Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Ew. Ok, Satin just caught yet another rabbit. She's losing her touch however, this one was squealing for a good minute. After cramming a stick into her mouth I managed to get her to drop the rabbit so I could snag it and toss it over the fence. Yum. Now the rabbit is sitting next to the decaying corpse of the possum. Where the heck are the neighborhood cats?

The paper I thought I understood came back today. Ack. Here goes my overall GPA. I can only imagine what kind of grade I'll get back on the other paper - the one I was clueless on.

I know how to solve the woes of my afternoon, I'll just go celebrate Christine's birthday with her. Look out Morris' here we come.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Woohoo. I got to hang out with Amy and Erin tonight :) I just know if I had a rugrat she would be the antithesis of Erin, all the more reason to NOT have kids. It astounds me how cute and sweet she is. Can anyone guarantee me those types of genes?
You know you're old when the name of the league makes it sound like walkers are allowed on the ice. *smile* Sorry guys, but it DOES.

So Richard Paul made 14th round, overall 148th pick in the QSMHL for Sherbrooke. Jeff Zehr's name was also on there, coming in on round 3, overall 30th pick for Sorei-Tracy. There are a few other names I recognize from the ECHL on that list as well, such as T.J. Reynolds (God I love hearing people heckle him), and Missy's favorite - Jason Spence comes in at #75.

"You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. -Aqua"

Monday, June 28, 2004

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Paulie! I hope you are enjoying a drunken stupor in celebration. At least for the next month I can feel a little better about drooling over a youngin'. Let's do some high-level math here folks, I'm only 5 years older at the present! *laugh*

This morning it took me 20 minutes to get to work. They've closed Luther Road where it joins up with Elton. No big whoop, I figure I'll go up Cherry, hit the Sheetz and grab a cappuchino. Bzzt, wrong. They've also got Cherry closed for blacktopping. So I backtracked and went up Eisenhower. Of course there are orange signs everywhere up there too. At least I got here by 8. I just hope it's a viable reason to call off down the road "I can't find an open road between here, and there."

"He lost his mind today, he left it out back on the highway. -Guns N' Roses"

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I actually got up and went to church this morning. After walking about the Westmoreland mall yesterday afternoon I was quite whooped (dang I'm old). I didn't find but two teeshirts and this bitchin pillow, but it was still worth the trip - even if just to hang with gal pals (yes, OMG, I actually have multiple female friends, I think this is a first in my life).

I also found a great book in Barnes and Noble, but opted to come back and order it online so I could save some bucks on it. It's called "The Physics of Hockey", by Alain Hache, and it appears to perfectly meld my adoration for hockey with the geek math loving nature I have within. Mmm, thermodynamics, molecular physics, trajectories, drag, friction, fluid dynamics and more... I can't wait to dig into this one.

I guess I always looked at playing pool to be so physics oriented, but didn't really think about anything beyond that and how the understanding of physics could help your game. Maybe I'll get some tips I can share with the guys this year *wink wink*

Softball again today, cross your fingers for us, we REALLY could use a win or two that doesn't come from a forfit.

Less than a week til the next vacation trip!

Friday, June 25, 2004

Bates Battaglia is opening a restaurant? In Raleigh? *grumble* Why exactly am I in Johnstown again? I ask myself that all too often. Anyhow, looks like Bates and his daddy, who has spent years in the restaurant business are looking to close a deal in North Raleigh for some space to open up some digs of their own.

Get the details here.

The article also mentions Bates becoming a free agent in July. Yet another detail I'm waiting to see some news on. Again, no ill-wishes towards your career deary, but Johnstown would welcome you *grin*
Friday, I'm hoping to keep yesterday's good day rolling through today. So, I'm going to try taking joy in the little things early in the day to see if it will start something on a roll.

It's true it's true! There is finally a sign for Bed, Bath, & Beyond at the old Richland Mall plaza. Heaven! Naturally, the average Johnstown shopper will not appreciate this store, so I intend to get my fill quickly - before it's closed.

On another note: Bertuzzi was charged w/ assault on Moore. It's not exactly the type of hockey news I was hoping for, but at least it's hockey news.

And just something that makes me smile... Cheney said the F word! Go Cheney! :)

Maybe I should hit happy hour or something tonight - is there a chance of one of the work hotties being there?

"We were one team, no one denied. -Type O Negative"

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Off site meeting at Big Dogs... woohoo! Every now and again I REALLY like my job.

I'm working in SQL Server today setting up tables. I have a create_date field in every table, and I have it defaulting to getdate(), but it doesn't seem to be working *smile* That was a little geek humor there.

Yes, Type O is on my constant rotation, we all know what that means.

"It seems three years, or maybe four... -Type O Negative"

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I swear if one more bundle of flowers goes by in this office this week I'll choke someone. I was going to say I haven't gotten flowers since my six-month wedding anniversary... and to quote my friend Missy's BF Bob on that subject "we all know how that turned out". But I guess that isn't true, I've had a couple flowers procured by friends. Somehow it isn't quite the same however.

So, I propose to the people of my building here at work: stop being so damn happy and lovey and whatnot.

