Thursday, April 21, 2016

Epic fail would be the title of this post. My day leaves me regretting decisions made 13 years ago - and paying for them. Because (I'll say we, because that is how it was at that point) we didn't cough up to pay for a pressure test to detect what would be this epic fail of ground water infiltration, putting it squarely back on the previous owners to do additional work, I am now looking at what is likely to be a pretty big bill.

You see, what the previous owners had done only handled the line from the main stack (my side) of the house, not the apartment. The contractor found the view port and hooked everything up, but as soon as he started to pressurize water gurgled up from the drain in the garage - the drain I previously thought went to the sump pump also there in the garage. Wrong.

Did I mention that the apartment's stack is at the back left corner of the garage and it runs under the concrete the whole way up to the driveway? The contractor has some alternatives to running the new line to avoid digging up my entire garage, but I can still see dollar signs. I got to pay $140 for the pleasure of learning everything is f'd too. Of course, once the work to handle the other stack is done there is no guarantee that there isn't going to be a problem with the lines put in from the main stack. For that matter, it's quite likely there will be something wrong there as it's been so long. Hopefully that something isn't also under the garage floor.

Nevermind that most of Richland hasn't even been forced to deal w/ this bullsh*t yet. Just me. Always... just... me. Other people I know that will be listing a place in Richland soon are likely to just waltz out of it under the 15 years since pressure test pass caveat and not even need to take the $140 step I took today. Some days it seems so unfair. I hate people who sit and play the victim all the time too, so please pardon me for these moments of sadness on this one. I've worked hard to save money and while I can pay for it and I know I'm blessed in that fact beyond measure compared to others, I sure don't want to see that money - quite literally - going down the drain.

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