Friday, May 30, 2008

So for the past two days I have been the queen of meetings. Granted, it made the days go fast, but it's tiring too. I could sleep for an eternity tonight if left to my own devices, but I have to get up early to fetch mum at the Burgh-port. Have I complained recently about the severe lack of local air travel options?

While I am glad to have gotten to spend some time hanging w/ Beff, Juice, and Little Blue Man I know I'll regret it when I get to bed later than desired in an effort to get a few last minute things done before bringing mum here. I know I can't make it clean enough to keep her from finding something to pick at, but I have to at least spend some quality time getting the obvious things handled and dealing with the last few items tomorrow afternoon and evening after we get back... and perhaps after a nice Saturday afternoon nap!

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