Friday, August 31, 2007

Ok, so the Corners is closed for the long weekend, but the Blvd is open! I had some grub and some drinkage, I did some reading, and now here I am happy and updating photos. So check out the (finally) updated link to my jerseys.
Friday night of a long weekend - once again, what is on my plate? Nothing. I am starting to find the school-less times a bit odd, perhaps I'm caught up in my relaxing and slacking. Granted, not enough to get my butt motivated to go bust in the living room, sadly. What has been on my mind is Christmas shopping, but where the hell am I going to store things I buy with the upstairs rooms jammed with living room crap?

I guess I'll be spending some time chasing dogs around the yard and maybe starting in on one of the books that are waiting for me. As to tonight the corners are calling - all four of them.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Busy busy busy... but not in the living room. Yesterday after work we headed down to Altoona where mum puppy-sat and I headed to the Jtown Chiefs season ticket holder night at the Curve game. I watched a little of the game, which is normal for me and baseball, but I did enjoy getting to be around the hockey-folk again. It's even nicer to get the word on the upcoming signings in advance of the announcements - I so like being in the know. Today I hauled to yet another Lia Sophia party... ugh, I am going to need a second jewelry stand.

Preseason games slated for the 12th here and 13th in Wheeling were finally announced, so at least that leaves open the Type O date in Allentown.

Little miss escape artist has a nice new crate ordered... be damned if she busts her way out of this one!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Triumph! Yes, it has come to me rejoicing in small things like managing to rig the crate to prevent Danika's escape, at least this one time. Not only that but no accident! If she corrolates the amount of praise she received I am sure we're on our way to a perfect angel - quite the departure from the dog who started to rip up the basement door yesterday *sigh*

I'll give her this, I started to contimplate Danika's intelligence further when she took a strike that even Satin didn't come up with, opening the top container of food. This is easily resolved by fastening the door as was the lower container for the past 5 or 6 years, but it does leave me wondering did Satin not think to go after the top container or was this just way too much effort by her estimation?

Now, to find my motivation - perhaps it is at the bottom of a nice cool mixed drink!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

After one night moping and chatting w/ friends online (Friday), a bit of retail therapy including Christmas gifts (Slippy's most likely recommendation - Saturday afternoon), and several martinis and mint baileys (tonight) I feel much better. The truth is, it's not that person at all... it's the repeating theme, it's the fear of never finding someone I have feelings for who has feelings for me.

In the midst of things I even managed to do some laundry and make pasta salad for tomorrow's picnic. For not moving from my awakened state (10am) until 1pm I got a good bit done. Now if I could just craft a plan that would keep Danika in that crate. Good GOD she's strong and stubborn.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why is it I am always the one who ends up crying? Why do I pick the ones that don't want me... don't feel anything for me?... decide they don't (never did) love me? Every significant male in my life has left a mental scar. Why is it not possible to just stop looking/trying/wanting to find someone?

In years past my traditional pattern took two months to complete. Looks like I've managed to up the ante. Even if it is/was someone that I knew there was 101 reasons to stay away (opinion of friends, warning signs, etc) I actually felt enough of an attraction (which is rare for me) to give it a go. I've spent several years being sucked back in and hurt by someone that I adore and that sucks, but how was this any better than that vicious, fruitless cycle? Perhaps the intangible is easier.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Home repair frustration time. I've bitched in the past about issues w/ water in my entry way. I've finally stopped the leaking from the roof (after many attempts) but the water still gets under the entry and wicks up the walls. Well guess what? The water marks in the living room aren't old. Now that we've had enough rain some spots are damp. I've pulled away some of the insulation and the wall is wet at the bottom too. How the HELL does one fix that? The overhang out back has water coming down a good couple of feet away from the house/deck so what the frell? If I bring the people back to try and re-correct the spouts will it fix it? For how long?

Anyone know a sexy (single) repair man?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I spent a good chunk of cash this morning before noon - but I guess that is to be expected when you're in the middle of a room remodel. First I hit the grocery store for some basics and to snag additional gift cards (gotta love the double-credit on the gas points, it's not like I won't use them - especially the home depot one).

From there to the Depot where I left feeling like a man. With Mr. Law's expert advice I snagged a Dewalt drill (sale - bonus), some insulation, all the boxes, plugs, and switches, the second light for the room (sale - double bonus), chalk line, and even a magnet thingie to clean up the nails in the yard from the home repairs.

Final stop was JC Penneys, where I wanted to check out a set of curtains that were on sale. They didn't have the exact style but they DID have the fabric so I was able to confirm the perfect match on both of my colors. I can't believe I'm so excited about curtains.

I guess I'll be spending even more moolah in the next week or so since Mr. Law also pushed my debate on the fireplace to gas. The added benefit is that I won't lose any space in front of the fireplace to tile. If this room turns out half as nice as it is in my head I'll be a happy camper and I can at least say I did it (with lots of help, of course).