I will now step back off of my soapbox and work on my Web Guidelines again. *blah*

"Not long ago, but far away. A rainy witch's day. -Type O Negative"
This morning started off a little less than glamorous. Last night Vixen refused to come in the house, I should have taken that as a hint at the time, but didn't. She eventually came in when I went to try again at 3am when I woke to use the bathroom.

Well today when both dogs went running to the same corner of the yard I figured it was time to take the shovel and go look. Seems something killed off a possum in the backyard. I was rather impressed that neither dog had gutted it, like they do with rabbits, but was still disturbed enough that I needed to scoop the thing up in the shovel and toss it over the fence.

This possum looked like a HUGE NYC sewer rat. I like rats, hell, I've had them as pets, but the look of this thing actually made me cringe.

I guess I should count my blessings. I have seen raccoons walking outside of the fence. I fear what a mess there would be if my dogs encountered a raccoon inside the fence. *now where's that emergency vet number?*

At least the week is half over.

"They just strut, what the... -Fatboy Slim"

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Amusement for the day: So I view my profile on blogspot, and I follow the links on my 'likes' which I set up. Rather comical to see my definition of who I am come full circle by viewing the pics of the people I have things in common with... they're my peeps!

Check it out:

"Nothing changes, just re-arranges. -Korn"

Monday, June 21, 2004

I hate moments when I realize how female I am. Today I'm wearing a light purple summer sweater, and a black skirt with purple flowers. At lunch I made an attempt to buy iced tea from the machine, but it was out, so I went with gatorade... it was this lilac colored frost stuff. Later in the afternoon I proceded to a small discussion and opted to grab my purple pen.

Mid-discussion I realized how disgustingly well I was matching. *shiver*

"5, 4, 3,.. you know the m- f- rest. -Ottotongo"

Ok, good weekend! Not a lot of rain, and we all know how rare that's becoming in Johnstown. Work picnic on Saturday. I've never stayed as long as I did this past weekend.

I did consume a good number of the Twisted and Mike's Hard beverages, but hey - they were free. And, I think I've finally confirmed the headache I developed later that night is most definitely not a hang-over, as I still have it. Stupid sinuses. I guess that's the one curse of the weather changing for the better, no?

Also this weekend: Got mom hooked up with an alarm system which is to be installed this week. We'll see how stupid the punks are.

Finally, caught "Day After Tomorrow". Quite the disappointment with way too many contrived things going on. Blah. The wolves were a step back in the world of CG. Try harder next time.

"I'm crazy for feeling so... -kidneythieves"

Thursday, June 17, 2004

*rolls eyes* The Canes traded Irbe to Columbus, what's up with that? I'm sorry, but I will hint at Rush Limbaugh's statement from a few months ago that got him in trouble: why did they _really_ keep Kevin Weekes? After he came back from his concussion two seasons ago he was afraid of the puck. Unbelievable. Columbus is affiliated with the Dayton Bombers - let's see if we end up playing AGAINST Irbe this season at any point.

Now to my next tirade. Mom's house was broken into for the third time in just under two years. Not that I think for a second the punks that are doing this would be reading my blog - but I'd love to take that crowbar you used to destroy her downstairs windows and pound you upside the head with it.

How these little morons keep pulling this off (night before last breaking into both my mother's and her neighbors house) is amazing to me. Maybe if your parents didn't leave your punk asses sitting on the front porch til all hours of the night while they're at work and spent some time raising you things would be different. Idiots. I'd love to get my hands on them.

"I don't wanna be... stranded. -Plumb"

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Before you know it... we'll have a team!

This just in, the Chiefs re-signed Demo (Tarabrin) and a rookie forward, Luke Molotowsky.

"Seen the world through a bitter stare. -Queensryche"
Three cheers to the ECHL for determining that there will not be a play-in game for the playoffs this upcoming season.

"This is how the story goes... -Lionel Richie"

Monday, June 14, 2004

A tribute to good friends:

You know you have good friends when you have to point out to them that their fantasies should NOT be based upon good things happening for you. When you point this out to them, if they then alter their stated fantasy to be something to benefit them with the added perk that will somehow work you into good stuff as well: Yes, you have good friends. Crazy mayhaps, but good.

Although, who can argue with someone who has DECIDED that you're going to meet Bates and fall for one another. *shrug* When you instead meet that guy that is good friends with him and hook yourself up... yes dear, by all means - CALL ME! :)

"Everywhere I look I see your face. -Stabbing Westward"
Well two more losses yesterday in softball. *shrug* I guess we should just be grateful we were able to field a team since not too many ppl showed. So, I ended up playing the entire games - both of them. Yes, I am quite sore already, I can only imagine how I'll feel tomorrow.

Looks like I need to be the writing fool this week. Both classes have writing assignments for this week *ack* Hopefully I can get something started early. If I can start the paper I can crank it out, it's those first couple sentances that kill me. Ok, back to my super-strong chocolate-raspberry coffee.

"I hate everything about you, why do I love you. -Three Days Grace"

Sunday, June 13, 2004

I was right. The D went through on the 9th. I'm surprised I didn't get a call... instead I got the paperwork in the mail on Saturday.

