Friday, February 26, 2010

I worked from home today so I could keep up with the latest foot of snow that hit us - I was outside shoveling four times today - fun times. Fat chance relaxing at the game too, we gave up on our seats after the first period, by then our ears were ringing and we were covered in popcorn from the slew of 5 or 6 year old boys (demon spawn?) behind us.

Last night was an onslaught of telephone calls (everyone knows how much I LOVE the phone, right) and fighting with my computer which promptly appeared to have gotten infected with a little bastage that masks itself as "Vista Internet Security". Of course, I'm intelligent enough to realize that nothing actually within Vista would disallow me to hit everything except for their site to purchase software (shocking considering my opinions of Micro$oft, but true), but I can imagine others would be easily fooled. Truly though, when you're hijacking someone and pointing them to where you make a purchase you'd think that you'd be able to CATCH the criminals behind that master plan, no? After I boggled briefly, I rebooted in safe mode which bought me enough time to hit a site that detailed the fix and pointed me to the software I needed to strip that off of my computer.

Also, for those so inclined, please do say a prayer for my mother's health and well-being. She's been having issues as of late again and needing her oxygen 24-7.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I drenched my bed with sweat again last night over a dream that involved trying to evade someone and proclaiming something to be mine that clearly is not still. I know my dreams try to tell me things, but I am having a hell of a time figuring these out. I know there is some pearls of wisdom in my dreams as often they've come true, sometimes they are tied to underlying fears that rear their heads in the near term as well. For example, sitting straight up from a dream where I was told someone was dead only to be told within 2 days that they were very much so not well.

I've held a great deal of anguish lately, I'm sure that is a huge factor in my dreams. Between the passing of Murtha and how that may alter our regions jobs, the Chiefs plans to pack up their pucks, and other's recent short term successes in areas where I've failed for multiple years I'm quite the mental state as of late.

As such, I really had hoped to get some level of healing from the Shack, but while I did gain some insight and perspective on things that I may not have had before, I didn't get any relief. I remain asking why and to what good purpose could THAT have gone? Don't get me wrong, it was a good read and I recommend it. On a side note: the representation of God made me think of the Stand way too much, I wonder if that was an accident or not.

On other news, the girls had their vet appointment this morning and Miss Danika is up to 57lbs. Oy! Saffy weighed in nicely at 45, and Vixen at 65. We also found a chip in Saffy, so we didn't need to sedate and chip anyone today and I can get another perm license for her in motion. Not sure why we didn't realize she had a chip last year so I could register her and Danika both permanently.

I fully intend to put away some clothes in the new dressers tonight, but first, I need a nap before I collapse.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I allowed myself the luxury of NOT busting tail to get the new furniture stuffed with clothes today. I did move the new stuff into the appropriate places in the bedroom and gave them a dusting, but that's about it. Instead, I slept in (after an early morning call that gave me a good panic/scare when the phone rang and I saw who it was) and then did my routine sunday shopping before heading to visit with the Laws.

As always, Angela put on a unique and delish meal and we had a good time chatting. My dearest Jacob sent me home with a piece of his handywork that I will be using on my new dresser for my nicer rings. It seems silly since I don't have kids, but often people with young children say it's nice to have "adult conversation". I always find the discussions with these three to lead me to new ideas and insight - maybe it is because I don't see them every day that we go deeper than the average convos. Either way, I truly enjoyed my time with them. My turn is up... we'll be doing a dog photo shoot at my place. Now to set the date and not be so far between visits.
Gladly, my neck and back feel much better than they did last night. I was up early this morning to wait for the new bedroom furniture, which was slated between 9 and 10:30. They showed at 8:50. I'm extra happy I stayed up late last night to get the space ready to rock. Of course, now I have old bedroom furniture in my dining room. Yes, I asked for their assistance in getting the old stuff upstairs, I even offered them money, and they turned me down. *sigh* C'mon guys, a little bit of chivalry? Help a girl out? Nope.

Since they came so early I was able to lay my head back down for a little while before I had to run off for my Miche/lia shindig. Turn out was low, but it was a good time because I got to sit and relax while enjoying the company of the ladies who did come to join me.