Friday, August 17, 2007

Not only did I get the most delightful type of sleep last night - my favorite type. What a bitchin day! I took today off since the house was getting sprayed and I needed to have the dogs out for a good period of time and we headed to Altoona. On the way out I remembered the bookshelves I saw that were "coming soon" at a local discount store and made my way there to snag two for the living room. I would have been pissed if my forgetting them (which came in on the 14th) resulted in me missing out, they're just perfect for the new colors I'm looking to do in there.

Mom made my favorite, her ham potpie, and I ate way too much, go figure. It makes me feel old to admit that I do enjoy an afternoon nap, but the best nap is one taken on an afternoon off, when you know everyone else still had to go to work! I headed with my coupon to Value City and much to my surprise saw the uber-discounts going on this week. I tried on a TON of stuff and admittedly bought a few things but the dollar amount spent was spectacular... just over $50 for $260 worth of items.

Does it get better? Why yes, yes it does! The Chiefs at long last have announced a goaltender - and - a new affiliation!!! With the Colorado Avalanche. At least I already have the jersey and tee shirts to celebrate in. More? Absolutely - new Type O tour dates! Of the dates so far October 16 in Allentown (Crocodile Rock) is looking to be the best bet, but I can hope for a closer show.

If I had gotten showered earlier I would have headed off to a movie, but I guess I can settle for a DVD - if I can get to them.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Post SSS report... she did it again. Time to reinforce the crate.
Post 1000! *horns, whistles, tinsel, and confetti*

I can easily post on all three topics to bring this blog back to it's roots - a few new signings for the Chiefs, some yummy desert at 4 corners last night (or perhaps I could stretch the term cake to include the South Side's stuffed pretzels to cover tonight).

But here is the kicker... I come home today to find Ms. Danika waiting at the top of the stairs. *whaaaa??* Sure, Satin busted free from her crate several times but I never thought I'd find a dog as smart never mind strong as an ox. When Satin escaped the door swung open as though she just squeezed the levers and tada, not Danika... she brute force pulled the door IN... doesn't sound impressive, but it is. I remember watching the ex try to recreate pulling the door open with little success this 41lb soaking wet, scrawny, fuzzy-ball pulled the door in, over the two bumps and strong enough to force the latches out of the notches on the top and bottom. Gratefully she didn't destroy anything in the basement while free but I guess this makes the puppy-proofing of the basement all the more urgent of a need. She is bit extra tired now, and not even interested in her dinner - mayhap the effort wore her out and she'll behave while I'm at SSS.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To get the full effect of this post just imagine me like a small child that has thrust him/herself onto the floor having a tissy because mommy or daddy said no.

Other things to be hated about working in an office take 1032:

  • The coffee pot is forever empty, even though you just made the last pot. A similar strange occurence with the ice cube trays takes place. Both of these items lend you to believe your coworkers are either incompetant or lazy, two characteristics I'd rather not have in coworkers.
  • When you go to retrieve a print out and find the damn thing jammed. Not only is it jammed w/ someone else's print out that now leaves smears of toner all over you but there is at least 10 other items in the queue ahead of you. Are you telling me that NONE of these people came and realized the freaking printer was jammed?
  • Being asked to follow a "convention" whatever that "convention" may be when the requestor freely admits that they've not, to date, bothered to follow the convention on previous efforts... never mind that the document specifying the convention has not been edited for over a year and still is full of markups and has not gone through the appropriate review/approval channels. So what you're saying is "your shitty opinion" = "convention".
  • The people who can get up and walk out of the middle of a meeting because they have to [insert bullshit reason here] (example: pick up their kids, wash their hair, pick their nose) and nothing is said to them, but you're stuck in the meeting even when it runs really late (read: into lunch or past 5). I need a volunteer to knock me up so I have a "good" excuse to not perform the job they pay me for.
  • The people who get to "work" from home but never seem to reply to an instant message or email for hours. Again, I need a volunteer.
  • The experts who carefully assess technology and make determinations on what directions to move in while carefully filing important user feedback and insight into their deleted mail folder. These are the same people that end up wasting hours of our "personal development time" to fix problems that should have never been. Gee, thanks for keeping me challenged ass-clown.

Yes, I am a little frustrated with my job this week.

On a bright note: Happy 2nd Birthday Danika!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The first order of business today was to beat the heat in getting some outside work done, no such luck. I did get the hedges trimmed between the houses however and even removed some of the railroad ties that were rotting away. If I can just get the rest of the materials ripped out of the living room and hauled out front by Wednesday I can call and cough up the cash to have everything hauled away - and let me tell you how badly things are piling up. I also cranked out other odds and ends cleaning and several loads of laundry.

Amusingly I got a desire to cook today, but without free access to my kitchen that is kind of difficult. So I was happy to be awoken from my fresh-smelling sheets and Tom and Jerry DVD induced nap to go grub w/ Beff and Mum M. Do I really have to go back to that place tomorrow?