Spent yesterday afternoon/evening at Jerry's for the poker run to benefit JoAnne. It was an okay day - pretty busy around me. Somedays it's nice to people watch. I do at least feel like I accomplished something this weekend in finishing up the flower beds out front. Of course, I highly doubt that the things I planted will grow (how telltale of life itself, no?) - we'll see.

Nothing too exciting this weekend. Just a lot of nothing I guess. It's funny how fast the weekend goes despite the individual minutes seeming to drag on.

Friday, June 11, 2004

I'm back to Johnstown, and I guess the rain does follow me. Sorry! *smile*

It's been a rather pissy couple of days, not sure why I'm so moody. Mayhaps the b.c. patch and I aren't getting along, mayhaps it's just a random slew of irritants.

Another few points of interest (for those so inclined to become more knowledgable to my little world):
The big D should be final sometime soon. I think we're to the final stretch now, odd being that the proceedings have taken longer start to finish than it took for the M to become a joke.

My copy of Miracle finally arrived, suitable to help tie me over. (Psst... 134 days.)

Still trying to find top soil to finalize my garden areas. Maybe I'll get _A_ tomato out of this.

"There's nothing left to say. -Ian Van Dahl"

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Well, Panama City, FL is a very typical beachy place. It's been an odd two days between the high school kids on the flight, the disappearing hotel rooms, the cool lady I sat beside that is writing a book about her divorce *laugh* (I helped w/ her ending by the way) and other misc things.

Sadly, Calgary lost last evening, but I hear that Tampa Bay winning may lead the cup to visit us at some point. We'll see I guess.

Regardless, missed the fan club meeting to be here, bummed me out to do so - so I guess I'll go sooth myself in the 80+ degree weather by one of the 5 pools here at this hotel. *smile*

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Well, the softball team lost again today, but we did make a good showing - despite having more females playing onfield concurrently than we normally do.

Disappointing thing is sitting with the gals, gawking at the guys on the other team, and then walking up to catch and realizing they're all 5'6" or less *eww*. But, they were nice guys... to the point that one brought me a beer. If you're given a beer from a stranger and they didn't bring any for anyone else, you feel obligated. Too bad it was coors light *blech*.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

There is one thing worse than having a game 7 after sitting up waiting into the 2OT. What is it you may ask? It's hearing the announcer from Tampa Bay screaming like a little girl when the goal was scored.

That's okay Lightning... we've been bouncing back and forth, who's turn is it to hand out an ass-whipping?
Wasn't the ECHL just bunch of busy bees yesterday. The Chiefs finally squared up on the rest of the deal they made to get Zehr here last season. Also of note one of our huge grin favorites, Cockburn, was traded from Trenton as well.

Had a good evening last night, visiting with old friends and sipping home-made margarita. (mmmm) I'm sorry, but this excerpt of one of our conversations has to be shared, I think it will suffice as a replacement for song lyrics, since I'm not listening to music at the moment.

"I don't know if you've ever been in a fight with someone who's borderline retarded... -B.L."

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Well, things cleared up pretty well so far today - some things went well, some things produced amusing information. I actually got a raise! *woohoo*

And, for one of my favorite (not so) little blog visitors... it's not your place to make calls to look into things for other people. Matter of fact we have nothing in common, except the sloppy seconds of mine which you can have. Mind your own business. And if you don't have anything to keep you busy, get a job.
STRESS! Ack. I usually don't mind stress, but too many of the stress factors are personal. May have to travel for work next week, I wouldn't mind where we're going but I am not fond of last minute notice, and it messes w/ previous plans :(

Lawyer called today, papers are waiting for me to sign. Don't know how long it takes after the final signature to say it's finished finished. Regardless of my overall feelings on the situation it still remains a stressful thing.

Finally, my review is today! Just keep in mind any percentage of zero is still zero :) Just kidding.

"They love you when you're on all the covers. -Marilyn Manson"

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Well, it's confirmed - Jeff will be back in town to participate in the hockey camp here at planet ice, and over my birthday - how kind. Maybe he'll have to mix me another toasted almond or something. *cheer*

I guess I haven't griped too much about household issues (aside from the mower) lately, so you don't know what all projects are underway. Well, after the gutter pulled away from the soffit and facia behind the house whilest I was on vacation I figured I needed to tend to that ASAP. So, that was fixed yesterday. I also have preparations lined up for my flower beds and garden to be completed in the near term. Which - is VERY good, being that my poor plants are about dead in the little starter cups.

Hopefully the list of things that need attention will drop off soon. Must start saving some more cash.

"I couldn't aspire, to anything higher... -Helen Kane"
Yeah, you're a bad egg, but I guess so am I.

"Does your mother know that you're out? -ABBA"

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Don't get your panties all in a bunch... last night's loss to Tampa Bay was kind of expected. But if Calgary continues in the same patterns, they'll be winning the next game and will finish one up on Tampa Bay in game 7, although I wouldn't mind if they just toasted them off a little sooner ;)

The diet began again today. Let's see if I can get down at least half way to where I was before leaving Carolina *sigh*

"Am I too corrosive? Am I just too weak? -Drain STH"