Sunday, November 29, 2009

I didn't get diddly done this weekend, shame on me. I have been reading at least. I'm in the middle of "The Things They Left Behind" in King's Just After Sunset collection. I'm finding it surprisingly thought provoking. I guess if I have little to say to others as of late I do have my thoughts to keep me company.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ahh Saturday in a warm bed. I have a lot I should be doing today, but instead I'm lounging and intermittently heading downstairs to tend to laundry. Alas, I ran out of photo corners while at mom's so I have to brave Walmart or go to Michaels at some point to keep plugging away at the super secret Christmas gift. The cold weather is finally setting in around here, which slows me down a bit too. I need to find some motivation!

Thanksgiving went well. Mom was feeling spunky and I of course grubbed away. The girls and I enjoyed the visit and I made good progress on the aforementioned gift. Friday I headed back just in time to catch up with an old swim team friend from high school before the hockey game. Loaded up on a peppermint mocha I had more stomachy issues last night, I don't know what my recent issues are coming from.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mum came to visit for one night. While she watched a movie I managed to get most of the gifts I've got here wrapped, so at least that's one thing crossed off. I've been a bit worried about her lately as she has been needing her oxygen more often. Sadly, she needed it to head out to church and dinner last night and took several breaks today to sit down with the concentrator. *sigh* It was a year ago on Thansgiving that she actually conceeded and allowed me to do some of the cooking because she felt so bad. I wonder if it's anything to do with the time of year?

I spent a few hours working from home today. I know this is going to be a painful three day week, so keep your fingers crossed that my sanity makes it through.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mom is visiting tomorrow, so my evening after work was a bit of cleaning and getting a few things in order, but that will need to continue in the morning. I also took advantage of the nicer weather to embrace my porch with CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! I'm obviously typing too loud as I was just glared at by a very tired little puppy. Good night all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

To make up for slacking and staying up too late the night before last I crashed when I got home from work last night. I had intended it to be just a nap but I ended up wiped for the full count. I guess I needed it. Bright and shiney this morning we were greated with rain, much to Vixie's dismay who wanted out at 4am and didn't want to come back in. Yay, wet puppy.

Oh, I did try to change my tragus piercing the other night and could NOT get the darn earring lose. Sigh. I'll have to employ help from others. I did however spot some more grays above my ear. *shiver* frell getting old.

We're making good progress at work, but there is still miles to go before we rest. I can't help but think my week leading up to Thansgiving is going to be a bit of a challenge and a frustration.

Tonight I did make some progress getting three of twenty pieces designed and completed for the super secret christmas present I am building. Time is short! I know I'm not taking classes right now, I should have more time, but I still feel behind. There are christmas cards to prepare, gifts to wrap, and heck - more gifts to buy. Here's hoping for some additional inspiration to at least get the purchasing side closed out very soon. I guess it would help if I finished itemizing everything I have thus far (I was lax in doing so as items were bought this year).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's been a pretty good weekend thus far. Yesteday, I got to see Slips briefly while I was attempting to find more christmas gifts. I also got to see Mithy later in the evening - hell, I even survived the three long islands (pint glass sized). Today I did sleep in as I am wont to do on a weekend, but found motivation out of nowhere which had me working in the garage.

Can I get a "good job Judy"? It's better than broom clean thanks to the leaf blower, ran the gas out of the pressure washer, and for the first time in 5 or more years I can walk through my garage without stepping over sand bags. That's right, I finally felt confident enough that my water issues are over to remove the sand bags. So, while the garage is ready for the Tiburon the weather around here has been so amazing I am instead driving around with the sun roof open on the Tib. I may need to go make one of those open window drives to blow some of the yuck from the garage out of my sinuses.

My motivation didn't stop with the garage. I made some chicken fried rice that was INCREDIBLY good and have some cranberry bread baking as I type.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm headachey. I don't know if it's a symptom or a result. I got to sleep in this morning, since we had the day off, which was good - because after waking in the middle of the night I couldn't get back to sleep. I had a good 45 minutes of just thinking through things that I don't want to deal with, like busting hump for things that are - in the grand scheme of things - meaningless and aren't appreciated by others much less gainful for myself.

I did get some cleaning done and a few hours of work logged before heading to my accupuncture appointment and off for a pre-dinner meal with Beff. This evening I'm left here w/ the aforementioned headache feeling a bit woeful while waiting for meds to kick in so I can go to bed and not lay there suffering. I've done the requisite pondering about people in my past and realized for the most part I have no one to blame but myself. I could be the one married to person X if I had played my cards right, but I know I wouldn't have been happy. Even if I didn't feel that way, I do think he cared for me a great deal. At least that's a step up from most of my other relationships where I'm left heartbroken and wanting to be loved. Blah. I know I need to make a change to get what I want, but what?

I can't even say I want kids, but I do lament my age when I think about my eggs going south after 35 (recent article spurred that thought) or seeing people with teenagers of their own that are my age. I don't want to be 60 and just finishing raising someone. I guess those thoughts don't matter since most every guy my age already has his kids. My mind is a minefield right now.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My weekend is almost over... I want to pout. I had a good one and the weather was phenominal. Friday night I ordered a couple earrings for my tragus piercing. I can't believe it's been in long enough that I can switch it out. I'm slightly bummed at the limited variety of things there are out there. Jewelry artists - hook us up!

Saturday we had lunch w/ Slips and then Beff and I headed to Altoona for some shopping and dinner at mom's. I bought a few xmas gifts, and not a ton for myself, so that's a good thing, but still had a good day. Beff drove herself so the girls and I could spend the night w/ mum. That said, I'm tired tonight. I never do sleep super well there.

After heading home today I caught some dinner w/ Ben at Applebees. Maybe I was hungry, but the pecan crusted chicken salad was incredibly good. Notice that my weekend didn't include getting much done around the house, so I guess I'll need to get on the ball later this week. For now I'm going to do some reading and clicking around before I crash.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

This week has been one of those strange and rare phenomenons. The days are going reasonably fast and the evenings are dragging... ok dragging sounds like I'm complaining, don't get me wrong, this is a good thing.

Last night I got to head out for some orchard wings with Mithy and Addie. I've also been hunting for christmas gifts in the evenings and managed to get a few more ordered so I can call the nephew done at least. I've also been reading. Since I finished Narcissus in Chains last weekend I've pulled out the new paperback of short stories called Never After which has been going down pretty easily. I think I'm taking some time away from the Anita Blake series as at this point I really do NOT like her. I think she's a bit too whiney and slutty - and I hear it gets worse in future books.

Monday, November 02, 2009

One more Monday down... I'm beat despite not having a full day at the office thanks to needing pick up the Durango and having my first accupuncture appointment. They couldn't find anything they feel would cause the noise I am getting periodically, so while that's a bit frustrating, at least nothing looks like it's falling apart. As to accupuncture, it was quite the odd sensation - and not really painful at all, surprisingly. I did end up with a bit of a headache afterwards, which seems a bit counter productive since the accupuncture study is to treat migraines, but we'll see how things go in a couple weeks.

Part of the reason I'm so tired is getting pulled in a bunch of different directions and not feeling like there is enough time. The worst part is needing to do seemingly pointless small things like little bulletized status lists and the like. If I spend an hour writing up everything I do in a week, can I add a bullet that says I made a list of everything I did that week? It's even worse still when you've got to report as such saying "nothing". Can that not be implied if I don't submit? Please? Save me some time and effort.

Last night I was clicking through channels while in bed and came across V on SyFy. How cool is that?! Ah, sweet flashbacks.

I'm going to bed! What is my issue? It's been weeks since I came back from vaca and I'm still crawling into bed way early.