Sunday, February 22, 2015

We didn't get anywhere near the snow they called for yesterday, thank goodness, and the bitter cold has passed for the time being.  I can thank the extreme cold temps for backing off what would have been an all nighter lock in with the youth on Friday night.  Instead we just got together for a few hours to eat and for games, music, and a speaker.  Even getting home at 11pm I was exhausted.  I don't think I could have made it through all night.

I feel like a slacker for Saturday, but I did still need to go shovel a few times.  I suspect this is why I've been slightly sore lately - all of the shoveling.  I also got several loads of laundry out of the way and took a nap - like I said, Friday night still wore me out.

I did get up and get moving today, so I made it to church and then caught up for a bite to eat with Beff, whom I haven't seen in what feels like forever.  Then I did a little shopping before heading home. I fought off the want to nap again today.

For the first time in a few weeks I got a legit workout in today.  It was only a half an hour, but I'm counting it as it was entirely on the elliptical.  I guess my motivation got a little bit of a kick in the rear today after I got brave.  While I was out at TJ Maxx I decided to see how far I was from a size 10 in jeans.  There was muffin top, but those babies buttoned without a struggle.  It's crazy to me.  When I lost way more weight in NC (I was about 30lbs lighter than I am today) I had just gotten into a size 12.  So what gives?

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