Sunday, March 15, 2015

...and, we say goodbye to another weekend.  The warm up seems to have been all to short lived as it is rather cold again today and there were small bits of snow collected here and there when I woke this morning.  The good news is this should give the sump pumps a small, and well deserved break.  Thank goodness for them, or I fear my basement would have been quite horrible to experience.  There were spots at cracks and where concrete seams meet that I could tell ground water was trying to wick up, but we held nicely.

I had a nice weekend with my favorite Egg and we ate like champs.  I had made pork, kraut, and mashed potatoes on Friday, we went for steak on Saturday at Lone Star w/ the Schmou family, pancakes and eggs this morning, and Quaker Steak for dinner.  We also went to see Chappie.  It seemed necessary since Yolandi and Ninja (from Die Antwoord) were in it.  I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by it, but the two hours was quite a long run.  It was entertaining, but it runs a lot like a 2 hour featurette.

My headache seems to be gone during the day now, but wants to come back when I rest my head.  Here's hoping this week at work is a little less stress inducing.

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