Monday, January 02, 2012

I mentioned joining some friends on the 365, photo a day, challenge.  As such, today I knew I needed to get snapping, so I took advantage of my last day off of work.  Tomorrow is my beloved Saffy's birthday (she'll be 4, 3 of those years here with us), so we did a bit of her celebration, that means:
- Making a trip to Petco where she picked a natural pigs ears for everyone, a bag of dried turkey, and a big bone just for her, which she nibbled on while we grabbed some Subway for our lunch.
- Off for a walk at UPJ as the snow was starting to fall (a bit overdue).
- Ice cream - yes, you heard me right - ice cream at the Meadow's.  Saffy likes to jump up and lean on the outdoor counter to place her order.
- A nap on the couch (through part of the winter classic).  I can thank the walk for inspiring her to nap.

So, I did get a short walk in, perhaps a good shift back into better behavior, and some photos taken - at least enough to cover a few days.  For those friended on FB, look there for my daily selections.

It's not been the most prosperous long weekend off.  I guess I neglected to report that I did get the bedroom rearranged (which means most everything was cleaned behind and under) on the 31st.  I did try to correct the issue with my low voltage lighting being out, but this time it doesn't appear to be the power supply - instead the plug.  Sigh, I'll debug it later.  Oh, and with a hand, the vacuum for the apartment is cleared out and running properly again - yay!  I guess Friday was pretty successful, too bad I've been a slacker the rest of the weekend!

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