Lengthen the day by another hockey game (and another loss) and a little bit of grub with Beff and Benji and I'm ready to call it a night. Good night moon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's been a busy week. I gave myself last night off and as a result I'm a little behind on what I need to accomplish by Saturday. I guess I'll be up late tomorrow. But, the upstairs bedrooms are at 90%. The important part there is space has been made for the old furniture. Of course, with the slanted ceilings upstairs I have to decide if I want the dresser sitting out a bit or if I want to take the mirror off so it will snug back up against the wall. I guess I should worry about getting it up there first, eh?

I still have to clean out the dressers and around where they're presently placed - but I'll do that tomorrow and first thing Saturday, I don't really have somewhere to store all of the clothes, so I can just set them on the bed during the official transition.

I put in a couple hours tonight and decided to head to grab some grub which turned from a short break to a long delay. I walked to VD only to find them ready to close and only serving ice cream... not exactly a good match since I just decided to give up sweets and deserts for lent. So I walked back, snagged the keys, and headed to Eat and Park. You'd really think at 8:40 there would be more options than fast food and Eat n' Park/Denny's. Regardless, by the time I got back home the back was aching again, so instead of continuing the good fight I arranged some paperwork that needed handled for Saturday. Now, I sleep... cursed alarm will be screaming soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's amazing what I can do on the third day of a three-day weekend. I woke up fairly early which is shocking in and of itself, but after lounging with the girls some I threw on some tunes and started cranking upstairs. While the parts I bought last night didn't work for the bed frame, I did find some that would here at the house and got the bed put together and made. I even managed to fix the one table that was boogered up and set up the second half of the home office to make space for the Miche goodies.

As a secondary effort in the cleaning I've got a few more boxes ready for goodwill and all of my jewelry stuff upstairs and off of the dining room table. Yay! Now to make the rest of the headway necessary to have space for the old dresser and chest of drawers to go in the other bedroom when the new stuff gets delivered next Saturday (hopefully if we aren't raped with snow again). Speaking of, it is snowing again as I type and they're calling for another 6 inches. ugh.

Now that I'm showered and my hair is dry it's time to reward my achievement with some pecan crusted chicken salad and perhaps a walk around the mall to stretch my legs out. Who'd have ever guessed I'd become hooked on and craving a salad dish... don't discontinue it Applebee's, we could have issues.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a crappy Valentine's day gift. So the Chiefs are officially looking to head to Greenville - a town that LOST their ECHL team several years ago because they too could not sustain it. Gee, that's logical. Admittedly, I just haven't felt it this year, but I know when the fall comes I will miss having the games locally to go to, and I think this will be a devastating blow to youth hockey in the area both in interest and in ice availability.

I also made a trip into my most loathed, Walmart, to get some things I figured I'll need since they are again calling for more snow tomorrow and Tuesday *sigh* How exactly are they out of shovels already? I mean, c'mon. I went with a list of five things I needed and got 2 1/2 of them. Couldn't find washers I needed to go with the bolts I bought to fniish putting together the other bed. They were low on milk but not out this time. Speaking of milk... saw an ad for Galliker's chocolate cherry milk I almost detoured straight to Sheetz to imbibe.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I think small victories count... as such, today was pretty darn productive. I went to bed early last night so I was up and moving before my alarm was set to go off. I hit my appointment wide awake after hitting the bank and the post office. From there I kept trucking and hit my weekend shopping norms plus TJ Maxx and Ross. I even had those "oh yeah I need to!" moments, twice today... which allowed me to cross off things I would have otherwise forgotten including getting a 2010 license for Vixen and snagging my pills from the pharmacy.

My motivation unfortunately hit a wall when I got back home and started shoveling, again. I should have done it last night but was easily convinced to put it off. Today it was pretty rigid and I worked up a sweat and desire to nap pretty fast. One nap later and my plans for the evening deteriorated into a bowl of cereal for dinner. Meh. Thank goodness there are still two days left in this weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let the moodiness set in. Even though I get chocolates and flowers and other typical Valentine's day gifts I still hate it. Worse still is that the Chiefs made the Sunday game an evening one, so yay, date night! Vomit.

After the recommendation to work from home from the powers that be yesterday I decided to listen today when WJAC was still recommending not going on the roads if it could be avoided. After a day and a half of working from the couch I'm a bit eager to do something, anything. Maybe I'll put on my warm clothes and hoof it up to Valley Dairy for dinner and treat myself, I'm craving right now too (that amps the moodiness).