Friday, August 10, 2007

I love having pieces of my friends around my house... from the Canada postcard I got from Slips and Beff to the dark rich purple heart wine rack handcrafted by the Laws. Yesterday I made my trip home over lunch to find yet another wonderful addition to this collection.

My dearest Joe, down in NC, was featured in Kulture as a local artist - and quite the artist he is. You'll find the link to his Feral Chicken comics off to the side here on my blog, which I read every MWF. I tried my darndest while his work was on display to sneak a purchase of one of the pieces through Kulture, but alas they dropped the ball on me. I would have loved to have gotten this, unbeknownst to Joe, and taken a photo of it hanging on my wall to share w/ him as "a great piece of art I picked up". While Kulture dropped the ball, they also let Joe in on enough of the secret to suss me out... and look what arrived at my house yesterday!

Click to visit Joe's page - this image is HIS... don't steal it.

It is in a beautiful frame and will look fantastic hanging in either my soon to be remodeled living room or in my bedroom. I can't wait to get it on the wall.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Have I mentioned what bitchin friends I have? A bit of sushi provided enough energy to wreak severe havoc on my living room. The remainder of the furniture is out (now I have no kitchen), the last of the gawd-awful wood paneling is gone (!), and most of the horrid wall-carpet is down. The more ripping and tearing that occurs the more of idiots I consider the previous owners to be and trust me, they were already up there. We didn't encounter any additional ants so I am guessing they're coming up from the crawl space.

Danika and Vixen are doing very good together and even frolicked a bit in the back yard as a pair. They were a bit underfoot last evening but everyone understood it as giving them some "freedom-time".

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Adjusting is the best way to describe things at this state. Danika is such a sweet girl. She walks wonderfully on leash, but if you don't have a leash and try to grab her by her collar she falls to the ground rolled over like a ball of mud. Little bugger. I screwed up yesterday and she had a bit of Vixen's food which now has her delicate tummy in a tissy. I think I need to use what is left of Vixen's food and ween her over to Iams as well to make life easier in the long run. Vixen, not to be out done, decided to add her own odor and rebel by leaving me a big turd pile last night too. Brat.

I'm not complaining though, things are going smoother already than I had hoped they would. Last night I was letting the cleaned crate dry and allowed Danika to sleep on the floor on the opposite side of the bed as Vix. I was sure to attach a leash so I would feel her move and wake up - to avoid any middle of the night squabbles. Not a peep - they both slept straight through like rocks. I even had them both out back this morning off leash without but a small grumble and even that was a playful one. Danika is just happy to follow me around, which I know is bugging Vix because she can't get near me. Perhaps we'll have to spend some special mummy and be-be time each evening, even if it's just 10-15 minutes. I have two baby girls again! Danika's howl... wow, does it sound like Satin at times.

On to other news, I'm doing well with the stick-shift and can turn my music up again and pay attention to the feel and RPMs instead w/ only a stall here and there.

Not that I hadn't already decided to dust off Ameriserv as my bank already but they gave me two more reasons this morning. I go up there w/ a check that was returned to me. This check was cut from my bill pay - they cut it - but they can't do anything with it... no, I have to go to the place the payment was made to. Are you kidding? Then I close my account and she takes my mac card and won't give it back! My new bank would have paid me cash money for that! Hiss. Adios el-banko-de-keister-pain.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The voting has ended. Many thanks to those of you that tossed in your two cents for the name of my new girl, who we went to visit and pick up this morning. Danika Nicole rode back with us nicely. Since arriving home she's explored the toy boxes, checked out her pillows, tried to play in the back yard (despite being tethered to me by leash), grubbed down her first meal, and... get this, ROLLED for Vixen! Vixen is going to be the alpha dog! I am quite proud of my Vixie as she's done wonderfully so far and is easily kept in check w/ a squirt bottle of water. Her birthday according to her paperwork - go figure - 8/14. So we'll be celebrating her second birthday in a little over a week.

As for last evening, the temps cooled down, but no where near as it has in the past for our evening in Stackhouse park. I did enjoy Othello, but I did have a hard time staying awake and focused as my mind wandered a bit. As I'm learning in my own mind, when you have a little you want a lot and when you have a lot you want a little.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I always feel better after finishing a quick cleaning pass through the downstairs, and at least I accomplished something this evening. I also returned the blinds I bought that were too big for the living room window and picked up additional storage containers to straighten more of the clothes in my closet. Other than that it's been a boring evening that has left me to my ponderings.

Tomorrow is our annual run on Shakespeare in the Park - I'll have a report after we see Othello.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Look left, look right... fire death ray... but before you move your head from the right, vote in my poll. Yes, Vix and I are going to meet Rosetta this weekend. If the meeting goes well we will need a new name ready to go so help me decide!