Monday, August 16, 2004

Ah the sound of the tree frogs. I loved laying in bed at UPJ with the window open in Hemlock hall listening to them chirp. Well they're here! Too bad it's a little too cool to leave the windows open wide to hear them going.

I did sleep well enough last night however, despite another obnoxious dream involving former relationships. Hiss. At least my rapier wit is still sharp in my dream land. I have to wonder what is up with my mind. Do I wonder about all of those people involved... of course, but not in the ways most people would expect. Instead I wonder: Will the truth about reasons for quitting jobs will ever come out, and relatedly - if this person, who guides every decision, will be seen in a realistic light as the manipulative liar with a propensity towards inappropriate familial emotions and the omission of important truths to family. But somehow I was the evil one who's life was referenced with a 'locked and loaded'. It boggles my mind how much I managed to avoid letting myself see until I was removed from the situation.

"When it comes to loving me he's worse. -Sheryl Crow"

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