Saturday, April 02, 2016

Met the contractor at my Favorite Egg's old place this morning after sleeping in a bit, and carried in another car load of my stuff.  Back home and it was time to get busy.  The pantry is now repainted.  The shelving space behind the tub in the bathroom is now repainted.  The bathroom is now repainted, including the back of the door (which some idiot painted white before I moved here).  The small spots I patched in the living room are painted.

During all of this I had a pork roast cooking away w/ some of Baby Davey's kraut.  It was amazing for the record.  The smell of fresh paint mixed with kraut however is not.  I'm aiming to make stuffed shells tomorrow.  Between the two meals I should have plenty of food to speed up some of my evenings next week.

I then ran out to return the Valspar paint I _had_ bought for this job thinking "I'll buy good paint, instead of the Ollie's generic brand".  Yeah.  I stirred the heck out of it and while it looked mixed it was still watery.  Fortunately, I still had enough of the Ollie's paint in white here to get all of the work done.  As I left the store... not just snow, but thundersnow.  Yay Johnstown.  Tonight we've got high wind advisories too.  I was hoping to clean the deck furniture tomorrow, but I guess that's going to get put off thanks to the rapidly dropping temps (when I painted the bathroom door outside it was sunny and pleasant).

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