Friday, November 14, 2014

When I saw through the windows that it looked like the roads had further cleared on their own around 10:30 I decided to get re-dressed and make a second attempt to at least get to work and get my time in.  I was there by 11 and didn't have trouble then.
Of course, there remains the apprehension of taking the Tib anywhere with conflicting stories and predictions with temps dancing close to the freezing point on  Just a little while ago I decided that I need to just stay home this weekend, that is what is meant to be.  I'm really not happy and it was hard as hell to push send on an email saying that.
In the mean time, Schmou has been kind enough to offer help and equipment.  We'll be using his battery charger to filler'up and make an attempt to drive it to the shop tomorrow morning.  Since the thought of it dying midway there and leaving me w/o power brakes scares the crap out of me, when I say we, I mean he is going to drive it.
I'm reminded of another time friends were needed to help in a slightly less complex, but similar situation.  Back when I first taught at the community college a sensor went out on the Avenger and it didn't ding to tell me that I left my lights on.  At the end of class I came out to a dead battery.  I called the ex and expected to be rescued.  I was, but not by him... he called someone else to come tend to me while he stayed at his computer's side.  That should have been a warning sign.  (Love you Laws - and I'll never forget this.)
I really do appreciate my friends.  There is nothing I can do to repay the kindness they show me.  I so do not like asking for help.  Heck, I can barely accept help when it is offered to me.  I'm gonna go home from work now and be sad... hopefully that doesn't result in me eating too many of the pumpkin bars I made last night with the plans on Pittsburgh delivery.

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