Sunday, March 01, 2015

My aches have subsided, but only after it awoke me one night at 3 in the morning and kept me up until 4:30 pondering the ER.  Yes, it hurt that bad.  I gave it a 5 on the scale and likened it a good bit to the pain I had this time of year 4 years back.  THAT pain lasted for over a week at an even higher intensity.  Needless to say, the thought that it could have been anything like that scared the heck out of me, thus the thoughts of the ER.  I said a few prayers and decided if I still hurt come morning I would make the trip to the ER.  It was gone and other than minor pain I've been good since.

Today I got back from a good visit with my Favorite Egg.  I was blessed with good weather for traveling, well by comparison at least.  It rained the whole way back, but since they were calling for snow and some did come down last night, I am completely calling it good weather.

Since I was away I missed Vixen's 16th birthday, but we sang on Friday and she'll get her special meal and treat.  She's going to want her license... but that's a no, until she gets a job!

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