Congrats to my Beff who is an aunt once again, and to her Bro and SIL of course.

Monday, February 08, 2010

First, I know many people had lots of negative things to say about John Murtha, but I liked him. Not just because he helped bring and keep technical work in a small place like Johnstown (note the word WORK, we don't just sit on our thumbs wasting tax payer dollars) but because he was honest, even when it wasn't popular. Yes, we as a collective group are probably racist, gun clinging, and often idiots (something he didn't say but I'll add it) here in Western PA, but he fought to help better our area and for us.

I admit some anxiety when I heard of his passing, and I've feared the day for many years. I think we've come a long way in taking the opportunities he helped create for us and made a name for ourselves with hard work and dedication. Hopefully it will help get us through many years to come without someone so dilligently pulling for us. Rest in Peace Congressman Murtha.

Now, the reason I had originally started pondering a post on earlier today, I tend to forget to mention the books I finish - probably because it is so infrequent that I complete one! I finished up Wicked (the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West). I liked it, but I admit I didn't love it - and I wanted to. The story started out fantastically, I guess it's always going to be a bummer when you know the end of the story before it starts, but the end was just disappointing. There seemed to be so many little feasible things you learned about Elphie early in the story that endeared you to her and her sister, Nessa. Ok, maybe I endear to the witch's side too easily, but regardless... from the point where Dorothy made an appearance things tumbled down the all too familiar and uninteresting road. I don't know if I want to read Son of a Witch, I found Liir quite uninteresting.

So where do I go from there? I started reading "The Shack" since it was so frequently mentioned and praised. I think after that I'll be ready to trudge through some more Anita stories... maybe.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Oh, I forgot to mention that during one of my breaks yesterday I finished my taxes federal and state. Yay! Of course I owe PA again. I miss NC and the fact that they allowed the same deductions as federal - it usually meant $600 or so coming back every year. I'll put off sending the check to PA for a little while and will crank out the local paperwork during the next storm.
I didn't venture out yet to verify, but I'm pretty sure life outside of Metzler Street has returned to pre-snow normal. Before my cold and a bloody nose got the best of me yesterday the Durango did get dug out. Today in my first pass outside I got part of the other vehicle cleared, but still need another solid pass to finish things up. What a lost weekend. I didn't even get to go to the game last night, which was Pucks and Pups night :( and we actually won!

My out of shape bod is pretty much taxed already and I'm sore, so I don't see myself getting much done around the house today, but at least I've started the laundry which is severely overdue. At least the girls are having fun outside. Watching them leap across the deeper parts of the snow is quite comical.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Yes, I knew the snow was coming but I'm still shocked by how much accumulated during the span of three periods of hockey. Even Richland wasn't motivated enough to risk the cold for the joy of plowing me in - my road is mostly untouched except for a couple tire tracks. I'm sure I'll be hunting for the Durango like a needle in a haystack come morning. Wish me luck! Thank God we don't have work tomorrow.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Not only do I need to get the huge multiple sets of eyes off of here so they stop staring at me but I have big news too. Much like I'm crazy for having three dogs, I am soon going to be crazy for having three jobs. It only makes sense such that I can afford milkbones for all three dogs, no? Yes, in addition to selling lia sophia I have decided to align myself with something new that I find highly remarkable. I will become an independent sales consultant also for Miche Bag. I've got to say how I stumbled upon these one night when I couldn't sleep and saw one of those 3am commercials (yes, they do show commercials for things other than Girls Gone Wild at that hour).

The concept is this, magnets that allow you to change "chelles" (shells) quickly and easily changing the look of your purse. I've often been jealous of the women who change their purses near daily, but mostly I'm too lazy to do the same. Problem solved. The main purses also have slots on the inside to help keep things in the right places… I'm loving this thing! I got to check them out in person this past weekend and it sealed the deal for me – the look is excellent, far better than the images on the website, and the feel is remarkable, they're solid and I think they'll last. The other neat thing is that they're constantly releasing and retiring chelles so the look can continue to evolve!

Monday, February 01, 2010

The time has lapsed for the L'oreal lash boosting products that I was trying for BzzAgent. Remember me mentioning them? So now I will post some photos for you including pre-, mid-, and post-shots. You tell me, do you see a difference? Tell me what you think by responding to this post with a comment. I'll be using your responses as feedback to BzzAgent in addition to my own opinions.


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