Sunday, February 15, 2015

The really good part of my weekend is done, but I do get one more day to sleep in and stay out of the cold... and that's nice enough.  It gets harder every time I'm forced to rediscover that 48 hours or less is not enough.  My Valentine treated me to something practical _and_ something pretty that I can keep close to my heart.  I think he likes me *wink*... I know I like him, so I'm gonna keep this one as long as I can.  We had way too many desserts including some home made chocolate covered strawberries and choc pb pie, did some shopping for a new tv, and lounged about avoiding the weather.  I didn't really even cook, instead we worked on leftovers and hit Reys.

This evening I avoided some of the sadness of absence when Mithy and Miss Addie came by to deliver GS cookies.  I guess I should go ahead and use up the box I still have from last year sometime soon, eh?

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