Thursday, March 26, 2015

Last night is the first in a few that I haven't worked out.  I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like my leg was getting a charlie horse.  Never came to that full out sheer pain, but the pain didn't subside either.  I woke this morning gimping.  Seriously, I got hurt sleeping.  No I wasn't sleeping oddly, I was flat on my back.  Getting old stinks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Email confirmation received!  Surprise secured... springing will take some time!  Here's hoping my Favorite Egg likes it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another routine dr trip for the new year.  I really hate the forms they make you fill out every year.  What a waste of paper and more often the not, nothing has changed.  Never mind that you can't read my hand writing well enough to then type in what information I gave you.  Of course, this year, needing to cross out my Mother's name as an emergency point of contact wasn't enjoyable.  At least they didn't press me to manufacture someone else to replace her on the paperwork.

More good stuff is started coming together today, but I can't post about it here, it's a secret surprise.  All will be revealed if it comes through and after the surprise is sprung.

Monday, March 23, 2015

This weekend I went to my very first gun raffle.  I didn't leave the owner of a new toy, but I did leave a little bit richer.  I don't know what it is with pull tab games, but that is where my luck seems to lie.  This time I won three times.  One of the $50 (top prize) bingo pulls in $3 worth of purchases, then twice on the qualifiers out of 5 rounds there, each for $100.  Yeah, that's how I roll.  I had a full tummy, my ticket was more than paid for, I got to see the Wild ones and Davey T again, and it was warmish and sunny out how can you beat that?
This week is starting out pretty darn good and it's only going to get better.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Much like the groundhog, Drake has come out hibernation.  No more winter, so say we.  It was a nice afternoon to drive him around to charge back up, even if the sun was come and go.  I should have stayed put today and worked on my cleaning list, but, I'll get to it - eventually.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I couldn't take the loose handle on the back door any longer.  Of course, to tighten the loose part meant taking the whole thing apart (or having an INCREDIBLY short screwdriver to access it between the glass and the handle)- great design, right?  Either way I took it apart and fixed her up.  In the process I thought why not tinker around a bit more with the lock, which hasn't worked in years.  [Keep in mind this door was replaced years ago, the latch worked for a year or so and then stopped catching.]  I managed to get her working properly again!  I no longer have to rely on strictly a hockey stick to lock my back door!

I'll blame the spring vibe going on outside (despite cooler temps) that is giving me little spurts of motivation.  Of course, tonight and into tomorrow they are calling for 3-6" of snow.  Go figure.  Happy spring.
On Monday it was nice enough that Saffy and I went for a walk and saw robins everywhere. Today they're calling for 3-6 inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow. This has to be winter's final hurrah, right? The 10 day forecast looks promising, but I'm just so done w/ the cold.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

...and, we say goodbye to another weekend.  The warm up seems to have been all to short lived as it is rather cold again today and there were small bits of snow collected here and there when I woke this morning.  The good news is this should give the sump pumps a small, and well deserved break.  Thank goodness for them, or I fear my basement would have been quite horrible to experience.  There were spots at cracks and where concrete seams meet that I could tell ground water was trying to wick up, but we held nicely.

I had a nice weekend with my favorite Egg and we ate like champs.  I had made pork, kraut, and mashed potatoes on Friday, we went for steak on Saturday at Lone Star w/ the Schmou family, pancakes and eggs this morning, and Quaker Steak for dinner.  We also went to see Chappie.  It seemed necessary since Yolandi and Ninja (from Die Antwoord) were in it.  I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by it, but the two hours was quite a long run.  It was entertaining, but it runs a lot like a 2 hour featurette.

My headache seems to be gone during the day now, but wants to come back when I rest my head.  Here's hoping this week at work is a little less stress inducing.

Friday, March 13, 2015

It's been quite a while since we had squabbles in our house, but twice in the past week Dani and Vix were displeased with one another. I don't know how they started, there wasn't any growling just pissy fit.  This had best not be a renewed trend.  I guess it's time to implement a little more separation again.

