Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Free coffee at Sheetz today and tomorrow to celebrate the opening of a store in NC! It's crazy to me that they're the whole way down there. I always said, when I lived there, how well it would go over. I had even picked out the corner where if they weren't privately owned and I had the capital I would have wanted to put one in.

I had a massage last night, which I'm hoping will loosen up my lower back from my shoveling war wounds and perhaps ease another light ache I've been having of undetermined origins. My masseuse has also put in a sauna and he was offering to try it out with a massage in February, so why not. I have to say it was rather pleasant and soothing. I can see how it might be a nice place to go chill out and/or meditate a bit. It got up near 130 degrees in there during my try, but it is a dry heat so I was barely starting to get too warm.

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