Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The importance of doing a good job.  It's something lost on our society.  I am not perfect, but I think I do okay, and I can honestly say I try.  I WANT everything to be perfect and I strive to get things as close as my human limitations will allow.  It boggles my mind and frustrates me to no end to see the complacency and mediocrity that a majority of our society is okay with.  It often makes me angry too because the laziness of one tends to create more work for other people.
No, I don't want to fill out that form - again - it's not my fault you screwed up or had the wrong information.  More than that, I shouldn't have to wait another three weeks because you hosed it the first time around.  Worse still, I do not want to add these tasks to my to do list because you changed something that I had right.  Now there is clean up to do.  If you created the mess you should be forced to clean it up.  Maybe next time you'll think before you do and learn from your mistakes.
Then there are the people who coddle those that make the mess.  No, no, we can't make them go back and fix it - it will take too long, I'll have to explain it to them, I risk insulting them - why don't you just go ahead and make the correction?  Maybe they need to be a little insulted.  Truly, it is laziness in many cases, not ineptitude, although that runs rampant as well.  I'm just tired of the run around and layers of crap.  Is that wrong?
Last night I distressed a little, fortunately, or I may have popped my top this morning.  Davey T and I headed to the Orchard for a beverage and wings - and the wings were REALLY good last night.

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