The adrenaline rush that comes with jumping into action for stuff like this sure doesn't help me forget the headache I've been fighting.  Boom boom boom.  I'm thrilled that the snow is mostly melted off of the back yard, but the slightly more agreeable weather probably is a factor in this.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

I continued to fight w/ a bit of a headache on Saturday.  Heading to paint w/ Mrs Roh at a club that allows smoking out front didn't help.  Either way we still had a good time and I'm very pleased with my final product, so much so that I actually took down my Simon Bull pumpkin and hung it - for now.  First thing I was up and to Carmen's to get Autumn's oil changed and her brakes looked at.  From there to the grocery store and back home where I decided to nap.  My excuse?  1).  The headache  2). The hour of sleep  I was going to loose last night.  This means little else was accomplished.  Oh, I did work out for a half an hour... that's something, right?

Today I am at least getting the laundry caught back up and making dinner (and tomorrow's lunch).  After a friend/coworker mentioned his dryer vent it has had me thinking how much I needed to clean mine out, so that is off of the to do list as well, and if you're going to pull out the shop vac you may as well suck down the rest of the cobwebs in that portion of the basement, so that's done.

This morning, after church I ran to the mall.  It is truly depressing how many empty storefronts there are, and now with Deb closing too.  The majority of the "stores" that are there aren't really mall-material or rarely are useful, like HR Block, AAA, the AT&T store, or GlowGolf.  But I see a Wood Lodge Winery opened a spot with chairs (I'd assume for sipping?), I guess I need to test it out before it's gone.  I did find black shoes that I can use for dress, but they're a little less dressy than I'd like and a special gift *smile*.

Friday, March 06, 2015

I've got a bit of a boomer happening in my head.  I swear it is because the physician's assistant was asking too many questions about how long it has been since I've had a migraine and what I've done to mitigate them.  I even had her knock on wood.  Ok, I'm not to migraine yet, but it's ignoring the medicine I took before I left work and I'm hoping the before bed pill knocks this out over night.

I'm not sure if the aching is coming from tension - I've had a bit of a knotted upper neck to the point I feel like I have lumps at the base of my skull all week; or if it is from something I ate today - since Jax was leaving the company we went to El Jalisco for lunch and had some pb chocolate pie.  I know that El J does use MSG on some things, but I've not had an issue w/ my fajitas before.  Maybe it is just the shifting weather.  Who knows.

Tonight I got to catch up w/ the Rohs and the Wild ones to head to the fish fry in New Germany!  Of course, this means I also get to see Davey T and Miss Becky too, so there was a grand old crew.  Maybe the bright fluorescents in there didn't help the boomer either, now that I think about it.  Either way I'm home and despite just wanting to go close my eyes I am sitting here with workout clothes on.  I'm going to try - wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The person who created and tended to my great Grandparent's (Emilie and Albert Becker) listing on find a grave transferred them to me!  I'm so excited and grateful!

Once again they were calling for ice and snow and instead we have rain - and it was really coming down there for a while.  So, instead of shoveling snow I was outside shoveling slush to make sure the flowing water continued past my property instead of damming up before it refreezes, or if it keeps melting running down my driveway, needlessly taxing my french drain and sump pump.  I'm so done with winter that I promise minimal complaining about a muddy back yard (combined w/ dogs).

Sunday, March 01, 2015

My aches have subsided, but only after it awoke me one night at 3 in the morning and kept me up until 4:30 pondering the ER.  Yes, it hurt that bad.  I gave it a 5 on the scale and likened it a good bit to the pain I had this time of year 4 years back.  THAT pain lasted for over a week at an even higher intensity.  Needless to say, the thought that it could have been anything like that scared the heck out of me, thus the thoughts of the ER.  I said a few prayers and decided if I still hurt come morning I would make the trip to the ER.  It was gone and other than minor pain I've been good since.

Today I got back from a good visit with my Favorite Egg.  I was blessed with good weather for traveling, well by comparison at least.  It rained the whole way back, but since they were calling for snow and some did come down last night, I am completely calling it good weather.

Since I was away I missed Vixen's 16th birthday, but we sang on Friday and she'll get her special meal and treat.  She's going to want her license... but that's a no, until she gets a job!