Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I of course forgot to mention the drain issue this morning, which I didn't think would be a majorly bad thing, until I got home and saw that I am to bathe again tonight! That is after I picked the Durango back up. $750. Yay. I knew the steering was tight, but I didn't realize how bad until I pulled out with a nice smooth and easy turn on the wheel. It's also quite a shame to have a new muffler etc and take it out in what will soon be wintery and littered with salt.

The epic fail that is my daily life is like wine... once it becomes vinegar there is no turning back.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday's party was on O'Connor Street - a road that was walked an innumerable number of times many many moons ago. There's the spot that Satin bit the head off that flower, there's the spot that Satin snagged that bird and killed it, there's the spot I remember Vixen as a puppy straining forward in my arms to catch up with Satin and dahdee. While I want to appreciate 'the memories', sometimes I could truly do with less reminders.

Today I was reminded how much I hate the holidays thanks to men. I do appreciate the warning I was given, but it doesn't make for a good Saturday regardless. I spent a good chunk of the day trying to focus on work while feeling like crap about myself. Normally when I feel like crap I am an eater but today I felt driven to haul this ol' fat ass to the gym for the first time in months. So to the gym I went and logged an hour on the treadmill. I admit, it did lift my spirits somewhat and removed the burning desire to write the "why did you destroy me?" email. It helped that while there the guy w/ the Paulie nose got on the treadmill next to me. Those are some memories I'll take an extra serving of, please.

While I do feel better I did want to kick myself a bit when I got home. I was to use the tub instead of the shower due to some fresh mud that we didn't want to get wet. Let me tell you how much easier it is to get a bath when the drain actually seals shut properly... yea, he'll need to fix that tomorrow. But I do think I got most of the ugly off regardless.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yay for me, I remembered (at the last minute last night) to get my rear home to watch the Walking Dead, so I am once again caught up. After getting my first shower in the new tub (I've never been in a tub that no one else's nakedness touched before) I met Rex and Beff for some grub and then my first visit to the Crow's Nest where I had the realization and took off for "my show".

It's so nice to know I still have a full weekend of time away from "that place", even if I did wake up to a dusting of snow this morning. Meh. I keep telling myself we're overdue, and it could be worse, but I really hate the sight of snow simply because it's never just a dusting; instead it's messy roads, slop, and driveways and cars to clean.

Now for the true theme of the weekend - party party party! Wish me luck so I can nail down a bonus again this month. Gotta pay off the work that is going on.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It took until Thanksgiving for us to get some slop... I'll take that every year, thank you (or at least those years that I'm living in a frozen tundra). I swept the slush off of the Tib and put him away for the winter. So it is.

While I wait for the brownies and apple strudel muffins to cool I thought I'd take a minute to say Happy Thanksgiving all. I'm so grateful for the people who lift me back up when I fall, and if I can't be thrilled with the 'now' I can try to be thankful for the memories. Someday I'll be thankful once again for that special someone who's hugs make me feel safe and know that everything will be okay.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Work is underway! Today I worked from home while the next evolution in ye' ol' homestead started. They knocked out the old tub and pulled the old surround, leveled out the floor and got the new tub in. They originally expected a one day turn around but that was extended once the recognition sunk in that some plaster had to go in order to accommodate for the thicker lining. The ex had put up the old surround after I mercilessly banished the old baby blue tile when we first bought the houses. I am quite proud to say that while there was a bit of a mis-measure that caused him much dismay at the time all was sealed nicely and the walls and wood underneath were undamaged from any type of water leaks.

It's not so much surprise, don't get me wrong. When the ex and I ventured on any home improvement task it always took 3x as long as we expected and was fraught with nerve wracking issues. That said, while the job may not have been perfect it was sturdy. How long does it take 2 software engineers to change a lightbulb? Wait, bad question - software engineers hate lights.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I had a moment the other day that made it clear how far I've come in the past eight years. I know I'll never be the same and I'll never be 100% over my past, but this moment made me feel a little more hopeful. You see, I was in a store and there were packs of 2 hanes pocket tee shirts. Seems pretty innocuous, no? Well, the pack at the front had a different but dark green color and a nice deep gray. There was a day when that would have dropped into my cart quickly as 'approved colors'. Instead of that thought saddening me and bringing tears - for the first time I smiled and silently sent my Merry Christmas wishes off into the distance.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I simply couldn't resist taking in the sun and temperate weather yesterday. I headed to the Miche meeting in Snow Shoe as I had planned but stopped off in Altoona despite mother having other plans and ran into a store or two. Then headed off two exits early when I returned to the Jingle and hit the mall for another store or two. I can claim myself successful in obtaining several more Christmas gifts that were lingering on the list. This also means I am done with the stores - the insanity that has already ensued in the shopping centers is enough for me, and it's not even black Friday yet.

Today, there are floors to be scrubbed and things from the kitchen to be cleared away and boxed for the work that is soon to resume. Of course my regular weekend cleaning is on the list once again. Time to get in gear so I can reward myself with a little time with people I haven't seen in a while for dinner, but boy is it tough to get motivated when you look across to the love seat and see a wiped out dog lounging her Sunday away.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Major joy last night! I found the third episode of the Walking Dead on Amazon last night, that and a free credit with VOD had me watching the show I foolishly missed on Sunday.

