Friday, April 01, 2016

It's 8:30, but I'm so done for the night.  Things are ready to get hauled to my Favorite Egg's place tomorrow and I found the right breaker and managed to convince the base of that light bulb to come out.  Then I went out front since the sun was out and the temperature perfect.  The banisters the whole way around the porch are scrubbed, as are the wraps around the door and windows and all of the furniture.  Then I went balls to the wall and pulled out the electric mower and gave my front lawn the first mow of the year.

For that reason, as soon as I'm done posting this it's time for a shower and a hair wash.  Then I'm going to sit here and just enjoy the rest of my evening.  My Favorite Egg bought me the Surgeon Simulator game on Steam that gave me such laughs when a favorite blogger was fumbling about playing it.  This should be entertaining.

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