Sunday, April 10, 2016

I am again sitting.  I shouldn't be, but I am.  I may do a little more later, but for right now I am going to force myself to make some progress on notes for a future vacation that includes locations I've never been to before.

On Friday, I finished washing down everything in the bedroom.  Mr. Law returned and made short order of the cabinet doors.  They look fantastic.  Why why why didn't I do this for me a long time ago?  My Favorite Egg and I had a leftover meal that he brought from his meal out for his dear Mother's birthday - it was amazing Italian.  Then we relaxed watching Mockingjay part II.  Meh.  It wasn't bad, I just found the ending awkward and less eventful than the movies. 

Saturday we were up early to make a pre-work run to Home Depot.  Lunch, and then home to work on the to do list.  Some drywall went up in a basement area (which makes it look a lot nicer, even if it isn't taped), the loose spots on the front siding are corrected, the tub is recaulked where needed (he did a perfect job there - I'm horrible w/ caulk), the water filters are changed, the low voltage spot light bulbs were replaced (even though they're still not on), loose spots in the trim throughout the house has been fixed, and the gap just inside the front door has newly stained trim down (with some insulation behind it).  We then loaded up the vehicle to take another load to his old place, including some bigger items that I couldn't have moved on my own.

This morning we lounged a little before making breakfast.  I also made a batch of chicken noodle soup so there was something to send home with him and something to eat for a day or two later this week. We then moved some of my workout equipment upstairs (since there is no way they'd fit in my vehicle to remove them entirely) and carried yet more to the car for delivery to his old place.  After that stop we visited my local Aunt and Uncle for dinner, which was also incredibly good - I'm stuffed.  My neck into my right shoulder is quite sore today, but I truly believe it was from how I slept last night, not what I was carrying and moving.

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