pop lose allowing dust and dog fur into the vent.  Then I headed out to gawk at a few suitcases.  I need a new one, I know I get one free bag for the planned trip, and I want to maximize the size... but I sure don't want to spend as much as I was seeing on the price tags for something I know they're going to destroy.

From there I headed to meet Beff at the Cambria County Humane Society as I too was interested in meeting a little kitty that she was considering.  I'll put this much out there - years ago I offered to help them, they refused because "if people see an animal on a website and come here and the animal is gone they're upset".  I've heard many stories from many people about the rotten way they were treated there and lost animals put to sleep without even a chance to find them.  And you best believe if some of the stories I've heard involved one of my girls if they ever got out.... Lord protect you if you ever do anything like that to my girls.  They've always had an attitude that just didn't sit well with me.

They were the stereotypical shelter I saw too much of during my time working with rescue in NC.  You know, the one that doesn't cooperate with people who are actually trying to help the animals to the point they seem to WANT to put animals down.  They're not hardened from their painful job, they're seem just evil.  So many people have said things were changing there recently, I say not so.  Here's why...

So we're there at noon, when they're suppose to open.  Beff had called yesterday asking about the cat, told them we were coming.  There are plenty of volunteer dog walkers there at that time just down the street. There are even more cars there of people ready to go in when the shelter opens, including one man who knew his lost dog was in there and he just wanted to get his dog back.

I arrived a few minutes early, early enough to see the pizza delivery guy pull up, knock, and hand over his payload.  At noon Beff arrives and we walk up to the door to find a sign stating "due to the influx of animals overnight they will be opening at 1pm".  Seriously?  Your hours are from noon to 5.  You know people are coming.  There are people who's animals you're now holding hostage.  If you're working with the animals you sure can't be eating pizza at the same time.  After Beff knocks one of the more rotten women I've met there in the past answers the door and bitchy (probably because they're being challenged) reiterates their opening time.  I tell her to "enjoy the pizza" and she says "we have to eat too".  I don't know about you, but I'm suppose to have my meals on my time, not work's time, particularly not right at opening time.  In most public interacting jobs people take breaks one at a time for a reason.

Get off your asses and care about the animals (for once) and stop behaving like the public is such a burden.  You've proven nothing has changed.  There needs to be a housecleaning there.  You've underlined why my donations for animal welfare go straight to other shelters in the region.  The shameful part is it only hurts the animals here in this county.

Ok, rant over.  From there I headed for a quick bite and then to a hair appointment and got, for the first time, extensions - beautiful bright green ones and a new do.  From there after spending some time with the girls I was back out to catch another quick bite and to the hockey game.  Yay for free ticket vouchers!  Can't say I watched much.  Still can't get enthused to watch Wheeling.

So here I am.  It's been a long and, at times, emotional day.  I'm losing an hour of sleep, which probably means the alarms in the girl's bums will go off at 6am instead!  *shiver*

Friday, March 09, 2012

I know that the view of some people's lives just LOOK picture perfect on facebook, but it still remains a source of irritation for me from time to time.  Gotta be happy for other people, right?  I'm tired of being happy for everyone else.
 Flight booked!  Hotel booked!  I can really plan now.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Last night I spotted a small purple ground-flower blooming near my porch steps.  Spring spring spring!!!  It was so nice I even walked up to get a bite for dinner.  Soon I'll have to actually get walking on my typical route.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

 I saw two robins on the way to work this morning.  It always brings me such joy - an end in sight, even when the winter wasn't bad!

Monday, March 05, 2012

I also find it very troubling that "Snooki" is one of the top searched terms on yahoo.  Really?  Why does anyone care?  Please let her go away.
I've gotta ask of the other Walking Dead fans.  Anyone else wondering if they EVER watch Carl?  I mean, he goes wandering off into the woods etc (WITH A GUN) and no one notices he is gone then he manages to follow them to the barn?  Seriously, what is his mother doing at these times.  She sure shouldn't be prego, she can't keep up w/ the one kid she already has.  Parents, don't give me your line of 'you can't watch your kids all the time' - we're talking about a world where if he wanders off in the wrong direction he gets eaten.  I think it's time to step up the overlording.
That is all.  Yes, that's been bugging me since last night.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I guess I should bring the world up to speed with everything else as well.  I called the doctor's office at 3 in the afternoon on Friday since it was becoming perilously late for me to actually get a call.  They did have my results back and the one set of levels they were looking at are, in fact, dropping, so that's good news.

I then note that I had left a message with the receptionist on Thursday when I picked up the orders asking about another test the doctor mentioned and asking what to do about the ongoing pain.  I mean, it did start last Saturday and has been hitting me in agonizing waves ever since.  The nurse tells me all of the doctors have left for the day and "I don't know what to tell you - go to the ER?"  She also asks if I have another type of doctor - which when I tell her that they blew me off, not wanting to see me last week, so I waited until my existing Tuesday appt w/ this doctor.  So once again I am left disappointed and in pain.

As soon as I hit the cold Friday morning on the way to and from work the pain intensified.  I pretty much went straight to bed last night, this time without any Tylenol, as one wave ended.  I was truly at wits end.  I am pretty tough, or at least I'd like to think so, but I had come to terms with the fact that if the pain overtook me again in the night I was going to head to the ER.  I had a few small twinges, but managed to sleep through the night.  Here it is dinner time Saturday and I'm still feeling pretty good.  Now, last week my Friday was pretty calm, but then Saturday things kicked back in.  So I am not trying to be negative, but I am not taking anything for granted just yet.  Fingers crossed this is behind me.
My post carrier is the poster child for why the postal service is failing so miserably.  I have complained in the past about his inability to deliver my mail and only my mail to me, but this is just icing.  Last week I get a little card stating they have mail for me that I can either pick up or sign this card for them to reattempt to deliver it.  Okay, so I fill out the card - note, the box that says you MUST be present to sign at redelivery is NOT checked - and put it back outside.  It is taken the next day.  Today I get another little card reiterating they have something for me that I can pick up at the post office or have them reattempt to delivery it if I complete the card.  It also says they'll return the package to the sender on 3/6.  Once again nothing checked to indicate I can't just complete the card and get my article.

Since clearly the mail carrier didn't process the last one right I instead call the postal service to request redelivery.  After 5 minutes on the phone the lady tells me I have to be here to sign for it.  I note that is not marked on the card and she repeats that I must be there, so when will I be here for them to deliver it.  I tell them after 5pm, she says they can't guarantee a time.  So I say next Saturday and she tells me they can only hold this type of mail for a week and they've already had it for however many days.

Really?  Seriously?  I don't know what it is, so just send it back then.  You were paid for a service, one you are obviously not capable of executing.  Either give me my mail or go away.  I look forward to the complete demise of the postal service.  I will gladly use UPS for such needs.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tonight's dinner adventures were sushi w/ Beff, the Schmous, Eggs, and Mr. Fresh.  Gratefully, I start the 'fast' tomorrow (it's more of a diet than a fast) so the good news is I'll start eating a little better in the very near term.  I wonder if that will help eliminate the aches I've been having for the past week.  More bloodwork done this morning... no answers to be had before the end of the day.  :/  More tylenol, please.