Thursday, March 19, 2015

I couldn't take the loose handle on the back door any longer.  Of course, to tighten the loose part meant taking the whole thing apart (or having an INCREDIBLY short screwdriver to access it between the glass and the handle)- great design, right?  Either way I took it apart and fixed her up.  In the process I thought why not tinker around a bit more with the lock, which hasn't worked in years.  [Keep in mind this door was replaced years ago, the latch worked for a year or so and then stopped catching.]  I managed to get her working properly again!  I no longer have to rely on strictly a hockey stick to lock my back door!

I'll blame the spring vibe going on outside (despite cooler temps) that is giving me little spurts of motivation.  Of course, tonight and into tomorrow they are calling for 3-6" of snow.  Go figure.  Happy spring.

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