Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last night I quickly returned another item that was wrong to Home Depot, swung through Big Lots, dropped some snacks at the church for the youth retreat that I am not attending this coming weekend, and got home so I could partake in dinner with Beff.  With us not working at the same place, never getting to do lunch anymore, and both being so busy with house-related tasks, the conversation when we do get together is a constant catch up dialog.  After I got home I did a little bit of gathering and whatnot upstairs, but I didn't make a ton of progress.

Today I came home and hustled to load up the car and then get to my massage appointment.  It didn't hurt as much as I expect it to.  I'm still feeling some tension back there, but I know he knocked some of it loose.  Of course, I left there and had to unload the vehicle, so ... yeah.

I wasn't going to try and accomplish anything else tonight, but I got sucked into other things.  First, I decided to go ahead and cover the one old drain in the basement that the dogs knocked open.  Then I was readying myself to wash my hair when I went to change the toilet paper roll.  Seriously, that new holder was already working loose from the wall.  *sigh*  I had to go find two anchors in my supplies to put behind the screws (fortunately I knew where they were thanks to sorting everything last week).  This made things a little crooked, so the two pieces don't sit quite right.  I'm not pleased.  I'll wait and see if it works loose again.  If so I guess I'm moving the whole shabang to a new spot on the wall and working to patch the old stuff over.  Fun times.

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