Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last night I was right back out the door to go to Faranda Farms with the youth group.  They had a hay ride and a corn maze and I have to tell you - there are reasons why they've made so many horror films featuring fields of corn as creepy settings.

Today I headed to toona to play hooky with my big sister.  We went shopping, finding a few things for Christmas, and then drug mom out to eat dinner.  Fortunately, mom was able to think of the right place to go.  I had mentioned Bill Sell's Bold to her when I was trying to find a place to go out to celebrate finishing off the mortgage and she remembered it.  Everything was AMAZING.  My sister ordered some of the most tender tenderloin I think I've ever had. My black and blue chicken was delighful.  Mom's steak flatbread was tasty.  Yes, yes, yes.  Hopefully this place does well.  I find it interesting to see places like this popping up in downtown Altoona, much like the coffee shop here in downtown Johnstown.  It's refreshing, but so easy to forget about because you don't drive by it on a regular basis.

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