Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My real estate agent visit with Sue Lease went well.  I'm pleasantly surprised there wasn't a list of other things I "should do", but of course, she could still pick up a la puppy odor.  I've always taken that fact hard, harder still today after I've washed all of the walls downstairs and I doubt the upstairs walls will make a difference when I get to them.

I added another to do to the list when over with the tenant in the apartment.  It's an easy enough fix, but my list is too long.  Fact is, I need to get someone else on some of these tasks or it will take forever to get everything done.  I have names from Sue to try and find someone to do some of these tasks, someone to scrub the carpets (more likely to get any scent out than my carpet scrubber), and recommendations for who I should call to retest for groundwater infiltration.

I didn't do anything else physical tonight, but I did crank out my homework - a list of everything I've done to the house since buying it in 1999.  Let me just say it is an incredibly long list.  Are you telling me I have to start all over on another house?  Aw hell.

No movement on the discussions at work to help facilitate my desired change.  It has me a little tense, anxious, and uncertain.  The sore shoulder remains, but now I can feel the muscles around it all tightened up too.  So happy I moved up my massage appointment from next Thursday to this week.

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