Friday, April 15, 2016

Is my back feeling better you ask?  You didn't ask?  Jerk. Actually, I feel a great deal better today.  There is still some tension there, but I didn't have pain that made me wince today and I can move my arms and neck much more freely.  I'm well on my way.  I did still have a few minutes of pain trying to get through the night however, so I'm ready for bed early tonight (hopefully).

The warm sunny weather pulled me out back after work to brush the dogs.  That's where I heard the guy behind me and to the side running his mower, which made me think I should go ahead and do that out front and along the side to mulch up leaves again.  I didn't get to weed eat because my rechargable weed eater is out of cord, which I forgot, and I had already put the extension cord away, so I didn't want to pull out the corded one.

I pulled out the pots and put the dirt in them that I had, so they're ready for me to get some pretty posies to decorate the porch.  Then I went to the back porch where I uncovered the table (which didn't get uncovered even once last year - it was pretty gross) and the chairs.  I also washed down the lounger and metal garden seat.  I had patio furniture cleaner in hand, which said it was a skin irritant, but I ended up getting the bulk of the gross removed using Dawn dish soap in warm water - and it promises softer skin.  Take that!

I also cranked out a load of laundry and even made myself dinner.  Boom.  It was a good Friday night.

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