Friday, May 23, 2008

I wanted to just take a nap tonight, but instead I got my butt in gear and got some of my standard weekend running out of the way. Some of what I picked up leads me to my next topic: my goals for this weekend. It's a long weekend, so I need to crank things out - especially since I'll be on the road WAY more than I'd like next weekend. Here's my plan, let's see how much I report complete by the end of the weekend:

1). Laundry... I already got a jump start on it as the first load is spinning in the dryer and the second is in the washer as I type. Of course, there is a third load to be done as well as the folding and putting away.
2). Plant the two climbing rose bushes and trellis I bought for out back.
3). Plant the three additional rose of sharon/althea and white azalea that I bought for along the back fence. Not sure how things will take to the moister side of the yard, but I have to give it a go.
4). Painting the dang bedroom already! Time to call this done.
5). Another task all in itself - getting things back into the bedroom and semi-organized.
6). Completing the refi-paperwork for the mortgage - so I can maybe get my butt to Richland twp after another appointment next week.
7). Finishing my current book.

That isn't too much to ask of myself, is it? I guess we'll see. If you're trying to catch me and I don't answer the phone I am either covered in dirt or paint. Feel free to stop by. I have spare shovels and paint brushes!

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