Friday, April 01, 2016

For every item I cross off of the list, I swear I add two more.  I was clearing the shelf across the top of my large bedroom closet last night when I realized I neglected to wash the light covers in there.  No problem.  I washed them and continued with the rest of my work.  I decided to put a brighter bulb in for the one which only had a 40 watt in there, and noted the other one was a 50 watt, so I didn't bother changing that one out.  Yeah, 50 watt, weird, right?

When the covers were dry (right before bed and after I ran out for a small break to meet Beff and J for a drink) I went to put the covers back on.  While doing so the 50 watter dropped down - the bulb was hanging away from the base and still lit.  I quickly turned off the switch, but now that's waiting for me when I get home tonight to kill the power and take a pair of needle noses to it.  Because this was right before bed I also got to sit and fret and want to tackle that job in what would have been the complete and utter dark minus a small flashlight just to give myself some peace at midnight.  Oh, and I also realized that the one closet door is off of the track, so I fought with it for a while to try and get it moving smoothly again.

Today I ran out to meet a contractor at my Favorite Egg's old place.  I now have one vehicle load of boxes safely stored there.  The guy never showed, thanks to some crossed wires, but that's only relevant because it means I get to go back tomorrow.  This is good in that I can then take another vehicle load of boxes, but it also means I can't get up and get my butt in gear painting in the bathroom because I'm not sure when he'll call and want to meet me there.

While I was there I noted additional things "going wrong" there that have my mind all stirred up and my anxiety notched up a couple of clicks.  I'd feel so much better if I just got a little more rest, but the curse is that you cannot sleep easily when you're dialed up.  It's a never ending cycle.  Enough adulting.

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