Friday, March 06, 2015

I've got a bit of a boomer happening in my head.  I swear it is because the physician's assistant was asking too many questions about how long it has been since I've had a migraine and what I've done to mitigate them.  I even had her knock on wood.  Ok, I'm not to migraine yet, but it's ignoring the medicine I took before I left work and I'm hoping the before bed pill knocks this out over night.

I'm not sure if the aching is coming from tension - I've had a bit of a knotted upper neck to the point I feel like I have lumps at the base of my skull all week; or if it is from something I ate today - since Jax was leaving the company we went to El Jalisco for lunch and had some pb chocolate pie.  I know that El J does use MSG on some things, but I've not had an issue w/ my fajitas before.  Maybe it is just the shifting weather.  Who knows.

Tonight I got to catch up w/ the Rohs and the Wild ones to head to the fish fry in New Germany!  Of course, this means I also get to see Davey T and Miss Becky too, so there was a grand old crew.  Maybe the bright fluorescents in there didn't help the boomer either, now that I think about it.  Either way I'm home and despite just wanting to go close my eyes I am sitting here with workout clothes on.  I'm going to try - wish me luck.

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