Sunday, November 02, 2014

My favorite Egg came to visit this weekend.  I spend a good chunk of the evening before he arrived Friday making two batches of brownies and a double batch of pumpkin no bakes.  Unfortunately the no bakes didn't set up.  I blamed it on trying to make a double batch, but the single batch I made the next morning didn't solidify either, so I don't know what gives, it was the same recipe I made a few months back.

I still took some of both with us to the Halloween party on Saturday night.  My mouse outfit went over well, as did his choice to come dressed as 'the verminator' loaded down with bugs and a lot of mouse traps.  Had a great time as always and it was lovely to see Jackie, Allen, Donna, Bill, and Phil again.  I missed the party last year while I was away on vacation.

Prior to the party we spent a little time at Mom's, so Ben and my sister could meet.  We also went out to grab a quick bite to eat.  Mom made pies, two of which came back with us (and the one went back with him).  This weekend wasn't good for my diet by any means.  This week needs to include some serious effort to right things.

Today had us doing a little running and must dos before dinner.  Either way, the weekend went way too fast.  Re-commence the missing someone...

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