Between yesterday and today I managed to settle in on a deal to get some of the work done around the house that must be crossed off to prepare for the worst case scenario. So that will be well underway in the near term.

Tonight I could sit here and watch the cuteness that is Saffy intently observing (from a distance of 6 inches) Vixen gnaw on the squeaky she just ripped out of a toy... but maybe instead I'll go curl up in my warm bed and toss in a DVD that has been waiting to be watched for quite some time. Lots to do this weekend - gotta get the mind and body ready to rock.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Got some unexpected happy today... work went fast enough since I was busy, and while I had planned to just come home and chill with the girls I instead headed out to catch up with my Mithy and my buddy Addie. Truly had a smile on my face the whole time. Good job on the breeding Mithy, good job... but watch out, cause she has the same taste in men as I do. She concurred with me that the guy at the next table (without the ring and sitting by himself) was hawt. Course, I didn't have enough long islands in me to say a word (is there enough long islands in the world?)

Home long before 9pm... slowly lifts hand to forehead.


Eh, at least I didn't miss my show. Gotta watch southpark tonight, they've got an Alton on there!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Which TV atrocity offends me more...

- Soap operas are now doing product placements and yes, they're incredibly bad, even worse than the acting in the shows themselves normally is.
- Sarah Palin's Real Alaska. Seriously you make me want to leave the country and grow a penis as to ensure we have NOTHING in common. Between this and her daughter on dancing with the stars (no, I don't watch that crap either), you can't tell me this isn't a strategy to make us fall in love with them. If America is stupid enough to be lulled into voting for a 'tv star' I guess I should start packing now before we have Vice President Jessica Simpson. Stupid women unite!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

nom nom nom. Tonight was a sushi buffet at Nyko's. I think I have to admit I _enjoyed_ the eel (a la black dragon roll). Eel just looks nasty and slimy, but it's good. I've had it before, but the memories were from well over a year ago, tonight I tried several things I wouldn't normally order. The best part was, by far, just having a good bullshitting session w/ some coworkers. If I didn't have to get up and go to work tomorrow I'd say this evening was perfect.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

When the alarm goes off tomorrow I might argue otherwise, but the night out w/ Johnny, Cathy, and Beff was a nice reprieve. Have I mentioned before how good the Backdoor Cafe's $5 drinks are? I so don't know why I don't make the haul across town more often.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day, and thank you to those who have given of themselves and their loved ones for the sake of us all.

I was up a little later than normal today, but early none the less. Spent my day off with mom as she is once again not feeling well, going on two weeks now for this 'spell'. She was having a heck of a time breathing after very little exertion despite being on her oxygen the whole time, but she still packed up the tanks and we headed to talk to the supply place. While it doesn't seem like she'll be doing the trip that inspired this latest push it DOES sound like there is a good chance of her getting a portable concentrator to replace the tanks. I'll just be happy to know she has a little more flexibility when we can get her the other contraption.

She agreed the amazingly warm day and fresh air was a good thing and she even suggested we then head next door to the Paperback Cafe where we had a quick bite to eat - a rather yummy chicken walnut salad sammie. A couple of loads of laundry, a grocery run, cooking up some wanna bey Rey's chicken fajitas, and a game of Scrabble later, and I'm back in Jingletown pooped. I'm thinking tonight might be another early night.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I sought out distraction and headed to the movies. First up was Saw 3D. This is what, like the 5th or 6th in the series? Meh. It was all in the same vein, nothing groundbreaking. A decent distraction. Then I grabbed a quick bite while reading the Twilight book I'm in and went back for Paranormal Activity 2. I like how they made the story wrap around the first film and I think I liked it more than the first. Not that I got more than one little jump from the film... cursed desensitization, but it was good.

Now I'm home and waiting for 10pm and the second episode of The Walking Dead. If blood, demons, vampires, and zombies can't distract me from myself I'm doomed.
This is why I stay so busy it's obnoxious. I could do some light cleaning, but I won't. I could get stuff together for next weekend's purse event, but I won't. I am sitting here waffling in my head what to do. I'm lamenting missed opportunities and sad once again that as soon as I share a photo communications come to an immediate and abrupt close. Is it really time to be PMSy and sad already? It can't be.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

I came home tonight planning to be a big slacker - a real night off. Well, that just wasn't in the cards. After a couple of phone calls I was in the midst of quite a few Miche and lia tasks, but that's okay, at least I feel like I accomplished something tonight, even if I didn't get to sit and read as intended... and my "dinner" just beeped in the microwave.

Monday, November 01, 2010

My worst fears on the to do list are allayed. No need to take down the cabinets and no huge unexpected items added to the list... well, okay, maybe the painting of the basement, but that could go pretty fast.

Fresh gooey brownies, an open bottle of black and blue wine, a roaring fire - tonight was a good night.