Sunday, March 08, 2015

I continued to fight w/ a bit of a headache on Saturday.  Heading to paint w/ Mrs Roh at a club that allows smoking out front didn't help.  Either way we still had a good time and I'm very pleased with my final product, so much so that I actually took down my Simon Bull pumpkin and hung it - for now.  First thing I was up and to Carmen's to get Autumn's oil changed and her brakes looked at.  From there to the grocery store and back home where I decided to nap.  My excuse?  1).  The headache  2). The hour of sleep  I was going to loose last night.  This means little else was accomplished.  Oh, I did work out for a half an hour... that's something, right?

Today I am at least getting the laundry caught back up and making dinner (and tomorrow's lunch).  After a friend/coworker mentioned his dryer vent it has had me thinking how much I needed to clean mine out, so that is off of the to do list as well, and if you're going to pull out the shop vac you may as well suck down the rest of the cobwebs in that portion of the basement, so that's done.

This morning, after church I ran to the mall.  It is truly depressing how many empty storefronts there are, and now with Deb closing too.  The majority of the "stores" that are there aren't really mall-material or rarely are useful, like HR Block, AAA, the AT&T store, or GlowGolf.  But I see a Wood Lodge Winery opened a spot with chairs (I'd assume for sipping?), I guess I need to test it out before it's gone.  I did find black shoes that I can use for dress, but they're a little less dressy than I'd like and a special gift *smile*.

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