Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Last night there was a final pow-wow for Beff's shower, so I lost a little bit of work time.  But before I headed up there I put the bedroom blinds to soak and moved the cd/dvd shelves to the dining room and the big speakers to the kitchen.  This clears a little space in the living room which will help when it comes time to wash walls in here and move furniture around.

After our get together I started working in the bedroom, pulling out the bed and washing down half of the room so far.  I would have gotten the whole way around, but I realized I needed to pull more clothes from the closets in order to facilitate putting some other items in there to clear space in the room itself.  My bedroom is pretty large compared to many older houses, but it looks even bigger now.

As for tonight it's youth night - we're seeing God's Not Dead 2.  I've already filled the vehicle up again, so I can take that over for storage when I head to an appointment tomorrow.  After I get back tonight I'm going to try to make more progress in the living room or bedroom.  I'll then work on whatever I'm motivated to do.  Last night I had to pop a Benadryl before bed, I was quite the sneezy mess.  I might need the small break.

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