Sunday, April 17, 2016

I had a short weekend away - and not where you'd guess.  Lori and I headed to Chateau de Johnson, near Baltimore, where we crashed for the Alton Brown Eat Your Science tour show!  We got to town and demanded snacks.  Rex took us to Wegman's and I was overwhelmed.  We had some sushi for a snack and snagged some desserts for later.  I grabbed a chocolate cheesecake.

Before I knew it we were headed out to meet JSpice and his lovely wife for dinner at the Brewer's Art.  OMG the brussels sprouts appetizer.  I had chicken for dinner, which was also quite tasty, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have - had we not been rushed to eat.  They were a bit slow in the turn around after our orders were placed... so we ended up a few minutes late for Alton.  *sigh* but I don't think we missed too terribly much.

The show was good, but somehow, not quite what I expected.  Don't take that wrong... it was amazing to see Alton, but I'll say the show started off better than it ended.  We were so psyched for lasers (as per some FB posts) but ended up with what felt like a rehashed Good Eats popcorn episode.  Now, I need to find the GMO song... my Favorite Egg would approve.  Back to the house where I dove into that chocolate cheesecake.

Morning came, and after some caffeine intake it was time to make a supply run before heading north again.  I picked up some coffee at Baltimore Coffee and some Du Claw (Sweet Baby Jesus and Dirty Little Freak) beer.  Then it was time for lunch at Petit Louis Bistro before we hustled back and loaded up for the long ride home.  Our weather was beautiful and I feel like I had a long weekend away.  Good times.

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